Book 11 Chapter 27: Arrival of the Heavenly Tribulation (translated by Saima)

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 27: Arrival of the Heavenly Tribulation (translated by Saima)

In the sky above the endless ocean, Qin Yu, his two brothers, and the three Extreme-Ice Lion Divine Beasts are flying at their top speed.

“This place will make do.”

Qin Yu randomly chooses an uninhabited little island. Hou Fei and the others do not mind. The six of them fliy directly towards that nameless island.

Hei Yu stands before Qin Yu and speaks in a stern manner: “Big brother, there are 4 days left until the tribulation. You have to stay calm and train the best you can during this time. This 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation is extremely dangerous, you might fail if you are not careful.”

Looking at Hei Yu’s serious manner, Qin Yu smiles lightly: “Xiao Yu, don’t worry. I have confidence in passing this 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation.”

“It is not about confidence. This 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation does not only evaluate your power and spiritual level, it will also test your mind as well.” Hei Yu seems a bit worried.

“Mind?” Qin Yu is startled.

Beside him, Hou Fei starts talking, “That’s right, mind. We didn’t want to tell you a few days ago so you wouldn’t feel too anxious. Anyway, even if we did tell you, there is nothing you can do to prepare. At best you can only be a bit more alert than usual.”

“Master, what about the mind? How can it be tested?”

Extreme-Ice Lion 2nd brother Shi Bing asks skeptically, “We also passed the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation before, why was our mind not tested?”

Hou Fei looks at Shi Bing, and then looks at Hei Yu doubtfully.

Hou Fei’s face went pale. “Not good. Hairy-mixed bird, I have a bad hunch about this.”

“Me too.” Hei Yu also seems visibly depressed.

Looking at his two brothers speaking so dubiously, Qin Yu also feels some doubt.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Yu, so what the hell is going on? Stop talking around the bush and speak clearly.”

“Big bro, lets first listen to how the Shi Bing and his brothers faced their tribulation, then we will know if my hunch is correct or not.” Hou Fei finishes speaking and turns to look at Shi Bing. “Shi Bing, tell us the whole process of how you guys faced the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation in detail.”

The three Lion brothers are freaking out at Hou Fei’s seriousness and start explaining earnestly.

“Master, back then at our 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation we had to endure 9 lightning bolts in total. From the 1st to 8th lightning bolts, the power only increased gradually and there is some time between each strike. The first 8 get stronger and stronger but I could still bear it, but… the 9th lightning bolt actually had hidden Heavenly Flame inside. The lightning and Heavenly Flame together has very high destructive power. Only with my treasure armor was I able to narrowly pass the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation.” Shi Bing talks about the process in detail.

Qin Yu laughs: “It better not be the Heavenly Flame. That is just nourishment to me.”

Qin Yu can only say that because he possesses the Lord of Black Flame’s ring. This ring can not only emits the Heavenly Flame but also absorb it. Even though the capacity of the Lord of Black Flame’s ring is exceedingly high, it cannot emit the Heavenly Flame indefinitely. There is still a need to absorb flames from the outside as well.


Hou Fei and Hei Yu are listening but they start to grimace.

“Just like I thought! Big bro, I also know that the power of the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation is different according to the power of the one undergoing the tribulation. I thought that the lightning’s power level will vary according to the practitioner’s power level, but now it doesn’t seem so simple.”

Hou Fei and Hei Yu look at Qin Yu worriedly.

“Speak clearly.” Qin Yu furrows his bow.

Hou Fei nods his head and says: “I just found out something, Hei Yu and I faced a totally different 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation than the Lions. If we were to face their tribulation, I and Hei Yu would have no problem passing at all. However, we almost failed our own tribulation.”

Hei Yu also nods. “Big brother, I just heard clearly, the Lions are divine beast but their 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation is fairly easy, the first 8 strikes were only Tribulation Lightning and only the final 9th strike was a combination of Tribulation Lightning and Heavenly Flame. Might be a bit dangerous but the monkey and I both have treasure armors and can easily deal with it. If it was only at that level then the monkey and I could have passed with no difficulty. But the truth is that we almost failed. If not for the advice and help from Grand Master, we might have had to practice as loose demons.”

