Book 11 Chapter 49: Parting

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 49: Parting

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Everyone looked from afar as Wu Hei walked into the Blue Clouds Road. Under the veil of the blue clouds, it was absolutely impossible to see what Wu Hei had encountered within the Blue Clouds Road. However, after a mere moment, that bestial roar once again rang out.

“Wu Hei? Another person sent to his death,” Beside Qin Yu, Hou Fei said in a low voice.

Qin Yu also nodded.

The length of the Blue Clouds Road was close to five thousand kilometers long, while the earlier Reverend Ming Shan had died only after entering for a short while. Qin Yu dared to be sure, and estimated that Reverend Ming Shan did not even cover ten percent of the journey’s distance. That also meant that Reverend Ming Shan had died even before meeting with the true danger.

That Wu Hei, how much stronger was he compared to Reverend Ming Shan huh?

*Hou……* An extremely furious roar rang forth, but it began to weaken after a mere moment.

Almost at the same time, Du Zhong Jun, Man Gan and the others looked at the Soul Jade Slip on the ground that belonged to Wu Hei. Wu Hei’s Soul Jade Slip was still intact, and it definitely did not break.

“Ah, it seems like Wu Hei has passed the first trial of the Blue Clouds Road,” Man Gan smiled and looked at Du Zhong Jun. “Du Zhong Jun, maybe he’ll have the same luck as the chance to step on dog shit, and actually arrive at the other end of the Blue Clouds Road — The Nine Heavens huh.”

Du Zhong Jun only smiled.

How could the Blue Clouds Road be that easy to surmount huh? Everyone at the white jade plaza had even heard that earlier growl, and it was evident that the location of battle was very near to the white jade plaza.

“Whether Wu Hei is able to arrive at the Nine Heavens, that is very hard to say. However, at least he has walked further than Ming Shan,” Du Zhong Jun smiled indifferently while taking a look at Hua Yan at the same time, as if he was very complacent.

Hua Yan’s face was expressionless. He was only quietly listening to sounds carried from the Blue Clouds Road.

“Mmm, the sound of heavy collisions,” Ao Feng frowned. “It was a bestial roar at the beginning. Unless, there is a kind of Demon Beast at the forefront of the Blue Clouds Road…… and now, there are also heavy collisions. Ah, it looks like…… there are still living people within Ni Yang’s Realm.”

Even if it were a Demon Beast, for it to be capable of killing Reverend Ming Shan, it should definitely also have sufficient cultivation to take on a human form, and already possessed human knowledge.

Ni Yang’s Realm was not exactly uninhabited. There were also living Demon Beasts and living people within it.

Man Gan also frowned and nodded. “Mmm, ah, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s initial subordinates might also be inside Ni Yang’s Realm. Wrong…… wrong.”

Man Gan’s eyes suddenly glinted, and he secretly began to ponder. “When Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had initially entered the Mortal Realm from that place, there were absolutely no subordinates.”

“Where did the current subordinates come from? Also, where did that bestial roar come from?” Man Gan continued to consider in silence. “Unless, they are people that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had initially taken in from the Mortal Realm? Not possible, those people would also have Ascended when they achieved the domain level required for Ascension.”

“Unless, it’s the ten thousand……” Man Gan’s eyes lit up.

At that moment, Ao Feng also gave Man Gan a strange, momentary smile.

Man Gan also returned a cold smile to Ao Feng.

Meanwhile, both Hua Yan and Du Zhong Jun instead had not thought of where that bestial roar came from.

“Brother Ao Feng, you are even thinking of competing against me for this thing?” Man Gan had directly used a Transmission Talisman and sent a transmission message. He did not want to let both Hua Yan and Du Zhong know that, that thing was also actually in Ni Yang’s Realm.

“Brother Man Gan, there is no need to call it ‘this thing’. Isn’t it just that scroll huh? I definitely think that you have also guessed what that treasure is. Ah, this had really shocked me. To think that this scroll is actually also in Ni Yang’s Realm, this really is a sudden and incidental pleasant surprise. With the exception of that piece of treasure which the various important leaders of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms covert, in the entire Ni Yang’s Realm, ah, this scroll should at least be ranked second to that. I had still thought that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang would have bestowed this scroll to a predestined person, and did not think that it had instead remained at Ni Yang’s Realm. If I were to obtain it…… humph, even if I, Ao Feng, am a Gold Dragon, my status in the Dragon Clan will also be comparable to that of a Five-Clawed Gold Dragon!”

