Book 11 Chapter 44: Immortal Emperor Ni Yang's Gift

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 44: Immortal Emperor Ni Yang's Gift

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Silence. The entire world was filled with complete silence, and the silence was terrifying!

Qin Yu, Man Gan, Zong Jue and the others did not have any hint of a pleasant surprise on their faces. Instead, what they did have were expressions of caution, and every single person carefully observed their surroundings.

That boundless piece of open land did not have any grass or flowers, nor pieces of rocks. There was only a boundless piece of yellow soil. On that boundless piece of yellow soil, there were only those three solitary towering stone pillars. The three characters “Ni” “Yang’s” “Realm” also gave them a sense of immeasurable pressure.

“Brother Qin Yu, you say that this is Ni Yang’s Realm? The Ni Yang’s Realm where countless treasures were hidden?” Zong Jue began to voice out. At the same time, those pair of eyes that belonged to him carefully swept across every direction. “There is nothing here at all. How does it look like a place that hid countless treasures?”

It was just that Zong Jue’s voice made everyone jump in fright. That was because it had been far too quiet earlier, that the sound of a sudden voice was sufficient to frighten them.

“Haha~~~~ Zong Jue.” Man Gan suddenly began to laugh loudly. “I see that we are all much too nervous. Do you still remember that in order to enter Ni Yang’s Realm, we will definitely need to rely on the Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy? Meanwhile, we have not exactly used the Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy, which is why we are still outside of Ni Yang’s Realm.”

Qin Yu and the others regained their awareness. “Brother Qin Yu, you were also stupefied by that imposing atmosphere earlier?” Man Gan said while smiling.

Qin Yu nodded in embarrassment. “I was still really overwhelmed earlier. When I saw those three large characters “Ni” “Yang’s” “Realm”, I had really thought that we have arrived at Ni Yang’s Realm huh. It is only now that I recall we need to rely on the Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy to enter Ni Yang’s Realm. That is why we should now still be outside of Ni Yang’s Realm.”

“Being stumped is also normal. I was also overwhelmed earlier,” said Man Gan with a chuckle.

The boundless piece of land, the three solitary stone pillars, as well as the oppressive sense of coercion brought forth by the three large characters, were all really enough to stupefy people.

Qin Yu carefully looked at the three stone pillars, then nodded and said, “From what I see, we should now be outside of Ni Yang’s Realm. I estimate that as long as we are enveloped by the Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy, we should be able to enter into the interior.”

Man Gan, Zong Jue and the others all looked at the surroundings, before they finally nodded.

That was because everyone had discovered a single implication. At that moment, there were already no other directions to proceed forward. Moreover, the destination of the map that led to Ni Yang’s Realm obtained from Qin Yu’s Ring of the Black Flame Lord, was there. “Big Brother, what about the group of people from the Dragon Clan, Loose Devils and Loose Immortals huh? Why have they still not appeared? Unless the map that they have is a fake?” Hou Fei suddenly voiced out.

Everyone, including Qin Yu, was startled. They all suddenly remembered that other party led by the Dragon Clan.

Qin Yu’s party had separated from the Dragon Clan’s party outside of the Abyss of Death. According to reason, the Dragon Clan’s party should also have arrived at their location.

“Our map is real, while theirs is fake. Does such a simple reason still need to be said?” Petrification Beast ‘Change Into Stone’ said while smiling. “I still really hope that, that group of people will all perish within the Abyss of Death.”

Zong Jue instead frowned. “From what I see, both maps should not be fake. They had obtained their map by combining the three pieces of Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, so that should not be a fake.” Zong Jue’s tone sounded quite certain.

Qin Yu also nodded in agreement.

“There is no need to bother about whether that group of people is dead or alive, Brother Qin Yu. Now, the earlier we enter Ni Yang’s Realm, the more beneficial it will be for us. Ah, hurry and use the Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy to bring us into Ni Yang’s Realm,” reminded Man Gan.

All of the other people also looked at Qin Yu, and they all seemed really anxious.

