Book 11 Chapter 47: Eve of Separation

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 47: Eve of Separation

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At that very moment, Man Gan was very embarrassed.

Qin Yu had brought him along into Ni Yang’s Realm. Such great kindness. To tell the truth, Man Gan had all along remembered it deep in his mind. It was just that although Man Gan was a Super Divine Beast, he was also only at the domain level of a First Tier Demon King. If he had not become the Demon Ream’s Emissary to descend into the Mortal Realm, how would he possess that many treasures in such a short amount of time?

Even for a Super Divine Beast, to own a piece of Finest Grade Demon Equipment while at the domain level of a First Tier Demon King was already considered to be not bad. That was why, that Man Gan was still extremely unwilling to give Qin Yu a good treasure. To give away one piece less, that would mean any excess which remained would belong to him after his return to the Demon Realm.

“Brother Man Gan, then you are in the wrong. I remember when I had initially just descended into the Mortal Realm, I had even directly announced in public that I will immediately represent Yu Huang and bestow a Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor to the person who is able to obtain the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams and give it to me.” Hua Yan looked very much as if he was speaking up for Qin Yu due to the unfairness. “After that, in order to obtain a piece of the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams from the auction, wasn’t the price of what I had paid worth far more than a Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor? Wasn’t the purpose of the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams just to enable me to enter Ni Yang’s Realm huh? Now that Little Brother Qin Yu have brought you in, ah, that is equivalent to giving you a piece of Sundering The Heavens Diagrams. Why are you, a dignified Demon Realm’s Emissary, still this petty?”

Man Gan’s face instantly turned red.

Zong Jue’s words were still slightly more obscured, but Hua Yan’s words were instead extremely direct. Meanwhile, Du Zhong Jun, who had an enmity against Man Gan, naturally would not give up that chance and promptly ridiculed, “Orh…… So Super Divine Beast Purple-Eyed Bull Demon Kings, are actually like that……”

“All right,” Qin Yu busily voiced out and interrupted. “I can bring eight people in with me, and it will also be a waste to leave the slots empty. Moreover, Brother Man Gan has quite a deep friendship with me. Isn’t it only just entering Ni Yang’s Realm together? That cannot count as whatever great matter.”

Qin Yu also looked at Man Gan. “Brother Man Gan, I now possess a Finest Grade Immortal Sword, and that is already sufficient. You also do not have to mind it so much. Why not let us make it like this…… during the journey of exploring Ni Yang’s Realm, whatever treasures that you obtain, won’t it do to just give me a piece?”

In actual fact, Qin Yu could also feel Man Gan’s embarrassment.

If the other party was unwilling to give, yet you insisted, that might instead undermine the mutual relationship between both parties. Moreover, from Qin Yu’s perspective at that moment, defensive battle armor? In Qin Yu’s opinion, since he possessed a nearly immortal body, the effectiveness of having a defensive battle armor was not exactly great.

Man Gan’s facial expression changed, and he suddenly became relaxed.

“Haha……” Man Gan’s eyes gave off a fine glint. “Ah, Brother Qin Yu, I was indeed quite petty. Wasn’t it just a piece of Finest Grade Demon Equipment huh? To be able to enter Ni Yang’s Realm this time, this is such a great kindness. If I had returned empty-handed……”

When Man Gan thought of returning to the Demon Realm empty-handed by himself, that would definitely be a loss of face. Unintentionally, he secretly became even more grateful to Qin Yu, and felt that he was too petty.

“You can first keep this set of Finest Grade Demon Equipment Battle Clothes. After seizing a good treasure later on, I will then give that to you. Otherwise…… I am afraid that I will always not have a peace of mind.” Man Gan waved a hand, and a set of deep blue battle clothes appeared. At the same time, he removed the Blood Contract.

Similar to a beautifully patterned silken gown, the set of battle clothes floated before Man Gan.

Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun and the others were slightly astonished. They had thought that Man Gan would, at the very most, take out a Finest Grade Demon Equipment, and that would have already been extraordinary. They did not think that he would take out a set of Finest Grade Demon Equipment Battle Clothes. At that very moment, Qin Yu also appeared to be quite shocked.