Ao Feng’s transmission message obviously expressed his determination towards that ‘scroll’.

“All right, you want to obtain it, while I also want to obtain it. When the time comes, we will have to see our real capabilities,” Man Gan stated using his Transmission Talisman.

Ao Feng responded by giving Man Gan an indifferent smile.

Instead, he secretly had an idea. “Now that the various important leaders of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms had all broken through the barriers between the two realms, enabling the Emissaries of the various Ascendant Realms to descend and obtain that plaything, it will also not be a death penalty even if I am to fail in obtaining that treasure. Why not…… use that hidden resort and compete for this scroll? Once I obtain it, my status will definitely undergo a drastic change.”

Under the instructions of their respective leaders, the four great Emissaries were all competing for that legendary treasure.

However, even if they had managed to obtain it, they would still need to give it to their respective leaders. They did not exactly have any benefits. That was why…… it was still better to bear the crime of being incompetent, and instead seize that scroll.

To use that hidden resort in the battle to compete for the scroll, Ao Feng’s selfish desires were already set.

Ao Feng could not be blamed. After all, that item was too famous. If it were the Ascendant Realms, how could someone of Ao Feng’s caliber even manage to lay his fingers on that kind of treasure?

“Ah…… If I manage to obtain it, ah, my capabilities will definitely increase by more than ten times!!!” Ao Feng could feel his heart trembling, his desire to compete for that scroll was already at the peak.

He was excited, so how could Man Gan not also be excited?

At that moment, only both of them had guessed the existence of that scroll, while Hua Yan and Du Zhong Jun were instead still clueless.


*Peng!* A crisp and clear sound, as if a piece of jade had burst and cracked open, resounded throughout the white jade plaza. Wu Hei’s corresponding Soul Jade Slip had finally cracked into pieces.

An entire six hours. After entering Ni Yang’s Realm, Wu Hei finally died after six hours.

“The side of the Loose Immortals and the side of the Loose Devils have already sent people. It’s now your Dragon Clan’s turn,” Man Gan smiled while looking at Ao Feng. In a very indifferent tone, Ao Feng said, “Elder Yan Shan, I have to trouble you to make a move.”

There were three great Elders in the Dragon Clan — Yan Shan, Ao Xu, and Ao Yan.

However, Ao Yan had already died during the incident at the Scattered Treasures Cliff, leaving only the two great Elders Yan Shan and Ao Xu. Yan Shan was a Silver Dragon in the domain level of a Twelfth Tribulation Loose Demon, while Ao Xu was instead a Black Dragon in the domain level of an Eleventh Tribulation Loose Demon. Yan Shan’s capabilities were obviously stronger by one level.

Compared to Reverend Ming Shan and Wu Hei, the capabilities of a Twelfth Tribulation Silver Dragon were the strongest.

“Elder Yan Shan, be careful,” Fang Tian said and entrusted to Yan Shan.

“Patriarch, My Lord Emissary, just be at ease,” Yan Shan said and smiled, then promptly walked into the Blue Clouds Road in a calm manner.

Man Gan smiled indifferently and said, “Brother Ao Feng, I can see that your this, whatever Elder Yan Shan’s capabilities are still very strong huh, and is at least significantly stronger than Wu Hei. Ah, I definitely think that he is able to surmount the Blue Clouds Road.”

“Whether he is able to pass through or not will depend on his own capabilities. It is useless to also say it now.” Ao Feng said with an indifferent smile.

At that moment, both of them had already begun to secretly compete against each other.

For that scroll, they were willing to kill the other party at all costs.

As Man Gan looked at Ao Feng, he imagined giving a cold smile. “His Highness is still really generous. It might be that my status as a Super Divine Beast Purple-Eyed Bull Demon King came in useful, to actually have a Low Grade Divine Equipment bestowed unto me. Although it is the lowest tier offensive Low Grade Divine Equipment, it is also a lot more powerful than a Finest Grade Immortal Equipment.”

“If I manage to obtain that scroll, my capabilities will increase by at least more than ten times. There will also be a lot more hope during the time to compete for that piece of treasure which His Highness requires.” The Man Gan of that moment was absolutely unable to calm his mind down.

He was constantly thinking about that scroll.