Qin Yu felt secretly helpless, then nodded and said, “Since everyone wants to enter immediately, all right. I will now perform the Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy. First, everyone gather closer, and with me as the center, form a circle.”

Qin Yu began giving out orders.

Immediately, Man Gan, Yu Liang, Kong Cao, Zong Jue, Change Into Stone, Transform Into Stone, as well as Hou Fei and Hei Yu, surrounded Qin Yu from all directions. Qin Yu sent his Spiritual Awareness into the Ring of the Black Flame Lord, and prepared to begin activating the Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy within that Ring of the Black Flame Lord.

Meanwhile, right at that moment, almost everyone instantly looked over towards the right direction.

From the right, the sound of footsteps could only be heard echoing forth.

“Ha, finally safe, hu.” A loud roar rang forth. The first person to charge in was actually Wu Hei from the side of the Loose Devils.

Within mere moments.

Ao Feng, Fang Tian, Du Zhong Jun, Hua Yan, Reverend Lan Bing, Reverend Ming Shan, Ao Xu…… one by one, experts that had their heads covered in ash and faces stained with mud appeared before everyone.

At that very moment, the sights of an absolute majority of those thirteen people were too horrifying to be witnessed. Fresh blood and wounds, damaged clothes, faces covered in dirt…… they looked just like a group of beggars. Only Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun and several other experts looked slightly better.

“Aiyah, I say, Brother Ao Feng, Brother Hua Yan, ah, what happened to all of you?” Man Gan presented a startled expression. “Didn’t all of you follow an absolutely correct route huh? Each and every one of our people are safe and sound, but why are all of you made to look so awkward?”

Ao Feng, Fang Tian, Du Zhong Jun, Hua Yan and other people in that group looked at Qin Yu’s group. Their eyes unintentionally began to reveal looks of disbelief. They had naturally believed that the reason they could rush and arrive at that place was because their map was authentic, and had also believed that Qin Yu’s map was fake. Who would have thought that Qin Yu’s side was the first to arrive, moreover, to have arrived safe and sound.

Zong Jue smiled and said, “It’s very obvious that both maps are authentic. However, our map’s route is a lot safer, while the route of that map which all of you possess is instead a lot more dangerous. Mmm…… looking at all of you, it’s still all right. Coming down from the Abyss of Death, like us, none of you died.”

One by one, Ao Feng, Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun and the other people in that group displayed their skills by using the energy within their bodies to tidy their appearances. Even energy were directly used on damaged clothes to once again form a complete set. Within mere moments, the group of ‘beggars’ experienced a large change.

“Is this Ni Yang’s Realm huh?” When Hua Yan saw the three characters on those three stone pillars that were tall enough to reach the clouds, his eyes unintentionally glimmered.

Similarly, the eyes of Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun and the others began to blaze.

“Brother Qin Yu, stop looking at that group of idiots already. We shall first enter Ni Yang’s Realm and obtain treasures. Ah, just let that group of people remain here in a stupor,” ridiculed Man Gan jokingly.

Qin Yu secretly gave a smile. He knew that Man Gan was intentionally aggravating Ao Feng’s party, so he also accommodated immediately and said, “All right, everyone form a circle around me and stand properly. I will now begin.”

With Qin Yu at the center, waves of frightening Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy emanated forth to form a huge protective Sword Energy, completing enveloping Qin Yu and his surroundings.

When he saw that scene, Hua Yan immediately shouted, “Ming Shan, Lan Bing, Chi Yang and Xue Yu Yang, quickly gather around me.” As he said that, Reverend Ming Shan and the other three great Reverends immediately surrounded Hua Yan.

Hua Yan did not dare to waste any more time, and also immediately began activating the Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy within his Sundering The Heavens Diagrams. With Hua Yan at the center, a protective Sword Energy was emanated forth, enveloping the few people within it.

At that moment, no one hesitated. At that moment, it was not solely Hua Yan, but Ao Feng as well as Du Zhong Jun also immediately gathered their own people to form a circle around them, after which they began activating the Sword Energy.

