Book 11 Chapter 21: 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman (translated by Saima)

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 21: 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman (translated by Saima)

Hua Yan is not a simple brute, or else Sovereign Yu would not have sent him on such an important mission.

Looking at Zong Jue’s arrogance and facial expression, Hua Yan suddenly thinks:

“Can it be that Zong Jue still has a secret treasure he keeps hidden?”

Hua Yan starts to quicken his thoughts.

“In terms of personal power, there are not a lot of differences between Zong Jue and I. I can only count on my top grade Immortal weapon, top grade armor, elixirs, and talismans. If Zong Jue truly possesses a powerful treasure, I am not certain that I will be victorious.”

Now, Hua Yan has come to a halt.

If he wants to solidify his position, then he must win.

But if he tries to make an example out of Zong Jue and gets beaten instead, he will immediately lose face and all his reputation.

“There is always a reason for arrogance, especially from someone in a high position. He has already seen some of my power but can still keep being arrogant. Without a treasure, he wouldn’t dare.”

Hua Yan is 100% sure. At this moment, the target for him to display his power changed.

Hua Yan is not wrong.

Zong Jue does have a treasure he has never used before. That was the treasure given to him by Senior Lan. It is also the reason why Zong Jue shows so much friendliness towards Qin Yu and is respectful to Senior Lan. Zong Jue does not want to use his final trump card, but if his hand is forced, of course he will use it.

That’s the reason why Zong Jue can be arrogant.

Showing arrogance without power will only result in more shame after defeat.

That is why…

Fang Tian is not conceited, because the Heritage Pearl belongs to the Dragon clan and not himself. Furthermore, even if he uses it, he is not sure he can win against Hua Yan.

Now the target for Hua Yan to display his power has turned into ‘Fang Tian’.

“Ha ha…”

Sword Immortal Hua Yan suddenly looks at the sky and laughs out loud. The sound gets louder and louder, even giving the weaker people presents a headache. Then Hua Yan stops laughing and looks at Fang Tian and Zong Jue coldly:

“Showing off... Hmmpf. I am the one and only Immortal Realm Emissary, and I still have to show off?”

The one and only Immortal Realm Emissary, and still has to show off?

An utterly arrogant sentence, but the loose Immortals present can’t help but feel uncontrollably respectful towards Hua Yan.

“I’m looking for you two not to show off my power, but to ask why you feel the need to destroy the Ten Development Illusionary Formation of Qing Xu Mountain. All the Xiuxianist on the Teng Long continent are practitioners of the Immortal way. I am the Immortal Realm Emissary, of course I have to defend the interests of my fellow practitioners. I say this here and now, opposing the Xiuxianists means opposing me and also the sword in my hand.”

Hua Yan’s voice echoes faraway, everyone on Qing Xu Mountain heard it clearly.

Instantly, the loose Immortals all make a face of glee and delight, a few ten thousands even start to cheer wildly.

“But Fang Tian and Zong Jue, you two selfishly rely on your powerful strength and destroyed the Ten Development Illusionary Formation of Qing Xu Mountain. I just want to reason with you, how is that not allowed?”

Hua Yan raises his voice, stating everything openly.

Fang Tian and Zong Jue’s faces are as cold as ice.

Qin Yu and his brothers behind Zong Jue however, thought differently.

“Big bro, this Hua Yan really knows how to babble his mouth, he can even turn black into white. He just wants to show off but is putting on such big show.” Hou Fei said with his demon sense in irritation.

Qin Yu answers: “Don’t worry, Fang Tian and Zong Jue are the two top experts of the Mortal Realm. How can they be troubled by this?”


Fang Tian starts talking.

“Hua Yan.”

Fang Tian shows seriousness in his face.

“No matter Mortal or Ascended realm, I think experts reign supreme. Because experts are reigning supreme, your master—Sovereign Yu was able to become one of the top powers of the Immortal Realm.

Experts reign supreme and for me and Zong Jue, Qing Xu sect is only a minor school. We can step on it if we want. Now we already did, what is the big problem? Hua Yan, you are unhappy. But you are a Golden Immortal and no longer a hot blooded young man just embarking on the path of training. You are not stupid enough to spout some nonsense about justice right? That only serves to fool little kids.”

Fang Tian says while smiling coldly.

“If you wish to display your powers then just say it, no need to beat around the bush. You talking sophistry is just giving me goose bumps and makes me look down on you even more.”

The experts from the Dragon clan also follow.

“Clan leader is right, if you want to attack then just do it openly, why talk so much. Hmpf, is this a joke or what.”

Black Dragon Ao Xu said coldly.

The Dragon Clan gets haughtier.

