Book 11, Chapter 3

B11C3: Conflict breaks out

Mount Qingxu, Heavenly Palace,

In the main hall, there are only Reverend Ming Liang, Reverend Ming Shan, Reverend Lan Bing and Xue Yuyang. These 4 people are all looking at the entrance of the main hall.

Wave after wave of killing intent coming out from his body, Reverend Chi Yang runs furiously into the main hall of Heavenly Palace while cursing with his mouth: “Wu Hei, one day I’ll definitely kill you with my own hands to avenge junior brother Chi Yan.”

He raises his head to look at Reverend Ming Liang, who is sitting on the higher part of the main hall, saying angrily: “Reverend Ming Liang, I really can’t stand it anymore. In just the last half month, several hundred loose immortals have been killed. Besides, the enemy has specially chosen powerful ones to kill! My junior brother Chi Yan was a 10th tribulation loose immortal, but he was still killed by Wu Hei. This is as intolerable as it gets. Reverend Ming Liang, we must teach those loose devils a lesson.”

“Calm down, Reverend Chi Yang.” Reverend Ming Liang says indifferently.

Hearing Reverend Ming Liang still say so, Reverend Chi Yang finally can no longer control the fury in his heart.

“Calm down? Calm down my arse! Your junior brother wasn’t killed so of course you can stay calm. If I calm down yet again, who knows how many loose immortals my Ziyang School is going to lose? You see … in the last half month, only several of the loose immortals killed were members of your Qingxu Temple, but most of them belonged to our school.” Reverend Chi Yang’s fiery energy surges forth from his whole body.

Reverend Ming Liang frowns, his eyes flashing with coldness.

On one side, Reverend Ming Shan stands up and says: “Reverend Chi Yang, you shouldn’t let hatred cloud your mind. Could it be you don’t know the secret of the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams? Only the few of us know this secret. As you already know the secret, you should know what to do.”

No loose immortals other than the few at this place know about the relationship between the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams and the Ni Yang Realm. Those many ordinary loose immortals know that the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams are important, but they do not know why the diagrams are important.

The Lanyang School’s Xue Yuyang, whose eyebrows are snow-white, also says: “Just think about it carefully, Reverend Chi Yang. These Heaven-Sundering Diagrams are related to the Ni Yang Realm. To open the Ni Yang Realm, the 3 diagrams must be assembled. As long as we have a Heaven-Sundering Diagram, we’ll absolutely have a share in entering the Ni Yang Realm, so it’s simply not worth risking the lives of countless loose practitioners to get another diagram.”

“Of course I know this.” Reverend Chi Yang says angrily. “But why have those loose devils always sent experts over to kill our loose immortals?”

Reverend Lan Bing says frowningly: “Reverend Chi Yang, not long ago, someone from the Yinyue Palace came and said that you had also gone and killed their people. Did you do that?”

“I didn’t.” Reverend Chi Yang says angrily. “I’m not so ignorant. They slandered me.”

The other people say nothing at all. They know Reverend Chi Yang’s temperament. It is really hard to tell if he did secretly go and kill some loose devils of the Yinyue Palace to vent his anger or not.

“All right, let’s stop talking. From now on, I’ll personally watch Mount Qingxu. In short, this Heaven-Sundering Diagram must be put in Heavenly Palace. With the protection of the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, it will basically be impossible for those loose devils to come in.” Reverend Ming Liang says coldly.

He glances at the other people, his eyes specially stopping on Reverend Chi Yang: “I warn you, if any of you comes out and gets killed by the enemy, don’t blame anyone then. Moreover … when the herald of the immortal world descends, perhaps the heralds of different worlds will fight for the treasures of the Ni Yang Realm. If we are lucky, we’ll be able to get some treasures, but if we aren’t, we’ll become their chess pieces. It’s not worth making several tens of thousands of loose practitioners shed blood for this.”

Reverend Chi Yang, Xue Yuyang and the others all fall silent.

They will not let the herald of the immortal world hear these words, but they understand this reason.

The herald of the immortal world will descend, as will the heralds of the demon world and devil world.

Those heralds of different worlds will surely be stronger than the likes of Reverend Ming Liang. When the time comes … fighting for the treasures of the Ni Yang Realm will definitely be their own business while the likes of Reverend Chi Yang will be merely chess pieces.

Is it worth risking the lives of countless loose immortals for the unobtainable treasures in the Ni Yang Realm?

Of course it is not.

These several reverends all understand this reason.

“Wu Kongxue should also understand this reason, but why have his men always come and killed loose immortals, especially that Wu Hei fella. Most of the dead loose immortals were killed by him.” Reverend Chi Yang says indignantly.

Reverend Ming Liang falls silent.

That is true. The likes of Wu Kongxue must understand this reason.

The treasures of the Ni Yang Realms are wanted by all the heralds of different worlds, who will definitely fight for those treasures. Obtaining a Heaven-Sundering Diagram is already good enough, why should they be so ready to risk their lives fighting for another?

