Book 11 Chapter 36: Truth Taken as False, False Taken as Truth

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 36: Truth Taken as False, False Taken as Truth

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Flocks of misty clouds drifted above Qingxu Mountain. Within a secret great hall at the highest location of Shangtian Palace, it was currently filled with celebratory voices and laughter.

Reverend Ming Liang, Reverend Chi Yang, Reverend Ming Shan, Reverend Lan Bing, and Xue Yu Yang were sitting below, while Sword Immortal Hua Yan sat slightly above them on a great throne within Shangtian Palace. There was a Restrictive Spell placed outside of the great hall, isolating it from the people outside, preventing them from knowing what had transpired within the great hall.

“Senior Martial Brother, take a look at Senior Hua Yan’s facial expression that’s filled with joy, his mood must definitely be extremely decent. I definitely think that he had us gathered for some favourable matters,” Reverend Ming Shan secretly used Sound Transfer, and spoke to the Reverend Ming Liang who was at one side.

Reverend Ming Liang took a look at the Sword Immortal Hua Yan who was above him, and also nodded his head in agreement.

“Everyone, the reason why I have gathered all of you today is because I want to announce a wonderful piece of news, and this wonderful piece of news is not an ordinary piece of wonderful news.” Sword Immortal Hua Yan’s face was filled with a faint smile, and his voice resounded throughout the great hall.

“Would Senior Hua Yan please resolve our doubts for us Fellow Practitioners?”

Reverend Ming Liang smiled as he voiced out. At the same time, the other four Loose Immortal martial experts also looked towards Sword Immortal Hua Yan with gleaming eyes. For Sword Immortal Hua Yan to call something as ‘not an ordinary piece of wonderful news’, it seemed like that news was definitely something that would cause others to become extremely agitated.

Hua Yan gave a cough, then slowly began to say, “Before I speak of that, I have to first tell all of you some information regarding the Immortal Realm. Otherwise, even if I were to tell all of you this great and wonderful news, all of you will also be unable to completely understand where is the wonderment in the news.”

“Do all of you know that the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm, and Demon Realm, are all actually part of the same, huge spatial space?” Hua Yan smiled as he made the inquiry.

Everyone below were startled, and only Reverend Ming Liang voiced out, “Senior Hua Yan, when this Junior used to practise the ‘Point Star Verse‘ in the earlier years, some matters regarding the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm, and Demon Realm belonging to the same body was once recorded in the jade missive that taught the ‘Point Star Verse‘ martial cultivation technique.”

Hua Yan nodded. “Regarding the Immortal Realm that was located within the spatial space, the boundaries of the spatial space were large and endless…… amongst which the Immortal Realm occupied twenty percent of the spatial space, while the Devil Realm also occupied close to twenty percent of the space. The Demon Realm occupied close to fifty percent of the space.”

“This Demon Realm is really a huge region,” sighed Reverend Ming Liang unintentionally.

Hua Yan nodded and said, “Definitely, the region occupied by the Demon Realm was extremely large. However, it was also extremely chaotic within the Demon Realm, which was why the Demon Realm also did not pose much of a threat to the Immortal Realm and Devil Realm.”

What Hua Yan had said were not false, but in reality, it was not solely the Demon Realm that had serious conflicts within its region. That Immortal Realm and Devil Realm similarly suffered from internal strife. That was why, no matter if it was the Demon Realm, Immortal Realm or Devil Realm, all the regions within them were extremely unstable. That was also why the regions between the three realms were still relatively stable.

“For the spatial space, both the Immortals and Devils each occupy twenty percent, while the Demon Realm occupied fifty percent, then what about the remaining ten percent?” inquired Xue Yu Yang. The other Loose Immortals also looked at Hua Yan.

It was obvious that they were also puzzled as to where that remaining ten percent had gone to.

“This is a secret. I still cannot reveal it to all of you for now,” said Hua Yan as he gave a light smile.

Since Hua Yan had spoken as such, every single person present also knew how to behave in a delicate manner, and did not continue to inquire further.

“These three realms belonged to the same space, and interactions between them naturally became more frequent. Amongst them, there existed several powerful Practitioners who were at the peak and had gained the respect of everyone from the three realms, of which one amongst them was Immortal Emperor Ni Yang! He was an Eighth Tier Mystic Immortal Sword Immortal.” Hua Yan had finally arrived to the point.

