Book 11 Chapter 26 – The Superior Divine Beast with the Strongest Combat Strength

Book 11 Chapter 26 – The Superior Divine Beast with the Strongest Combat Strength

Qin Yu felt a bit of a headache because Fei Fei still acted in an unruly temperament. This expert in front of them is extremely powerful. Even if the three brothers faced him together, they may still not have a chance. Despite this, Hou Fei still acted proudly, and Qin Yu did not say anything about this.

After all, he still had the Qing Yu Immortal Mansion. Man Qian coldly stared at Hou Fei and Hou Fei stared back at Man Qian, both of them are unwilling to back down.

“Alright, alright. As expected, your arrogance makes you worthy of being a Fiery-Eyed Aquatic Monkey.” Man Qian suddenly bursts out in laughter.

Hou Fei, Qin Yu, and Hei Yu all felt very surprised. In this Mortal Realm, there are very few people who are capable of recognizing Hou Fei’s identity, but this Man Qian readily said it. Furthermore, at this moment, a barrier was erected to prevent ordinary people who are outside of the barrier from hearing their conversation.

Qin Yu stands up, with a smile he says, “Brother Man Qian, let me give you an introduction. This is my second brother Hou Fei, he is quite unruly. Brother Man Qian, please don’t mind too much. This is my third brother Hei Yu, his temperament is much colder than my second brother.”


Man Qian’s eyes lit up with surprise as he looked at Hei Yu. Man Qian looked at Hei Yu for quite a while, feeling puzzled, he says, “A Divine Beast? When did the bird species of Divine Beasts ever have a species like yours? Could it possibly be that you are a variant from the bird species?”

“I don’t know.” Hei Yu only lets these three words out of his mouth.

Man Qian laughs, “That’s quite interesting.”

Man Qian suddenly looks at Qin Yu and laughs, saying, “You’re a human. A human that is capable of being the big brother to a Fiery-Eyed Aquatic Monkey and a Divine Beast that even I cannot recognize makes me really surprised.”

“I humbly am Qin Yu, a simple Xiuzhenist.” Qin Yu says with a smile.

Man Qian nods his head. After taking a look at the other four Divine Beasts, Man Qian says to Qin Yu, “Brother Qin Yu, I really admire you for being actually able to tame these four middle-class Divine Beasts. But for these four middle-class Divine Beasts, being with Hou Fei, I presume that they have gained a pretty good training technique which can be considered their good fortune.”

Of course Man Qian knows Hou Fei’s Divine Beast class.

“You all are using transmitters right? Give me your transmitter for a second. If, in the future, you have some troubles, you can find me. I believe… I can resolve any ordinary issue in the Mortal Realm.” Man Qian sincerely smiles.

Qin Yu experienced heartfelt surprise.

To be honest, the dark, burly man in front of them gives of a thick aura, and when his face turns cold, it is extremely terrifying. But when this Man Qian smiles, it gives off the feeling of being trustworthy.

“A natural born leader.” Qin Yu asserts to himself.

A coldness that makes people fearful and a smile that causes people to trust in him.

For Qin Yu, it was his first time ever meeting a person like this.

Both Hou Fei and Hei Yu could be classified as being the more proud and aloof type.

Of course Qin Yu was happy to make a new friend. In a matter of moments, Man Qian would be leaving his holy sense’s imprint.

“Brother Qin Yu, Hou Fei, and Hei Yu. I currently have some important business to attend to on Teng Long Continent, so now, we will be separated from each other for the time being. If something happens, you can find me with the transmitter.” Man Qian says while looking at Qin Yu and his brothers. At this moment, Man Qian also released the surrounding barrier.

Qin Yu stands up and says, “If we have the opportunity, we will definitely meet with brother Man Qian again.” Even Hou Fei and Hei Yu both stood up, they felt that the dark, burly man in front of them was someone worth getting along with.

“I shall take my leave.”

Man Qian makes the respectful gesture of cupping his hands together towards Qin Yu before leaving. In two, three steps, Man Qian left the restaurant. He vanishes from everyone’s sight. They did not know if it was teleportation or some special ability.

