Book 11 Chapter 16: Setting Foot On Qing Xu Mountain

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 16: Setting Foot On Qing Xu Mountain

“Haha, Zong Jue, I finally understand what they mean by great minds think alike.” Fang Tian seems quite happy.

“Heroes? Looks like you’re quite modest.” Zong Jue faintly laughs. “Based on your words, it looks like your Dragon Clan’s objective is also Qing Xu Mountain’s Heavenly Palace?”

Fang Tian solemnly nods and says, “Correct, my Dragon Clan has yet to take action, not because of fear of the Teng Long Continent Xiuzhenists. In reality, Wu Kong Xue and Reverend Ming Liang aren’t worthy of my attention. The real reason is that… having one piece of the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams, to us that’s already enough.”

“Since it’s already enough, then why does your Dragon Clan want to deal with Qing Xu Mountain’s Heavenly Palace?” Zong Jue asks in response.

Both parties let out a heavy sigh, after Fang Tian muttered to himself for quite a while he says, “Zong Jue, how high do you think the chances are for a Superior Divine Beast to appear in the Mortal Realm?”

Zong Jue hesitates and contemplates for a moment before saying, “Very low, sometimes even in many tens of thousands of years even one may not. Why do you ask this?”

Fang Tian continues and says, “Even in the Dragon Clan of the Demon Realm, five-clawed golden dragons are rare and terrifying individuals. For a Superior Divine Beast to appear in the Mortal Realm is quite the rare occurrence. A 12th tribulation Superior Divine Beast is by far superior to any ordinary 12th tribulation expert in terms of power. Also, it is because of this very reason that in the Mortal Realm there are only us two that are capable of breaking into the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.”

“Ten Development Illusionary Formation is just too powerful, other than myself, even a 12th tribulation high-class Divine Beast can’t expect to be able to break in. Once the two of us ascend, there will be no one capable of destroying the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.” Fang Tian’s face turns serious. “Once that time comes, Qing Xu Temple will still be able to utilize the Ten Development Illusionary Formation as a weapon, then they would have the ability to provoke anyone they want to. Thus, I will definitely not allow an unfair situation to arise.”

Fang Tian is thinking about this for the sake of the Dragon Clan’s future.

Due to the Dragon Clan having Fang Tian, there was no need to worry about the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.

“Unfair?” Zong Jue sneers and says, “It is unfair, Fang Tian, let me ask you something. That Stellar Tower’s formation… the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation is even more powerful than the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, what will you do about that?”

“Stellar Tower?” Fang Tian’s face turns stiff.

Looking at Zong Jue’s expression, Fang Tian was able to guess that Zong Jue must have some sort of connection to that Stellar Tower.

“I too have heard of the Stellar Tower’s defensive formation. That formation is the one that very many experts tried their collective hands at destroying, but ultimately ended in failure. Even if I wanted to try and destroy it, I also do not have the ability to. The will is there, but the strength is not.” Fang Tian helplessly says.

“Then that’s good.”

Zong Ju says with a cold snort, “Fang Tian, don’t blame me for not warning you. Stellar Tower’s back, Senior Lan is in my favor. His power is much, much greater than yours or mine. If you provoke him and end up dying, don’t blame me.”

“Much, much greater than you and I? How is that possible!?” Fang Tian’s face expresses how hard it is to believe this.

Zong Jue doesn’t need to say much more and says, “I have already told you the situation, if you believe it or not, that’s up to you. I can only capable of telling you that is it best not to anger Stellar Tower’s people. In these past years, that Stellar Tower has been the number one most mysterious power.”

Fang Tian nods without saying anything because he has already memorized and placed what Zong Jue said deep within his heart.

“Alright, I will be leaving first, after fifteen days, Chaotic Astral Ocean will storm Qing Xu Mountain. I won’t mind if your Dragon Clan wants to join in.” After Zong Jue finishes saying this, he vanishes into thin air.

