Book 11 Chapter 48: The Final One

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 48: The Final One

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While looking at those lines of characters ‘Upon Entering Blue Clouds Road, Ascend The Nine Heavens Alone’, all of the experts were in quite a bit of a shock.

“Haha, everyone, stop making wild guesses. Since we have entered Ni Yang’s Realm, it is also too late for regrets. What all of us can do is to try and stay alive in this Ni Yang’s Realm, while obtaining that treasure at the same time.” Ao Feng said in a loud and clear voice.

Promptly, Hua Yan, Zong Jue, Du Zhong Jun and the others, one by one, the experts recovered from their thoughts.

“What Brother Ao Feng said is correct. I just want to see, what kind of trial this Blue Clouds Road has.” Man Gan took a large step through the palace doors, and entered into the interior. Yu Liang and Kong Cao immediately followed after him. At the same time, Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Ao Feng, Zong Jue and the others also smiled and successively entered.

Meanwhile, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu instead remained behind.

Qin Yu said to his two brothers in a serious tone, “Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, both of you also do not have much time left on the Mortal Realm. If this trial is really hard to surmount, then both of you do not need to undergo it. Just stay outside and wait. After waiting for one and a half days, both of you will then directly Ascend, and there is no need to experience those dangers.”

They had definitely spent more than a day’s worth of time traveling from the Scattered Treasures Cliff to arrive at that palace’s Blue Clouds Road.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu briefly considered for a moment, then nodded.

After all, they only had one and a half days left on the Mortal Realm, so why should they risk their lives and charge onwards?

“Big Brother, let’s go. After all, we are also about to Ascend. We might as well have a good look around this Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s ‘Ni Yang’s Realm’ before our Ascension. Ah, after we arrive at the Ascendant Realms, we might not necessarily have the chance to see this place.” Hou Fei said while chuckling. After that, Qin Yu and his two brothers also stepped into the palace doors.

After a single step into the palace doors.

Qin Yu then saw Ao Feng, Zong Jue, Man Gan and the group of other people, before him. It was obvious that those people were shocked by everything before their eyes. Meanwhile, when Qin Yu took a careful look at the view before him, he also became shocked.

The structure before them was made completely from white jade, and it was brilliantly translucent and exquisite.

That was a small plaza of white jade. At the end of the small plaza of white jade, there was a jade bridge shaped from blue jade. The jade bridge tilted at an angle of forty-five degrees upwards, and led towards the skies, as if it was connected to a certain palace amongst the skies. There were also flocks of blue clouds shrouding the surroundings of that blue jade bridge. It was absolutely impossible for the eyes to clearly see what was within the blue jade bridge.

“Wah.” Hou Fei’s eyes glittered. “What are these blue coloured crystalline stones? It stretches from the white jade plaza where we currently are, to a certain lofty place amongst the skies. To connect to such a far place, I am afraid that this jade bridge is half of several thousands of kilometers long right?”

Qin Yu and Hei Yu were also secretly filled with joy.

To be able to appreciate such a beautiful scenery, that was definitely a huge enjoyment. It was just that countless dangers were contained within that beautiful scenery.

“Brother Qin Yu, that jade bridge is shaped from crystalline stone which possessed the Wood attribute, and is known as the ‘Blue Clouds Road’ of Ni Yang’s Realm.” Man Gan walked over to Qin Yu and stood beside him, then smiled and said, “The distance between here, and the other end of the Blue Clouds Road, is close to five thousand kilometers.”

Qin Yu recalled those two lines of characters. ‘Upon Entering Blue Clouds Road, Ascend The Nine Heavens Alone’.

“Brother Man Gan, don’t tell me that the other end of this Blue Clouds Road is the Nine Heavens?” Qin Yu made a guess.

Man Gan smiled and said, “Clever. Correct, the destination at the end of this Blue Clouds Road is the Nine Heavens. The Nine Heavens is the core region of Ni Yang’s Realm. Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had stayed within the Nine Heavens for a period of time during those early years. However, there are still many mysterious places within Ni Yang’s Realm. It is just that, this time, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had directly let us arrive here from the Realm of Clear Mind, and there were no Restrictive Spells along the way.”

