Book 11 Chapter 23: Blood Devil (translated by Saima)

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 23: Blood Devil (translated by Saima)

In the flower garden, behind the Qing Yu Immortal Mansion, red autumn leaves are falling. Qin Yu sits with his bent back on the grass under a great tree. His eyes seems dazed, making it hard to tell what is going on inside his mind. After parting with Zong Jue at Qing Xu Mountain, Qin Yu and his brothers have quickly entered Qing Yu Immortal Mansion.

While Hou Fei, Hei Yu and the 3 Ice Lion brothers are talking loudly, Qin Yu thinks in silence:

“In the current situation, Fang Tian and Zong Jue definitely thought that a mysterious new sect has appeared. The experts of this sect include Sword Immortal Lan Feng and the mysterious Uncle Lan while in the younger generation, there are me and the likes of Fei Fei. Moreover, with Lan Feng putting such pressure on the Immortal Realm Emissary, future development will be favorable.”

The corner of Qin Yu’s mouth can’t help but smiles in amusement.

If you want an advantage, first you must invest.

Using almost 20% of the top grade elemental holy ore was Qin Yu’s investment this time.

Of course, the profits will be gained soon and Qin Yu’s target is top grade elemental holy ore.

There is a shining light in Qin Yu’s eyes: “The Immortal Realm Emissary has so much treasure, he will definitely have top grade elemental holy ore. If anything, top grade elemental holy ore from one Immortal Realm Emissary is not enough for me. is also the Devil Realm Emissary, Demon Realm Emissary, Dragon Clan Emissary…their treasures are definitely not few in number and they might have even more top grade elemental holy ores than the Immortal Realm Emissary.”

With a face full of awe but also joy, Hou Fei comes running and shouts after seeing Qin Yu from afar. “Big bro, why are you just sitting here? Come, the 3 Ice Lions are challenging the hairy mixed bird to a duel at the arena in the western corridor. Hahaha, they think they are pretty strong because they are 3 people. However, the hairy mixed bird is very strong as well, even though he is still weaker than me.” After saying that, Hou Fei grabs Qin Yu and pulls him away.

Qin Yu is laughing: “Oh, the 3 Lion brothers versus Xiao Hei! Interesting, this should be very interesting indeed!”

In the Qing Yu Immortal Mansion, everyone will fight whenever they are bored. This idea came from Hou Fei, who cannot stand calmness due to his violent nature.

Qin Yu is thinking about something else. “As the Immortal Realm Emissary is already here, the other emissaries should also descend quickly.”

Immortal Realm Emissary Hua Yan and Reverend Ming Liang are flying side by side, with a few dozen loose immortals in tow.

A short time after his descent to the Mortal Realm, Hua Yan has already decided to rob the loose devils of their Heaven-Sundering Diagram.

“According to Ming Liang, except for that mysterious Lan Feng, I should be the first Ascended Realm emissary to descend.” His face looking a bit more cheerful, Hua Yan keeps talking: “Firstly, we must use this chance for a raid. Fang Tian was defeated by me, but only because he didn’t use his Hereditary Dragon Pearl.”

After talking with Ming Liang, Hua Yan now knows that the Dragon Clan still has their Hereditary Dragon Pearl.

Fang Tian is already so formidable without the Hereditary Dragon Pearl. If he uses it, Hua Yan will have even more difficulty winning. The other side holding a Heaven-Sundering Diagram is the loose devils and they are weak on top of that. Of course, this is only in compare to Hua Yan.

Hua Yan keeps thinking in his mind:” Who will be the Emissary for the Devil Realm? A follower of the Blood Devil Emperor, Black Devil Emperor, or Asura Devil Emperor? Actually, any of them would cause Hua Yan a headache. These three Devil Emperors are using the 3 greatest devil paths as their titles, one can only imagine their power. Even though he can see the difficulty, Hua Yan is not too afraid. The fame of Sword Immortals is also not without reason.

Hua Yan laughs casually and says: “Hmpf, Devil Realm Emissary, I shall get that Heaven-Sundering Diagram before you descend. After it is in my hands, let’s see how you can get it back.”

Reverend Ming Liang says humbly: “Senior Hua Yan, Yin Yue mountain range is already before us.”

“Alright.” Hua Yan nods his head while using his holy sense to cover the whole Yin Yue Mountain range.

Yin Yue Mountain range.

Wu Kong Xue is commandeering tens of thousands loose devils to move around wood and rocks to recover the Yin Yue mountain range to its former appearance. Yin Yue Palace was also rebuilt by the loose devils. They are trying their best because the Devil Realm Emissary will soon descend.

After the Immortal Realm Emissary descends, the others will soon follow.

Dame Lian Yue is currently depressed. After so many repeated losses, her face shows signs of fatigue.

Countless injured Yin Yue Palace disciples, the Yin Yue Mountain range was destroyed, the loose devils were even attacked by four mysterious experts and even Wu Kong Xue was suppressed by one of them. The loose devils’ normal cocky behavior is all but gone.

On a small mountain within the Yin Yue Mountain range, Wu Kong Xue is standing at the top of the mountain while strong winds are brushing against his blood red cloud.

