Book 11 Chapter 34: Ascension, Limitless

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 34: Ascension, Limitless

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On Snow Fish Island, individual large groups rose and flew into the sky, mainly separated into the four large factions. That day was the day for people of the four factions to leave Snow Fish Island. Since the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams was auctioned off, those four different factions naturally would not want to linger there.

“Brother Lan Feng, farewell.”

Sword Immortal Hua Yan smiled as he bid his farewell, and behind him was a large group of Loose Immortals.

“Farewell.” Lan Feng nodded and smiled.

Sword Immortal Hua Yan was instead slightly fearful. “What is the matter with this Lan Feng, I have a feeling that his powers seem to be even more unfathomable and overwhelming.” People who had met him said that the initial Lan Feng was only more or less as strong as Hua Yan, but the current Lan Feng instead already possessed the capabilities of a Third Tier Golden Immortal.

That was also the reason why Qin Yu had saved on using the Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones. After all, against those current few martial experts, a Third Tier Golden Immortal Sword Immortal was already sufficient.

“Brother Lan Feng, Brother Zong Jue, farewell.”

The Dragon Clan’s Ao Feng, Fang Tian, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun, the wilderness Demon Clan’s Man Gan, each clasped their hands.

After the large parade of people momentarily bid their farewells to each other, the four factions split and flew away in two different directions.

The side of the Loose Devils, the side of the Loose Immortals, and the side of the Dragon Clan all flew towards the south, while the wilderness Demon Clan instead flew towards the Ancient Teleportation Array. From the middle of the sky, Qin Yu, Hei Yu, Hou Fei, Lan Feng, Zong Jue and the others saw those group of people off as they left.

Strong winds brushed against him, swaying Qin Yu’s hair at the corners of his eyes.

Qin Yu’s attention was focused at Wu Kong Xue and Reverend Ming Liang.

Meanwhile, at that moment, Wu Kong Xue and Reverend Ming Liang were each having their respective conversations with Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun and Sword Immortal Hua Yan. The smiles on their faces made them seem very humble.

“Ah, take your time to chat. Your days are already numbered,” said Qin Yu silently within his mind.

“Little Brother Qin Yu.”

“Ah?” Qin Yu was jolted awake from his contemplations, and turned his head to take a look. Zong Jue was smiling at Qin Yu.

“May I know if Senior Zong has anything for me?” Qin Yu recollected his thoughts.

Zong Jue nodded, then smiled and said, “I have also been here for an extended amount of time. A day to chance, rather than choice, and today, my men from the Chaotic Astral Sea are prepared to go back temporarily. Still, please let me know in advance regarding the time when you are about to enter Ni Yang’s Realm.”

[Rylain: The Chinese saying, ‘择日不如撞日’ translates to ‘A day to chance, rather than choice’. The literal meaning is, ‘Rather that choosing an auspicious date for an event, a randomly chosen date might not necessarily be bad’. We all know that we are lying to ourselves when we choose an auspicious date to do something, because that day is no different from an ordinary day. Therefore, what it means is: Just leave everything to fate.]

“Senior Zong, be at ease. Before heading for Ni Yang’s Realm, this Junior will definitely notify Senior Zong in advance,” replied Qin Yu seriously.

Zong Jue nodded, then took an opportunity to smile at the Lan Feng who was at one side, and said, “Brother Lan Feng, I can feel your aura, did Brother Lan Feng experience another breakthrough these few days?” As a Super Divine Beast, that Zong Jue’s ability to sense was extremely powerful.

“Only just a slight breakthrough.” Lan Feng smiled slightly, and said, “Lan Feng once again wishes for Brother Zong to have a smooth journey.”


Zong Jue smiled faintly as he nodded, and immediately bid farewell to Hou Fei, Hei Yu and the others. Following a single order from Zong Jue, the large parade of people directly flew towards the direction of the Chaotic Astral Sea.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, and Hei Yu were standing upright in the middle of the sky. Behind them were the three brothers Shi Xin, Shi Zhan, and Shi Bing. As for Sword Immortal Lan Feng, he had earlier been stored back into Qin Yu’s body.