From Man Gan’s point of view, that piece of scroll was really precious to the extreme. After all, even the important leaders of the various realms had initially failed in their attempts to obtain that very scroll, and it was only obtained by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang at the end.


“Big Brother. It has already exceeded six hours, and that Dragon Clan’s Elder is still not dead. Ah, it looks like he has a very good chance to pass through,” Hou Fei was extremely relaxed. After all, at that moment, he was only waiting for Ascension.

Instead, Qin Yu did not speak.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, do both of you feel that both Man Gan and Ao Feng’s demeanour are a little messy?” Qin Yu said in a low voice.

Those three brothers were whispering to each other at one end of the white jade plaza. At the center of the white jade plaza, Hua Yan, Ao Feng and the others also did not notice.

“Correct, both Man Gan and Ao Feng do not have their previous calm appearances. It is as if both of them are like tigers choosing a man to bite, and they both have a kind of crazed dispositions.” Hou Fei carefully looked for a while, then replied in a low voice.

Qin Yu also nodded.

Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Zong Jue and Fang Tian also sensed the change in both Ao Feng and Man Gan’s demeanour.

“Hai, Brother Ao Feng. We still have not begun competing for that plaything, and even if you manage to seize it, it will also be given to the Dragon Emperor. Is it necessary for you to have such a crazed appearance huh? Ah, aren’t you a little too agitated?” Du Zhong Jun voiced out.

Ao Feng took in a deep breath, then smiled and said, “He is about to arrive at the Nine Heavens, so I am quite agitated. Ai, the cultivation of my mental state is still insufficient.”

“Brother Man Gan, your capabilities are the strongest, there is no need to be too anxious right?” Zong Jue said in a low voice.

Man Gan also tried to suppress the surge of emotions in his heart, and only nodded.


If any single one of the other people were to know of that scroll’s existence, he would not be calm, nor would he also be able to become calm.


A crisp, shattering sound once again rang out.

“Yan Shan is dead.” Ao Xu’s facial expression changed. The facial expressions of many experts also became quite unsightly.

Of the Dragon Clan’s three great Elders, Yan Shan’s capabilities were of course ranked as first. At the very most, it was more or less comparable to the earlier Reverend Ming Liang and Wu Kong Xue. Since even Yan Shan was dead, the difficulty of that Blue Clouds Road could only be left to imaginations.

“The Dragon Clan’s turn is over, it should be the wilderness Demon Clan’s turn.” Ao Feng looked at Man Gan.

Man Gan slowly said, “Kong Cao, it is up to you.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

Kong Cao did not actually have much confidence, but he still accepted the orders and stepped onto the Blue Clouds Road.

Nine-Headed Snake Kong Cao was still the leader of the three great huge Demons under Yu Liang’s direct command. The strength of his capabilities was second only to Yu Liang in the wilderness. However, even so, Kong Cao also did not have much confidence.

“Sent to his death,” Hua Yan said with a faint smile.

Du Zhong Jun also nodded in agreement.

In the eyes of those six great leaders, their subordinates were meant to be sent to their deaths while exploring the road. Moreover, after finally arriving at the Nine Heavens, there would definitely be many treasures. They also did not want their subordinates to take away most of the treasures.

Indeed, as expected, after close to eight hours had passed, Kong Cao’s Soul Jade Slip also shattered.

With the sequential death of the experts one at a time, the atmosphere at the plaza became quite oppressive.

“Next should be one of Zong Jue’s men,” Hua Yan looked at Zong Jue.

At that moment, Zong Jue only had one person — The Petrification Beast, Transform Into Stone. Zong Jue took a look at Transform Into Stone, then helplessly said, “Transform Into Stone, your powers are still quite special. If you are lucky, there is still a chance of survival.”

Transform Into Stone only nodded, then stepped into the Blue Clouds Road.

“Why do I feel as if the Blue Clouds Road is a road of death?” Qin Yu looked at that Blue Clouds Road which was close to five thousand kilometers long, that led to the Nine Heavens. That Blue Clouds Road which was surrounded by countless flocks of blue clouds gave him an oppressive feeling.

The entrance to the Blue Clouds Road was like a huge, bloody mouth.

*Hou……* That familiar roar once again rang forth.

However, after merely a moment, that roar disappeared.

“Huh, Transform Into Stone cleared the first trial at a very fast speed,” Hua Yan said with a smile. At one side, Du Zhong Jun also agreed. At that moment, only Hua Yan and the other super experts were still slightly more relaxed. The other people were all very anxious.