Dame Lian Yue stands beside Wu Kong Xue.

“Wu Kong Xue, the Devil Realm Emissary will soon descend. According to my latest information, the Emissary is a follower of the Blood Devil Emperor, one of the 3 strongest Devil Emperors.”

Wu Kong Xue speaks with his eyes shining: “Blood Devil Emperor?”

Wu Kong Xue doesn’t know much regarding the affairs of the Devil Realm. Only Dame Lian Yue has some information because she often exchanges messages with the Ascended Realm. Lately, Dame Lian Yue has been talking to Wu Kong Xue about the affairs of the Devil Realm, which is the only reason why he knows about the Blood Devil Emperor.

The 3 strongest Devil Emperors are the Blood Devil Emperor, the Black devil Emperor and the Asura Devil Emperor, with the Blood Devil Emperor, a practitioner of the Blood devil path being the strongest of them. Wu Kong Xue also practices the Blood Devil path. After ascending, he will surely join the faction of the Blood Devil Emperor.

“Lian Yue, you are talking about…”

Wu Kong Xue suddenly furrows his brow. A tremendous holy sense is currently expanding over the Yin Yue Mountain range. That holy sense is so thick it is terrifying.

“I am the Immortal Realm Emissary, Sword Immortal Hua Yan. You people better give me the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. If you take more than the time for me to drink a cup of tea, I will kill all 10th tribulation loose devils and above inside Yin Yue Mountain range, no exception.”

Hua Yan’s cold voice resounded.

No surrender equals death, not even a shred of mercy.

Killing all 10th tribulation loose devils and above? Does that not mean killing off all the top experts from the Xiumoist side? If all of those top experts die, the Xiumoist will officially become the weakest faction.

With blood shot eyes, Wu Kong Xue stands perfectly still and looks at Sword Immortal Hua Yan from afar.

“The Immortal Realm Emissary?” Wu Kong Xue’s eyes are twitching as he saw reverend Ming Liang standing in a respectful pose behind Hua Yan. An Immortal who can cause to him to act so humbled is definitely the Immortal Realm Emissary.

Furthermore, the holy sense purposely emitted by Hua Yan is enough to put a great pressure on Wu Kong Xue.

Hua Yan says coldly: “Half the time is over but I still have not seen the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. Alright, if nothing changes after the deadline, all experts starting at the 10th tribulation will end up like this mountain.”

Finished talking, Hua Yan’s right hand grabs the sword handle behind his back slowly.

The sword is drawn.

Instantly, a sword wave fills the heaven, shining brightly.

Unbelievably, just like cutting a tofu, that shining sword wave easily cut through the tallest mountain of the Yin Yue Mountain range. With a loud ‘BAM’, the mountain top falls down, causing countless loose devils to jump around dodging wildly.

Feeling cold sweat, Wu Kong Xue, Dame Lian Yue, Wu Hei, and Fire Devil all turned pale.

Too strong.

Even Wu Kong Xue instinctively feels that he cannot take that one hit.

How could the 6th move of the 7-Star Sword Art be trifled with? Hua Yan has used a high level technique as his opening move in order to intimidate the enemy.

Hua Yan knows all too well that if the opponent does not want to surrender the Heaven-Sundering Diagram then even if he kills off all of their experts, he will not find the treasure. This time he did not come to kill but to acquire the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. That is why he used up his power to unleash a high level technique.

Wu Kong Xue and Dame Lian Yue are looking at each other.

“Lian Yue, this Immortal Realm Emissary is just too strong and we stand no chance against him. What should we do?” Fire Devil is very worried.

Dame Lian Yue in turn looks at Wu Kong Xue. “Wu Kong Xue, what do you think we should do?”

Wu Kong Xue also stays silent.

He doesn’t even think about surrendering the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, but the enemy this time is just too strong.

Suddenly, at that moment…

“BANG! BOOM….” A sound that shakes the heaven and the earth comes along with a space tremor that twists the air like ocean waves. It pours out in all directions, breaking trees and turns rocks to dust. With that one space tremor, the enormous Yin Yue Mountain range was already 30-40% destroyed.

The air above Yin Yue Mountain range is spinning. Colorful and blinding lights are shining nonstop.


“Haha! Finally arrived, haha!” Together with a maddening laugh, a gigantic blood cloud smelling like fresh blood suddenly covers the sky. Comparing to Wu Kong Xue’s cloud, this one is much bigger and the smell is even more rustic.

The one arrived has long red hair, wearing violet armor. On the surface of his armor there is a red stream flowing. His whole body seems like a violent lion.

“Du Zhong Jun!” Hua Yan looks at the newcomer from far away and can’t help mumbling. “The Blood Devil Emperor actually sent this lunatic, this is going to be troublesome.”

Wu Kong Xue, Dame Lian Yue, Fire Devil, and Wu Hei are all delighted because this stranger is definitely the Devil Realm Emissary. At their most perilous moment, the Devil Realm Emissary has descended, how could they not be overjoyed?