Four protective Sword Energies could only be seen enveloping the people of four sides. It was just that amongst those four protective Sword Energies, Qin Yu’s was the largest.


On the boundless piece of open land, those three solitary pillars actually began to tremble violently. With the three towering stone pillars as the central focal point, sound waves emanated outwards in all directions. Those sound waves contained extremely frightening destructive powers.

The very open ground rolled under the sound waves……

The very air trembled under the sound waves……

Flames burst out from the ground……

Chilling Air came surrounding from all directions……

Within a mere moment, the originally quiet open ground had actually became a world similar to hell.

Blue Blessed Heavenly Flames and Mystical Golden Chilling Air even drifted all around. When they saw that scene, Man Gan’s group of people all secretly shivered in terror momentarily. What was strange, was that the four groups of people who were enveloped by the four great protective Sword Energies, were actually not hurt in the slightest bit. It was as if, when the surrounding attacks came into contact with the Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy, they would automatically keep away.

No matter how much that world shook, those three stone pillars remained standing. Suddenly —

“Very bright!”

Three rays of piercing white light shot towards the sky from amongst those three stone pillars, which soon spread out in all directions. Those piercing rays of white light seemed to have blinded everyone who were present at the same time.

Qin Yu instantly felt his eyes became blind, and then recovered after a brief moment. Meanwhile, at that moment, what Qin Yu’s eyes could perceive was endless white light. That white light had covered the Heavens, and shrouded the Earth.

Qin Yu could only vaguely see the several figures of the surrounding people beside him. Even Spiritual Awareness could not be used to investigate that space.

“Big Brother, can you hear my voice?” Hou Fei had voiced out.

“I can hear.” Qin Yu secretly felt relaxed momentarily. “This white light that had appeared is very peculiar, and did not seem to do any harm to us. It is just that visibility had dropped to a frightening stage. You are just beside me, but I can instead only vaguely see your figure.”

Man Gan’s voice rang forth, “Do not worry. Immortal Emperor Ni Yang definitely has his own profound intention for arranging it like this. Didn’t you feel that the chaotic energies outside did not even harm us in the slightest bit huh? I estimate that the reason is due to this Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy.”

“Correct.” Yu Liang smiled and said, “Now we can only wait.”

Could only wait.

Qin Yu’s face had the hint of a helpless smile. He could only quietly wait like that……

It might be a short moment, or maybe half a day, or maybe one month.

It was absolutely difficult to feel the flow of time within that world of white light. Meanwhile, the sudden white light began to slowly thin away…… Qin Yu and his group of people could not help but carefully look at the surroundings.

The white light gradually disappeared. Meanwhile, the Sword Energy also disappeared at the same time.

There was a surging stream, and falling leaves danced in the air.

There was flowing water beneath a little bridge, and a world that seemed like a paradise appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“What a beautiful world!” Qin Yu unintentionally sighed.

The sky was an azure blue, while those flock of clouds was like a mass of gentleness. The pattern marks of cobblestones could be seen beneath the clear spring water, and ancient trees were as tall as several hundreds of meters, the traces of their past years remained on those mottled lines on their trunks.

That beautiful world was like a world within a painting, a world within a dream.

Meanwhile, everyone who was observing the surroundings also seemed to have seen the people of the other few sides at the same time.

The five people of the Dragon Clan, the five people at the side of the Loose Immortals, as well as the three people at the side of the Loose Devils.

“This is the legendary starting area of Ni Yang’s Realm — Realm of Clear Mind. Since this is Ni Yang’s Realm’s Realm of Clear Mind, haha…… this is Ni Yang’s Realm, finally arrived at Ni Yang’s Realm.” The sound of Du Zhong Jun’s loud laughter rang forth at that peaceful world. Meanwhile, it was at that moment —

A bolt of lightning savagely struck Du Zhong Jun’s head.

“No loud noise is allowed within the Realm of Clear Mind.” A voice resounded forth from the Heavens and Earth.

