Book 11 Chapter 46: Zong Jue's Capabilities

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 46: Zong Jue's Capabilities

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“I estimate that all of you are worried, right? Worried whether this old fellow that I am, is lying to all of you. Haha, the reason why I have designed this phase is only to test if all of you are being careful. I know that my life will not last much longer, but I can tell all of you one thing. Absolutely nothing can be obtained without first earning for it.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice contained a tone of indifference that seemed to have seen everything.

That tone of voice could usually be heard from the mouth of people who were about to die.

“After passing through here, all of you can directly proceed forward in a straight line to arrive at the second destination. Just continue moving down in a straight line…… For the person who arrives at the destination, that treasure will be his. Do not worry, with the exception of the treasures on the Scattered Treasures Cliff, none of the other treasures have the secret technique applied on them.”

“All right, I am also lazy to set up speech Restrictive Spells already. Having said so much…… I am also a little tired. All the subsequent hints will be left behind on stone tablets. Ai, struggling for a lifetime, and even thinking of struggling now, is there meaning huh? No meaning? This is definitely a question, it’s just too bad that I do not have any more time. There are times when luck is definitely important, definitely important, ai……”

The sigh gradually weakened.

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice slowly began to fade away. Qin Yu had a kind of feeling…… that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had set up that speech Restrictive Spell just before his death.

“Luck?” Qin Yu’s heart momentarily thumped.

Initially, during the time when he was at the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had once mentioned about luck. It seemed like that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang could very possibly have had bad luck, and that finally led to a pitiful conclusion.

Meanwhile, at that moment, the group of people present were instead on the verge of taking action.

With five people dead, it represented that there were five pieces of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment that did not have the special technique applied on them. Of course, that depended on whether Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s words were true. However, within their minds, the majority of the people felt that what Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had said at that time should be true.

Moreover —

There was already someone who took the lead and made a move.

A thin ray of light fleetingly glinted within Hua Yan’s eyes, and at the same time, his figure flashed and charged towards the Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor. Amongst those five pieces of treasure, if it was to be said which was the most precious piece, then that would naturally be that piece of defensive armor.

“Hua Yan, this piece of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor shall belong to me.” Zong Jue’s voice rang forth. At the same time, the other four pieces of Immortal Equipment had also entered into his hands. That Zong Jue actually retrieved five pieces of Immortal Equipment in a single breath.

Comparing speed?

Amongst the people who were present, who would dare to compete against Zong Jue? Moreover, the entire Ni Yang’s Realm was different from the outside realm. It wasn’t solely just being unable to perform Spiritual Awareness, Demon Awareness as well as the others, but even Teleportation was also very difficult. It was as if there was something causing an obstruction, and everyone could only rely on speed.

“Big Brother, Senior Zong Jue did not perform the Blood Contract. It is obvious that he is also worried there might be a problem with that battle armor huh.” Hou Fei said using Sound Transfer.

Qin Yu nodded and looked at the situation at that moment.

At the scene, Hua Yan’s facial expression was as cold as ice.

“Zong Jue, hand over that Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor, and I might still spare you your life.” Hua Yan had an absolutely unyielding attitude. The most precious piece of treasure from Ni Yang’s Realm was to be presented to Yu Huang, while the other items could belong to him. That was why, if he could obtain that piece of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor, it would belong to him. In order to further elevate his position within the Immortal Realm in the future, he would naturally require that good piece of Immortal Equipment.

While smiling, Man Gan said to Ao Feng and the others, “Ao Feng. I am willing to bet, that Hua Yan must have definitely guessed something, which is why he dared to attempt retrieving that piece of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor.”

Ao Feng smiled and said, “There is no need to guess. Initially, when His Highness Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had shuttled and arrived at the Mortal Realm, Yu Huang and the others were extremely clear on that matter. Moreover, merely after a period of time, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang died. After listening to what Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had said, it is obvious that he is already dead. For a formidable person who was about to die, would he be bored enough to continue deceiving us even at the end?”

“That is why, those five pieces of Immortal Equipment do not even have the slightest problem.” Man Gan said while smiling.

After hearing what Man Gan had said, from afar, Zong Jue slightly relaxed his frown.