“They have finally all left,” Hou Fei momentarily grinned, then looked at Qin Yu. “Big Brother, the harvest this time is very large, right? Ah, thirteen pieces of Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones, Gaga…… We can have a good time ravaging those several guys below. From what I see — We can first head to the Tenglong Continent and go on a killing spree. We will kill all those who vehemently go against us, and also kill any of those that we dislike. There is still that whatever Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun. We will also kill him. Then, there is that person who definitely possess quite a lot of treasures, we can also go and kill that Sword Immortal Hua Yan.”

“Is the monkey dreaming?” Hei Yu spoke lightly.

The Hou Fei who was just getting aroused mentally, was suddenly startled. He glared at Hei Yu and said, “Mixed-feathered bird, why are you always going against me like this?”

“That is because you were obviously dreaming. The Immortal Realm Emissary and the Devil Realm Emissary, the people behind their backs are the great and important people who are at the peak amongst those of the Emperor domain level in the Immortal and Devil realms. Won’t they bestow upon their Emissaries several powerful and life-preserving treasures?” After Hei Yu spoke, he snobbishly closed his eyes.

“You–” Hou Fei furiously glared at Hei Yu.

“All right.” Qin Yu laughed, and said, “Stop messing around, we do have important things to do now.”

“What kind of things?” Hou Fei and Hei Yu both looked at Qin Yu.

Killing intent burst forth from within Qin Yu’s eyes. “Do the both of you still remember, how the Qin Royal Dynasty’s capital was initially destroyed? Ninety percent of my Qin Clan, as well as my nephews and other relatives, how did they die?”

Qin Yu still remembered the appearances and scenes of how his nephews had initially encouraged him to court Li Er.

However, currently, they were already separated by the boundaries of life and death.

“It seemed like when Reverend Ming Liang and Wu Kong Xue had fought over the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams, along the path of their fight, from the Qin Royal Dynasty’s capital all the way to the seas at the southern side, people who were either dead or injured numbered several millions,” said Hou Fei.

“Correct, those two people are the perpetrators. Previously, I only had a single piece of Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stone, and due to its low amount of energy, I had only razed Qingxu Mountain and the Yinyue mountain range. Now should also be the time that we find and take them into account,” said Qin Yu in a cold tone.

“Big Brother, then why are we still not moving out?” Hou Fei asked busily.

Qin Yu stretched out a hand to stop him, and said, “There is no need to rush; they have only just begun to move out. With so many people travelling together, their speed will not be fast. Lan Feng’s flying speed is a lot faster when I control, which is why — There is no need to rush, we will set off three days later.”

“Big Brother, who is our first target?” Hei Yu voiced out.

Qin Yu contemplated for a moment, and then smiled. “Xiao Hei, who do you say Sword Immortal Lan Feng’s method of killing most likely resembles to?”

“He is a Sword Immortal, the method will naturally be a Sword Immortal’s method. Most likely resembles–” Hei Yu’s eyes lit up, and promptly smiled. “Big Brother, your first target is actually Wu Kong Xue. However, will that Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun believe that it was ‘Sword Immortal Hua Yan’ who made that move?”

Qin Yu momentarily gave a faint smile. “Who cares if he believes or not, since we will also not suffer any loss if he does not believe. If he believes however, then we will profit.”

“Big Brother, the monkey and I have something to tell you.” Hei Yu’s facial expression became serious. Hou Fei momentarily glanced at Hei Yu, then promptly also gave Qin Yu a serious look.

They were both his brothers, and Qin Yu understood them very well. Immediately, with an expressionless face, Qin Yu carefully looked at his two brothers. “Just say it out. Whatever it is, there is no need to conceal it.”

“The monkey and I are already at the Dacheng stage,” said Hei Yu softly.

“Dacheng stage?” Qin Yu was momentarily startled. He then alternated between looking at Hei Yu and Hou Fei. “Both of you mean that–“

Both Hei Yu and Hou Fei nodded.

“After entering the Dacheng stage, the energies within our bodies have rapidly begun to change, and the speed at which the energies within our bodies are changing into Demon Elemental Energy are extremely fast. From what I see — The date of Ascension is no longer far for the monkey and me.” Hei Yu was slightly helpless.


Qin Yu felt a momentary dizziness in his head.

“What are the both of you saying? You are both saying that the date of Ascension for the both of you are not far away?” Qin Yu found that result to be a little unacceptable.


