Book 11 Chapter 45: Scattered Treasures Cliff That Was Stained Red

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 45: Scattered Treasures Cliff That Was Stained Red

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Greeting presents?

Immediately, the four great Loose Immortals directly under Hua Yan’s command, the three great Elders of the Dragon Clan as well as Wu Hei, Fire Devil and the others, one by one, they began to become restless and eager. The target of the four great Ascendant Realms’ Emissaries was not there, which was why it was possible for them to remain calm. However, instead, their men could not remain calm.

Qin Yu was also very calm.

His target was not the treasures left behind by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, but was the item that Uncle Lan had left for him. That item was related to the kind of domain level that he needed to practise to, in order to meet Li Er.

“The Scattered Treasures Cliff is separated into two levels. The upper level has ten or more Finest Grade Immortal Equipment. Those equipment are very much different from each other, and there is even a set of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor!” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said with a light laugh.

Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Man Gan, Zong Jue and the other experts, one by one, there was a glint in all their eyes.

They might not be too concerned with Finest Grade Immortal Swords, but that would be very different for Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor.

“There are more than a hundred High Grade Immortal Equipment at the lower level. Most are offensive types, and there are also quite a few sets of defensive battle armor. At the same time, there is also a special type of weapon.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s second sentence made everybody’s heart thumped.

More than a hundred pieces of High Grade Immortal Equipment?

Bringing those High Grade Immortal Equipment back could also be considered a huge fortune. After all, that most important treasure would also be given to their own respective leaders. Only those Immortal Equipment could belong to them.

“Special type of weapon?” There was a glint in Hua Yan’s eyes. Special type of weapons were usually even harder to obtain than defensive battle armor.

Qin Yu looked at the surrounding people.

“It looks like there may be a large fight to the death when we all arrive at the Scattered Treasures Cliff. Xiao Hei and I, as well as the others, also do not have any good defensive armor. It looks like I should also try my best to obtain a set.” Qin Yu also secretly began to feel motivated to compete. “Ah, it is only that the words of this Immortal Emperor Ni Yang cannot be completely believed.”

Qin Yu possessed the experience of what had happened at the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.

Meanwhile, at that moment, the usually indifferent tone of Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice suddenly became aggressive.

“Ah, there should be someone who came from the Immortal Realm here, right? I shall advise in advance to that person from the Immortal Realms to give up earlier. That is because…… the difficulty for you to survive at Ni Yang’s Realm will be three times higher compared to the others!”

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s words contained within it absolute fury.

“Coming from the Immortal Realm, you must be someone who belongs to either Yu Huang or Xuan Di. These two bastards who are thinking of obtaining my items, are dreaming!” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was furious. “The little fellow that came from the Immortal Realm, do not say that I did not give you a chance. It’s just that the difficulty has been raised by three times only.”

Hua Yan’s facial expression was lifeless.

Man Gan, Du Zhong Jun, Ao Feng, Fang Tian, Zong Jue and the group of other people all gave Hua Yan looks filled with sympathy.

It was very obvious that, that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang possessed a very huge hatred towards Yu Huang, Xuan Di and the other people from the Immortal Realm. That was why he had made the challenges to be very difficult for people from the Immortal Realm.

“During the time before I left, no wonder His Highness Yu Huang had told me……” Hua Yan’s entire face was filled with helplessness and a bitter smile.

By increasing the difficulty, it did not solely mean that the chances of him obtaining treasures would be reduced, but most importantly…… he, Hua Yan, would very likely lose his life within that Ni Yang’s Realm.

“All right, as for the people from the Demon Realm, Devil Realm, as well as ordinary Practitioners from the Mortal Realm, I will treat all of you equally. The special Restrictive Spells which I had set would only be effective against Immortals who have achieved the domain level of First Tier Golden Immortal and above.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice resounded forth. “Although I am personally not around, even if Yu Huang and the others were to personally come, I think that it would not be possible for them to forcibly break those Restrictive Spells that I had left behind without suffering serious injuries themselves. Moreover, how would it be possible for them to descend to the Mortal Realm simply by relying on themselves?”

“If the barriers between two realms were broken through, and even a First Tier Golden Immortal is unable to descend, then for that supposed Emissary, I estimate that he would not even be a match for Twelfth Tribulation Loose Practitioners of this Mortal Realm, so it would not matter even if my Restrictive Spells were useless.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said with an indifferent chuckle.