He had managed to obtain the Immortal Equipment, but instead did not perform the Blood Contract. How could he not have considered from that point of view? It was just that there were many things regarding Immortal Emperor Ni Yang that he did not know, which was why, it was naturally hard for him to make a judgement.

“Man Gan, you really are clever. Moreover, I had also heard of several rumours regarding that ‘secret technique’ from various channels. I was not certain earlier, but I am naturally certain after hearing what Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had said. Blood Contract had already been performed on those five pieces of Immortal Equipment, so there will naturally not be any danger from performing Blood Contract on them once more.” Hua Yan, instead, smiled and said. At the same time, he looked at Zong Jue and urged, “Brother Zong Jue, go ahead and perform a Blood Contract, there is absolutely no danger.”

When an enemy said to a person that there was no danger in doing something, and had allowed that person to do it, would anyone do it?

At that moment, Zong Jue was facing a similar situation.

“Will that secret technique only take effect once huh? Ah, it is hard to say. My experience is really too few to make a judgement. Ai, this is definitely a hard question.” Zong Jue suddenly gave a low sigh. At one side, Hua Yan instead gave a slight grin.


A miserable cry rang out. Meanwhile, at that moment, the body of Zong Jue who was originally standing, slowly began to ripple and fade away like bubbles.

“Separation……” When Hei Yu saw that scene, his lips moved but no one knew what he said.

Qin Yu curiously looked at Hei Yu.

“Big Brother, this is an identical body technique that I have in my Hereditary Memories. It is just that my martial powers are still currently insufficient to perform that move.” Hei Yu used a Transmission Talisman and sent that piece of news to Qin Yu.

Within Ni Yang’s Realm, it was not possible to use Spiritual Awareness and Sound Transfer. In order not to let the others know, communication could only be done using a Transmission Talisman.

Qin Yu secretly nodded to himself.

Meanwhile, at that moment, Zong Jue’s loud laughter echoed forth.

“Hua Yan, do not be angry. I have only borrowed a little bit of fresh blood from one of your men. If he is lucky and did not die, I will even give him this piece of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment huh.” The sound of Zong Jue’s laughter was incomparably clear, and it did not seem to be affected by those bombarding sounds from the surroundings.

Hua Yan’s facial expression was livid.

Do not be angry? How could he possibly not be angry? That Zong Jue did not dare to try it himself, and had actually used his frightening speed to harm Reverend Ming Shan earlier. At the same time, he had also obtained Reverend Ming Shan’s fresh blood, and subsequently dripped Reverend Ming Shan’s fresh blood on a piece of Finest Grade Immortal Sword.

“Do not be anxious, wait a while. I only require a bit of time to know if it is safe to perform a Blood Contract. Just take a look and see whether that lucky Loose Immortal behind you will explode.” Zong Jue said while giving a chuckle.

Meanwhile, the ‘lucky’ Loose Immortal, Reverend Ming Shan, instead had a pallid facial expression. It was such that he could feel his own heartbeat pounding louder than everything else.

His Yuanying might explode at any point of time……

According to the news that Hua Yan had once heard from the Seniors of his sect, and according to what Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had earlier said, Hua Yan had deduced that there was a eight or nine out of ten chance that those Immortal Equipment already did not have that secret technique applied on them. Why would he give Zong Jue the time to make a judgement?

“Leave the battle armor behind!”

Hua Yan gave a furious shout, and his entire person swiftly rose into the sky. At the same time, an elegant wave of Sword Energy pierced through the air and shot towards Zong Jue. Meanwhile, Zong Jue did not even block, but his figure ingeniously made a movement. Almost instantly, a single person magically seemed to change into two people.

“Body Separation Technique?” Du Zhong Jun exclaimed. Ao Feng also had a huge shock.

Man Gan instead gave an indifferent smile, and said, “It is not exactly Body Separation Technique. He is still unable to perform the Body Separation Technique given his martial powers. However, this is a unique body technique that belongs to the Super Divine Beasts’ Golden-Winged Giant Peng Clan. With regard to power, it also does not differ much from the Body Separation Technique.”