Meanwhile, Reverend Ming Liang and the others immediately focused and began to listen carefully.

“Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was a genius, and at the same time also possessed good fortune. No matter if it was his weapon, or even his powerful Sword Immortal Verse technique — ‘Sundering The Heavens Sword Verse‘, they were all extremely impressive. That was also the reason why he was relied upon by everyone from all the three Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms.”

Hua Yan’s face carried an expression of respect.

No matter the Sword Immortal, every single one of them worshipped the strongest Sword Immortal, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.

“Initially, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was not the kind of person to wander about alone. He held a massive amount of power himself, and at the same time possessed spiritual treasures of the Heavens and Earth that were shocking. It was as if the number of treasures had reached a frightening amount, and the countless ultimate treasures were all hidden within his lair — Ni Yang’s Realm!”

Having said until there, Hua Yan smiled and gave his audience a look.

“How many spiritual treasures of the Heavens and Earth are there huh?” Reverend Chi Yang’s eyes seemed to have a glow in them.

Hua Yan smiled faintly and said, “How many? How can I possibly know the actual amount? At the very least, Finest Grade Immortal Swords, Finest Grade Battle Armors, several Finest Grade Immortal Elixirs…… the amount definitely exceeded hundreds. Moreover, there were still several peculiar treasures, treasures that contained several special capabilities.”

“If I were to convert and count in terms of Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones, the value of this Ni Yang’s Realm will at the very least be worth more than a million pieces of Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones.”

Hua Yan’s voice was incomparably firm.

Those five Loose Immortals were all stupefied.

More than a million pieces of Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones? One piece was already that precious, but a million pieces? That was such a huge amount of wealth!

When Hua Yan looked at the five Loose Immortals who unintentionally had glows within their eyes, he secretly smiled. “If you all knew that what I had said was only the outermost and most superficial part of Ni Yang’s Realm, ah, all of you would probably be even more crazed. A pity, all of you are not qualified to obtain the true treasures at the interior.”

Since Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was once a leader of a huge faction, Hua Yan was absolutely unable to imagine just how many treasures did Immortal Emperor Ni Yang possess.

Hua Yan only knew, that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s earlier status was similar to Yu Huang, and even more so, his publicity was still slightly more impressive than Yu Huang. Moreover, the most precious treasure of Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was absolutely not those rumoured genius spiritual treasures. Even those kind of treasures would also not have made the various figureheads of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms that crazy, crazy to the point of not hesitating to exhaust a large amount of martial power just to break the barriers between two realms, and send their men down to the Mortal Realm.

That, was the true treasure.

That, was also the objective of every single Emissary!

“This plaything is what’s most precious. Solely this item, its value exceeds all the other treasures of Ni Yang’s Realm added together.” Hua Yan still remembered Yu Huang’s promise. If he, Hua Yan, had managed to obtain that treasure and bestow it to Yu Huang, then he, Hua Yan, would definitely be amongst the top level of Yu Huang’s faction from then on.

“All right, every one of you can stop being stupefied now.” Hua Yan laughed lightly.

Reverend Ming Liang, Reverend Chi Yang, and the other three people struggled to control their agitated emotions.

When had those Loose Immortals of the Mortal Realm ever seen a Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stone? Usually, to be able to use a Low Grade Elemental Spirit Stone or Middle Grade Elemental Spirit Stone was already extremely impressive. The countless treasures of Ni Yang’s Realm had already caused a tremor within the hearts of those Loose Immortals.

The state of mind?


Before Ni Yang’s Realm, who could still calm down?

Sword Immortal Hua Yan continued, “Do all of you still remember the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams huh? Initially, I had spent countless treasures just to obtain a piece of the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams. There are a total of three pieces of Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, and once these three pieces are combined, a map revealing the location of Ni Yang’s Realm will be shown. At the same time, a piece of the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams allows for six people to enter Ni Yang’s Realm.”

Enter Ni Yang’s Realm?

Bring six people?

The minds of Reverend Ming Liang and the others unintentionally began to wander at a fast pace. It was obvious that each of them thought he was one of the six people.

“Meanwhile, I am prepared to bring the five of you in. Do all of you agree that this is a great and wonderful news?” asked Hua Yan in a soft voice.