Qin Yu secretly understood.

With regard to the level of danger for Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s lair, there was no need to even mention a First Tier Golden Immortal, but even a First Tier Mystic Immortal might also die. That Immortal Emperor Ni Yang might have estimated and also knew that there were many trials, and that Ni Yang’s Realm was too dangerous, which was why he had cancelled away the many trials, and had only left a few behind.

Suddenly — A blinding white light emanated from afar, and everyone, including Qin Yu, unintentionally looked towards that direction.

From that blue jade bridge to one end of the white jade plaza, and from that end of the white jade plaza to the other end, there were instead structures all along both sides. At the head of the jade bridge, there was a sculpture carved from white jade on the left side. With its hands raised towards the skies, that sculpture’s appearance naturally invoked a kind of submissive presence in people.

“It is very similar to that sculpture outside of the treasure tower at the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, both are sculptures of the same person.” Qin Yu made a judgement within a short time.

Meanwhile, on the right side at the head of the bridge, was instead the source of that blinding white light.

“This was just a slab of white jade tablet earlier, with only the three characters ‘Blue Clouds Road’ on it. Why is it emanating such a shocking radiance now?” Man Gan said puzzledly.

All the experts present were secretly puzzled. It was just that no one dared to make a rash move.

As time elapsed, that white light began to dim. After a mere moment, that white jade tablet had reverted to its original appearance, and there was only a halo of light circling over the jade tablet’s surface. At the same time, quite a number of densely packed characters appeared on its surface.

When Qin Yu saw those lines of characters, his heart thumped. It was very obvious that those were the words left behind by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.

“To ascend the Nine Heavens, passing through the Blue Clouds Road is a must. Only a single person may pass through the Blue Clouds Road each time. Only after that person has successfully surmounted, or failed and perished, may the next person once again step onto the Blue Clouds Road. If two people are to step onto the Blue Clouds Road, then both of those people will die without doubt. After arriving at the Nine Heavens, huge rewards will instead be bestowed.”

After a mere moment, those lines of characters disappeared without a trace. Before anyone even had the time to speak, a few lines of characters once again appeared on that white jade tablet.

“The Blue Clouds Road is long and dangerous. There are Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones at the sides of the plaza, and people who have entered Ni Yang’s Realm may help themselves to the Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones to replenish lost martial powers. If the Emissary of the Ascendant Realm is present, then he or she should give up earlier, and it would be best for him or her to rest and remain at this white jade plaza. Otherwise, if he or she were to enter, there will be a nine in ten chance of death, and one in ten chance of surviving.”

Those few lines of characters once again disappeared after a brief moment, and after that, no other characters appeared.

After looking at those characters, everyone who was present remained silent for quite a long time.

They completely understood why it was stated as ‘Ascend The Nine Heavens Alone’.

It was not only just a matter of one person surviving, but that every single person had to rely on his or her own capabilities to traverse the ‘Blue Clouds Road’. Only the person capable of passing through the ‘Blue Clouds Road’ could arrive at the Nine Heavens. If that person failed, then he or she would instead die.

“Only one person is able to enter the Blue Clouds Road each time. If two people entered, then they will instead die…… The words left behind by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang is still really frightening.” Man Gan said with a chuckle. With regard to capabilities, he was presently the strongest, and he naturally thought that he had the highest chance to pass through the Blue Clouds Road.

Meanwhile, at that moment, the Dragon Clan’s Patriarch Ao Xu said in surprise, “Huh, it was earlier said that there are Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones at the sides of the plaza, but why are they missing?”

“Ah, correct, they are missing.” The other people also discovered that same fact.

Since those characters had appeared on the white jade tablet, stating that there were Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones at the sides of the plaza for everybody to replenish their martial powers, then according to reason, there should be some. However, why didn’t the people who were present see any Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones?