Facing the ridicule from the Dragon Clan, Hua Yan just laughs lightly, not showing anger.

“I’m not talking about justice, I’m just saying… I am the Immortal Realm Emissary, they are my fellow Immortal practitioners. They are on my side so of course I have to protect them. If someone touches them I will cut off his hand.”

Hua Yan’s voice turns vehemently cold again.

“Dragon Clan leader, you understand now?”

Fang Tian lets out a small laugh.

“If you want to attack then do it quickly.”

Hua Yan smiles brightly in respond.

“If you have lost your patience then I also want to see, based on what did you dare to humiliate all the Xiuxianist here.”


Like a blooming lotus, Hua Yan’s body is surrounded by sword auras while his figure transforms into a gigantic sword. Hua Yan’s right hand grabs at the sword handle behind his back and slowly draws it out of its sheath. While the sword is drawn, a terrific sword aura rises rapidly.

Fang Tian holds his head high, a dragon’s roar coming out of his mouth. At the same time, Fang Tian disappears and a one thousand meters long gigantic golden dragon materializes on Qing Xu Mountain. The immense regal aura and respire of the gigantic golden dragon fills up space and except for some, most people present would feel a terrifying pressure.

“7-Star Sword Art, Opening Move!”

A low voice resounds. The right arm drawing the sword disappears and simultaneously, a shining light flies towards the golden dragon.


With only a light touch from the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon’s claw, the attack was dissipated.

“Hua Yan, only using the opening sword move against me… aren’t you a bit too arrogant?”

Fang Tian’s voice comes out from inside the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon’s mouth.

“Good, if you really want to taste my power then I shall no longer hold back.”

Hua Yan shows a frivolous smile.

Then Hua Yan straighten himself, his whole body moves around like a flexible sword and the Immortal sword in his hand transforms into thousands upon ten thousand of sword images.

“7-Star Sword Art, Sabre of Light-form!”

Like a dreamy illusion, countless sword images quickly fill up the air space, layer upon layer, stretching until infinity. The loose Immortals below can’t help feeling anxious. Any of these swords could kill them easily.

Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Fang Tian also feels that this attack from Hua Yan is very formidable, and this was only the beginning. Instantly, the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon’s body emits a pure golden light. With that concentration of golden light, its whole figure is like a glowing sun.

‘7-Star Sword Art, Black Sky-Absorption!”

Hua Yan says calmly.

The Immortal sword in Hua Yan’s hand flies forward while piercing the sky. The countless sword images in the airspace suddenly start spinning while growing to twice their size. After it seems like they have reached their maximum sizes, they shrink back again just as swiftly and are completely swallowed by the Immortal sword.

The Immortal sword glows inwardly. Its aura is terrifying and gives off an intimidating pressure.

“Fang Tian, this bastard is using his secret technique.”

Zong Jue says quietly from down below.

Facing this technique, the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon’s body starts to shine even brighter, eclipsing the sun. At the same time, the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon’s figure shrinks rapidly, from over a thousand meters to ten meters.

Zong Jue’s eyes shines: “The 5th Claw of the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon!”

As of now, the ten meters long little golden dragon actually has 5 dragon claws, with the 5th claw positioned on his stomach. That dragon claw turns bigger and longer while emitting a blinding light.

The Immortal sword of Hua Yan and the 5th claw of the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon clashes directly.

Both of them have absolute confidence in their secret technique, the result is however…

The Immortal sword is shaken while the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon flies back. A light shines and in only a moment, the little golden dragon turns back into a thousand meter long, gigantic golden dragon.

“Even with a top grade Immortal weapon, you are only this strong.”

Fang Tian’s nonchalant voice resounds from the mouth of the gigantic dragon.

Hua Yan is also greatly shocked.

Super divine beast truly lives up to their names. He is only at the 12th tribulation but actually dares to use his own claw against my top grade Immortal weapon. He lost in the end but it is fact he was able to stop my top grade Immortal weapon. The might of a super divine beast’s body is truly fearsome.

“I might be at an advantage, but it would take too long to defeat him.”

Hua Yan keeps considering in his mind.

“In order to solidify my position, I must decide the battle in a quick and resolute manner. If I take too long, the effect of my power display will be lost.”

A devious thought rises in Hua Yan’s heart.

With a flick of his finger, a purple talisman appears in his hand.

“Fang Tian, do you think a Five-Clawed Golden Dragon is so special? Have a taste of my 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman.”

Hua Yan’s energy flows from his hand into the purple talisman. Instantly, an electrifying light shoots towards Fang Tian.

Fang Tian’s face paled greatly.