Given Man Gan’s standing, he had naturally learned quite a bit of news regarding the Golden-Winged Giant Peng.

Hua Yan did not hesitate, and that Sword Energy pierced through one of the two ‘Zong Jue’s. The ‘Zong Jue’ that was pierced immediately disappeared into nothingness, while the other actually also changed into an illusion.

“Huh, Hua Yan, I am here!” Zong Jue’s voice actually came from the above. Everybody raised their heads and looked. Zong Jue’s robe could be seen fluttering as he stood at the highest point of the waterfall. He was faintly smiling while looking at Hua Yan below.

Twelfth Tribulation Loose Demon — Super Divine Beast Golden-Winged Giant Peng, with regard to power, there were few differences when compared to a First Tier Golden Immortal.

However, with regard to speed, Zong Jue absolutely exceeded Hua Yan by far.

“Still alive after such a long time, looks like what Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had said was indeed true.” Zong Jue looked at the four pieces of Immortal Equipment in his hands, his facial expression revealed a satisfied smile. The piece of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment which had disappeared had already been kept within the body of the ‘lucky’ Reverend Ming Shan.

As if at the same time, four drops of fresh blood dripped, each respectively entered into one of the four pieces of Immortal Equipment.

“Do not give him time to refine!” Hua Yan only had that thought within his mind.

Initially, when he had just descended to the Mortal Realm, he had forcibly oppressed Zong Jue and Fang Tian with his martial powers. That was why Hua Yan secretly believed that he would absolutely triumph over Fang Tian and Zong Jue. After Fang Tian had obtained Finest Grade Demon Weapon as well as Finest Grade Demon Equipment Battle Armor from Ao Feng’s hands, Hua Yan no longer had the confidence to go against Fang Tian. However, against Zong Jue, he was still confident.

Moreover, Hua Yan knew. Solely performing a Blood Contract was still insufficient to unleash the full potential of a weapon. A person would still require to use his or her energy to refine the weapon, making the weapon completely accustomed to his or her energy, until it became like an extension of the person’s arm.

That was why, when Hua Yan saw Zong Jue performing the Blood Contract, he did not hesitate to make a move and attack. His entire person rushed upwards at a shocking speed, directly charging towards the Zong Jue who was above the waterfall.

“Humph. Hua Yan, aren’t you going too far?”

Zong Jue’s voice resounded throughout the skies. At the same time, a ray of black light fleetingly flashed in the air. Hua Yan then actually flew back reversedly at an even faster speed.

“How can it be?” Hua Yan landed onto the ground and was further pushed back quite a number of steps. His facial expression revealed that he was completely appalled.

Man Gan, Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun, Fang Tian and the others, every single person was shocked.

Even if Zong Jue possessed a Finest Grade Immortal Equipment, he had only just performed a Blood Contract, and the power that he could exert from it was only less than half. How could he not be disadvantageous from a frontal clash against Hua Yan huh?

“He finally used the weapon left behind by Uncle Lan.” Qin Yu had instead expected that outcome.

Initially, Zong Jue had once told Qin Yu that secret.

“That was not any of the four pieces of Immortal Equipment. None of the earlier Immortal Equipment was black in colour.” Man Gan said in a deep voice while looking at the weapon in Zong Jue’s hand. Everyone then noticed the weapon in Zong Jue’s hand.

That was the weapon which had earlier countered and hacked back at Hua Yan — An extremely narrow piece of long knife.

“The material is more or less similar to the weapons of Fei Fei as well as Hei Yu.” Qin Yu carefully observed and secretly concluded. No matter if it was Hou Fei’s Black Stick, or Hei Yu’s Cloud-Piercing Spear, the colour as well as the texture of the material was identical to the weapon in Zong Jue’s hand.

Qin Yu was even more certain that, that weapon should be what Uncle Lan had given Zong Jue.

“Haha…… Brother Zong Jue, as Loose Practitioners of the Mortal Realm, both you and I are known as the two great invincible existences. However, only now do I know…… your past capabilities had actually exceeded mine. I never really thought that you would actually possess such a powerful piece of weapon. That should be Finest Grade Demon Equipment, right? When did you get it?” Fang Tian laughed and inquired.