The eyes of Reverend Ming Liang and the other four people immediately lit up.

Hua Yan absolutely did not give the five people a chance to express their gratitude, and continued, “I have also said, after entering Ni Yang’s Realm, there will be an unlimited amount of treasures within it, and whatever treasures you obtain by yourselves will be yours. I will not forcefully take it over from you. However, there is one matter. After entering Ni Yang’s Realm, you will only take the treasures after I have allowed you to. If there is someone who disobeys my order, then do not blame me if he gets killed.”

Hua Yan’s only target for that journey was that single piece of treasure.

Whatever Finest Grade Immortal Equipment, Immortal Elixirs, whatever powerful spiritual treasures of the Heavens and Earth, to someone of Yu Huang’s stature, those items did not have much attraction for him.

“Are all of you able to do what I have just said earlier? If not, there are many others who are thinking of entering Ni Yang’s Realm,” said Hua Yan indifferently.

Reverend Ming Liang, Reverend Chi Yang and the others instantly stood up. Reverend Ming Liang led and respectfully said, “Be at ease, Senior, the others and I are capable of doing it.”

Those five people all understood. In a place like Ni Yang’s Realm, treasures were also not that easily obtained. By following the Immortal Realm’s Emissary, they could naturally avoid many dangers. If they were to make any unauthorised moves, they estimated that they might even lose their small lives.

“Very good, you may all have a rest first. We will set off two days later,” announced Hua Yan.

Two days!

The five people below were very shocked.

They had never thought that the coming date to set off would come that fast, but the five people immediately carried a delighted facial expression and respectfully replied, “Yes.”


“Hai, Senior Martial Brother, ah, Reverend Ming Liang and the others seem very happy today. The five great Reverends have been drinking and celebrating for half a day already,” said a thin and weak Xiuzhen Practitioner who was carrying wine jugs to another tall and large Xiuzhen Practitioner beside him who, was also carrying wine jugs.

“Lower your voice, the Reverends are very powerful. If they heard what you said and got provoked, us Martial Brothers will be finished forever,” reminded that Senior Martial Brother busily.

The thin Younger Martial Brother immediately became aware, and eagerly nodded, “What Senior Martial Brother said is also true.”

They were only ordinary Xiuxian Practitioners, and were called to gather from amongst various sects by a group of Loose Immortals to serve the senior Loose Immortals. To those Jindan and Yuanying stage Xiuxian Practitioners, every single one of those Loose Immortals were way above them.

There was no need to further speak of the strongest five Reverends amongst those Loose Immortals.

Reverend Ming Liang, Reverend Chi Yang, Reverend Lan Bing, Reverend Ming Shan, and Xue Yu Yang.

If even one of the five great Reverends were not satisfied, those ordinary Xiuxian Practitioners might have their accumulated martial cultivation ruined and made useless, then excommunicated from their own respective sects……

“Everyone, the current expedition to Ni Yang’s Realm is actually a great matter. It can be said that there is danger, but how can danger be resented if we are thinking of obtaining treasures? To be able to enter Ni Yang’s Realm and obtain the treasures within, without even encountering any danger, where in this world is there such a good thing?” asked Reverend Lan Bing.

“This is also the result of Ni Yang’s Realm being in the Mortal Realm,” commented Reverend Ming Liang in a kind and pleasant tone. “Time is getting short, everyone should also return and begin preparations to ensure that we will be in our best conditions to enter Ni Yang’s Realm. Remember, we cannot be this relaxed and slack.”

Reverend Ming Shan nodded and said, “What Senior Martial Brother said is reasonable, but everyone is also too overjoyed today, which is why we are happily celebrating now. Haha, just let us relax and slack for today, it is also not such a huge matter.”

“Reverend Ming Liang, what Fellow Practitioner Reverend Ming Shan said is also correct. Come, come, everyone raise your cups.”

Reverend Chi Yang also spoke in a cheerful tone.

The five great Reverends raised their cups at the same time and drank together.

After drinking, a young Xiuxian Practitioner who was serving beside the five great Reverends busily began filling the empty cups.


Xue Yu Yang suddenly gave a cold snort. That was because the young Xiuxian Practitioner who was helping him refill the wine had gotten too nervous and spilt some wine onto Xue Yu Yang’s gown.

