Book 11, Chapter 4

B11C4: Blood flows in rivers

Both Reverend Ming Liang and Wu Kongxue forget about another power -- the loose demons of the Wilderness on the Qian Long continent. Because the forces of the Wilderness seem to have rarely got into action, the loose immortals and loose devils of the Teng Long continent know basically nothing about them.

At a place of mortals on the Teng Long continent,

There are 4 people in a house. One of them looks exactly like Reverend Ming Liang. With a swaying movement of his body, this ‘Reverend Ming Liang’ turns into the ruler of the Wilderness’s demons -- Yu Liang.

“Lord Yu Liang, after you killed a thousand loose devils in a breath, now everything is indeed the same as you expected. Those loose devils can’t stand it anymore.” The leader of the 3 big demons under Yu Liang, Kong Cao, says smilingly.

Yu Liang gives an indifferent smile: “Those loose practitioners of the Teng Long continent have mostly gone into the Chaotic Astral Ocean to train. Very few of them have been to our Wilderness so they’re not familiar with us at all. They’re not familiar with our powers either. It would be strange if they hadn’t suffered losses.”

In the mortal world, are the dragon clan leader, Fang Tian, and the master of the Devil Peng Island, Zong Jue, really the only ones who are faster than Reverend Ming Liang? In terms of speed, the ruler of the Wilderness, Yu Liang, is only a bit slower than Fang Tian.

“Lord Yu Liang has the Omnitravel magic power so when it comes to speed, perhaps Zong Jue of the Devil Peng Island is the only one in the whole mortal world who can surpass him.” One of the 3 big demons, electro-leopard Xing Shou, says smilingly.

Xing Shou is also famous for his speed, but even he feels inferior to Yu Liang.

Rats are a small and weak species.

However, the kings of rats -- trans-heaven rats -- are high-class divine beasts and have hereditary memories. Trans-heaven rats are called trans-heaven because, firstly, they are extremely fast, and secondly, they have a unique offensive magic power.

Yu Liang is a 12th tribulation high-class divine beast and his true form is a trans-heaven rat!

Despite being formidable, the five-clawed golden dragon does not excel in speed at all and is only a bit faster than him at best. Therefore, when he impersonated Reverend Ming Liang, not even Wu Kongxue could tell who he actually was.

Golden-winged great pengs, super divine beasts, are the best speedsters. Only Zong Jue can make Yu Liang admit that he is inferior in terms of speed.

“Generally, when the loose practitioners of the Teng Long continent have passed the 4th tribulation, they will go into the Chaotic Astral Ocean. They are very familiar with the powers of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, but they seem utterly ignorant of our Wilderness. This time I want to let these loose practitioners know about the power of the Wilderness’s loose demons.” Yu Liang smiles broadly, but his small eyes glitter with coldness.


Under Dame Lian Yue’s command, several tens of thousands of loose devils fly towards Mount Qingxu in a majestic manner. This dense crowd of countless loose devils blots out the sky like locusts.

Because they are giving off a monstrous devil aura, it seems no Xiuxianist dares to approach them.

“Lian Yue, Fire Devil, this time we lead most of the loose devil experts out to launch an attack. I believe that Ming Liang fella will definitely receive this information before we arrive and they will have got the defense ready too. So … I’ve decided that I and Wu Hei will get to Mount Qingxu first and go on a killing spree, catching them unprepared.” There is a tinge of red in Wu Kongxue’s eyes.

Both Dame Lian Yue’s and Fire Devil’s eyes brighten.

“This is a good idea. If Lord Wu Kongxue and big brother Wu Hei use teleportation, I believe both of you will be able to reach Mount Qingxu soon. By that time, they definitely won’t have been ready. You can go on a killing spree first. When there’s no longer any advantage, Lord Wu Kongxue and big brother Wu Hei will go back and join everybody.” Dame Lian Yue approves of this idea a lot.

Wu Hei and Wu Kongxue exchange a look. Their eyes both flash with a hint of ruthlessness.

Immediately, both of them disappear into thin air.

The 3 main devil paths of the devil world -- Black Devil Path, Blood Devil Path and Devil Path of Asura -- are all extremely murderous practice methods.


At the moment, Qin Yu is on the way to Mount Qingxu.

Right after hearing the cheers of those loose devils, he understood that this large army of loose devils would definitely go and attack Mount Qingxu. And so he acted ahead of them.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, Shi Xin, it’s time all of you came out. There’s something good to watch.” With a thought, Qin Yu takes Hou Fei and the others out of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

Hou Fei says with brightening eyes: “Something good to watch? What’s that?” Hei Yu also looks at Qin Yu.

“The side of loose immortals and the side of loose devils are going to go to war soon. Do you think it’s good to watch?” Qin Yu says smilingly. “Each side has tens of thousands of loose practitioners so it’s going to be a large scale war.”

Hou Fei’s eyes open wide: “Several tens of thousands of loose immortals are going to fight the same amount of loose devils? Let’s go, big brother. Where’s the battlefield? Let’s go quickly.”