“I never thought that I could run into such an incomprehensible (深不可测) expert on Qian Long Continent.” Qin Yu sighed to himself.

“Master, just now, what did that burly man talk to you guys about?” Ink Qilin transmits. Even Shi Xin and his brothers look over with a puzzled expression.

A moment ago, Man Qian put up a barrier so that only he and Qin Yu’s brothers could engage in the conversation. Shi Xin and the other Divine Beasts simply could not hear the conversation.

“Nothing much. Alright, prepare to return to the royal palace.” Qin Yu says indifferently. Immediately, the four Divine Beasts halted their inquiry.

Immediately, they all returned to the royal palace.

“Is this the fathering place for loose devils? There are three pieces to the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. The Dragon Clan has one piece, the loose devils have one, and there is another piece that even I cannot find. The Dragon Clan Emissary along with the Dragon Clan Leader having a top grade Immortal weapon would not be too difficult to deal with, but it would be quite troublesome. The loose devil side would be a bit easier to deal with.”

As Man Qian was looking at the vast and enormous mountains of the Yin Yue Mountains, he was scheming in his thoughts.

Yin Yue Mountain, the place the where loose devils number in the tens of thousands and ordinary Xiumoists number in the hundreds of thousands. They all come from various Xiumo sects. Now, with Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun in command, the loose devil side has been able to stand tall once more.

With two, three steps, Man Qian has already arrived at Yin Yue Palace.

“Who goes there?” A Yin Yue Palace loose devil guard says.

Man Qian casually looks the loose devil in the eyes. A purple light radiates from Man Qian’s pupils and immediately that loose devils expression becomes motionless.

That loose devil guard only regained consciousness after a good while, “What was that just now, I dozed off? I, a loose devil, can still doze off?” After thinking about it, that loose devil, no matter what, was unable to recall what exactly transpired a moment ago.

As for Man Qian, he has already relaxingly gone ahead.

On the road, many loose devils greeted Man Qian. These loose devils assumed that Man Qian was some sort of Devil Path expert.

Only a few loose devil guards approached Man Qian to question him, but once Man Qian casually looked them in the eyes, each and every one of those loose devils seemed as if they had lost their souls. All of them obediently let him pass through. Through this method… Man Qian directly arrived at the heart of Yin Yue Palace – Blood Devil Hall.

“Blood Devil Hall? A level one Devil King known as ‘Blood Devil’ is nothing more than someone who wants to flaunt their powers in the Mortal Realm.” Man Qian says with a smile while standing outside of Blood Devil Hall.

Man Qian’s voice was not loud, but out of those who are in the area surrounding Blood Devil Hall and those within, who is not an expert? Thus, all the experts heard this voice, including Blood Devil Hall’s Devil Realm’s Emissary – Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun.

“How dare you act so presumptuously outside Blood Devil Hall!”

Along with this angry shout, a blood red ray of light shot towards Man Qian.

“A 12th tribulation loose devil.” Man Qian shakes his head and smiles, “Go away.”

He waves his hand.

With the wave of his hand, the now stronger Wu Kong Xue with a top grade Devil weapon coughs up a mouthful of fresh blood. He helplessly crashes on top of Blood Devil Hall and then drops to the ground. Afterwards, Dame Lian Yue who was preparing to fight is now completely scared stiff.

My god, even though Wu Kong Xue’s strength was multiplicatively improved, he was not a match for one move. The man in front of them was just too excessively powerful.

“Who is making a ruckus outside? Are they asking to die?”

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun speaks with a tyrannical voice. A blood red ray of light suddenly appears out of thin air outside of the Blood Devil Hall’s main hall.

During these days, Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun has been living like a prince, as he received the praises of countless loose devils. As this was the case, he gained an aura of someone who is in power. Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun radiated a terrifying red light. He looks towards the dark, burly man who was being so audacious right outside Blood Devil Hall.