Fang Tian stood alone atop that dark reef as the raging waves crashed on it, his robes fluttering in the wind. A fluttering sound could be heard.

Stellar Tower… seems like it is even more mysterious than I previously thought. Fifteen days till the attack on Qing Xu Mountain… Well, it’s a good day.” Fang Tian thinks aloud then he vanishes from atop the dark reef, still, the sound of crashing waves does not change at all.


Boundless snow blanketed the ground. A long while back, the top experts of the loose devils and loose immortals had surrounded the Heavenly Flame Evil King here. Only now, that battlefield has turned into a field of snow. The bloodstains from the battle had already been buried underneath a blanket of snowflakes.

Unexpectedly, on top of this snowy field, three young men suddenly appeared.

Among the three, one appeared to only be a juvenile, and from the looks of it this individual was either sixteen or seventeen years of age. The other two appeared to be either twenty-one or twenty-two years of age.

Those three looked slow but were actually really fast. With two or three steps, they had already moved several miles, after that, the three brothers took to the air and flew at a moderate pace.

“Big brother, in regards to that 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, you better not be careless. For mixed bird and I, if we did not have Uncle Lan’s help and the special powers of both my Black Stick and the Piercing Cloud Spear, I believe that the two of us would’ve had a high chance for failure and would have turned into loose demons.” Hou Fei solemnly says. (TL: I don’t want to call it the Cloud Piercer Spear.)

Ever since learning that Qin Yu would soon undergo the 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, Hou Fei and Hei Yu both frequently reminded Qin Yu that he needs to adequately prepare.

“Relax, the Black Stick and the Piercing Cloud Spear in terms of hardness really are amazing, but I am your big brother. I, too, have many powers at my disposal. That 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, even if it is terrifying, if it wants to take me down, I estimate that won’t be very likely.” Qin Yu says as he lightly laughs.

Although saying this with a dull intonation, Qin Yu really was absolutely confident.

If someone with such an extraordinarily rapid recovery ability is unable to pass the 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, how could anyone else in history pass the 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation?

While this statement is a bit exaggerated, it truly is a fact that Qin Yu’s extraordinarily rapid recovery ability is on par with being immortal. Even the largest of energy consumptions are rapidly recovered from. This allows Qin Yu to face each and every one of the Heavenly Tribulations lightning bolts with his body in its best condition.

“Royal brother, have you heard? A mysterious group infiltrated the heart of the Yin Yue Mountains and enacted a tragic massacre which has caused the current Yin Yue Mountains to quake incessantly, and has turned the place into nothing more than foul wind and bloody rain.”

The distant voice left Qin Yu momentarily startled.

“Yin Yue Mountains has started to fight again?” Qin Yu says with doubt in his heart. According to what he overheard and what he personally thought, the loose immortals and loose devils should have already stopped fighting. Why would they suddenly start fighting again?

By the time Qin Yu could even have a moment to think, the sound of the distant voice had already faded away.

Hou Fei’s flying speed was comparatively much faster than Qin Yu’s. By the time Qin Yu began to speed up and catch up, Hou Fei had already flown ahead to the person who called out.

“Hey, tell me. What is the world has happened at the Yin Yue Mountains?” Hou Fei said a moment ago before Qin Yu and Hei Yu arrived besides the two Xiumoists.

These two Xiumoists weren’t very powerful, one Dongxu middle stage and one Dongxu late stage. In comparison to the current party of Qin Yu and his brother, the gap between their power levels was quite massive.

The Xiumoist holding a black long sword was struck with fear the moment he saw Hou Fei. The pressure given off by Qin Yu’s group was just way too much. Compared to the sect he came from, this pressure was much more terrifying. The terrified Xiumoist says, “Senior, this junior has only heard some hearsay and the reality of the situation is unknown. However, this junior does know that the current Yin Yue Mountain is currently fighting, furthermore, the death count is very, very high.

After finishing what he had to say, the terrified Xiumoist continued to look at Hou Fei.