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang seemed very confident that Yu Huang and the others were unable to descend to the Mortal Realm.

The expression on Hua Yan’s face became increasingly bitter.

“All right, ah, all of you can set off. Find a suitable treasure for yourselves at the Scattered Treasures Cliff. With a good treasure, the chances for all of you to survive will be higher.” When Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice rang forth, almost everyone began to set off.

The target — Scattered Treasures Cliff.

“Brother Man Gan, where is the location of this Scattered Treasures Cliff?” Qin Yu whispered to Man Gan. He did not know why, but there seemed to be a special kind of pressure within that Ni Yang’s Realm. Although Qin Yu could fully control his Spiritual Energy at that moment, the furthest that the Spiritual Energy could leave his body was more or less one meter. It could not extend any further than that.

Man Gan shook his head with uncertainty. “I am also not clear. His Highness Demon Emperor also did not tell me of a place called Scattered Treasures Cliff in Ni Yang’s Realm.”

Qin Yu looked at Hua Yan, Ao Feng and Du Zhong Jun.

At that moment, those three great Emissaries also had their faces filled with doubt, and were moving forward at a sluggish pace. It was obvious that they also did not have a clear direction, and could only move forward aimlessly within the ‘Realm of Clear Mind’ of Ni Yang’s Realm.

“Everyone, how can we search for the Scattered Treasures Cliff when we absolutely do not even know where it is huh? From what I see, ah, we should split up and find it.” The sound of Zong Jue’s indifferent voice rang forth.

Almost everybody stopped their feet.

Split up?

“Demon Awareness absolutely cannot be used here, and we can only rely on our eyes. Meanwhile, the ‘Realm of Clear Mind’ of Ni Yang’s Realm is this large. How long will it take before we find the Scattered Treasures Cliff?” Zong Jue smiled and said, “If we split up, the people who find the treasures first will obtain many treasures, but that will also depend on the luck of each individual. If you are to find it first, you will similarly be able to obtain many treasures.”

Zong Jue looked at the few great Emissaries. “Everything depends on the luck of each individual, I do not know how do the few great Emissaries of the Ascendant Realms view this?”

“Not possible.” Man Gan and Ao Feng responded almost at the same time.

Man Gan had fewer men, so the chances of finding the Scattered Treasures Cliff would be lower. However, if everyone were to find it together, Man Gan would be able to obtain quite a number of treasures given his capabilities.

Ao Feng was the same. The Dragon Clan has the two great experts Ao Feng and Fang Tian. At that moment, Fang Tian held a Finest Grade Demon Weapon, and possessed Finest Grade Battle Armor to wear. His capabilities were definitely not beneath Hua Yan and Du Zhong Jun. When the both of them cooperated, they could naturally obtain quite a number of treasures.

“This is not possible, and that is not possible, so what good suggestions do the both of you have to say?” Zong Jue asked indifferently.

Ao Feng slightly smiled and nodded towards Man Gan. “From what I see, everyone should still move together. After all, everyone is also not in a hurry. Three years had already passed while we were in the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill, so why are we still anxious for these few days? If everybody move together, we will also find the Scattered Treasures Cliff together. At that moment, it will not be too late to compete for the treasures then. What does Brother Man Gan think huh?”

“I agree!” Man Gan nodded while smiling.

In the face of benefits, at that moment, the two rivals instead stood on the same line.

Within that group of people who had entered Ni Yang’s Realm, the six people who were considered as super experts consisted of Ao Feng, Fang Tian, Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, as well as Man Gan and Zong Jue. Amongst them, Man Gan was the strongest.

At that moment when Ao Feng, Fang Tian and Man Gan insisted for everyone to proceed together, the other people could also do nothing about it.

Naturally, everyone did not exactly know, that the person with the strongest offensive power present was not exactly Man Gan nor the two great experts of the Dragon Clan, but the ‘Qin Yu’ who appeared to be the weakest. The capabilities of a Ninth Tier Golden Immortal Sword Immortal Puppet was terrifyingly powerful. It was just that, at that moment, Qin Yu maintained the appearance of a smiling face while looking at Man Gan and the other people. Regarding any matter, he would seek advise from Man Gan and the others.

“All right, then let us move forward together.”