Wu Kong Xue and the other three fly towards the sky while the loose devils behind them are dividing in two lines. They all stand in a humble pose for the welcoming.

“Lian Yue of Yin Yue Palace welcomes the Devil Realm Emissary. This gentleman here is Wu Kong Xue.” Dame Lian Yue starts off.

Wu Kong Xue also bows slightly. “I am Wu Kong Xue, paying my respect to senior.”

Looking at Wu Kong Xue, the Devil Realm Emissary’s eyes are flashing and he says: “Good, good. A practitioner of the Path of the Blood Devil. Very good. Our Path of the Blood Devil is the strongest Devil Path of all, you should feel yourself lucky for practicing it.

Opening his wide mouth, looking like a bowl of blood, the Emissary says in a boastful manner: “Lian Yue and Wu Kong Xue, you have done a great deed. Lord Blood Devil Emperor rewards each of you with a top grade Devil weapon, take them.”

In the hand of the Devil Realm Emissary appear a blood red colored sword and a blood red colored disk. At that moment, he releases the blood pact from them.

“Lian Yue, you don’t practice the Path of the Blood Devil and cannot use the ‘Blood Moon’ so take this sword. Wu Kong Xue, as you practice the Path of the Blood Devil, your power will rise several times after refining this ‘Blood Moon’.”

The Devil Realm Emissary laughs loudly.

Dame Lian Yue and Wu Kong Xue’s eyes are sparkling.

Top grade Devil weapon!

“We are very grateful toward Lord Blood Devil Emperor and Lord Emissary.” Dame Lan Yue and Wu Kong Xue are very respectful.

“Emissary? Hm, you don’t have to call me Emissary or anything, just call me… hm, call me Lord Blood Devil. Haha, Blood Devil.” The Devil Realm Emissary seems very happy.

“Hmpf, Du Zhong Jun. The skin on your face is thick indeed.”

An uncaring voice resounds.

“What?” Blood Devil snorts coldly, then looks toward the distance and starts laughing. “Oh, so it was actually Hua Yan. Hua Yan, you are a lackey of Sovereign Yu isn’t it? After meeting last time, I didn’t think you would become the Immortal Realm Emissary.”

Hua Yan laughs in an aloof manner. “And I didn’t think there is someone with such thick skin who dares call himself Blood Devil.”

In the Devil Realm, being called Blood Devil is the greatest honor for a Blood Devil Path practitioner.

From all expert of the Devil Lord level (=Golden Immortal), only one is called Blood Devil Lord. Likewise, from all expert of the Devil Emperor level (=Mystic Immortal), only one is titled Blood Devil Emperor.

This Du Zhong Jun may be a bit talented but he has only reached the Level 1 Devil Lord stage. Of course he cannot be called Blood Devil Lord.

“Haha… in this Mortal Realm, who can compare to me when it comes to practicing the Path of the Blood Devil? You white faced brat, I can call myself Blood Devil in the Mortal Realm if I want. It is none of your business.” Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun says nonchalantly.

Devil Realm Emissary Du Zhong Jun is only calling himself ‘Blood Devil’ for some personal satisfaction.

“We pay our respect to senior Blood Devil.” Wu Kong Xue and Dame Lian Yue are quick on their feet and speak respectfully.

The other loose devils also say hastily: “We pay our respect to senior Blood Devil”

“Haha…” Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun laughs loudly in satisfaction.

“Hua Yan, you are the Immortal Realm Emissary. Why have you come to my place?” Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s face suddenly hardens. Wu Kong Xue beside him says hurriedly: “Senior Blood Devil, this Hua Yan has come to rob us of our Heaven-Sundering Diagram. He said if we do not surrender the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, he will kill all 10th tribulation loose devils and above present.”

The colors on Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s face changes.

“Not bad, Hua Yan. I didn’t actually want to kill any loose immortal but unexpectedly, you’ve come here to me.” Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun’s face turns savage with a hint of killing intent.

Hua Yan furrows his brow.

He knows Du Zhong Jun’s character well, dealing with this one is problematic.

“We are going.” Hua Yan speaks to the loose immortals and turns to leave.

“Wait! Hua Yan, don’t leave so quickly.” Blood Devil Du Zhong Jun shouts loudly while using his devil sense at the same time. “Wu Kong Xue, where is the Heaven-Sundering Diagram?”

If the Heaven-Sundering Diagram was already stolen by Hua Yan, of course he must get it back.

Wu Kong Xue answers immediately: “You can be at ease senior. The Heaven-Sundering Diagram is still with us.”

“Blood Devil, why do I have to stay here?” Hua Yan looks at Blood Devil coldly.

Du Zhong Jun smiles with his teeth shining: “Nothing at all, I just wanted to warn you. The most pleasurable thing for a practitioner of the Path of the Blood Devil is killing people. I’m a genius of the Path of the Blood Devil so I am even more… Soon, I might want to go on a killing spree, you better take care of your subordinates then.” While talking, he glances over the loose immortals with a greedy look.

“Hmm, if you have the skill, then come.” Sword Immortal Hua Yan snorts coldly, then takes his followers and quickly departs.

End of Book 11 Chapter 23

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