Book 11 Chapter 14: The Ascended Realm Emissary

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 14: The Ascended Realm Emissary

Tens of thousands of loose devil troops flew towards the vast and mighty Yin Yue Palace Mountains, since the loose immortals and loose devils had already stopped fighting, thus the loose devils had no more necessity to keep fighting.

The loose immortal army was being lead by Wu Kong Xue, Dame Lian Yue, Wu Hei, and Fire Devil.

“Wu Kong Xue, now that we have already stopped fighting with the loose immortal army, the time of the Devil Realm emissary’s descent to the Mortal Realm is nearing, are we just going to protect the Heaven-Sundering Diagram like this until the emissary’s arrival?” Dame Lian Yue says via holy sense.

Wu Kong Xue is startled.

“A Devil Realm emissary descending to the Mortal Realm, when are they coming, why did I not know?” Wu Kong Xue apparently seems very interested in the descent of the Devil Realm emissary. (TL: Not sure how to translate乌空血似乎对魔界使者下凡很.)

Dame Lian Yue says via holy sense, “Naturally, between the people of the Devil Realm and our Mortal Realm there is a special way to communicate, and in regards to the time of arrival, even I am not sure. I only know a little... the approximate distance for the Devil Realm emissary’s descent to the mortal Realm.

Wu Kong Xue nodded.

“Dame Lian Yue, you must know of how Devil Realm people descend to the Mortal Realm, according to what I know, to pass through the barrier between two realms is extremely difficult.” Wu Kong Xue retorts inquisitively.

Dame Lian Yue contemplates for a moment.

“Wu Kong Xue, I also know that going from one realm to another the difficulty level is absolutely high. However, the Devil Realm Devil Sovereign has guaranteed me that a Devil Realm emissary will be descending to the Mortal Realm, since the Sovereign said so, of course I would not be doubtful. However, the descent is of a very high difficulty level, thus the emissary as of now has yet to arrive in the Mortal Realm.” Dame Lian Yue guesses.

According to what Dame Lian Yue thinks, if descending to the Mortal Realm was easy, the Devil Realm Devil Sovereign would have sent people much earlier based on how highly the Devil Realm Devil Sovereign seems to value Ni Yang Immortal Emperor’s treasure.

“In the previous days, the Devil Realm has ordered me to protect the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. The emissary’s day of arrival is not far.” Dame Lian Yue sighs.

In regards to those who stand at the peak of the Mortal Realm, facing an emissary from the Ascended Realm, in fact is one unbearably difficult task.

“Let’s not bother with the emissary’s descent right now, right now what we must do is rebuild the Yin Yue Mountains. This is not only for the Yin Yue Palace, it is for all the various loose devil residents.” Wu Kong Xue said as his brow wrinkled up.

Overall they should not leave the loose devils to live in the wild, but now Yin Yue Mountains are still undergoing construction.

“Are the Yin Yue Mountains still a suitable place for the school?” Lian Yue is extremely frustrated. (TL: Wasn’t sure how to translate山门 (gate?) so I have it as school)

To be burned by heavenly flames into the current state, the rocks have been completely scorched and all the soil is no more. In this state, is it still possible plant trees, grow plants, or even build a school?” For millions of years the sect has been here, but to be trashed like this. Who isn’t angry?

“Heavenly Flame Evil King!!!” Lian Yue couldn’t help but grit her teeth as she thought of the culprit.


In the wake of flying forward, the loose devil army finally arrived at the Yin Yue Mountains.

“Dame. Something really bad has happened.” While examining the situation of the environment one of the Yin Yue Palace loose devils was shocked and promptly came to report to Dame Lian Yue. “Dame, Yin Yue Mountain’s surviving loose devils and the surviving disciple are all dead, all of them are dead.”

Dame Lian Yue’s Devil Sense had already found this out. Her entire body began to shudder.

The tops of the newly constructed buildings of Yin Yue Mountains were completely splashed with blood, there were corpses splattered everywhere.

Originally, Qin Yu used his Heavenly Flame to scorch the entirety of the Yin Yue Mountains, but there were still quite a few loose devils still alive. At the time after Wu Kong Xue brought powerful helpers back, Yin Yue Mountains still had hundreds of surviving loose devils and hundreds of surviving disciples.

These loose devils and disciples resided here to rebuild the school, who would have thought that when returning today they would find out all of those people had died.

“The last group of students has died.” Dame Lian Yue’s heart trembles as if it were burst.

Wu Kong Xue had a gloomy complexion. With his Devil Sense he carefully surveyed the area and then said, “Dame Lian Yue, few people were involved in launching the attack, I would guess that there were only two to three attackers. Only, the strength these three people was too powerful, strong enough for him to kill everyone, even these hundreds of loose devils and hundreds of disciples did not have the time to send out a cry for help.

On the way here, no one received a cry for help.

Of course. This group of loose devils and disciples, during the slaughter never even had the chance to call for help.

“Who, who was it, to even kill all of my Yin Yue Palace’s last group of disciples.” Dame Lian Yue’s entire body emanates a terrifying killing intent, now other than the loose devils at Yin Yue Palace it can be estimated that the remainder of disciples were the few disciples that resided in the outer area.

Wu Kong Xue also frowns.

Fire Devil suddenly says, “Brother Wu, about the Heaven-Sundering Diagram, did you place it within one of these ordinary loose devils’ bodies?”

Immediately many of the loose devils’ strongest warriors looked towards Wu Kong Xue.

If Wu Kong Xue really left the Heaven-Sundering Diagram on one of these now dead loose devils then it was very likely that the Heaven-Sundering Diagram had already been snatched away.

