Book 11 Chapter 42: Blood Spiritual Grass

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 42: Blood Spiritual Grass

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Within the most dangerous region of the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill, wind blades and spatial cracks might occasionally appear. Meanwhile, at that moment, Ao Feng’s group of people, as well as Qin Yu’s group of people, noticed the existence of each other. Immediately, tension filled the atmosphere. Man Gan, who was once lied to by Du Zhong Jun, was even furious and about to make a move.


A loud shout resounded forth. Ao Feng’s body also flashed, and a set of gold coloured battle armor also appeared over his body. When compared to Man Gan, his presence did not exactly differ by much. At that same time, Fang Tian and Hua Yan also stood behind Ao Feng. Those three people simultaneously looked at Man Gan.

Man Gan icily looked towards Ao Feng. “Ao Feng, what do you mean by this? Du Zhong Jun, he made a fool of me and lied to me. So now, I am about to make a move and deal him the punishment. Don’t tell me that you also want to obstruct?”

Ao Feng naturally knew of Man Gan’s temperament.

Purple-Eyed Bull Demon King. That clan, once their eyes turned red with madness, they would be extremely horrifying.

“No, not obstruct. I do have an extremely important matter to ask you.” Ao Feng immediately said in a serious tone.

“Whatever matters cannot be compared to what I am about to do to Du Zhong Jun now, so you had better step aside first. Whatever matters you have can wait to be said until after my battle with Du Zhong Jun has ended.” Man Gan was extremely furious. When he saw that Ao Feng did not even slightly give way, Man Gan gave a cold grunt and said, “What is it, unless you want to go against me?”

Having said that, the killing intent around Man Gan also shifted and pressured towards Ao Feng.

Secretly cursing the words ‘Mad Bull’, Ao Feng’s face was instead filled with a faint smile. “No, not going against Brother Man Gan. However, there is something that if I do not ask, I will absolutely not have a peace of mind. Our Dragon Clan, as well as the Loose Immortals and Loose Devils, exhausted countless efforts to finally know the map that leads to Ni Yang’s Realm. However…… why did all of you also come?”

Hua Yan also solemnly said, “Brother Man Gan, I also find this matter to be very strange. All of you do not seem to have the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, so how do all of you know the location of Ni Yang’s Realm? Please don’t say that all of you had nothing to do, and therefore thought of going to the Abyss of Death for a stroll. I think none of us will believe that.”

Would anyone even run over to a place where spatial cracks would frequently appear for a stroll?

At that time, the people of both parties stopped in their tracks.

When the people of both parties were rushing their journeys at an extreme speed, they had to be extremely careful of wind blades and spatial cracks. At the moment when they were standing still and not moving ahead, their guards against the difficulties of the wind blades as well as the spatial cracks had also risen significantly. Everyone had placed most of their thoughts on the people at the opposing side.

“The map that leads to Ni Yang’s Realm? Haha…… Do you think that only all of you have it, but we don’t?” Man Gan said with a sudden smile.

Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Ao Feng, Fang Tian exchanged a few looks with each other, then secretly conversed amongst themselves, but still did not come to any conclusions.

“What use is it to only have the map that leads to Ni Yang’s Realm? Without the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, even if all of you arrive at the entrance to Ni Yang’s Realm, there is also absolutely no way for all of you to enter.” Reverend Chi Yang’s voice resounded forth from behind Hua Yan, his tone containing a hint of disdain.

At that moment, Qin Yu continued to give a slight smile. He did not seem to have any reaction.

“Brother Qin Yu, should we tell them that you possess the map to Ni Yang’s Realm?” Man Gan used Sound Transfer, and his voice resounded within Qin Yu’s mental consciousness.

Qin Yu considered momentarily.

In actual fact, Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun and the others were already looking doubtfully at Qin Yu and his two brothers.

From those Ascendant Realm’s Emissaries’ points of view, Qin Yu and his two brothers’ martial powers were too low. With such low martial powers, there must definitely be a special reason for Man Gan and Zong Jue to still bring them along.