In the end, the people of the various sides all agreed on the conditions, and the group of people continued to move ahead in a straight line.

Ni Yang’s Realm was extremely large. As to how large it was, a person only needed to look at the first realm of Ni Yang’s Realm — Realm of Clear Mind. Given everybody’s speed, it had actually taken them three days to walk to the boundaries of the Realm of Clear Mind.

“We have almost finished travelling around the Realm of Clear Mind. It looks like that Scattered Treasures Cliff is not at the Realm of Clear Mind. Further on, we are going to begin stepping into the other regions of Ni Yang’s Realm.” Man Gan said to Qin Yu and the few people behind him. “‘The Realm of Clear Mind’ of Ni Yang’s Realm can still be considered safe, but it will be different for the other places. I can’t say for sure, but all of you might lose your little lives if you are not careful even momentarily. That is why all of you must be careful.”

Qin Yu and the others nodded to indicate that they understood.

It was mostly full of life within the Realm of Clear Mind. Everywhere was mostly green, and the ground was even. However, when everyone had stepped out of the Realm of Clear Mind, they entered a world filled with mountains.

There were mountains and canyons everywhere.

Everyone continued to move forward, and the speed of advance was obviously a lot slower compared to when they were within the Realm of Clear Mind. Every single person was very careful, but most of the people were secretly quite furious.

“Immortal Emperor Ni Yang is too despicable. He had spoken of the Scattered Treasures Cliff, but Ni Yang’s Realm is this huge, who is to know where the Scattered Treasures Cliff is?” The sound of a voice muttered forth.

The other people were also secretly simmering with fury, but no one was willing to give up. Even if they gave up, who knew the way out?

Suddenly —

*Honglonglonglui* The sound of things falling and smashing down continuously resounded everywhere.

Qin Yu looked towards the source of the sound. There stood a waterfall that extended to more or less several hundreds of feet tall, and the flowing water that was similar to countless silver chains bombarded the pool of water below.

Suddenly, Qin Yu’s eyes momentarily shuddered.

That was because there were actually three large red coloured characters on the large mountain beside the waterfall — Scattered Treasures Cliff!

As if at the same time, several figures had already begun dashing over.

“My Lord.”

Yu Liang and Kong Cao both bowed towards Man Gan and requested for instructions. That was because Man Gan had given strict orders before entering Ni Yang’s Realm, that no matter when or what they wanted to do something, Yu Liang and Kong Cao needed to request for his instructions.

“Both of you also……” Man Gan was just about to speak. Suddenly —

“Haha…… Finest Grade Battle Armor, great.” An extremely loud laughter. When Qin Yu heard that, he knew that it belonged to the Petrification Beast of the Chaotic Astral Sea’s Divine Beast, Change Into Stone.

Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor?

A vexing glint momentarily flashed past Yu Liang and the others’ eyes. It was especially so for Yu Liang. Given his speed, if it wasn’t for the need to request for instructions from Man Gan, he estimated that, that set of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor would have already been in his hands. The Loose Immortals at the other side, the four great Reverends were also requesting for Hua Yan’s instructions.

“Ah, go ahead and plunder.” Hua Yan gave the order.

As if when that order was given, everyone charged towards the location of the Scattered Treasures Cliff. After they had passed through the forest and arrived before that waterfall, everything could finally be seen clearly.

The waterfall was pouring water down from a high place, smashing into the deep pool beneath. Beside that deep pool of water, there was a huge rock that was several tens of meters high. Atop that huge rock, there was another rock that was close to ten meters high.

There were slightly more than ten pieces of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment placed above the highest rock. Meanwhile, Change Into Stone was standing on that rock with a face filled with excitement, his hands holding onto a set of black coloured battle armor.

There were more than a hundred pieces of Immortal Equipment placed on the rock below. Swords, sabres, spears, rods, sticks…… including battle armors, nothing was lacking. It was very obvious that those were the High Grade Immortal Equipment that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had mentioned.

Those two layers of rocks should be the Scattered Treasures Cliff. Meanwhile, there was also a pitch black sculpture made of stone beside the Scattered Treasures Cliff. The appearance of the sculpture was exactly identical to the sculpture that Qin Yu had initially seen at the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.

Meanwhile, at that moment, there was already quite a number of people atop that Scattered Treasures Cliff.

