Book 11 Chapter 35: Agreement Between Three Factions

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 35: Agreement Between Three Factions

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The best general under his direct command was killed just like that, right at the front door to his very own house, in a way such that what had remained wasn’t even a complete corpse. Moreover, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun had looked upon Wu Kong Xue extremely favorably, such that he was even prepared to make Wu Kong Xue his very own confidant after his return to the Devil Realm. That was why, amongst the Finest Grade Devil Equipment, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun had given Wu Kong Xue the extremely famous ‘Blood Moon’.

However, Wu Kong Xue was currently dead, and even ‘Blood Moon’ was stolen.

How could Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun remain calm?

“My Lord Blood Devil, the person who killed Wu Kong Xue was definitely a Sword Immortal. Moreover, looking at the martial power’s stage of practise, there are only two possibilities. One of them is Sword Immortal Lan Feng, while the other is Sword Immortal Hua Yan. With the exception of these two, there are absolutely no other Sword Immortals with such capabilities,” Wu Hei’s voice had a hint of anger.

Fire Devil roared, “It is definitely Sword Immortal Hua Yan. If it isn’t Hua Yan, then can it be Sword Immortal Lan Feng? That Sword Immortal Lan Feng do not hold any grudge against us. There is only the side of the Loose Immortals; they have all along gone against us. The other time when the Loose Immortals and the side of the Loose Devils fought to the death, the number of people who were injured or dead was more than tens of thousands, and that Hua Yan may have came for revenge.”

Lady Lian Yue shook her head and said, “Do not be agitated, Fire Devil. Regarding this matter, it is still very hard to say. According to reason, that Hua Yan is still not this reckless. It is also possible for that Sword Immortal Lan Feng to be fanning the flames behind the scene.”

“Humph, I estimate Hua Yan knew that we will think like you, which was why he had intentionally taken the opposite route,” Fire Devil instead argued.

Lady Lian Yue was startled.

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun listened to the conversations between his three subordinate generals, then contemplated for a moment and said, “We will discuss this further at the Blood Devil Hall.”

If someone was to step into the Blood Devil Great Hall, he or she would unintentionally feel affected by a sense of pressure, and would not even dare take a deep breath.

Meanwhile, there were currently four people within the Blood Devil Great Hall.

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun sat on the great throne above. The three generals under his direct command, Lady Lian Yue, Wu Hei, and Fire Devil, sat at two separate sides before him. The first seat to the left of Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun belonged to Wu Kong Xue, but that seat was instead currently empty. Looking at that empty seat, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun unintentionally felt even more furious.

“Hua Yan, Lan Feng?”

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun silently began to consider, “Is it Hua Yan huh? Suppose Hua Yan were to have done it, then how would he have benefited? Unless…… he had eliminated my best general just to have me fight my battles alone within Ni Yang’s Realm?”

“Is it possible for it to be Lan Feng huh? That Lan Feng did not seem to have any enmity against us. His very person is extremely mysterious, and he rarely makes an appearance. He also did not seem to have any enmity towards Wu Kong Xue and the others. This time, he had also auctioned away the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, so I definitely think that he do not have much ambition towards Ni Yang’s Realm. For him to kill Wu Kong Xue…… it doesn’t seem like he has any motive.”

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun continued to consider silently.

Who was it that killed Wu Kong Xue?

Although he had earlier used his Devil Awareness to search, he absolutely did not manage to find the culprit.

There was a silent atmosphere within the Blood Devil Hall. Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun did not speak, so Lady Lian Yue and the other two people naturally did not dare to speak and interrupt Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s train of thought.

Suddenly — A low voice which contained a hint of anger reverberated within the entire Blood Devil Hall.

“Today, Wu Kong Xue was killed.” There was a blood-red glint in Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s serious eyes, “Within our great main encampment, he had openly killed Wu Kong Xue beside my Blood Devil Hall. It is very obvious that the culprit did not, at the very least, take us into consideration. No matter what, we must absolutely exact our revenge for such a grave insult.”

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun could also only say that much before his subordinates.

