Book 11 Chapter 17: Destruction of the Formation by Two Men

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 17: Destruction of the Formation by Two Men

This is what one would call, “if you think something bad will come, then it will come.” Zong Jue is one of the two people that Reverend Ming Liang feared to the very bottom of his heart, and also the person who could shatter Reverend Ming Liang’s previous daydreaming.

Fifty expert practitioners floated outside of the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, and within the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, there were quite a few powerful loose immortals.

The people within the Ten Development Illusionary Formation were completely pinned down by the aura given off by the party of barely fifty or so people.

Dressed in dark blue robes,Zong Jue and his generals stood outside the Ten Development Illusionary Formation overlooking each and every one of the loose immortals within the formation. Although the Ten Development Illusionary Formation is quite the formidable formation, it was not enough to obstruct the Zong Jue’s high level Devil Sense。

“Ming Liang, do you really want me to take action?” Zong Jue’s voice unceasingly resounded throughout the mountains and the forest between heaven and earth.

Does he really want Zong Jue to take action?

Of course not.

Reverend Ming Liang, in his heart, felt bitter but in any case, not losing the Heaven-Sundering Diagram became even more important. The Immortal Realm Emissary was going to be descending to the Mortal Realm within these two day. If in these last moments, the Heaven-Sundering Diagram were to be taken by enemies, he believed that the Immortal Realm Emissary would definitely be very angry. Thus there would be consequences…

“Brother Zong,don’t waste time with them,it’s merely the Ten Development Illusionary Formation. With us fifty or so people here, I highly doubt that we can fail to destroy it.” Flowing Cloud Island’s Island Master Fu Yun Zi says while smiling. He is also a loose immortal, but he has no connection with the big six of Teng Long Continent.

When speaking of formations, Chaotic Astral Ocean’s number one expert is Fu Yun Zi.

“Although the Ten Development Illusionary Formation has a defensive purpose, what’s truly terrifying about it is its illusions。As long as everyone doesn’t enter the formation and we only try to destroy it from afar, then we will not be affected by its powers. If the person controlling the formation resists our attacks, then we will eventually destroy the base of the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.” Fu Yun Zi says with confidence.

Zong Jue smiles and nods, saying, “Everyone, I temporarily give Fu Yun Zi command of everyone.”

Zong Jue had a grasp of how to break the Ten Development Illusionary Formation but if he really wanted to break it, there are only two methods. One is, Zong Jue has to work very hard and destroy each and every one of the formation’s bases. The second method would be for him to use his most powerful attack with his most powerful secret weapon to outright destroy the formation.

In regards to Zong Jue’s secret weapon, Zong Jue does not want to ever have to take it out unless he is in a really dangerous situation. As for the first approach, it’s just way too tedious. Zong Jue does not want to bother with this method.

Zong Jue wanted to have his subordinates try carrying out the plan, if it doesn't work, then they would reconsider… But at that moment…

“Senior Zong.” Qin Yu’s voice could be heard. Seeing these three streams of light darting over, the loose practitioners surrounding Zong Jue did not take action to obstruct the lights because for one, the person coming said ‘Senior Zong’, and two, knowing Zong Jue’s power, why would they be afraid of anyone’s attack?

The streams of light stopped in front of Zong Jue. It was Qin Yu, Hou Fei, and Hei Yu.

“Senior Zong, it looks like I’m not exactly late. Let me introduce my two brothers to you. This person is my second brother Hou Fei and this person is my third brother Hei Yu.” Qin Yu seems quite relaxed as he said this. During those days on Devil Peng Island, Zong Jue treated Qin Yu extremely well.

When Zong Jue looked over at Hou Fei and Hei Yu, his eyes couldn't help but light up.

“Fiery-Eyed Aquatic Monkey?” Zong Jue seemed very surprised when he saw Hou Fei.

“Senior Zong, you know Fei Fei’s Divine Beast classification?” Qin Yu seemed very surprised, because according to what he knows, it’s estimated that there is only one Fiery-Eyed Aquatic Monkey in the entire Mortal Realm. Even countless experts would have no way of knowing what type of Divine Beast Hou Fei was, who thought that today, Zong Jue would easily recognize this。

Zong Jue lets out a smile and looks at Hei Yu once more.

“Hou Fei, right?” Zong Jue expression when looking at Hou Fei seemed a lot friendlier.

“Hou Fei greets Senior Zong.” Hou Fei, although tyrannical, his brain was very, very intelligent. Qin Yu laughs and says, “Senior Zong, aren’t you going to inquire about Uncle Lan’s matters? Fei Fei is Uncle Lan’s personally taken in disciple.”

“Oh?” Zong Jue seems very surprised and looks even friendlier towards Hou Fei.

“I just happen to know some information about this second brother of yours, but this third brother of yours… To tell you the truth, I don’t have any ideas. It’s not odd that I happen to not know. There are so many different types of Divine Beasts in the world, especially those Divine Beasts who have variations.” Zong Jue says while smiling. Suddenly, he looks at Fu Yun Zi, Zong Jue immediately says, “Enough talk, it is now the time to start destroying the formation.”