The smile on Du Zhong Jun’s face stiffened. At the same time, his face turned red, and his throat momentarily squirmed. Then, a mouthful of fresh blood uncontrollably sprayed forth from his mouth. Promptly, Du Zhong Jun immediately retrieved a medical elixir and swallowed it into his belly.

“To know that this is the first realm of Ni Yang’s Realm — Realm of Clear Mind, but actually not knowing the rules of the Realm of Clear Mind, ah, you really are seeking to suffer from punishments.” At one side, Hua Yan said while smiling lightly.

As people who came from the Ascendant Realms, they naturally knew several things related to Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s lair — Ni Yang’s Realm.

After all, during the time when Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had initially traveled across the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms freely, he had also invited several important figures of the various realms to discuss matters. Moreover, the location was commonly held at his lair.

That was why they all knew that the first realm of Ni Yang’s Realm was — the Realm of Clear Mind.

They also knew that the Realm of Clear Mind was an extremely peaceful world. Loud noises were absolutely not allowed, and making moves to fight to the death were even more so forbidden.

“Brother Qin Yu, you must all remember one point. You cannot speak too loudly in the Realm of Clear Mind, otherwise…… you have seen what had happened to Du Zhong Jun earlier right? Luckily, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s large array was initially only used for punishments, and the strength of the lightning was automatically judged accordingly to the person who spoke loudly. Otherwise, Du Zhong Jun would not be just solely injured,” said Man Gan while smiling. It was just that the tone of Man Gan’s voice was still slightly soft, different from how much louder he had been in the past.

Hou Fei, instead, covered his mouth.

He had earlier wanted to give a few loud shouts, but was lucky that Du Zhong Jun had ended up as an overturned cart in front to give warning for those behind.

[Rylain: ‘前车之鉴’ translates to ‘overturned cart in front is a warning for those behind’, meaning ‘a lesson from the failure of one’s predecessor’.]

“Within the Realm of Clear Mind, it is even more so forbidden to make a move and attack, or else the consequences will be even more severe.” Man Gan once again reminded.

Qin Yu firmly remembered that in his mind.

“It is good that I had initially decided to follow along with the Emissaries from the Ascendant Realms and come together with them. If I had came alone in advance, I would not have known of the many taboos of Ni Yang’s Realm, and might unintentionally have broken several taboos, thus throwing away my little life.” Qin Yu unintentionally rejoiced secretly.

Qin Yu had also long thought of it. How could solely relying on brute force be capable of breaking through Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s lair? He might have the Sword Immortal Puppet, but forcibly charging in would definitely result in death. Meanwhile, the Emissaries from the Ascendant Realms were different. Every single one of them came well prepared.

By following the Emissaries from the Ascendant Realms and coming along with them, he could lessen the many detours he would otherwise take. If he came across any treasure that he required, Qin Yu could still use the lightning-like speed of the Sword Immortal Puppet to snatch it over at the end.

“I am Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, and I welcome everyone to Ni Yang’s Realm.” An indifferent voice resounded forth within that boundless Heavens and Earth.

Within a short moment, everyone quietened down.

Those were the words left behind by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, no one dared to ignore it.

“I definitely think that, amongst the people who have entered Ni Yang’s Realm, there are people from the Immortal Realm, and also the Devil Realm. I am also afraid that there are people from the Demon Realm, right? Hurhur…… even as I am about to die, my lair can also attract this many people. I should really still feel proud of myself.”

Qin Yu secretly felt a momentary doubt.

During the time when he was at the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, the tone of Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s contained playfulness. Meanwhile, at that moment, the tone of that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice instead gave the feeling that he was intentionally being indifferent.

“Since all of you have entered, I definitely think that all of you must have suffered quite a lot of hardships. As the owner of Ni Yang’s Realm, I, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, naturally should prepare several presents for everyone.” The tone of Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice was gentle and indifferent. “Through the Realm of Clear Mind, all of you can find the Scattered Treasures Cliff. There are quite a number of treasures there which, all of you can indulge in taking. This can be considered as my greeting presents to all of you.”

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