It is thrilling just to think about the battle.

When a number of loose practitioners that can blot out the sky and cover the ground fight each other, that scene will be incalculably more shocking than any tribulation. Even Hei Yu and the Shi brothers become excited inside.

“The battlefield is on Mount Qingxu. Follow me.” After saying so, Qin Yu takes the lead in flying to Mount Qingxu.

Hou Fei, Hei Yu, the ink qilin and the others all follow Qin Yu, flying to Mount Qingxu. Qin Yu thinks that because he set off beforehand, he should be able to reach Mount Qingxu before the fighting starts. But --

When they are still very far away from Mount Qingxu --

The snow-covered Mount Qingxu has already lost its usual snow-white color. Now it is blood-red instead. A thick layer of blood clouds is covering Mount Qingxu and anguished cries are heard unceasingly too.

Wu Kongxue is too powerful. In the Qingxu Temple, the loose immortals inside Heavenly Palace in the Ten Development Illusionary Formation are from the 6th tribulation up but those outside the formation only consist of some common disciples and some loose immortals under the 6th tribulation.

These loose immortals are totally defenseless in front of Wu Kongxue. The disciples who have not reached the Dacheng stage are all turned into liquid blood instantly wherever the countless blood clouds float past. And those from the Dacheng stage up can only withstand them for a short while.

Anguished cries, yells, furious roars --

Wu Hei, who has already transformed into a 5 to 6 m tall giant, is raising a black great ax and running amok like a moving fortress. He rams into everything, whether it is humans or structures. In a short time, countless people have been killed by him.

Palaces collapse, flowers and grasses burned black, severed limbs covering the ground. Blood is even flowing through the entire Qingxu Temple like running water. In just a while, the number of dead people has reached a terrifying figure.

“Wu Kongxue, Wu Hei, you’ve gone too far!”

Reverend Ming Liang, who was calm all the time, has just discovered the miserable situation on the lower part of the Qingxu Temple and is immediately enraged. From Heavenly Palace, he rushes straight towards Wu Kongxue, who is killing wantonly. Reverend Ming Shan, Reverend Lan Bing, Reverend Chi Yang and Xue Yuyang also rush out one by one.

“This is just the welcome gift. The real battle will come later.”

With a dash, Wu Kongxue dodges away. It seems he does not want to fight Reverend Ming Liang at all.

“Wu Hei, let’s go.” Wu Kongxue and Wu Hei immediately fly away from Mount Qingxu.

When Wu Kongxue and Wu Hei join forces, it is almost impossible for the likes of Reverend Ming Liang to pin them down. Moreover, he still remembers what Wu Kongxue just said.

“The intelligence was correct. The loose devils are really going to wage a war.” Reverend Ming Liang is furious inside.

But right at this moment, Shan Nian flies up to him with a solemn expression: “Uncle master, in a short time just now, our Qingxu Temple lost nearly 20,000 disciples and several thousand of those low-level loose immortals died too.”


Reverend Ming Liang only feels pain in his heart.

The Qingxu Temple has always been strict about admitting disciples so it has always had much fewer disciples than the Ziyang School and the Lanyang School have, only 60,000 to 70,000 in total. Losing 20,000 in a short time just now means it lost a third of its disciples, no less.

These basic disciples are the future of a school.

If the base is damaged, that school will die out soon.

“Listen to my order, Shan Nian. Take the 10,000 elite disciples of our Qingxu Temple into the Ten Development Illusionary Formation. Squeeze them into the vacant land in front of Heavenly Palace.”

“Yes.” Shan Nian is delighted.

The range of the Ten Development Illusionary Formation is only so large. Because there are already a large number of loose immortals from the 6th tribulation up in the formation, if 10,000 more people are squeezed into it, it will really become overcrowded.

Reverend Ming Liang has no choice but to do this. Nothing bad is allowed to happen to his Qingxu Temple’s elite disciples at all costs because they are the future of the school. The people such as Reverend Chi Yang say nothing. After all, when the Ten Development Illusionary Formation belongs to the Qingxu Temple, what gives them the right to criticize the Qingxu Temple’s decision to do so?

“Reverend Chi yang, fellow Taoist Xue Yuyang, the army of the loose devils is coming to attack us. How should we deal with them?” Reverend Ming Liang asks Reverend Chi Yang and Xue Yuyang.

In addition to being strong, Reverend Chi Yang and Xue Yuyang are the no. 1 experts of the Ziyang School and the Lanyang School respectively. This is the only reason why Reverend Ming Liang decided to ask them about what to do.

Xue Yuyang says frowningly: “The enemy is coming with a lot of force. If we really fight them, blood will flow in rivers for sure.”

“Humph, that already happened.” Reverend Chi Yang says coldly. “You see, now so many people of the Qingxu Temple have died and the enemy has already hit our front door. If we keep hiding in the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, perhaps the whole Teng Long continent and even the Chaotic Astral Ocean’s loose practitioners will laugh at us.”