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu also look towards Fu Yun Zi. Fu Yun Zi and the fifty or so loose practitioner experts surrounding him began their attack on the formation.

“Everyone, I know just how powerful our combined force is. Naturally, we do not need to actually go through the formation. Everyone only needs to concentrate their attacks on only one point. The Ten Development Illusionary Formation’s defense will certainly be incapable of obstructing us, when that time comes, it will be very easy to completely destroy the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.”

Fu Yun Zi is one hundred percent confident.

“Everyone, I will initiate the attack and then all of you will attack the same location that I attacked. Does everyone understand?” Fu Yun Zi looks at everyone.

The loose practitioners all nodded their heads.

The Chaotic Astral Ocean experts outside the Ten Development Illusionary Formation all had one hundred percent confidence, while the countless loose immortals within the Ten Development Illusionary Formation all felt uneasy. Especially Reverend Ming Liang who was managing the formation, he felt like an ant on top of a snail, it’s hard not to feel nervous.

But regardless, Reverend Ming Liang’s only option was to persevere.

For the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, a different controller meant a different level of power. With Reverend Ming Liang controlling the formation, its power was far more terrifying than when Shan Qu was controlling the formation.

“Phew!” It was like the space was torn apart.

Within the fifty or so experts, five of them were 12th tribulation practitioners and many were Divine Beasts,The combined power of this many experts was much higher than Zong Jue’s individual power. Furthermore, the fifty experts’ combined strength was all being directed at the same exact location.

The space at the location on the formation that was being attacked began to tear. The Ten Development Illusionary Formation violently shook.

These fifty or so masters were just too powerful, even a spatial tear appeared and there were spatial quakes as well, a large portion of the combined power was being absorbed by the spatial tear, the other portion of the attack continued to shoot into the formation.

Reverend Ming Liang appeared quite solemn, his body emitting dazzling rays of light. The sun defending the Ten Development Illusionary Formation said, “The opponents are too strong, Ten Development Illusionary Formation’s strength is its illusions, not its defensive power. Even with me controlling the formation, I have no way to completely resist their attacks. I can’t stop them and thus have to let some through.

The fifty experts spread out around the formation, this time, the Chaotic Astral Ocean experts no longer attacked at the same individual point, their attacks now landed away from one another’s attacks. But even though they did not combine their forces, their achieved a result that was much better.

This is because their attacks no longer created a spatial tear, now the attacks exploded on the formation at the same time but at different areas.

“No good.” Reverend Ming Liang clearly felt, that for a brief moment, the formation was pushed to the very limits of its tolerance, immediately, Reverend Ming Liang let out a burst of power, letting some of the attacks get inside the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.

Mud splashed everywhere within the Ten Development Illusionary Formation. Outside of Heavenly Palace, there was a bunch of powerful loose immortals. These loose immortals were very distant from one another, thus they were still able to dodge.

There was mud exploding and gravel flying. Each and every one of the loose immortals panicked and ran in all direction to find shelter.

“Ha ha~~~”


This loud laughter resounded through heaven and earth. At this moment a golden shadow was darting towards the location from far away, and behind him there were dozens of shadows following closely.

“Zong Jue, your speed really is fast enough.”

Having heard this, Reverend Ming Liang’s face turns pale. In the Mortal Realm, only one other person would dare to address Zong Jue by name. The only other unrivaled expert, the Dragon Clan's Clan Leader – Fang Tian.

“Even though your speed is quick, till now, you have yet to destroy the Ten Development Illusionary Formation. You haven’t destroyed it yet, so let me have a try.” As the golden silhouette was saying this, its entire body instantly transformed into that of an immense golden dragon.

The golden dragon measured a terrifying one kilometer in length,each of the golden dragon’s golden scales left its beholders feeling a terrible pressure. The immense draconic body gave off an aura of dominance and the two eyes of this dragon gave off an arrogant air, as if looking down on the entire realm.

Divine Dragon Thrashing Tail! (TL: Do you prefer… Divine Dragon Thrashing Tail or Divine Dragon Pendulum Tail)

Merely the thrash of a tail seemed like a movement that could collapse an entire field.


The entire Ten Development Illusionary Formation instantly violently quaked. At the moment the tail smashed into the formation, Reverend Ming Liang, who was controlling the formation, coughed up a sweet, mouthful of blood. His expression turned ever more pale, the deathly pale that is caused by blood loss from a serious injury.

“Haha, Fang Tian, unexpectedly, even you didn’t break it in one strike! My turn!”

Zong Jue laughed out loud.

At this moment, Zong Jue entirely turned into a shining, golden mirage and let out an extremely crazy roar which resounded through heaven and earth. Merely through sound alone, the entire area began to tremble. The golden light rushed over to the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.

Merely one dash.