“Be at ease. Although I said Finest Grade Demon Equipment, that ‘Equipment’ was not separated into types. Saying that it is Finest Grade Demon Equipment, in actual fact, it can also be considered as Finest Grade Immortal Equipment. Mmm? Why do you not accept? Unless, you are looking down on me?” Man Gan looked at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was helpless.

To tell the truth, he did not exactly mind one or two pieces of Immortal Equipment. What he cared about was that Man Gan owed him a favor. It was just that Zong Jue had instead intentionally led to that matter.

“Ah, Brother Qin Yu, just accept it, otherwise Brother Man Gan might really get angry,” urged Zong Jue.

Qin Yu helplessly shook his head, but still accepted that set of battle clothes.

“Brother Man Gan, I will then accept this battle clothes. To tell the truth, I really need defensive type Immortal Equipment now, because I estimate that my two brothers will soon Ascend, and they still do not have Finest Grade Immortal Equipment.”

After Qin Yu had finished speaking, he looked at Hou Fei and Xiao Hei.

With regard to defense, Hou Fei had the Water Elemental Battle Armor formed from his own body, while Hei Yu also had the ‘Black Scaled Battle Armor’ formed from his own body.

“For defensive power, Fei Fei’s Water Elemental Battle Armor is formed from Fei Fei’s ability to control water as well as his body of fur. It’s strength is a lot weaker than ‘Black Scaled Battle Armor’. Ah, this set of battle clothes will first be given to Fei Fei.”

Qin Yu was still very clear of his own two brothers’ capabilities. During his childhood, the feathers on Xiao Hei’s body were extremely tough and sharp. Even until that moment, the defensive power of the ‘Black Scaled Battle Armor’ formed from Xiao Hei’s entire body of feathers was absolutely not beneath Low Grade Immortal Equipment. Moreover, Xiao Hei was extremely good at body techniques. If it was escaping, Xiao Hei was definitely better than Hou Fei.

“Xiao Hei, this set of battle clothes will first be given to Fei Fei.” Qin Yu said to Hei Yu.

“Ah, Big Brother, just give the monkey. The defensive power of his Water Elemental Battle Armor definitely is weak. Moreover, he is also a lot weaker than me in terms of speed as well as dodging body techniques. With the exception of his brute force as well as powerful attack, he really is weak when it comes to escape.” Hei Yu said indifferently.

“Mixed-Feathered Bird, you……” Hou Fei was extremely furious.

However, what Hei Yu had said was instead the truth, and that made Hou Fei speechless.

Fiery-Eyed Water Apes were Divine Beasts that originally excelled at offense. With regard to escaping, he was definitely far inferior when compared to an Avian Divine Beast like Xiao Hei.

“All right, stop causing a ruckus.” While smiling, Qin Yu stopped those two people, and promptly handed the battle clothes over to Hou Fei.

Meanwhile, at that very moment, Ao Feng’s voice rang forth.

“There are so many Finest Grade Immortal Equipment, and also more than a hundred High Grade Immortal Equipment. Wasn’t it just because they had the secret technique applied on them huh? That secret technique requires the Blood Contract to be performed in order to trigger. If I do not drip blood on it, and bring everything back, then get a Mystic Immortal Senior to help refine away that secret technique, won’t that do?” Ao Feng personally walked at a slow pace towards the Scattered Treasures Cliff.

Immediately, there were glints in the eyes of the other Emissaries.

There was no need to mention getting a Mystic Immortal Senior to help in refining, but even after leaving Ni Yang’s Realm, won’t it do to just casually grab several people with low martial skills and then make them perform the Blood Contract to deplete the secret technique’s energy?

Promptly, the three great experts Man Gan, Hua Yan and Du Zhong Jun took action.

It was just that the targets of the four great Emissaries at that time all seemed to be…… High Grade Immortal Equipment.

Correct. For Ao Feng and the other three great Emissaries, the targets of every single one of them all seemed to be High Grade Immortal Equipment. None of them went to take the Finest Grade Immortal Equipment.

That was because all four of them had High Grade Immortal Equipment Tier storage type rings, but none had a Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Spatial Ring.

They were absolutely unable to store Finest Grade Immortal Equipment into their Spatial Rings. Since they were unable to store them into their Spatial Rings, how could those four great Emissaries retrieve those Finest Grade Immortal Equipment huh? Unless they were to always carry those Finest Grade Immortal Equipment in their hands?