His greatest worry was that Hou Fei would kill him at once because Hou Fei’s aura appeared to be very brutally murderous.

“Don’t worry kid, I wouldn’t lower myself to the level of killing you.” Hou Fei nonchalantly says and then looks towards Qin Yu.

“Let’s go check out the Yin Yue Mountains.”

The current Qin Yu’s appearance has been altered and he has released his Northern Darkness ability. After becoming the master of Stellar Tower, Qin Yu rarely ever released his Northern Darkness. But… when he was acting as the Heavenly Flame Evil King, Qin Yu leaked out a bit of his aura.

The three brothers turned into three rays of light as they rushed towards Yin Yue Mountain.

On the way to Yin Yue Mountain, while still very far away, they could feel a dense aura reeking of blood.

“Fairly many loose devils have died.” Qin Yu after one sweep of the area using his holy sense felt his heart rapidly beating.

The entirety of Yin Yue Mountain was stained with blood, body parts scattered everywhere. At that time, in the sky, there were two people frantically fighting. One of them was the loose devil’s number one expert Wu Kong Xue. From how the situation looked, Wu Kong Xue unexpectedly looked to be in a vulnerable state.

“To be more terrifying than Wu Kong Xue, what in the world type of person is this?” Qin Yu exclaims.

The loose devils looked like they were in a complete state of vulnerability.

A lean man was fighting Wu Kong Xue. Wu Hei was fighting a tall, thin man, the two were evenly matched. Additionally, Fire Devil and Dame Lian Yue were barely winning over their two opponents. They were only winning due to the support of their loose devil allies. The loose devils as a whole were barely holding their own.

How fast!

Astonishingly fast!

A cold sweat permeated from Wu Kong Xue’s forehead. Wu Kong Xue never thought for one moment that this seemingly ordinary man that showed up would be able to pressure him such that he was on the defensive.

The difference in speed between the two was too great, this mysterious person’s speed was much faster than Wu Kong Xue’s. Even his attacks were not weaker than Wu Kong Xue’s. Wu Kong Xue looked completely vulnerable, if it were not for the Devil’s Bloody Clouds encompassing his surroundings, if his opponent were to have found a way though, he, Wu Kong Xue would have been killed long ago.

The sound of a tear. A piece of flesh was torn from Wu Kong Xue’s body. His body was torn open.

Wu Kong Xue body was completely covered in blood. His body wasn’t even entirely intact.

Wu Kong Xue of the Blood Devil’s Path, normally his body would be dyed in his enemy’s fresh blood, but today, he was in fact dyed in his own fresh blood.

“Haha… Wu Kong Xue, your strength is not bad. In order to kill you I needed to use considerable effort. Today I am in a good mood so I will spare your life and temporarily leave that Heaven-Sundering Diagram with you here. But next time, I will come again to take it. Kong Cao, Wu Shan, Xing Shou, let’s go.”

Following loud laughter. (TL: For clarity, the four dudes are laughing)

The four mysterious individuals floated away.

Wu Kong Xue's entire body is covered in blood. Even whilst in a difficult situation, he still fiercely stares at Yu Liang who is leaving in the far off distance.

"Wu Kong Xue." Dame Lian Yue flys over. Even Dame Lian Yue is currently heavily injured. With a miserable voice, she says, “I feel that our opponents only came today to toy with us, specifically that man I was fighting with a moment ago. If he really wanted to kill me, I estimate that I really would have died.”

Dame Lian Yue’s opponent was Xing Shou. Xing Shou’s strength is near that of Wu Hei’s. Killing Dame Lian Yue would not be difficult at all.

“Regardless of the enemy’s motives, from this day on, we must never be separated.” Wu Kong Xue says with hatred.

Everyone nodded their head.

Everyone at the scene today, each and every one suffered a big loss.

Far away from Yin Yue Mountain, countless Xiuzhenists were observing. In the midst of these observers were Qin Yu and his two brothers.

“Those four people were very terrifying!” Qin Yu exclaims with heartfelt astonishment.