“Uncle Lan?” Qin Yu is shaken in his heart.

“Help from Uncle Lan? I think the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation of the Lions is already dangerous. As far as I know, generally, the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation for Xiuxianists and Xiumoist only consists of 9 ordinary Tribulation Lightning bolts.”

Hou Fei speaks seriously, “That is the difference. For normal Xiuxianists and Xiumoists, the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation only has 9 Tribulation Lightning bolts. But the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation of the Extreme-Ice Lions consists of 8 Tribulation Lightning bolts and one last strike of Tribulation Lightning and Heavenly Flame in combination. Mine and Hei Yu’s were even more bizarre.”

Qin Yu is quite shaken.

He finally understands what Hou Fei and Hei Yu were trying to say.

People on different levels will face the heavenly tribulation on different levels.

The difference is great. Not only will the power of the Tribulation Lightning increase but the form of the tribulation will also change.

Hei Yu’s face also looks completely serious, “Big brother, for Hou Fei and I, the first six were Tribulation Lightning bolts, number seven was a combination of Tribulation Lightning and Heavenly Flame, number eight was Tribulation Lightning and a Trance-inducing Hypnosis which was invisible.”

“Trance-inducing Hypnosis?”

Qin Yu asks doubtfully.

“Yes, a Trance-inducing Hypnosis.” Hei Yu seems worried and keeps talking, “Big bro, that Trance-inducing Hypnosis does not check how high your spiritual level is, but instead, tests your mind. It will lead you astray and distract your mind. When the 8th Tribulation Lightning strikes, getting distracted can result in death.”

Hou Fei also says, “This Trance-inducing Hypnosis is just some kind of illusion in your head but it is too real. Even if you know it is just an illusion, you will still get distracted. And once you are distracted…”

Qin Yu starts to get a headache.

This kind of intangible attack actually poses a big threat.

Under the influence of the Trance-inducing Hypnosis, how would it be possible to guard against that frightening 8th Tribulation Lightning bolt?

Qin Yu suddenly comes to a realization: “The 8th Tribulation strike is already so formidable, how will the 9th Tribulation strike be?”

“That is nothing, the most dangerous is the 9th strike of the Tribulation. Honestly, the hairy-mixed bird and I were only able to pass the last tribulation due to the help of Uncle Lan. Depending on our own powers, it would have been impossible.” Hou Fei seems a bit disappointed.

Qin Yu is flustered.

Hei Yu nods his head, “At the most important moment, an energy stream from the Cloud Piercing Spear, Uncle Lan gave me, flowed into my body. My power was raised several levels in an instant. Without it, how could I endure the 9th Tribulation Lightning bolt?”

Qin Yu finally gets it.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu always talk about getting helped by Uncle Lan. So it is because Uncle Lan left a stream of energy inside their weapons.

“How could Uncle Lan leave behind such a magical stream of energy which only activates when you faced the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation? Is that not too far-fetched?” Qin Yu simply cannot believe it.

Hei Yu and Hou Fei smiles at each other.

Hou Fei says confidently: “Big bro, Master’s capability is already beyond the understanding of mere mortals and has reached the realm of gods.”

Hei Yu also nods repeatedly, “Big brother, the monkey and I were training inside a mysterious place for over a hundred years, but the time in the Mortal Realm only advanced for over a year. Uncle Lan was able to bring us there, what can’t he do?”

Qin Yu starts laughing. There is no need to think too much about Uncle Lan’s capabilities. There is no way they can understand before reaching that level.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Yu. So how was your 9th Tribulation Lightning actually? Tell me in detail.” Qin Yu is still preoccupied with the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation.

Letting out a long sigh, Hou Fei speaks, “The 9th Tribulation Lightning bolt for Xiao Yu and I was almost the same. Honestly, we actually don’t know the whole attack array of that 9th Tribulation Lightning bolt. We only know that at least, there are: Tribulation Lightning, Hypnosis, Heavenly Flame, and a few more. However, in that moment our mind was all over the place and we couldn’t recognize them. If not for Master’s energy stream, we would have failed.”