“The more one tries to hide, the more one is exposed. Not telling them will instead make them continuously vigilant, so I’ll just tell them directly. They will instead think that the Seniors from my sect have bestowed the map to me, and will therefore not be too concerned with me.” Qin Yu decided within a short while.

“Brother Man Gan, there is no need to hide. Just tell the truth.” Qin Yu directly said in a loud and clear voice.

When Qin Yu’s voice resounded forth, Ao Feng, Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Fang Tian and the others all looked at Qin Yu in surprise.

There was a glint in Man Gan’s eyes. He gave a loud laugh, and said, “You have guts, and are worthy of being my, Man Gan’s Brother.” After that, Man Gan looked at Ao Feng, Hua Yan, and his side of people. “Let me tell all of you the truth. This map that leads to Ni Yang’s Realm comes from Brother Qin Yu.”


Ao Feng was the first to voice out. “There are three pieces of Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, and Qin Yu did have one piece since the beginning. However, this piece that our Dragon Clan possess, has all along remained in the hands of our Dragon Clan. Others have definitely never obtained it before. The map that leads to Ni Yang’s Realm requires three pieces to be gathered in order to be obtained. How can all of you possibly obtain it?”

“Senior Ao Feng, nothing is absolute.”

Qin Yu smiled and said, “Unless Senior believes that…… the map that leads to Ni Yang’s Realm is only hidden within the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams?”

When Ao Feng, Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Fang Tian and the others heard what Qin Yu had said, they immediately understood and thought of a possibility.

Besides the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, there were still other treasures that had the map leading to Ni Yang’s Realm hidden in them.

Faced against the bewildered gazes of Ao Feng and the people of his party, Qin Yu only had a slight smile on his face.

“Little Brother Qin Yu, where is your Martial Uncle Lan Feng huh? Also, what about that Uncle Lan huh?” Ao Feng suddenly inquired. Ao Feng still secretly found Lan Feng to be a little unfathomable. Meanwhile, that legendary Senior Martial Brother of Lan Feng who was even more powerful — the mysterious Uncle Lan, caused Ao Feng to be even more alarmed.

Qin Yu smiled and said, “Martial Uncle and Uncle Lan did not come this time, only us three brothers came.”

Ao Feng, Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun and the others looked at each other.

They already had a secret guess. It was very possible that Qin Yu’s map came from his martial Seniors. A mere Xiuzhen Practitioner who had not even reached the domain level of Heavenly Immortal actually dared to make a vain attempt to step into Ni Yang’s Realm, wasn’t that seeking death huh? Those few people could not help but look at Qin Yu with gazes that carried pity.

Qin Yu continued to give a slight smile.

“Ah, the few of you can slowly fight it out. Those several important figures at the Ascendant Realms have spent such huge efforts breaking through the barriers of two realms to let all of you here. Seeing as to how all of you casually use Finest Grade Immortal Equipment, common treasures within Ni Yang’s Realm would definitely not be worth making those important figures behind all of you this desperate, ah, so I definitely think that all of you must be after an extremely important treasure.”

Qin Yu instead had a kind of detached feeling.

He suddenly thought of Li Er within his mental consciousness.

Li Er’s beautifully sweet smile. The days spent with her were that much enjoyable, and had passed by so fleetingly. Li Er’s every smile and every stubborn action were all so charming. No matter if it was Li Er or even himself, both had belonged to the extremely reserved side in terms of romance…… However, after being together for a long time, both of them instead came to know each other, and had fallen in love with each other.

“If you can’t even break through Ni Yang’s Realm, you can forget about finding Li Er.”

Uncle Lan’s words from the time before he left, remained within Qin Yu’s mind.

“You will know how much practise you require in order to reach the stage capable of finding Li Er, after you arrive at Ni Yang’s Realm.”

“In the deepest part of Ni Yang’s Realm, when you arrive there, you will know what domain level you need to be, before you can find Li Er.”

Qin Yu clearly remembered every single sentence of Uncle Lan’s initial words.

It was only those words that Qin Yu made sure to remember within his mind, and there was never a moment that he dared to slack in doing that.