Both Hou Fei and Hei Yu nodded, and their expressions were also a little complicated.

What the three brothers wanted most, was to be able to Ascend together.

Hou Fei made a bitter smile, and said, “Big Brother, even if we are to Ascend together, we will also not be together when we arrive at the Ascendant Realms. The mixed-feathered bird and I will automatically appear in the Demon Realm region, while for Big Brother, I also cannot guess the place of your appearance after your Ascension.”

Qin Yu had once seen several ancient books in the second level of the treasure tower within the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. He still knew several basic matters.

If the target of Ascension was a Xiuxian Practitioner, he would Ascend to the Immortal Realm region. If the target of Ascension was a Xiumo Practitioner, he would Ascend to the Devil Realm region. If the target of Ascension was a Xiuyao Practitioner, he would Ascend to the Demon Realm region.

Meanwhile, Qin Yu did not belong to any of those three. As to where he will Ascend to, that was still really hard to say.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, are there any methods to delay the Ascension within both of your Hereditary Memories?” Qin Yu inquired.

“There is.” Hei Yu nodded.

“Say it, what methods?” Qin Yu felt a momentary happiness, and busily asked.

“Become a Spiritual Beast. Once a Divine Beast becomes a Spiritual Beast, even if he becomes capable of Ascension, if his master’s capabilities are insufficient and has not Ascended, the Spiritual Beast will be unable to Ascend due to the limitations caused by the Spiritual Beast Collar on his soul. This is also the reason why Shi Xin and his two brothers have not Ascended all along,” Hei Yu said the answer.

Qin Yu was instantly disappointed.

Spiritual Beasts will be restricted by their masters. If their masters did not Ascend, the Spiritual Beasts will also be unable to Ascend. However, the masters will, instead, not be restricted by their Spiritual Beasts. For example, even if Ink Qilin did not Ascend, Qin Yu’s Ascension will not be affected in any way. That was the difference between Spiritual Beasts and their masters.

“Hurhur–” Qin Yu made an effort to force out a smile. “After all, even if we Ascend at the same time, we will also not Ascend to the same place. Once your martial powers have achieved the required level, ah, the both of you can Ascend first and wait for me in the Ascendant Realms. I will definitely look for you both in the Demon Realm region.”

Hou Fei and Hei Yu nodded.

“Big Brother, look at you, your smile looks uglier than when you cry. All right, it is also not as if the mixed-feathered bird and I are going to Ascend now. There is still a period of time before we Ascend huh,” said Hou Fei as he smiled playfully.

Qin Yu also unintentionally smiled.


That was a rule of Heaven. Even Qin Yu was also unable to forcefully prevent Hou Fei and Hei Yu from Ascending.

Even if they were to enter Qingyu Immortal Mansion, before the rules of Heaven and Earth, the entrance into common Immortal Mansions will not affect anything in any way. Similarly, that also made Qin Yu treasure the time spent with his two brothers even more.

As for Qin Yu’s Ascension —

“Even if I were to achieve the Stellar stage, what kind of domain level will the next domain level be huh?” Qin Yu secretly let out a long sigh.

‘Stellar Transformations’ was an incomplete martial cultivation technique. It comprised of the Nebula stage, Meteor stage, Stellar Core stage, Planet stage, Dujie stage, and the Stellar stage, for a total of six great domain levels. Even if he had achieved the Stellar stage, he had also only reached the peak of the Mortal Realm. How could he take the next step to achieve Ascension huh?

What will come after the Stellar stage huh?

All of those that remained would be required to be created. If he were unable to create the successive martial cultivation techniques for the Stellar Transformations, Qin Yu would forever be stuck at that domain level. If he were to fail in the creation of those techniques, Qin Yu’s energy control would be led astray, and he would submit to the Heart Devil and go berserk, which will result in his soul being torn into pieces and scattered into nothingness. Only when he had successfully created the successive stage after the Stellar stage, would Qin Yu be able to Ascend and step into the Ascendant Realms.


Strong winds blew, and his long hair fluttered with the wind. Qin Yu was standing on an ancient and exquisite long sword as he flew at an extremely fast speed.

That ancient and exquisite long sword appeared to be black. Comparing the speed which Qin Yu was currently flying at, it was faster than when he was controlling a Middle Grade Immortal Equipment by ten times. Where did that ancient and exquisite long sword come from? It was the exact long sword which Sword Immortal Lan Feng was carrying on his back.