Qin Yu, who was not far away, instead had a bitter smile.

When he had seen those lines of characters stating that there were Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones, he was the first person to carefully observe the white jade plaza in excitement. The area of that white jade plaza was only several tens of meters wide, and it wasn’t big. With a single look, Qin Yu had clearly seen all the various places, but he absolutely did not see any Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones.

“If there were Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones, my Sword Immortal Puppet would have sufficient energy, and I could naturally use it often.” Qin Yu secretly sighed.

Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Man Gan and the others frowned.

“Since Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had said that there were Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones, and had moreover said in such an obvious manner, then definitely there would be some. However, now there isn’t any. Don’t tell me that someone else had earlier came to Ni Yang’s Realm, and taken away the Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones?” Hua Yan’s facial expression changed.

The facial expressions of Man Gan and the others also changed.

There were people who had entered Ni Yang’s Realm earlier?

“Not possible, it is absolutely impossible for others to have entered Ni Yang’s Realm earlier. We could only come in because we had the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams. How could others have entered earlier without the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams?” Du Zhong Jun was unable to accept that situation.

Hua Yan spoke in a cold tone, “Do not forget how Qin Yu had entered earlier. Since he had a method of entering, others might as well.”

Everyone looked at Qin Yu.

Correct, Qin Yu did not have the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, but he…… not only did he find Ni Yang’s Realm, he had also brought others in with him. What Qin Yu could do, others might not necessarily be unable to do as well.

“Everyone,” Qin Yu began to speak up. “I, Qin Yu, dare to guarantee something. The only methods to enter Ni Yang’s Realm in this world, firstly, is relying on the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams. The other method, is my method. Others are definitely unable to enter here, unless……” Qin Yu began to ponder.

“Unless what?” Man Gan, Hua Yan and the others looked at Qin Yu.

“Unless…… he was Immortal Emperor Ni Yang himself.” Qin Yu smiled and said confidently.

It might be that only he was clear. Initially, within the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, it was stated that Ni Yang’s Realm could only be entered by relying on the Ring of the Black Flames Lord as well as the three pieces of Sundering The Heavens Diagrams. He had the Ring of the Black Flames Lord, while the Dragon Clan and the other two factions had the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams. How could it be possible for others to have entered?

“Haha…… ” Man Gan began to laugh. The meaning of Qin Yu’s words was very clear. It was impossible for others to have entered earlier.

“All right, stop imagining things already. Even if others had came earlier, it might also not be possible for them to pass through Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s trial. What we should now do is…… who shall first traverse the Blue Clouds Road, and who shall traverse last?” Man Gan looked at everyone.

Who should traverse first?

Who should traverse last?

Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Ao Feng, Zong Jue, Fang Tian and the others, every single one of them was secretly considering.

The first person to traverse would be testing the waters. However, it was also possible for him or her to be the first person to arrive at the Nine Heavens, and that benefit naturally did not need to be said. Yet, the first person would also encounter the most number of dangers, because he or she would know nothing of the Blue Clouds Road’s perils.

The last person to traverse had others to explore before him or her, and would be a lot safer. It was just that, being the last person to arrive, it might be possible for others to have gotten all of the benefits.

“Ah, someone from my side will be the first to traverse.” Hua Yan said while smiling.

“That won’t do,” Du Zhong Jun, Ao Feng and the others seemed to have spoken at the same time.

“It will be all right for one of your men, but you cannot be the first to traverse.” Man Gan said while looking at Hua Yan. At that moment, Du Zhong Jun and Ao Feng also nodded and agreed. With the exception of the six great experts, Man Gan and the other Emissaries of the Ascendant Realms absolutely did not care about the other people such as Reverend Ming Shan.

If people such as Reverend Ming Shan were able to obtain treasures, that would then be a weird situation.

“All right, then one of my men will go first.” Hua Yan said with a smile.