Ni Yang’s Realm was an extremely dangerous place, should they always carry those unusable Finest Grade Immortal Equipment in their hands?

Apart from carrying with their hands, they could only perform the Blood Contract. However, wasn’t that seeking death huh?

Every single Emissary exercised discretion, and each person took around thirty pieces of High Grade Immortal Equipment.

“I must persevere. I must persevere.” Qin Yu was secretly feeling helpless. “Ah, I also have a High Grade Immortal Equipment Spatial Ring, Ring of the Black Flame Lord! However…… ah, I still cannot let them know this secret.”

Hou Fei and Hei Yu also looked at Qin Yu, the looks in their eyes implied that they understood him.

Both of his brothers also knew that Qin Yu had the Ring of the Black Flame Lord.

High Grade Immortal Equipment Spatial Rings, with regard to the degree of preciousness, even exceeded that earlier set of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor. That was why Qin Yu did not dare to casually use it, or rather, he still did not want to use it at least for that moment.

“Do not be anxious, now is still not the time. We have only just entered Ni Yang’s Realm, and there are still more treasures further down.” Qin Yu could only reassure himself like such.

Meanwhile, at that moment, the four great Emissaries had already begun to set off.

“All right, according to Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s words, we now only need to follow along this Blue Stone Road and continue moving forward. If anyone manages to walk to the destination, he or she can then obtain that treasure.” Ao Feng smiled and continued, “Ah, of course, Brother Hua Yan’s difficulty will be harder than us by at least three times.”

At that moment, Hua Yan’s facial expression remained cold.

Everybody remembered that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s words at the beginning contained hostility towards people from the Immortal Realm. Fortunately, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was ‘magnanimous’, and did not directly use Restrictive Spells to kill off the Immortal Realm’s Emissary. Moreover, he even gave Hua Yan a chance, although the difficulty had been raised by three times instead.

“What use is it by talking so much? Depart.” Hua Yan barked in a cold tone.

Hua Yan promptly led the two people under his direct command, Reverend Ming Shan as well as Xue Yu Yang, and directly began moving forward. It was just that Hua Yan’s party was not exactly fast, and it was obvious that they were extremely careful while they were walking.

Subsequently, the Dragon, the side of the Loose Devils, as well as Man Gan and the others also began to set off.

“Senior Zong, all of you please move ahead first, we have something to tell Big Brother.” Hou Fei called out to Zong Jue and the others.

Qin Yu was also momentarily startled, and looked at Hou Fei as well as Hei Yu.

Zong Jue looked at the three brothers, then promptly nodded and said, “All right, you may all discuss your matters first. We will be at the front, so all of you hurry and catch up. Hurhur…… it is also safe for all of you to proceed forward at the back. I estimate that with us at the front, we will have already explored all the dangers.”

Hou Fei and Hei Yu waited until Zong Jue and the others had left, before Hei Yu opened his mouth.

“Big Brother, three more days!”

“What three more days?” Qin Yu looked at Hei Yu and Hou Fei.

Hei Yu bitterly smiled and said, “The monkey’s date of Ascension is three days later. Mine might be half a day later than that, but during the time of Ascension, because the monkey and I are not much different, we will both be sucked into the Ascendant Realms together.”

Qin Yu also knew that reasoning. During the time of Ascension, the Ascendant Realms will produce a special energy. If there were also people who were about to Ascend surrounding the person Ascending, they would all also be sucked into the Ascendant Realms in advance.

“Three days?” Qin Yu could feel a sense of urgency. “Why is it so fast? Why wasn’t I told about it earlier? Haven’t you initially said that, you estimated that you would only Ascend after leaving Ni Yang’s Realm huh?”

It was obvious that Qin Yu was quite anxious.

Hou Fei helplessly said, “Big Brother, when we were initially at Snow Fish Island and had not come to Ni Yang’s Realm, who would have known that we would spend more than an entire three years walking through the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill? Mixed-Feathered Bird and I had also estimated at the beginning that we would only spend a year or so exploring Ni Yang’s Realm. If it was really a year or so, Mixed-Feathered Bird and I would obviously Ascend after leaving Ni Yang’s Realm. However, the time spent at the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill was too long……”

Hei Yu also nodded and said, “During the time when we were at the final stretch of distance in the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill, we had not told you because everyone had to be careful of ‘Blade Energy’ as well as spatial cracks, and could not be distracted. Moreover, after entering the Abyss of Death, everyone was also filled with tension. When have the monkey and I got the time to tell you this matter? Now that all of us have quite a bit of free time, we immediately told you this matter.”