“Which sect are you from?” asked Xue Yu Yang indifferently.

“This Junior, this Junior is from Lianyang Sect.” That young Xiuxian Practitioner’s face was pale, and he was utterly appalled.

“You can’t even handle such a simple matter, yet you were actually chosen to serve me? It seems like the elite disciples of Lianyang Sect also have such a low level of mental state cultivation. It should be time for you to return and face the wall for a thousand years. That will serve as good training for your mental state. Go then.” Xue Yu Yang announced the punishment indifferently.

When that young Xiuxian Practitioner heard that he had to face the wall for a thousand years, his mind was unintentionally shaken.

Facing the wall for a thousand years, meant that a single person had to face against a mountain wall. Moreover, that person would be alone, and there would be no one else who would come. That person would persist in such a manner for a hundred years. To a young Xiuxian Practitioner who had only spent such a short amount of time practising, that was absolutely an extremely horrifying punishment.

“All right, Brother Practitioner Xue Yu Yang, do not let a young disciple spoil your mood,” said Reverend Ming Liang with an indifferent smile.

In the eyes of that group of martial experts who stood at the very peak of the Mortal Realm, those ordinary Xiuxian Practitioner disciples were obviously up to them to reward or punish according to their mood. Maybe only Sword Immortal Lan Feng and those other martial experts would make them fearful.

When that single young Xiuxian Practitioner got awarded with a punishment, the other young Xiuxian Practitioners naturally began to worry. Every single one of them was very careful, and they were all afraid to make even the slightest mistake. In the midst of being cautious, that group of young Xiuxian Practitioners did not make any big mistakes from that moment forth. However, that feeling was akin to walking on fine wire, and that made every young Xiuxian Practitioner feel fearful.

In contrast —

The five great Reverends who were currently being served by those young Xiuxian Practitioners were instead very happy, exchanging toasts amongst themselves.

Suddenly, it was at that moment —

“Ah, Hua Yan, you seem to be very comfortable, but I do not know why I always cannot stand the sight of you. You are also worthy of being a Sword Immortal? Hai……” An indifferent and elegant voice resounded throughout the entire Qingxu Mountain. Within an instant, it was as if everyone had frozen.

The entire Qingxu Mountain – Every Xiuxian Practitioner, every Loose Immortal as well as the five great Reverends, and especially Hua Yan, were shocked.

There was a sharp, blood-red coloured flash of light.

It was as if the brilliance of a blood moon had descended from the Nine Heavens to the ground.


There was a light and crisp echo. Reverend Ming Liang’s entire person, who was still beside the wine table, began to shiver. Soon, the entire body strangely began to rot and decompose. At the same time, within mere moments, following a *Peng* sound, the entire body transformed into a layer of blood mist. That Finest Grade Immortal Sword ‘Point Star’ naturally fell.

A blur flashed past, and that Finest Grade Immortal Sword ‘Point Star’ had already disappeared without a trace.


At that moment, the four great Reverends who had survived retreated with horrified expressions. Reverend Ming Liang was killed within a single moment. Given the four people’s level of cultivation, they naturally also could not withstand a single attack.

When the group of young Xiuxian Practitioners who currently hid at a corner saw the horrified reactions of the four great Reverends, they did not know why, but instead felt a sense of joy.

“It was Sword Immortal Lan Feng’s voice.” Reverend Ming Shan’s eyes were filled with anger. His Senior Martial Brother was the spiritual support of the Qingxu Sect, and was the absolute best person of the sect. Now that his Senior Martial Brother was murdered, that was an unprecedented blow against the Qingxu Sect. How could Reverend Ming Shan not be furious?

The figure of a person momentarily flashed, and Sword Immortal Hua Yan appeared before everyone.

“Senior Hua Yan, that was Sword Immortal Lan Feng’s voice. Moreover, he had earlier said ‘You are also worthy of being a Sword Immortal’ ……” The Reverend Ming Shan at that point of time only thought of wanting Sword Immortal Hua Yan to exact revenge.

“Shut up.”

Sword Immortal Hua Yan spoke in an indifferent tone.

As if his throat had been strangled, the Reverend Ming Shan who was earlier speaking in mid-sentence forcibly stopped.

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