“You are… Man Qian? Man Qian, it really is you.” Du Zhong Jun felt very shocked.

“Oh, I was wondering who the Devil Realm would send out. Turns out it is you. No wonder. There are very few level 1 Devil King elites in the Devil Realm, you can be considered as being not bad.” Man Qian says with a faint smile on his face.

Du Zhong Jun squints, “Who would have thought. The Demon Realm’s Beast Clan is actually willing to send you out. Aren’t you guys afraid of the possibility of dying within the Ni Yang Realm? If you die, it would be a huge blow to the Beast Clan.”

“Dying due to a lack of strength cannot be blamed on anyone else.” Man Qian says indifferently.

“Truly worthy of being called the most powerful Superior Divine Beast, Purple-Eyed Cow Devil King. Within the Beast Clan’s Superior Divine Beast ranks, I believe only your Purple-Eyed Cow Devil Kings possess the natural strength of being a leader. To actually be willing to let you descend to the Mortal Realm… that’s truly a huge willingness to use resources.” Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun could not help but sigh.

Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun is one of the Blood Devil Emperor’s valued elites. A few elites in the Demon Realm would know of this.

Each and every one of the Demon Realm’s Superior Divine Beasts were all of the utmost important figures. To send a Superior Divine Beast to descend to the Mortal Realm is truly terrifying. And even amongst the major Superior Divine Beasts, the Purple-Eyed Cow Devil Kings are known to be the strongest in terms of military prowess!

“Lian Yue, immediately prepare a feast. I want to have a nice drink with brother Man Qian.” Du Zhong Jun says to Dame Lian Yue who was at his side.

“Yes, Senior Blood Devil.”

Dame Lian Yue understood. This Man Qian must be the Demon Realm’s Emissary and also happens to be especially strong, so much that Du Zhong Jun unconsciously put himself in a vulnerable state.

“I don’t know whether or not brother Man Qian is willing to give me face.” Du Zhong Jun smiles. (TL: “Giving face” is the concept of not letting another person disgrace themselves)

“Of course I will give you face.” Man Qian faintly smiles.

If Man Qian does not need to take action, he would not bother. As Man Qian is a Superior Divine Beast that descended to the Mortal Realm, the Demon Emperor naturally gave him exceptional treasures. After all, even if he is the Demon Emperor, he would not dare to casually let a Superior Divine Beast Purple-Eyed Cow Devil King die.

Furthermore, Man Qian was one hundred percent confident in himself. Whether it is individual strength or various types of weapons and armors, he was absolutely superior to the other Emissaries.

Of course, Man Qian also knew that each Emissary had their own special techniques. If it really comes down to a life and death battle, even if he were to kill his opponent, he would definitely be injured. Thus, not needing to take action to achieve his goals would naturally mean that he didn’t need to fight.

During the feast.

“Come, brother Man Qian. Drink this cup.” Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun gently laughs as he makes a toast.


Man Qian did not refuse and drank more than three rounds of alcohol. Man Qian puts down his wine cup and says, “Du Zhong Jun, you must already know the reason as to why I have come here. I ask you, how many people can that that Heaven-Sundering Diagram bring into the Ni Yang Realm. Don’t lie to me, I can also get information from other people.”

Tell lies?

Superior Divine Beast Purple-Eyed Cow Devil King, a Superior Divine Beast that is most capable of causing the Immortal Realm and Devil Realm to feel uneasy. Their temperament was very extreme. If they treat you well, that is your good fortune. If you dare deceive them, the wrathful, crazy Purple-Eyed Cow Devil King will let you truly understand what is called a ‘Mad Cow’.

“Other than the one wielding the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, it can also take five others with it.” Du Zhong Jun says because he does not have the slightest reason to conceal the truth.

“This means that your piece of the Heaven-Sundering Diagram will let a group of six people in. Hm… I want the other three spots. What do you say?” Man Qian directly says this without beating around the bush.

Du Zhong Jun stares blankly.

What a big appetite. In one breath he asked for the three spots.