Qin Yu squeezed out the hint of a smile and nodded.

“Three days, ah, three days!” Qin Yu gave a long sigh.

Who would have actually thought that he and his brothers would only have three days of time left together.

“Big Brother, promise me. You must definitely come to the Demon Realm and find me. If I do not meet you after waiting in the Demon Realm for a thousand years, I will go and find you throughout the entire Ascendant Realms.” Xiao Hei said seriously while looking at Qin Yu.

You must definitely come to the Demon Realm and find me!

Was ‘definitely’ possible huh?

If he were to fail in the creation of the Stellar Transformations, he estimated that at the very moment that he broke through the Stellar stage, ah, he would either directly submit to the Heart Devil and go astray or die. However, when faced against the expecting gazes of his two brothers, Qin Yu could only take in a deep breath.

“Mmm, definitely!” Qin Yu agreed and nodded.

Even then, Hou Fei and Hei Yu, as well as Qin Yu all understood. That was only a verbal agreement. Whether Qin Yu would be able to create the succeeding technique after the ‘Stellar stage’, whether he would be able to Ascend, it was still really hard to say at that moment.

“All right, Big Brother, the others have already set off. Ah, we had better hurry,” urged Hou Fei.

Qin Yu nodded. At that moment, it was obvious that Qin Yu was quite distracted.

Following that Blue Stone Road, Qin Yu and his two brothers continuously rushed ahead. Who would have thought that, that Blue Stone Road was actually ridiculously long. Only after Qin Yu and his two brothers had moved ahead at an extremely fast speed for an entire half a day, did they meet Zong Jue’s group of people who were ahead.

“Brother Qin Yu, all of you are really lucky. We had already met with three dangers earlier, ah, luckily everyone was quite careful.” Zong Jue said to Qin Yu and his two brothers.

“We really are lucky.”

During the time when Qin Yu and his two brothers were rushing along that road, they did not even meet with a single danger. Most likely, those dangers had already been removed by the people who were at the front.

Merging with Zong Jue’s larger group of people, Qin Yu and his brothers’ speed of advance naturally became slower. People with high martial powers like Man Gan, Hua Yan, Ao Feng and the others were at the front carefully exploring the path, while people with low martial powers such as Qin Yu and the others hurried along at the back with their peace of mind.

Qin Yu would occasionally chat with his two brothers, and they cherished the final chance that they would be together on the Mortal Realm.

As they continued forward, the scenery of the surrounding mountains changed into lakes, sometimes even changing into swamps. It was just that, no matter if it were lakes or swamps, that Blue Stone Road actually remained stable on the surface. That made Qin Yu and the others feel the mysteriousness of that Ni Yang’s Realm even more.

After finally passing through the region of swamps, they stepped into a structure that looked like a palace gate.

The Blue Stone Road led to both sides of the palace gate, which had two rows of large characters engraved on them — “Upon Entering Blue Clouds Road, Ascend The Nine Heavens Alone.”

“I am afraid that this is the legendary Blue Clouds Road. There is an eight or nine out of ten chance that we will encounter a trial here. Meanwhile, it is very possible that the treasure lies ahead at the Nine Heavens!” Ao Feng looked at those two rows of characters, and said in a soft voice.

Du Zhong Jun nodded and said, “Immortal Emperor Ni Yang has already lowered the difficulty, and actually let us arrive directly at Blue Clouds Road. When His Highness Blood Devil Emperor and the others arrived at Blue Clouds Road, they had experienced many exceptional Arrays and Restrictive Spells.”

“‘Ascend The Nine Heavens Alone’? Unless…… only one person can ascend to the Nine Heavens? What about the others huh?” Zong Jue was instead staring at the second sentence, muttering to himself.

Amongst everybody who were present, who was not a martial expert? When they all heard what Zong Jue had muttered to himself, the facial expressions of the other experts changed.

“‘Ascend The Nine Heavens Alone’, ascend alone……” Man Gan and the others unintentionally began staring at the second sentence.

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