“I do not know if the treasure that all of you are pursuing, and the treasure that I am pursuing, is the same. If they are different, I might not take any action against all of you. I will first pretend to be an ordinary Xiuzhen Practitioner before all of you, and if the treasure that all of you are pursuing is the very treasure that I am pursuing, then all of you cannot blame me for being merciless at that point of time.”

Qin Yu looked at the four great Emissaries, his eyes completely calm.

No one knew that, at that moment, the Sword Immortal Puppet kept within Qin Yu’s body had already been filled with nine pieces of Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones by Qin Yu. The Sword Immortal Puppet at that moment, was the strongest Sword Immortal Puppet.

At that moment, Qin Yu would quietly follow behind those several experts. If his opponents’ target was different from his, he would be docile. However, if everybody’s target was the same, Qin Yu would reveal his true fangs, and a Ninth Tier Golden Immortal Sword Immortal would perform his strongest attack power!

“Brother Qin Yu, all of you first step back for a bit.” Man Gan suddenly voiced out.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Zong Jue, and Yu Liang, one by one, they all began stepping back.

“Ao Feng, now that you also know the answer to what you had thought of asking, you should also back to one side. Now, I definitely want to nicely settle accounts with this Du Zhong Jun. No one has ever dared to make a fool out of me like this, but he, Du Zhong Jun instead dared. I will make him understand…… Purple-Eyed Bull Demon Kings should never be made a fool of, and should never be humiliated.”

Man Gan’s tone was cold, but the light from his purple pupils instead flared.

The low tone of a bull’s snorts slowly began to echo in the surroundings……

“Brother Man Gan, wa……” Ao Feng still thought of saying more, but Du Zhong Jun suddenly gave Ao Feng a stubborn look, and Ao Feng’s words were immediately choked at his throat.

“Man Gan, do not think that just because you are a Purple-Eyed Bull Demon King, and is a Super Divine Beast, that you are so extraordinary. If you think of killing me that much, then kill me. You had better not forget, that I am a Blood Devil Modao‘s elite disciple as well as the Devil Realm’s Emissary. Ah, if you want to make a move, then come.”

Du Zhong Jun was also infuriated.

A set of blood-red coloured battle armor also appeared over Du Zhong Jun’s body.

Finest Grade Devil Equipment!

The weapons as well as the battle armors of the various great Emissaries of the Ascendant Realms all belonged to the finest grade. However, those battle armors and other equipment had been under their Blood Contract since long ago. Once they were used, they would consume quite an amount of energy. Since the Land of Extreme Peril’s Domain of Chill did not allow their energy to be replenished, the Emissaries of the various Ascendant Realms had tried to avoid the wind blades as much as possible.

Meanwhile, at that very moment —

Several wind blades hacked at those battle armors, but they were definitely not damaged in the slightest. The defence of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment (Demon Equipment, Devil Equipment) were definitely not of the same strength as common ones.

“Blood Devil Modao? Dog’s fart!”

Man Gan gave a cold shout, and with a ‘Shua’ sound, his entire person charged into the sky. At the same time, he transformed into a black coloured ray of light and descended from the sky, as if a black coloured scaled dragon was charging downwards. That ‘black coloured scaled dragon’ savagely slammed down towards the blood-red coloured Du Zhong Jun below, and the space generated ripples that diffused outwards in all directions.

No matter how strong Du Zhong Jun was, when faced against that single vengeful attack of Man Gan’s, he also immediately began to dodge.

A loud crash could only be heard.

After which, a cracking sound resounded forth. That cold ice which went for an unknown tens of thousands of meters deep had actually cracked open, creating several tens of giant jagged cracks. Meanwhile, at that moment, both of Man Gan’s hands were grabbing an extremely large black coloured mace, and the tip of that mace seemed hideously terrifying.

“Escape? Let me see where can you escape to.”

Man Gan’s savage laughter resounded forth. After that, his entire person transformed into several blurs, and clashed with the other blood-red coloured blur. Trembling yet deafening sounds of exchange could only be heard echoing forth continuously, while at the same time, the cracks on the surface of the cold ice lengthened.