“Wu Kongxue, perhaps that fella doesn’t care about the lives of those loose devils at all.” Xue Yuyang suddenly says.

Reverend Ming Liang and the others are startled inside.

Right, Wu Kongxue is definitely not a loose devil of any school on the Teng Long continent. He is only an independent loose devil, as is Wu Hei.

The 2 of them should not care about the lives of the Teng Long continent’s loose devils. The people such as Reverend Ming Liang care about the lives of those several tens of thousands of loose immortals, but do Wu Kongxue and Wu Hei care about the loose devils under them?

“If Wu Hei or Wu Kongxue comes here, I’ll personally get into action. Alright, all of you should leave and have a rest first.” In the end, Reverend Ming Liang only gives this order.


Riding on his immortal sword, Qin Yu is piercing through the sky.

Qin Yu knows the secret of the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams and that the 3 diagrams must be assembled to be useful. One of the diagrams is in the hands of the dragon clan, which has a 12th tribulation super divine beast five-clawed golden dragon, so it is certain that nobody can snatch this diagram away.

Qin Yu has always thought that the loose devils and loose immortals will not fight each other stupidly unless an abnormal situation arises. But now it looks like everything is totally different from what he has expected.

“What’s actually going on? Also, even quite a few loose devils of the Yinyue Palace have died as well. Could it be … someone else has been stirring things up in the dark?” He guesses in his mind.

Now he can only see one explanation for the current situation, that is, another power has been stirring things up in the dark.

“Could it be the dragon clan?”

Qin Yu considers for some time but has no way to make sure. In the end, he flies extremely fast towards the Yinyue Palace. Having found out the rough position of the Qingxu Temple, he is ready to scout the Yinyue Palace.

Now he is extremely fast so he arrives in the outside of the Yinyue Palace in less than a day.

The Yinyue Palace is also located deep in the mountains. Now it is sending out a terrifying aura that can be felt from afar. That is the combined aura of countless loose devils gathering together.

“The combined aura of the several tens of thousands of loose devils in the Yinyue Palace is even superior to the Devil Peng Island’s.” Qin Yu secretly evaluates the aura.

He is in the outside of the Yinyue Palace at the moment so he can only use his eyes to carry out a rough observation of his surroundings and the directions then memorize them. While he is observing carefully --

All of a sudden --

In the direction of the Yinyue Palace, a blur soars into the sky extremely fast from the Yinyue Palace. When it is in the process of soaring into the sky, that silhouette unexpectedly rushes into the Yinyue Palace again at an even faster speed.

In just the blink of an eye, it soared into the sky then rushed back into the Yinyue Palace. During this very short period of time, it attacked at least about several hundred times.

“It attacked least several hundred times.” Qin Yu is shocked in his heart. That speed really was too fast. Compared to that blur, now he is not even a tenth as fast.

Qin Yu could not see clearly how many times that blur attacked at all and only managed to count several hundred times. In fact, that blur attacked even more times than that.

“Wu Kongxue, Wu Hei killed Reverend Chi Yan of the Ziyang School so this time I’ve killed 1000 loose devils. Now we’re even with each other. If your side attacks us again, don’t blame me for being cruel and merciless then.”

As soon as the voice stops, that silhouette turns into a blur and disappears from Qin Yu’s field of vision.

“Reverend Ming Liang is so lordly.” Qin Yu is shocked inside.

He saw clearly that from beginning to end, Reverend Ming Liang did not use teleportation at all. He only used that astonishing speed, whether when attacking or when leaving leisurely.

Qin Yu is totally unaware that generally very few loose immortals use teleportation in combat because if the enemy causes the space to shake while they are teleporting, perhaps they will teleport directly into a spatial rift, which will kill them for sure.

Therefore, speed is exceptionally important in combat.

When Reverend Ming Liang has just flown away, a blood-red silhouette appears in the sky. After just a while, several other silhouettes appear beside the blood-red silhouette.

Wu Kongxue’s expression is unsightly: “Ming Liang, you’ve gone overboard!”

“Wu Hei, did you really kill Reverend Chi Yan of the Ziyang School? Are you so ignorant? It’s not worth making tens of thousands of loose practitioners engage in bloody fighting for the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams.” Wu Kongxue looks angrily at Wu Hei.

Fire Devil also looks at Wu Hei.

The latter says furiously: “I didn’t. I didn’t kill Reverend Chi Yan!!! Wu Kongxue, you’re stronger than me, but you went a bit too far by concluding that I had killed Reverend Chi Yan based on just a sentence said by that Reverend Ming Liang.”

Dame Lian Yue also says: “Wu Kongxue, not long ago, big brother Wu Hei and I were with each other. We chatted all the time. Big brother Wu Hei didn’t go to the Qingxu Temple to kill people at all.”

“Could it be he was framed?” Fire Devil says with a cold laugh.

Dame Lian Yue’s eyes flash with coldness: “Perhaps … someone has been secretly stirring things up. That Wu Hei was actually an impostor. Plus, this Reverend Ming Liang is very likely an impostor too.”