That leader was capable of suppressing Wu Kong Xue, the strength of the one fighting Wu Hei was about equal, and the other two men were also close to Wu Hei’s strength. Much higher than both Fire Devil’s and Dame Lian Yue’s power level. In a fight to the death between the experts, even with very powerful loose devils supporting them from their sides, the results of the bout would still not be obvious.

“Well?” Qin Yu looks at the transmitter in his hands, his eyes light up.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, the real show is about to being. Come with me to Qing Xu Mountain.” Qin Yu says with excitement in his voice.

“What’s the matter?” Hou Fei and Hei Yu say this with disbelief.

Qin Yu hands the transmitter over to them. Hou Fei and Hei Yu listen to it.

“Little Brother Qin Yu, Want to see how Qing Xu Temple’s Ten Development Illusionary Formation gets blown apart? Then hurry over to Qing Xu Mountain within the hour. If you’re late, you’ll never get to see Qing Xu Mountain’s Ten Development Illusionary Formation ever again.”

This is a transmission sent to Qin Yu by Zong Jue.

One hour. Such a short period of time.

“Ming Shan, the Immortal Realm emissary will descend to the Mortal Realm within these few days, they may even arrive today. Go make sure everything around the Heavenly Palace is in order, and go make Qing Xu Mountain a bit more beautiful.” Reverend Ming Liang urges.

Reverend Ming Shan immediately smiles and says, “Don’t worry senior brother, many loose immortals are currently hard at work trying to make Qing Xu Mountain more beautiful. I trust that the Immortal Realm emissary will be pleased.”

Reverend Ming Liang smiles and nods.

Immortal Realm emissary, more importantly, it’s Sovereign Yu’s emissary who must be an important figure. If he can leave a lasting good impression on this type of expert, then if he ascends to the Immortal Realm, naturally he will have a meteoric rise in status, so much that he may be able to bring the Qing Xu Temple’s elders’ in the Immortal Realm to higher ranking positions.

But during this time…

“Senior Uncle, something bad is happening! Senior Uncle, dozens of experts have appeared in the sky and they are flying directly towards the Heavenly Palace.” Shan Qu directly transmits over.

The Ten Development Illusionary Formation is currently being managed by Shan Qu and he was also the first person to notice the outsiders arriving.

“What?” Reverend Ming Liang activates his Holy Sense, his face immediately, violently changes complexion. “This is bad, there are five 12th tribulation loose practitioners, and the fifty plus people are all 10th tribulation or above. It’s Chaotic Astral Ocean, it must be Chaotic Astral Ocean’s people.” Reverend Ming Liang thinks that they will not be able to hold for even a quarter of an hour.

On the side, even Reverend Ming Shan was scared silly.

12th tribulation loose practitioners. Five of them! Fifty plus 10th tribulation and above loose practitioners, what a terrifying force to behold.

The only loose immortal 12th tribulation is Reverend Ming Liang himself.

“Shan Qu, let me take control of the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, you go to the second floor of the Heavenly Palace and stay with Shan Tong and the other loose immortals, go quick!” Reverend Ming Liang directly says. His Holy Sense had detected many experts, however he naturally was unable to detect the monstrous of them all, Zong Jue.

Reverend Ming Liang knew, even if Zong Jue came, he would not be able to sense Zong Jue.

Thus Reverend Ming Liang tried to get a clearer grasp of the situation, asking, “Experts of the Chaotic Astral Ocean who have come to my Qing Xu Mountain, by any chance, has Zong Jue of Devil Peng Island also come?”

“Haha… Ming Liang, sorry to trouble you for I have come.”

That tranquil and calm, absolutely overbearing, and imposing voice that resounded through Heaven and Earth, from hearing Zong Jue’s voice, Reverend Ming Liang’s entirety turned chalk white.

Chaotic Astral Ocean’s number one, the unrivaled is here… Zong Jue really did come.

Could the Ten Development Illusionary Formation still hold?

End of Book 11 Chapter 16

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