Even if he did not take any action in the future, he still had to say that out at that point of time to ease the minds of his subordinates. After all, if a subordinate had died, and the leader did not personally take revenge, wouldn’t that be too indifferent towards the feelings of his subordinates?

“Correct, we must definitely exact this revenge. In my opinion, that Sword Immortal Hua Yan is the murderer. My Lord, we also know that My Lord is about to enter Ni Yang’s Realm soon. Moreover, that Hua Yan’s capabilities are extremely strong, it will also be very hard to even think about killing him. I think…… that we should first kill that Reverend Ming Liang. Since they had killed the strongest person under My Lord’s direct command, My Lord can also kill the strongest person under Hua Yan’s direct command to exact revenge,” Wu Hei’s sonorous voice was the first to respond.

“Kill Ming Liang?”

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s heart momentarily thumped.

Lady Lian Yue busily replied, “My Lord Blood Devil, although we must exact revenge, we are still not completely certain that the murderer is Sword Immortal Hua Yan, and should not go kill Reverend Ming Liang. If this matter is really the result of Lan Feng intentionally fanning the flames, My Lord, the moment you take action, that will then really be falling into Lan Feng’s trap.”

“All Right.”

Blood Devil made a huge wave with his hand. “You may all leave first. I will know what to do regarding this matter.”

“Yes, My Lord Blood Devil.”

The three people, Lady Lian Yue, Wu Hei, and Fire Devil, stood up and bowed. Promptly, one by one, they left.

“Kill Ming Liang……” mused Blood Devil in a low voice. Immediately, there was a momentary sound of a light laughter, and Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun had already disappeared from the great throne of the Blood Devil Hall.


On that day, the sun’s rays were glistening, and even the blood red eaves of the Blood Devil Hall gave off a striking sheen. Meanwhile, at that moment, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun had his hands clasped behind his back while standing at the main entrance to the Blood Devil Hall.

For an entire day, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun had pondered over the matter regarding Wu Kong Xue.

Given his character, he had thought of revenge. However, Ni Yang’s Realm was absolutely more important than anything else. That was why Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun could only forcefully suppress the anger within his heart. Moreover, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun was also not definitely confident that the murderer was Sword Immortal Hua Yan.

“Ah, Hua Yan, count yourself lucky this time. If it wasn’t for My Lord Blood Devil Emperor’s great task, I will definitely have you killed,” said Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun secretly within his mind.

For those who were practising the Blood Devil Modao, their urge to kill were still very strong.

Suddenly, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun felt a tug at his mind. He turned over a hand, and a Transmission Talisman appeared on his palm. After using his Devil Awareness to sweep over it once, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun began to mutter to himself, “Orh? It is actually Ao Feng, looks like this Ao Feng also cannot endure it any further.”

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun saw the message within the Transmission Talisman, and immediately replied with a message, “Brother Ao Feng, may I know the reason why you sought me out?”

“Brother Du, we have already agreed on this the last time when we were at Snow Fish Island. My Dragon Clan, your side of the Modao, and Hua Yan’s side of the Xiandao, our three sides will gather and assemble the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, and obtain the map to proceed into Ni Yang’s Realm,” said Ao Feng’s message.

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun gave a cold grunt, and spoke in a low tone, “An alliance? If it was really that Hua Yan that had made a move, then he is extremely lacking in sincerity.”

At the same time, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun also replied with a message, “Brother Ao Feng, there is also no need to be too rushed regarding this matter. Have you spoken with Hua Yan about this?”

If it wasn’t for Wu Kong Xue’s death, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun would very likely have begun setting off for Ni Yang’s Realm some time ago.

It was only that, at that point of time, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s heart was filled with hard feelings.

“I came to speak with you first, and will speak with Hua Yan after that. From your point of view, when should we proceed with the gathering of our three sides and obtain the map to go towards Ni Yang’s Realm?” Ao Feng inquired.

Blood Devil considered for a moment. “Ah, within one or two months.”

“One or two months? Brother Du, do you have any matters recently?” Ao Feng was doubtful as to why that Blood Devil was not at all anxious.