“The Flying Sword on this Sword Immortal Puppet’s body can also be used separately, it is indeed miraculous.”

Qin Yu’s face had the hint of a smile.

After his body had been refined by the Nine of Nine Heavenly Tribulations, Qin Yu’s current physical body had improved by another level, and its toughness was comparable to a Low Grade Immortal Equipment. That was why, when Qin Yu stood on that ancient and exquisite long sword, there was absolutely no obstruction. That ancient and exquisite long sword could freely display its speed without any restraints.

After merely several days, the Tenglong Continent appeared before his eyes.

“This is a memorial for my nephew and loved ones, and also a red coloured farewell present to Fei Fei and Xiao Hei–” Qin Yu’s speed reached its limit, and directly flew towards the Yinyue mountains.


The side of the Loose Devils and the side of the Loose Immortals’ dates of return were a lot earlier than what Qin Yu had anticipated. That was because the Loose Practitioners of both sides had performed Teleportation. Given the marvel of Teleportation, the men of both sides had naturally rushed back to the Tenglong Continent–

Above the Yinyue mountains.

The Blood Devil Hall was located at the highest position. There were also several palaces surrounding the Blood Devil Hall, one of which was Wu Kong Xue’s residence.

Wu Kong Xue was sitting with his legs crossed within a secret room. The True Flame within his body was continuously refining that Finest Grade Devil Equipment ‘Blood Moon’. Even in the Devil Realm, the Finest Grade Devil Equipment ‘Blood Moon’ was also considered to be an extraordinary Devil Equipment. Usually, martial experts of the Devil Emperor domain level all used Finest Grade Devil Equipment, which was why Wu Kong Xue had abandoned other weapons and focused all his efforts into refining Blood Moon. That was also a slightly more special refinement method which belonged to the Blood Devil Modao.

An aura with the stench of blood continued to circulate–

The connection between Wu Kong Xue and Blood Moon became increasingly closer.


“What is it, why did Blood Moon begin to tremble?” Wu Kong Xue was momentarily startled.

Blood Moon was an extremely famous deadly weapon of the Blood Devil Modao in the Devil Realm, and the number of people it had killed had already reached the stage where people would be frightened from merely hearing its name. Moreover, it possessed some Spiritual Intelligence.


A forceful burst of Sword Energy easily struck down from the sky above. Similar to cutting tofu, it split the entire palace into two halves.


Giving several loud shouts whilst soaring into the air, Wu Kong Xue even brought along Blood Moon and also began to emanate his aura in the middle of the sky.

“Wu Kong Xue, do you still remember once fighting to the death with Reverend Ming Liang on the Qianlong Continent? Ah, the number of people who died then was not a small number.” That faint voice reverberated within Wu Kong Xue’s mind.

Wu Kong Xue was startled.

That frightening Sword Energy made Wu Kong Xue’s heart quiver.

Wu Kong Xue’s first response–

“You are Hua Yan, you are here to take revenge for Reverend Ming Liang huh?” Wu Kong Xue had never expected for someone to take revenge for mortal men. He still thought that it was Hua Yan who came and sought revenge for Reverend Ming Liang. However, he absolutely could not understand, because Reverend Ming Liang did not seem to have suffered any losses at that time.

“Who dares to be insolent.”

A furious voice resounded forth, and a flock of blood clouds soared into the sky.


An extremely keen thread of Sword Energy, concentrated into a single point, flashed by, and pierced through Wu Kong Xue’s abdomen.

Wu Kong Xue’s gaze became lifeless, after which, his entire body exploded into pieces of flesh and bones, while that Finest Grade Devil Weapon ‘Blood Moon’ also naturally fell. However, before it could fall onto the ground, a shadowy blur flashed by and grabbed that Blood Moon in one fluid motion. After that, the shadowy blur flashed once more and disappeared.

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun appeared at the area where Wu Kong Xue had been killed, and wilfully searched using his Devil Awareness. However, he did not discover any aura.

“Sword Energy, what a strong Sword Energy, it’s a Sword Immortal!”

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun looked at the scattered pieces of flesh and white bones, his chest completely filled with anger that could not be vented out.

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