“Wait.” Qin Yu stopped his two brothers with a look.

As long as it was a person who had overcame the Nine Sword Immortal Mansion, he or she would absolutely not believe Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s words easily. When Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said that there would not be any danger, would there definitely not be any danger huh?

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had still said that the Peach Blossom Spring was safe, while the Road To Hell was a path of death, but what had happened at the end? Those who had chosen the Peach Blossom Spring were all dead, but instead not a single person who had chosen the Road To Hell died.

When Hou Fei and Hei Yu heard Qin Yu stopping them, both of them stopped their feet.

Meanwhile, it was at that point of time, that Yu Liang and Kong Cao also prepared to make a move.

*Honglui* The sound of an explosion rang forth.

It was a deep, horrifying sound. That frightening shock-wave even caused Man Gan and the other people to also change their facial expressions drastically. Moreover, that shock-wave occurred one after another. Those shock-waves emanated precisely from the Scattered Treasures Cliff.

Those who had quick reactions immediately threw away the Immortal Equipment from their hands, while those who reacted slowly instead had their entire person imploded from their Yuanying. Fresh blood and limbs flew wildly.

After merely several deep shock-waves.

The experts who were greedy, as well as those who had reacted slowly, died in a heap.

“Those who were dead at the side of the Loose Immortals were Reverend Lan Bing and Reverend Chi Yang. At the side of the Loose Devils, Fire Devil died. An Elder of the Dragon Clan had actually also died. That Change Into Stone was really too greedy……. Within a short moment, Qin Yu clearly saw the few people who had died.

The facial expressions of Yu Liang, Kong Cao and the others were pale. Earlier, if they were one step faster and had charged ahead, that would have been them running towards their deaths.

There were also the two or three people who immediately threw away the Immortal Equipment from their hands and escaped when they saw the other people exploding. Although seriously wounded, they were lucky to have survived and secretly felt a wave of fear.

Man Gan, Du Zhong Jun, Hua Yan, Ao Feng, Zong Jue, as well as Fang Tian had serious expressions on their faces. Meanwhile, their men were frightened to the point that not even one of them dared to once again go ahead and take those treasures.

That was because five people had died in a single moment, and the remaining people were all scared.

“What Restrictive Spell was that?” Fang Tian voiced out.

Ao Feng contemplated for a moment and said, “If my guess is not wrong, that should belong to a kind of secret technique. It originates…… In short, it is a secret technique from a mysterious place, and does not belong to the Restrictive Spells of the Immortal Realm. Once that secret technique is performed on weaponry, if other people are to perform a Blood Contract, the strange energy from that secret technique will invade into their Yuanying, which will then cause their Yuanying to self-destruct.”

“The people who had died earlier should be people who performed the Blood Contract.” Ao Xu, a Dragon Clan Elder who had survived by throwing away Finest Grade Immortal Equipment from his hands earlier, said with a heavy facial expression. “I did not perform a Blood Contract earlier, that is why I did not die. Meanwhile, earlier, the speed with which Reverend Lan Bing had thrown away the Immortal Equipment in his hands was faster than me, but he still self-destructed even after he had thrown away the Immortal Equipment. That was because he had already performed the Blood Contract, and the energy of that secret technique had already entered his Yuanying……”

Earlier, the first reactions of the first few people who had rushed in and obtained treasures, were mostly to perform a Blood Contract. After all, they were also afraid that other people would snatch away their treasure.

“Haha…… My greeting present to everyone is not bad, right?” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice resounded throughout the Heavens and Earth.

“Pervert.” ‘Petrification Beast’ Transform Into Stone was secretly filled with anger. His younger brother had just been killed earlier.

“I had initially learnt this secret technique from my good friend ‘Black Flame Lord’. It is also very simple to break this secret technique. One method is to obtain the capabilities of a First Tier Mystic Immortal, then directly use the True Flame within your body to refine and break the technique. However, on attaining the domain level of a First Tier Mystic Immortal, by using Immortal Awareness, you would have already discovered the secret technique that I had applied on the equipment earlier. The second method, is to first let another person perform a Blood Contract and absorb the energy from that secret technique, after which, it will no longer be dangerous for all of you to snatch.”

When they heard what Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had said, everybody did not make a move. The various great experts exchanged glances with each other, their eyes were filled with uncertainty. What Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had just said, could it be believed?

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