“100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman”

Regarding the restrictive spell inside that talisman, the stronger the user, the more power can be unleashed. That 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman was made by Sovereign Yu himself. If used by Sovereign Yu, he can even kill any Level 9 Golden Immortal with a 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman.

But Hua Yan is much weaker. At best, he can only kill ordinary Level 3 or 4 Golden Immortal with the 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman.

An ordinary Level 3 or 4 Golden Immortal is comparable to a Level 1 Golden Sword Immortal, Fang Tian should be on the same level.

Facing deathly peril, Fang Tian swallows the Heritage Pearl down his throat. A dragon’s roar is heard and the gigantic golden dragon shrinks into a ten meter long little dragon. However, Fang Tian’s defense was raised by an immeasurable amount.


The 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman breaks apart and malicious thunderbolts hit Fang Tian’s body. No matter how Fang Tian tries to dodge, the seemingly conscious thunderbolts would change direction and hit him square in the body. A hundred thunderbolts have struck in the blink of an eye.

“100-Paralyzing Thunder”

Dragon scales broke apart and blood flowed. Fang Tian quickly turns back into his human form. The Heritage Pearl inside his body releases a great energy and rapidly heals his injuries.

“Luckily it’s only the 100-Paralyzing Thunder. If it was the Heaven-Paralyzing Thunder, I would have been done for.”

Fang Tian lets out a long breath.

The Paralyzing Thunder technique is a very powerful attack technique from the Immortal realm.

There are 4 levels: Paralyzing Thunder, 10-Paralyzing Thunder, 100-Paralyzing Thunder and Heaven-Paralyzing Thunder. Even

Sovereign Yu would only use the rare ‘Heaven-Paralyzing Thunder’ against a foe of his own caliber.

The 100-Paralyzing Thunder is already quite formidable. If an expert can directly use the 100-Paralyzing Thunder, he can contest with ordinary Level 3 or 4 Mystic Immortal.

A 100-Paralyzing Thunder inside a talisman only has a fraction of its power.

This fraction of power is enough to battle Level 8 or 9 Golden Immortal. But the 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman depends on its user. The stronger the user, the more power can be unleashed. Hua Yan is only a Level 1 Golden Immortal and can only unleash a fraction of that fraction of power.

That is why he can only give a major wound to Fang Tian.

“Hua Yan”

A cold voice resounds. Zong Jue moves to stand beside Fang Tian while giving Hua Yan a frosty look.

“Hua Yan, you are still the Immortal Realm Emissary, yet you can only resort to that 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman to hurt people. This is just too hilarious.”

Zong Jue can no longer keep watching. After all, Fang Tian is already gravely wounded.

Fang Tian may be gravely wounded but he still raises his head high and gives Hua Yan a similar cold look.

“Hua Yan, this 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman is exceedingly powerful. An expert can definitely use it to defeat Level 8 or 9 Golden Immortal. But you are just too weak and cannot utilize all of the power inside it. You can wound me but you can’t kill me.”

“Really now?”

Hua Yan just laughs heartily.

Fang Tian and Zong Jue’s expression change greatly.

Because… now, there is another five or six 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman in Hua Yan’s hand.

One was able to majorly wound Fang Tian. If there are five or six, they definitely cannot resist.

“I am the Immortal Realm Emissary, how can I possibly only have one 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman? 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talismans are indeed valuable but they are nothing to me. If you two want to keep going then I will respond in kind. I might have to spend a few 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talismans but I don’t care. I have a bunch of them.”

Hua Yan says casually.

Fang Tian and Zong Jue smile painfully at each other.

Truly, rich and overbearing.

100-Thunder Paralyzing Talismans are still valuable in the Immortal realm. Not even ordinary Mystic Immortals have many of them. But behind Hua Yan is Sovereign Yu, who is one of the top powers and can create 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman easily. Sovereign Yu may care about Heavenly-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman but not 100-Thunder Paralyzing Talisman.

“Nice chance.”

Behind Zong Jue, Qin Yu’s eyes shine brightly.

“If Uncle Lan’s information about the Sword Immortal Puppet is not wrong then… now is the best chance to make my appearance. Moreover, this Hua Yan is so rich, he probably has a lot of top grade elemental holy rock.”

All of the loose Immortals are joyful and look at Hua Yan with admiration. The Chaotic Astral Ocean and Dragon Clan members are feeling helpless. Suddenly, a voice can be heard…

“Oh, Sword Immortal Hua Yan? Ha ha… my friend Hua Yan, I am Lan Feng.”

A great laugh echoes, a callous man with an Immortal sword behind his back appears above the Qing Xu Mountain. It is Lan Feng.

End of Book 11 Chapter 21

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