Xue Yuyang’s expression stiffens.

Reverend Ming Liang’s eyes flash with coldness: “They have already hit our front door. If we keep flinching from them, later we won’t have the face to live. All right, since they dare to come here, we’ll let them know our true power.”


Qin Yu and the other 6 are on a small mountain 1000 li away from Mount Qingxu. Given their power, they can certainly observe everything that happens at Mount Qingxu using their holy senses.

At the moment, not only Qin Yu and his group, many other Xiuzhenists, whether weak or strong, and some reclusive experts are also watching the show from the distance, including Yu Liang and his subordinates.

Several tens of thousands of loose immortals facing several tens of thousands of loose devils;

Many loose practitioners have never seen such a thrilling scene in their lives so it is not strange at all that this battle has attracted a large audience of Xiuzhenists.

“The loose immortals seem to be setting up an offensive formation at the foremost part of Mount Qingxu. It’s 10,000 low-level loose immortals joining forces.” The ink qilin is the first to talk.

Qin Yu and the others nod.

At the moment, the loose immortals are no longer hiding at all because Reverend Ming Liang knows that no formations can be hidden from the likes of Wu Kongxue. Moreover, with such an offensive formation, they simply do not need to hide.

“A large offensive formation of 10,000 loose immortals, that’s such a big move.” Qin Yu cannot help praising inwardly.

At this moment --

Fierce winds blow. The snowflakes on the surface of Mount Qingxu all fly up. At the same time, various piercing sounds rise as a dense group of people comes through the sky, blotting it out in the process like dark clouds. Their monstrous devil aura scares the life out of the Xiuzhenist onlookers below them.

“They’re about to fight.” Qin Yu’s eyes glittering, he mumbles in a low voice: “Warriors, fight as much as you like. After the fight, I’m going to give you a big present.”

Delighted inside and quite in the mood for being an onlooker, he watches the countless loose devils in the sky fly to a place several li away from Mount Qingxu.

The loose immortal camp and the loose devil camp;

Suddenly, the 2 camps each shine with a dazzling light almost simultaneously, one being silvery and one being bluish black. The silvery light is the attack executed by the formation of those 10,000 loose immortals. On the side of the loose devils, there is also an offensive formation of a good several thousand of them.

The 2 lights both turn into 2 extremely thin shafts of light and collide with each other.

There is no sound at all.

At the place of collision, the space immediately disintegrates, creating 7 or 8 spatial rifts as large as a human. Those spatial rifts all send out monstrous attractive forces.

Everything within several hundred meters of the spatial rifts is swallowed by them, whether it is dirt, snowflakes, sand or stones. Afterwards, the spatial rifts disappear and the space returns to normal.


A battle cry suddenly comes from another direction outside Mount Qingxu. That cry and that monstrous devil aura show that -- a group of loose devils is charging at Mount Qingxu from behind. There are also loose immortals on that side of Mount Qingxu and they are facing that group of loose devils.

“Kill! Don’t care about anything. Kill as much as you like for me, everybody.” Wu Kongxue roars like crazy.

Immediately, he rides the huge layer of blood-red clouds within several li of him and charges towards Mount Qingxu. Meanwhile, various other loose devils also charge towards Mount Qingxu while laughing coldly or roaring.

Xiuzhenists are not soldiers. If they are forced to fight like an army, their fighting capacity will be limited. By contrast, if they are allowed to use all the tricks they have, they will be very effective.


“Damn it! 3 on 1! Go to hell!” A loose devil yells then self-destructs. The 3 loose immortals of the same level as him who are surrounding and attacking him are also killed on the spot by the explosion.


“Wang Lian, today I’ll definitely settle the score of 500 years ago.” A loose devil looks furiously at a loose immortal before him. This loose immortal is also focusing his attention on the loose devil. Both of them have decided to fight to the death.

However --


A flying sword shot from nowhere pierces through the loose devil’s yuanying, killing him on the spot. This loose devil has forgotten that this is a battlefield of several tens of thousands of loose practitioners. By wanting a one-on-one fight on this battlefield, he has simply dug his own grave!


Flying swords, flames, the color of blood, fighting into the ground, fighting through the sky, there is fighting everywhere on Mount Qingxu. Sometimes, the space is shattered, creating spatial rifts which swallow the loose practitioners who cannot dodge in time around them directly.

The eyes of the common Xiuzhenists who are watching all of this from the distance pop out of their heads.

The scene of several tens of thousands of loose practitioners fighting each other like crazy is a bit too horrifying.

The likes of Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu all hold their breath. This battle is really too terrifying because those loose practitioners all have special skills and various kinds of secret spells, holy weapons, immortal weapons, devil weapons and mysterious formations …

In the sky, on the mountain, under the ground, there is fighting everywhere.

The sky, the high mountain and the snow-covered ground have been dyed red by blood … Explosions seem to be heard unceasingly, as if countless thunderbolts are striking down.

End of b11c4.

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