“What kind of matters do you say I will have?”

The mission of the Ascendant Realms’ Emissaries, was to enter Ni Yang’s Realm and obtain that ‘treasure’. What kind of other matters did they still have?

“Then why are you thus not anxious? From my point of view, our three sides should gather three days later, and then promptly head towards Ni Yang’s Realm.” Ao Feng suggested, “After all, we are also only wasting our time here. It is still better to enter Ni Yang’s Realm early. Moreover, I feel that the longer we delay, that Man Gan will make me feel even more restless.”

Man Gan?

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun unintentionally felt his heart shudder.

That Man Gan was a Super Divine Beast Purple-Eyed Bull Demon King, and there was no need to say anything further regarding the strength of his capabilities. Moreover, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun still remembered the initial agreement between the two of them. He had previously agreed to give three of his places to enter Ni Yang’s Realm over to Man Gan. However, currently, he instead wanted to stealthily leave with Ao Feng and Hua Yan first, while ignoring Man Gan. If Man Gan were to know about that, then the result would be extremely horrifying.

“Ao Feng, this Man Gan is a Super Divine Beast Purple-Eyed Bull Demon King, and the special characteristic of the Purple-Eyed Bull Demon King is them going berserk. Once Man Gan goes berserk, then…… ” Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun sent a transmission message in reply, “Ao Feng, from what I see, ah, we have better still bring Man Gan along. A Man Gan that has gone berserk, that is extremely horrifying.”

No matter how highly Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun had thought of himself, he also did not think that he could compare to Man Gan.

However, Ao Feng instead did not pay any heed to that.

“What are you scared of? The moment we exit from Ni Yang’s Realm, we will immediately return to the Ascendant Realms. When we are back in the Ascendant Realms, with our martial expert Seniors protecting us, what can a single First Tier Demon King Super Divine Beast like him do to us?”Ao Feng was not in the slightest bit worried.

Super Divine Beasts might be powerful, but a First Tier Demon King Super Divine Beast did not pose much of a great threat.

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun considered for a moment, and also thought that it made sense. After his return to the Devil Realm, why would he still be afraid of a single First Tier Demon King Super Divine Beast?

“Ah, all right. Since you suggested three days later, then make it three days later. However, you must at least have Hua Yan agree to it.”

“Brother Du, then we have an agreement. I will now speak with Hua Yan.”

After storing the Transmission Talisman within his body, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun tilted his head and looked at the sun that was radiating forth a never-ending amount of heat in the sky.

“This planet and this stellar sun, are still really huge. However…… when the time comes for the stellar sun to be destroyed, how many people will remain on this planet huh? Ah, at least all the mortals will die.” Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s mind was like a Heavenly Steed soaring across the skies, and had instead thought of many other unnecessary matters.

[Rylain: The phrase ‘天马行空’ translates to ‘Heavenly Steed soaring across the skies’, and is used in this case, to describe imagination and thoughts that are powerful and unrestrained.]

After a short while of pacing back and forth outside his Blood Devil Hall, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun felt that someone had sent him a transmission message.

Flipping over his hand to retrieve a Transmission Talisman, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun did a sweep with his Devil Awareness and unintentionally gave a cold smile, “It is actually Hua Yan, he still dares to send me a transmission message? Does he have a clear conscience, or is he being a hypocrite?”

“Brother Hua Yan, ah, do you have any matter that requires you to send me a transmission message?” Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun still had a slight sense of hostility towards Hua Yan. However, before Ni Yang’s Realm, any hatred had to be put down. No matter how great the hatred and hostility, they also could not be compared to the importance of Ni Yang’s Realm.

Within a short moment, Hua Yan had transmitted a stream of news, “Brother Du, Ao Feng had earlier spoken to you regarding the gathering of our three sides, and heading towards Ni Yang’s Realm together, right? Both you and Ao Feng had said to set off three days later, and I also agree.”

“However, Brother Du, I just happen to come across one piece of news,” continued Hua Yan’s transmission message.

There was the hint of a cold smile on Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s face. “What piece of news?”