Fire Devil bursts out laughing as if he has heard a big joke or something. His laughter sounds so arrogant: “Impostor? Ha-ha … Lian Yue, are you out of your mind? Reverend Ming Liang practices the Stellar Ignition Art so his energy is extremely concentrated and his speed is extremely fast too. In terms of speed alone, even Lord Wu Kongxue is a bit slower than him.”

Wu Kongxue nods: “If I only rely on speed without trying every means to hinder him, I’m a bit slower than Reverend Ming Liang.”

“Lian Yue, did you hear that? Given Reverend Ming Liang’s speed, in the whole mortal world, I can only see 2 individuals who can outpace him, one being the dragon clan leader and the other being Zong Jue of the Devil Peng Island, who is known as the no. 1 speedster!”

Fire Devil looks at Dame Lian Yue while laughing coldly: “Lian Yue, you wouldn’t think such 2 big shots as the dragon clan leader and the master of the Devil Peng Island have been doing such a shady thing as stirring things up in the dark, would you?”

Dame Lian Yue opens her mouth but does not know what to say.

The dragon clan leader and the master of the Devil Peng Island hold revered positions, how can they possibly do such a shady thing?

“Just now you guys already experienced that Reverend Ming Liang’s speed. None of us was able to keep up with him. So, that fella was Reverend Ming Liang for sure.” Fire Devil says positively.

Right at this moment, 7 or 8 loose devils of the 9th tribulation and 10th tribulation stages fly over.

“Lord Wu Kongxue, we can’t keep restraining ourselves. Several hundred loose devils had already died before. But this time that Reverend Ming Liang even personally got into action and killed a thousand more in a short while. If this continues … how can those loose devil brothers feel secure enough to stay and protect the Yinyue Palace?” A 10th tribulation loose devil says hurriedly.

That is true. If this continues, those loose devils will definitely be frightened and may leave the Yinyue Palace directly.

Another 10th tribulation loose devil flies up from down below and says respectfully to Dame Lian Yue: “Milady, just now several tens of loose devils said they wanted to leave the Yinyue Palace. We are trying to persuade them to stay.”


Loose devils have been killed again and again so some who are not powerful have been scared.

After all, the Yinyue Palace does not have a formation as formidable as the Qingxu Temple’s Ten Development Illusionary Formation.

Her eyes flashing with coldness, Dame Lian Yue says coldly: “Lord Wu Kongxue, I think … we shouldn’t remain silent. That Mount Qingxu has the Ten Development Illusionary Formation so they can defend it. But we don’t have a defensive formation of the same caliber. Therefore, we should just lead several tens of thousands of loose devils to attack Mount Qingxu directly.”

Fire Devil also says with a nod: “That’s right. Don’t think too much. Let’s just occupy Mount Qingxu directly then surround Heavenly Palace. I want to see if those loose immortals will be able to hide in that palace under the protection of the Ten Development Illusionary Formation forever.”

Wu Kongxue ponders for a while then smiles.

He is not a loose devil of any school on the Teng Long continent so even if many more loose devils die, this will mean nothing to him. Will it not be awesome to go on a killing spree?

Wu Kongxue practices the Blood Devil Path so he loves massacres the most. As soon as he envisages the scene where tens of thousands of loose practitioners fight each other and blood flows in rivers, he becomes excited.

“Alright.” Wu Kongxue’s eyes redden. “That Reverend Ming Liang even tried to bully us, so now he can’t blame us for being cruel. They have the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, right? Let them hide in it. We’ll kill the common disciples of the Qingxu Temple outside the formation first, even all of them. I want to see if Reverend Ming Liang will still be able to sit tight then.”

The other big loose devils’ eyes all glitter with ferocity.

They already have enough of the suppressed grievance during this period of time. As loose devils, they are very malicious.


Qin Yu can see those several big loose devils discussing with each other from a distance but he cannot hear what they are saying at all because Wu Kongxue already set up a small restrictive spell around them right at the beginning of the discussion.

After taking orders from Wu Kongxue, those 10th tribulation loose devils fly down directly.

In just a while, various hoorays and bloodthirsty yells rise on the whole mountain where the Yinyue Palace is located. All of these loose devils are very murderous so the sneak attacks and killings done by loose immortal experts during this period of time have already filled them with rage. Now, knowing that all of them are going to go and attack Mount Qingxu, they become excited.

“It should have been this way long ago.”

“Kill, kill, kill them all, ha-ha …”

“Prepare to be massacred, Mount Qingxu.”

Various loose devils are yelling excitedly like crazy. Various voices rise in the Yinyue Palace one after another. Hearing these words from the distance, Qin Yu now knows what is about to happen.

“A big war is going to break out? I don’t even need to stirs things up at all. Perhaps someone already did it. Whatever happens, the prelude to the first step of the plan has been successful.”

Qin Yu looks at the Yinyue Palace. In his eyes, the Yinyue Palace seems to be set alight by monstrous flames.

End of b11c3.

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