At that moment, Zong Jue’s face had the hint of a smile.

After hiding it for such a long time, in order to block Hua Yan’s attack, he had finally taken out his treasure.

“Finest Grade Demon Equipment, ah, it can be considered so.” Zong Jue said with an faint smile.

Zong Jue himself, was also not certain of that weapon’s grade. However, when he had earlier clashed against Hua Yan’s Immortal Sword, Zong Jue instead felt that, in terms of the degree of hardness, it seemed like his own long knife had won by a slight margin.

Hua Yan slowly sheathed the Immortal Sword that was in his hand into the scabbard that was on his back. He gave a faint smile and said, “Zong Jue, you really gave me a shock. It does not matter whether I have that Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor or not. Since you have such capabilities, you also have the qualifications to take it.”

At that moment, the four Emissaries of the Ascendant Realms secretly raised Zong Jue’s standing by one level.

The current Zong Jue, at that point of time, exceeded everyone in terms of speed. With regard to offense, that had already been demonstrated by the black coloured long knife. Regarding defense…… he possessed the Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor, so there was naturally no need to discuss about Zong Jue’s defense.

It was absolutely impossible for the four great Emissaries to kill Zong Jue if they did not use their trump card. Meanwhile, for those trump cards…… no one would be willing to use them at that moment.

Fang Tian walked before Zong Jue, gave a wink and said, “Ah, I never thought that you, Zong Jue, would actually receive the most benefits from this gathering at the Scattered Treasures Cliff. Since you have that black coloured long knife, you should not have much use for those three pieces of offensive Immortal Equipment, right?”

Fang Tian and Zong Jue shared a good friendship with each other, so it was extremely normal for them to joke with each other.

“Shoo, your Dragon Clan is ostentatious, do not think of any ideas targeting my Chaotic Astral Sea already. Transform Into Stone, this piece of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment is for you.” A white coloured battle sabre appeared within Zong Jue’s hands. At the same time, he removed the Blood Contract.

Transform Into Stone only said a simple ‘Thanks’. After all, his younger brother had only just been killed.

“Qin Yu, I can see that both your brothers’ weapons are not bad. Instead, you only have a Middle Grade Immortal Equipment. This Immortal Sword is also for you.” Zong Jue once again retrieved a Finest Grade Immortal Sword and removed the Blood Contract.

Qin Yu did not reject out of courtesy. He definitely did not have a powerful offensive weapon. Although he could use the Sword Immortal Puppet’s long sword, Qin Yu very much disliked using the Sword Immortal Puppet’s weapon.

“Thank you Senior Zong.” Qin Yu received that piece of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Long Sword, and performed a Blood Contract at the same time.

“What is there to thank? For me to be able to enter Ni Yang’s Realm, isn’t it still due to your credit?” Meanwhile, at that very moment, Zong Jue suddenly turned his head and looked at Man Gan. “Brother Man Gan, I say, Brother Qin Yu have brought you and your men into Ni Yang’s Realm. You should also use actual actions to show your ‘gratitude’ right?”

The smile on Man Gan’s face stiffened.

“This……” Man Gan was put into a troubled spot.

Having seen how Zong Jue had presented the Finest Grade Immortal Sword, it was obvious that Qin Yu already possessed a piece of Finest Grade Immortal Sword. It would be superfluous for him, Man Gan, to give another Finest Grade Immortal Sword. However, Man Gan was also unwilling to give away a Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor.

As for even better items, Man Gan did have them. However…… he, himself, was not willing to use those playthings. There was no need to mention about giving them away to others.

“Brother Man Gan, ah, you are an Emissary who have descended from the Demon Realm. Your status is definitely a lot higher than me, Zong Jue. Ai, I, Zong Jue, am only a faction leader of the Mortal Realm. Compared to all of you, I am simply too poor. Still, I have only just obtained that piece of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment, and there is absolutely nothing else that I can afford to present, which is why I have just given a piece of Finest Grade Immortal Sword. Ah, I definitely think that what Brother Man Gan is going to present should definitely not be ordinary, right?” Zong Jue, with his face full of smiles, looked at Man Gan.

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