After six hours.

The ‘Soul Jade Slip’ belonging to Transform Into Stone once again cracked and burst into pieces. That represented that yet another expert had his soul scattered into nothingness.

“A pity,” Hua Yan sighed and said, “At the beginning, it was from the side of the Loose Immortals to the side of the Chaotic Astral Sea. Now, it will be reversed, and turns will be cycled from the side of the Chaotic Astral Sea to the side of the Loose Immortals. The Chaotic Astral Sea, Zong Jue, do not have anyone under him left. It should be someone from the wilderness Demon Clan’s turn to make a move.”

“Shut up, I know the rules.”

Man Gan looked at the only person under his direct command — Yu Liang.

“Yu Liang, do not disappoint me,” Man Gan said in a low voice.

“My Lord, be at ease,” Yu Liang said while giving a faint smile and a bow. That Yu Liang obviously had a different bearing.

At the domain level of a Twelfth Tribulation Loose Demon, the Divine Beast ‘Heavenly Mouse’ was also a High Class Divine Beast. With regard to capabilities, he was absolutely the strongest person from the beginning until that moment.

After Yu Liang had stepped onto the Blue Clouds Road, his figure immediately disappeared after leaving behind a momentary image.

“No way, right? Unless, this Yu Liang is thinking of relying on speed and directly charge to the other end of the Blue Clouds Road in one breath?” Du Zhong Jun said in a shocked tone.

Ao Feng nodded and praised, “It might still really succeed. Ah, after all, this Yu Liang’s true form is the ‘Heavenly Mouse’. With regard to his speed, I estimate that amongst all of us, only Brother Zong Jue is able to win him by a head.”

Meanwhile, at that moment, the three people over at Qin Yu’s side all stood up. That was because Hou Fei and Hei Yu were about to Ascend.

“Big Brother,” Hei Yu looked at Qin Yu, and his eyes were already moist.

“How old are you, for you to still have this kind of appearance. All right…… Big Brother promise you, that no matter what, I will definitely go to the Demon Realm and find both of you,” Qin Yu’s heart was also feeling completely sour. When he was a child, without his father to care for him, both him and the similarly lonely Xiao Hei had depended on each other.

How many years has it been……

The feelings between him and Xiao Hei, were definitely comparable to the feelings between real brothers.

The upper skies actually began to shake, and a kind of special energy began to blanket over the entire Ni Yang’s Realm. When faced against that kind of energy, all of the Restrictive Spells in Ni Yang’s Realm were unable to obstruct it.

That was the power of the Heavens!

It was at that time, that Man Gan, Zong Jue, Hua Yan and the others then looked over at Qin Yu and his two brothers. When they saw how those three brothers were reluctant to part, they knew that Hou Fei and Hei Yu were really about to Ascend.

“Big Brother, you must definitely go to the Demon Realm and find us,” Hou Fei said solemnly.

Qin Yu could only nod.

Brilliant rays of light were shot down from the skies, directly enveloping both Hou Fei and Hei Yu…… Enveloped by those blinding rays of splendor, both Hou Fei and Hei Yu instead continued to gaze at Qin Yu. They were both secretly expectant, expecting for Qin Yu to succeed in creating the ‘Stellar Transformations’ technique, thus being able to successfully Ascend.

“I will definitely go and find the both of you,” Qin Yu said resolutely.

The three brothers continued to exchange gazes……

Both Hou Fei and Hei Yu began to rise into the air, the energy enveloping their entire bodies became increasingly more powerful. Merely after a while, both of them were completely transformed into two globes of white light. The space was seen to momentarily tremble, and the both of them had then disappeared.

“Xiao Hei, Fei Fei.”

Qin Yu’s heart became completely cold.

His entire heart was as cold as ice, the deepest recesses of his heart frozen.

That Xiao Hei, often with an unconcerned appearance, but was instead as close to him as a real brother, had already left. That Fei Fei, often with a gleeful appearance, but also treated him as a brother, had also left.

“Li Er is gone, Xiao Hei and Fei Fei are also gone. Eldest Brother and Second Brother have their own families. Royal Father also has Eldest Brother, Second Brother, and Uncle Feng together as a group. Only I…… am alone.”

At that very moment, Qin Yu experienced an unprecedented feeling of loneliness.

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