Ao Feng nodded and voiced out, “Let us then make it like this. For the first cycle, each faction will send one person. However, all the Emissaries, as well as Zong Jue and Fang Tian, absolutely cannot set off first. Would it be all right like that?” Ao Feng looked at everyone.

The other three Emissaries, as well as Fang Tian and Zong Jue, all nodded.

“Senior Ao Feng, please wait for a while.” Qin Yu took a few steps forward.

“Brother Qin Yu, what is the matter?” Ao Feng inquired.

Qin Yu’s facial expression seemed slightly bleak. “Both of my brothers, that is, Hou Fei and Hei Yu, are already at the Dacheng stage, and are only slightly more than one day away from Ascension. Since the remaining time that they have is this short, I also do not want my two brothers to take the risk. At the same time, I also want to spend some time together with my two brothers. That is why, everyone can first proceed to traverse the Blue Clouds Road, ah, while I will be the last person.”

Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun and the others took a look at Hou Fei and Hei Yu in surprise, then nodded. Given their eyesights, they could all see that Hou Fei and Hei Yu were about to Ascend. It was just that the energies within their bodies had already completed transforming into Demon Elemental Energy.

“All right, Brother Qin Yu, you will be the last person. Ah, have a good time getting together with your brothers.” Ao Feng said directly, while the other Emissaries also did not have any opinions.

From their points of view, it was already unnecessary to vie over the last position to traverse. Moreover, Qin Yu’s capabilities were weak, and no one had regarded Qin Yu as a competitor.

Promptly, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu walked to one end of the plaza.

In the meantime, Man Gan and the other five figureheads discussed amongst themselves. Finally, they decided on the sequence of traversing the Blue Clouds Road. At the same time, everyone left their Soul Jade Slips on the white jade plaza. Meanwhile, the first ‘lucky’ person to traverse the Blue Clouds Road was Reverend Ming Shan.

“Ming Shan, if you are the first to arrive at the Nine Heavens and is lucky enough to obtain that treasure, then your future will definitely be limitless. You definitely cannot disappoint the hopes that I have placed on you, and also cannot disappoint the hopes of Yu Huang,” entrusted Hua Yan.

Reverend Ming Shan’s facial expression was quite bitter.

The first person to traverse the Blue Clouds Road was definitely the person with the most danger. It was just that, did Reverend Ming Shan and the others have the qualifications to go against the arrangements of the six great figureheads huh?

“Senior Hua Yan, be at ease. I will definitely try my best.”

Reverend Ming Shan took a deep breath, and then directly walked towards the Blue Clouds Road and placed a single foot onto the blue jade bridge. That was the beginning of the Blue Clouds Road.

The Blue Clouds Road was directed connected to the Nine Heavens, and at the same time, it was surrounded and enshrouded by blue clouds. After Reverend Ming Shan had merely walked for a while, everyone who was present could no longer see any trace of Reverend Ming Shan. At that moment…… everybody used their ears and began to hear carefully.


A low roar echoed from within the Blue Clouds Road. Immediately — There was a single *Peng*, and Reverend Ming Shan’s Soul Jade Slip which was lying on the white jade plaza cracked……

“Reverend Ming Shan is dead. The second person, Brother Du, it should be one of your men.” Ao Feng said in an indifferent tone, and at the same time looked at Du Zhong Jun.

At that moment, Du Zhong Jun only had one person who was still alive under his direct command, and that was Wu Hei. Du Zhong Jun turned his head around and looked at Wu Hei. Wu Hei’s facial expression was quite unsightly. Earlier, Reverend Ming Shan had simply died too fast, and it was fast enough to make everyone’s heart palpitate.

The Blue Clouds Road was long, but Reverend Ming Shan had only moved forward for a short distance, and then died. Everyone could only hear a beast’s roar.

“Wu Hei, you must try your best. If you are able to survive, I will definitely let you practise several special martial techniques of the ‘Black Devil Modao‘. Du Zhong Jun said seriously.

“Yes, My Lord Blood Devil.”

Wu Hei nodded, then gathered his courage and stepped into the Blue Clouds Road.

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