“I heard that previously, a Sword Immortal had suddenly appeared one day ago and killed Wu Kong Xue. The capabilities of that Sword Immortal were powerful enough such that you were also unable to catch him. I know that there is a possibility for you to suspect me, but I, Hua Yan, can clearly tell you…… that was definitely not done by me.”

That Hua Yan was also extremely clear, that if, during the cooperation of the three factions, that Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun were to continue to be hostile towards him, then Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun might even sabotage him while they were in Ni Yang’s Realm. That was why, no matter what, Hua Yan had to explain at least once.

“Wu Kong Xue’s murder was done by a Sword Immortal. I suspected you, and had also suspected Sword Immortal Lan Feng, but as of now I do not have any evidence to identify who was the culprit. That is also why I did not take any action. Hua Yan, you can still be assured for now. Regardless of whether Wu Kong Xue was killed by you or not, I will absolutely not cause trouble for you. After all…… Wu Kong Xue’s death was insignificant compared to the importance of Ni Yang’s Realm.”

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun also wanted to assure the other party.

Hua Yan was satisfied.

He had also expected that the other side would absolutely not be that reckless, otherwise the Blood Devil Emperor of the Devil Realm would never have sent Du Zhong Jun.

“If that is the case, then let us converge three days later at the Dragon Clan’s ‘Eager Dragon Island’. This location was determined by Ao Feng. I definitely think that Ao Feng will also tell you this after a while.”

“Eager Dragon Island, all right, I understand.”

A single Wu Kong Xue’s death had caused his heart to ache, but the gathering three days later, as well as the matter of heading towards Ni Yang’s Realm together as one, was instead extremely important. After all, that was the important matter that Blood Devil Emperor had solemnly entrusted unto him.

Eager Dragon Island.

Three days later, the three factions will soon gather……


The winds blew, and willow branches swayed. A bending stream of clean and clear lake water gave of a series of ripples under the light touches of the gentle breeze. Meanwhile, Qin Yu was currently beside that lake, leaning under a willow tree and resting with his eyes closed.

After killing Wu Kong Xue, Qin Yu did not immediately go and kill Reverend Ming Liang.

That was because he wanted to give Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun some time for his revenge. However, within a single day, Qin Yu did not receive any news of Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun taking his revenge. He was a little disappointed.

“Ah, it should more or less be time, I also do not know what that Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun must be thinking of now. I estimate that eighty percent is him forcibly enduring due to the matter with Ni Yang’s Realm. However…… when Hua Yan discovers that Reverend Ming Liang is killed by energy that only Blood Devils possess, what will that result be huh?”

Qin Yu raised his body and stood up.

“Earlier, when I had offhandedly snatched this Finest Grade Devil Equipment, that was really an extremely wise decision.” Qin Yu turned over a hand, and a Finest Grade Devil Equipment appeared on his palm — Blood Moon.

Blood Moon, it was a Devil Equipment that was specially refined from the Blood Devil Modao. After passing through the hands of an unknown number of generations of Blood Devil Modao martial experts, it naturally possessed within it energy that had a special Blood Devil Modao aura.

“A Third Tier Golden Immortal Sword Immortal, even if Blood Moon is to be used, can also easily kill a single Loose Immortal that has not even reached the domain level of a First Tier Golden Immortal, right?” After one day of rest, Qin Yu finally decided to take action against his second target — Reverend Ming Liang.

With a single fluid movement, Qin Yu stepped onto the ancient and exquisite long sword, and flew towards the direction of Qingxu Mountain.

Meanwhile, the current Qin Yu, and even Zong Jue, Man Gan and the others all did not know, that the Immortal Realm’s Emissary, Devil Realm’s Emissary, as well as the Dragon Clan’s Emissary already had an agreement. There were still merely three days before the men of those three factions gather at Eager Dragon Island, and head towards Ni Yang’s Realm.

Of course, that also depended on whether Sword Immortal Hua Yan would be able to tolerate Reverend Ming Liang being killed by a special energy belonging to the Blood Devil Modao.

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