Merely in the blink of an eye, the two people had exchanged at least a hundred moves.

Those two people split apart.

Man Gan’s presence was powerful. His right hand was grabbing the hilt of the mace, while the killing intent emanating from his body was even more keen.

Meanwhile, Du Zhong Jun’s face was pale, and fresh blood slowly trickled from the edge of his mouth. It was obvious that he had sustained serious injuries.

“Man Gan, you had better not rely on your high level of martial power to appear very extraordinary. Remember, you had better not force me into extremes. I came down this time bearing an important task from His Highness Blood Devil Emperor. Although I do not want to use that item now, if you really want my life, then do not blame me for being desperate.”

Cold light flickered within Du Zhong Jun’s eyes, staring at the Man Gan in front of them.

Meanwhile, a vermilion medicinal elixir had already appeared within Du Zhong Jun’s right hand, and waves of red coloured light continuously spiralled around that pill.

“Blood Spiritual Grass!”

Both Ao Feng and Hua Yan could not control their emotions and unintentionally screamed out.

Man Gan’s facial expression also changed.

Meanwhile, Fang Tian, Zong Jue, Qin Yu, and the other batch of people from the Mortal Realm were secretly very clear. That vermilion medicinal elixir ought to be an extremely extraordinary medicinal elixir, that should be extremely famous in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms.

Man Gan was silent for a brief moment, after which he gave an icy cold smile and said, “Good, good. If you are to take that Blood Spiritual Grass, your capabilities will definitely exceed mine. However, I am confident that I can make it through the effective duration of the Blood Spiritual Grass. Despite killing you, I definitely think that I will also sustain serious injuries. I will spare you this time. Ah, let’s see who will obtain that treasure after entering Ni Yang’s Realm.”

Du Zhong Jun secretly relaxed a breath.

He had the Blood Spiritual Grass, but he believed that Man Gan also had a trump card. Earlier, it was only that he felt Man Gan’s killing intent, and was thus forced to take out the Blood Spiritual Grass to threaten Man Gan.

Indeed, Man Gan did not dare to sustain serious injuries under such an important situation.

“Isn’t it good like this? Everyone should now come together and cooperate. After we arrive at Ni Yang’s Realm, everyone can then perform their own various skills, and whoever obtains that treasure will be due to his capabilities. Ah, let us now seize the moment and set off.” Ao Feng said while smiling.

Hua Yan and Du Zhong Jun also led their own people and followed up.

“Ah, we should also set off.” Qin Yu said while smiling.

Man Gan, Zong Jue and the others also set off at the same time.

At that point of time, the two groups of people had already converged into a single group. Although there was an estrangement between the two groups of people, no one made a move at that moment.

“I am only curious about one point. Even if all of you find the entrance to Ni Yang’s Realm, how are all of you going to enter?” Ao Feng suddenly turned around and looked at Man Gan as well as Qin Yu and the others.

Man Gan gave a cold smile and said, “We naturally have our own methods. Be at ease, we will not rob your Sundering The Heavens Diagrams.”

“Unless it is once again because of this Qin Yu?” Du Zhong Jun looked at Qin Yu. Hua Yan, Ao Feng, Fang Tian and the others also looked at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu gave a faint smile, nodded and said, “I definitely think that Seniors also know, entering Ni Yang’s Realm will definitely rely on the Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy from the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams.”

“Correct.” Du Zhong Jun, Hua Yan and the others nodded.

Qin Yu continued, “Then, have all of you ever thought why my Younger Martial Uncle Lan Feng would know the ‘Sundering The Heavens Sword Verse‘? I will end my words here. Those who are able to understand will understand, while those that cannot understand can also forget about it.” After Qin Yu had finished speaking, he did not continue. Instead, he followed Hou Fei and the others, and continued to move forward.

“Lan Feng knows Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s ‘Sundering The Heavens Sword Verse’, the Sundering The Heavens Sword Energy within the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams……”

Ao Feng, Hua Yan and the other people within that group secretly began to make wild guesses. Meanwhile, Qin Yu, who was quietly rushing along at one side, instead had the hint of a slight smile on his face.

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