“Poof!” A sharp and clear sound echoed throughout, the golden mirage had unexpectedly already arrived within the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.

The extreme degree of speed produced an equally terrifying attack.

“Haha, Fang Tian, the formation has already been destroyed by me, looks like you are still not my equal.” Zong Jue heartily laughed. The shining golden mirage reverted back to Zong Jue’s appearance.


The Divine Golden Dragon once more, hatefully thrashed its tail onto the already damaged Ten Development Illusionary Formation. The entire formation shattered as it were made of glass. Each and every one of the formation’s bases continually exploded, the formation was thoroughly destroyed.

The Divine Golden Dragon disappeared and Fang Tian’s figure appeared.

“Keep boasting.” Fang Tian smiled. “Although this Reverend Ming Liang’s strength is nothing special, with him controlling the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, if I at first did not deal him a serious injury, do you still believe that you would so easily destroy the formation? You just took advantage of his precarious position.”

Zong Jue did not care, “Say that all you want, this formation was broken by me.”

Reverend Ming Liang appeared completely pale as he looked at Fang Tian and Zong Jue standing in front of him.

“Fang Tian, Zong Jue, you two, in spite of your statuses, combined forces to destroy my Qing Xu Temple's Ten Development Illusionary Formation!" Reverend Ming Liang heart was full of anger.

In the presence of these two unrivaled experts, if only one were to attack, Reverend Ming Liang would still be incapable of retaliating. But, unexpectedly, these two anomalies combined forces to attack. How could this not cause Reverend Ming Liang to feel extremely indignant?

Even more so, the ‘Ten Development Illusionary Formation’ is Qing Xu Temple’s most important formation. Losing the formation, to the future of Qing Xu Temple was an unprecedented setback.

“Oh?” Zong Jue’s face turns cold. With ice cold eyes, he looks towards Ming Liang and says, “Is my name something you are even qualified to casually say?”

Fang Tian’s face turned equally as cold.

Although Zong Jue and Fang Tian joke and laugh with one another, the two do not care if they call out one another’s name playfully, but, when someone else has the audacity to casually say their names, both of their faces turned ice cold.

Reverend Ming Liang?

To Fang Tian and Zong Jue, only one hand would be needed to kill him.

Even whilst relying on the formation, merely one of Fang Tian’s Divine Dragon Thrashing Tail strikes left Reverend Ming Liang seriously injured. If not for the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, Reverend Ming Liang would not be able to withstand even one move from Fang Tian.

Superior Divine Beasts not only hold an extremely respected status, their strength relative to other practitioners of the same level is the utmost highest.

“Senior Zong, the Heaven-Sundering Diagram’s location must be known by Reverend Ming Liang. Why not ask him?” Qin Yu says with a smile. At this same moment, Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu all flew over directly to Zong Jue’s side.

Fang Tian, when looking at Qin Yu and his two brothers, locked his gaze onto Hou Fei.

“Fiery-Eyed Aquatic Monkey?” Fang Tian looked very surprised and simultaneously looked at Zong Jue.

Zong Jue smiles and says, “Don’t be surprised, this gentleman is Qin Yu, knowing your intelligence, you probably already understand, this Hou Fei is Senior Lan’s disciple and these three are brothers.”

“Stellar Tower, surely is mysterious, that Senior Lan surprisingly accepted a Fiery-Eyed Aquatic Monkey as his disciple. Incredible, truly incredible.” Fang Tian thought to himself. (TL: I believe that he is thinking to himself. I am not sure though)

Zong Jue abruptly says, “Fang Tian,your Dragon Clan already has one piece of the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams. The loose immortal’s Heaven-Sundering Diagram belongs to me.” While saying this, Zong Jue reached his hand out towards Reverend Ming Liang.

“What? The Dragon Clan holds a share in destroying the Ten Development Illusionary Formation. Furthermore, for the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, isn’t it better to have more pieces of it? I did not come here and help out of charity.” As he was speaking, Fang Tian reached a hand out towards Reverend Ming Liang.

Reverend Ming Liang face momentarily turned crimson red.

“Zoom!” A red stream of light, Reverend Ming Liang immediately appeared several hundreds of meters in the air.

“The loose immortals’ piece of the Heaven-Sundering Diagram is our loose immortals’ piece. Even if I die, no matter how hard you try, you will not get it.” Reverend Ming Liang’s radiated with hatred.

Fang Tian and Zong Jue blankly stared. Soon after one more glance, they both simultaneously began laughing out loud.

“Haha, how funny, how funny, in front of me you’re still thinking of death, if I don’t let you did, how can you die?” Fang Tian’s voice resounded throughout heaven and earth. 而Fang Tian and Zong Jue suddenly disappeared with a mere flash of effort.

Zong Jue already grabbed hold of Reverend Ming Liang’s neck. He laughs while looking at Fang Tian and says, “Fang Tian, in terms of speed, you are not as fast as me. Looks like this piece of the Heaven-Sundering Diagram belongs to me.”

End of Book 11 Chapter 17

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