“Well? Du Zhong Jun, could it be that you feel that there is something wrong with my proposal?” Man Qian asks.

Du Zhong Jun’s heart thumped. A Superior Divine Beast descending to the Mortal Realm would definitely have a top grade Demon weapon. Not to mention the special status of Superior Divine Beasts, the Beast Clan might have feared the possibility of Man Qian’s death, and provided him with a precious low-grade God weapon. This was hard to say.

Du Zhong Jun clearly understood the situation.

Even if Man Qian did not have a low-grade God weapon and merely used a top grade Demon weapon, Du Zhong Jun would still not be capable of being hostile towards him.

The Superior Divine Beast with the most powerful combative force known amongst Superior Divine Beasts. How could Du Zhong Jun compare to this level 1 Demon Lord Purple-Eyed Cow Devil King’s strength.

“No objections, of course I have no objections.” Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun smiles, “Entering the Ni Yang Realm isn’t about numbers, what’s important are experts. My loose devil side has Wu Kong Xue and some other support. If others went, they would only be going to die. These three spots will be given to brother Man Qian. I happily perform this favor for you.

Man Qian makes a toast with a smile, saying, “Then I shall thank brother Du. Come. Drink.”

Within a brief conversation, the originally, insufferably arrogant Du Zhong Jun had given the three spots of the Heaven-Sundering Diagram to Man Qian.


At this moment, Qin De and Qin Feng returned from Stellar Tower and met up with Qin Yu.

Originally, when the loose immortal side and the loose devil side came to Qian Long Continent to fight the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, over ten million citizens of the Qin Dynasty had been killed. But fortunately, the army did not suffer any losses whatsoever. Thus, the Qin Dynasty only needed to move its capital city and make arrangements for victims of the incident. Overall, there was not a huge loss.

These days, Qin Yu is living in his childhood residence, the Misty Villa.

Looking at the mountain road of Mount Dong Lan, Qin Yu still remembered the time that he engaged in limit training, constantly running on that mountain road. He also remembered every day resting in the hot springs. Seeing the sand bags on the training field, bronze training dummies, and a block of bluestone, the feeling of recalling his childhood memories was quite wonderful.

“Father, eldest brother, second brother, be at ease. Although this 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation is dangerous, I have a lot of treasures, so passing this 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation is not impossible. Furthermore, even if I fail and become a loose practitioner, that doesn’t really count for anything.

At the Misty Villa, Qin Yu is currently bidding farewell to his loved ones.

“Yu’er, remember. When engaging in the tribulation, if you can no longer withstand it, then become a loose practitioner. Do not try to be brave. Do you understand?” Qin De strongly urges once more.

Even if Qin De’s thoughts were better, he knew that his own son was about to face the most dangerous 9-in-9 heavenly tribulation, and could not help but feel worry.

“Alright, father, eldest brother, second brother, Uncle Feng, Uncle Yu… I must take my leave. You all do not need to see me off.” Qin Yu turns around and looks at Ink Qilin, “Little Ink, you are a 3rd tribulation loose demon, from now on, practice in peace and protect my Qin Clan’s family. If my father sends you a transmission, I hope that you will go and lend a helping hand.”

Ink Qilin nods, “Don’t worry, simply because master passed a training technique to me, it was already worth it for me to you all. If not for a millennium, as long as I am around, no one will dare hurt your relatives.

Qin Yu nods.

Immediately, Qin Yu turned to look towards his loved ones.

“All of you, don’t have that sort of expression… It’s not like I am going off to die, nor am I going away and not returning. Alright. Enough talk, Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, let’s leave.” Qin Yu truly could not bear with the feelings of departure. At once, with one movement, his figure directly flew into the sky to leave.

Hou Fei, Hei Yu, and the three Extreme-Ice Lion beasts followed and flew away from the Misty Villa.

Qin De, Qin Feng, Qin Zheng, and Feng Yu Zi all looked at Qin Yu as he flew into the horizon, each of them silently wished Qin Yu well in their hearts.

End of Book 11 Chapter 26

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