The three Lion brothers are stupefied.

Tribulation Lightning, Hypnosis, Heavenly Flame and more, this 9th Tribulation strike was truly frightening.

“Big bro, not even mentioning the others, that Tribulation Lightning alone was so powerful we almost died. There was also Hypnosis, Heavenly Flame, and other stuff... In short, Xiao Hei and I felt all sorts of things while muddled and dazed. There was only darkness inside our heads.” Hou Fei laughs bitterly.

Qin Yu’s expression turns serious.

He imagines the scene in his head.

“I think that inside the 9th Tribulation Lightning bolt, there was something like a Soul Hypnosis attack that put you in that state.” Qin Yu says.

Xiao Yu and Fei Fei could not have passed the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation with their own power. The 9th Tribulation Lightning bolt is 100% dangerous, not only due to the frightening power of the lightning itself, but there are also all kinds of bizarre attacks.

Hou Fei speaks: “Big bro, that was only our 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation. Who knows how your 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation is going to be?”

Now Qin Yu remembers what Uncle Lan and Li’er had said.

Both of them had said that his 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation would be abnormally dangerous.

“How will my 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation plays out?” Qin Yu looks up to the heaven, there is no longer confidence in his heart.

The power of the 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation depends on the practitioner. Qin Yu is definitely not weaker than Hou Fei and Hei Yu so the power of his 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation will also not be weaker. Before, Hou Fei and Hei Yu got Uncle Lan’s help through the energy stream inside their weapons. But now, Uncle Lan is gone and Qin Yu can only depend on himself.

“Hey, you two don’t have to make such a ruckus. I will not be over confident so don’t be worried. If I think the danger is too great, I will immediately take out the Sword Immortal Puppet. The Puppet can be seen as a part of me, just like an Immortal weapon. There should be no problem in using it.”

In that dangerous moment, even Qin Yu does not dare to play hero. Normally, if someone receives help during the tribulation, the tribulation will multiply in power and strike both of them. But that will not happen if he were to use the Sword Immortal puppet. Qin Yu has bound the Puppet with his blood so it’s like a very special Immortal weapon or a clone of him.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu both say: “Uhm, there should be no problem if you have the puppet.”

Saying that, both of them are still worried inside.

They know that the 9th Tribulation Lightning bolt will cause a trance. In that kind of state, how could one use the Sword Immortal puppet to defend themself? They fear that Qin Yu may even forget he is undergoing the tribulation in the first place.

Qin Yu is also clear about that point.

It’s just that if one were to fall completely into a trance then their mental level is just too weak. Qin Yu is very confident in the stability of his mind.

Furthermore, his 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation will definitely be different than the one of Hou Fei and Hei Yu. He will only know how his 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation is when the time comes.

During the next few days, Qin Yu does his best to rest. Sometimes he watches the seagulls flying above the ocean and sometimes he looks at the waves striking the shore. Quickly, the day of the tribulation arrives.

Faraway, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, and the three Extreme-Ice Lion Divine Beasts are looking anxiously. Facing the tribulation, no one is allowed to help. Only someone on the level of defying the heavens may do so.

“Finally, it’s here!”

Qin Yu suddenly stands up and looks towards the sky.

The airspace instantly turns heavier. The originally blue sky has turned into a dark crimson oven. The sky seems to crash down while the earth seems to rise up. An intense pressure radiates and at the same time, in the crimson red sky appears a gigantic tornado.

“The Heavenly Tribulation is here!” Hou Fei and Hei Yu both tense up.

Like a tornado, the dark crimson airspace suddenly emits countless lightning bolts, the number of bolts reaching a horrifying level. Countless lightning bolts flow like water towards the tornado and concentrate in the core. Because of so much lightning, a thousand miles of airspace seems charged with electricity and the air flashes with light.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu look at each other while turning pale.

Going by the amount and speed of the lightning bolts alone, it is already much more terrifying than their own tribulations.

They are worried for Qin Yu but Qin Yu himself is without fear, looking defiantly at the sky.

End of Book 11 Chapter 27

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