“No, of course not.” Wu Kong Xue says with a cold laugh. “One only learns from one’s mistakes (吃一堑长一智), I have already stored the Heaven-Sundering Diagram in a very safe place, no matter who it is, even if they rack their brains to think of this place, they will not think of this place.” Wu Kong Xue appears very confident.

The loose devils’ strongest warriors let out a long sigh of relief.

Compared to the last disciples of Yin Yue Palace, the Heaven-Sundering Diagram is the most important.

Dead disciples are dead disciples, as long as the Yin Yue Palace elders are still around then they can once again accept new disciples. Only for these new disciples it would take a really long period of time to train them.


“How unlucky, I still thought Wu Kong Xue would have left the Heaven-Sundering Diagram on one of those loose devil disciples, who would have thought that massacring all of them would not yield the Heaven-Sundering Diagram.” Wu Shan of the three great divine beasts of the Wilderness groans. (TL: Not sure how to translate洪荒三大巨妖之一)

Slaughtering the remaining survivors of the Yin Yue Palace was Wu Shan’s idea.

This was a rare occurrence of Wu Shan trying to use his brain, he thought, maybe that Wu Kong Xue would once again leave the Heaven-Sundering Diagram on one of the ordinary loose devils or the disciples.

Wu Shan brought the idea up to Yu Liang, Yu Liang surprisingly agreed. Yu Liang actually didn’t have much expectations, merely he had a small hope for success and nothing could go wrong even if they tried. Therefore Yu Liang sent his subordinates the three great divine beasts to commit the act, but Yu Liang himself did not do any of the killing.

“Wu Shan, don’t mention it, if it were easy to obtain the Heaven-Sundering Diagram then I would be very surprised.” Yu Liang lets out a quick laugh. “Nevertheless, we must prepare to act in accordance with the original plan.”

QingXu Mountain’s upper level unexpectedly had countless plants and trees growing there.

Half a month earlier, QingXu Mountain was completely bare, but now at QingXu Mountain there was little difference with its former state, it is still that beautiful, even the QingXu Temple’s Heavenly Palace was once more at the summit of the QingXu Mountain. (TL: I think I screwed up somewhere.)

In fact this was due to Reverend Ming Liang mobilizing tens of thousands of loose immortals to utilize their magical powers (神通) to directly transplant large lumps of soil onto the top of QingXu Mountain. Such a surplus of dirt that even large trees could be directly planted on top of QingXu Mountain. (TL: Questionably translated)

With the help of tens of thousands of loose immortals, barely one day has passed, QingXu Mountain has been restored to its former state.

Heavenly Palace ninth floor.

Reverend Ming Liang was standing in the center of the ninth floor’s central formation.

“Ming Liang, as of now both the Devil Sovereign and the Demon Sovereign are preparing for their subordinates’ descent to the Mortal Realm, even Sovereign Yu is inviting powerful allies to prepare to open the barriers between the Ascended Realm and the Mortal Realm, but the difficulty level of opening the barrier is extremely high, furthermore crossing the barrier is also exceedingly difficult, those coming to the Mortal Realm are people of exceptional skill and power. Alas, speaking more of this with you now will be worthless.”

“Martial elder, I wonder what instructions you have today since you have contacted the Mortal Realm?” Reverend Ming Liang asks. (TL: Martial Elder… definitely not right. It’s something Ancestor.)

The person conversing with Reverend Ming Liang is his martial elder. QingXu Temple’s power cannot compare to that of the Immortal Realm, merely an ant and nothing more. However, due to QingXu Temple’s acquisition of a Heaven-Sundering Diagram, their standing in the eyes of the elders in the Immortal Realm has risen.

This martial elder was specially arranged to communicate with Reverend Ming Liang.

In the eyes of the Sovereign Yu, Reverend Ming Ling’s elders are not as valued as Reverend Ming Liang himself.

“This time I am contacting you because I need to tell you that approximately within a month, an Immortal Realm emissary will descend to the Mortal Realm and the location of arrival should be QingXu Temple, when the time comes your temple must make welcoming arrangements.” Reverend Ming Liang’s martial elder entrusts him with this task.

“Rest assured martial elder, when have I ever let you down.” Reverend Ming Liang chuckles.

It’s only welcoming the people coming from the Immortal Realm, a trivial matter.

Reverend Ming Liang’s martial elder laughs saying, “Yes, since countless before you are the most outstanding disciple of QingXu Temple, and it is because of you that the countless elders of the temple have been able to bring about massive changes in the Immortal Realm. Ming Liang let me tell you, Sovereign Yu's standing in the Immortal Realm is very high, if you closely follow him, you absolutely can’t go wrong.”

“Your student understands.” Reverend Ming Liang nods.

“Elder, by any chance do you know how powerful the Immortal Realm emissary is?” Reverend Ming Liang inquires.

This elder thinks for a moment and says, “Ming Liang, I have no way of knowing how powerful the emissary is. This is because the strength needed to break through the barrier between two realms to temporarily create a line of communication is already extremely difficult, to create a channel to pass through the barrier, the channel must be even more stable, only then can someone of high skill pass through the barrier.”

“Ming Liang, it seems to me that, to break the barrier between two realms is an incredibly difficult task, but Sovereign Yu who is extremely powerful is there, their powers are not something that someone of my capabilities could ever imagine. Their breaking through the barrier between two realms should be possible, but I think that the channel that they can form still will not be too stable, thus, it will not be possible for experts on the Mystic Immortal level to pass through.” Martial elder says this with uncertainty.

Reverend Ming Liang nods.

He understands that for a powerful practitioner to cross the barrier between two realms, there needs to be a stable channel. But to form an even more stable channel would be even more difficult.

For even a powerful practitioner who wants to cross an unstable channel, that unstable channel would not be able to endure, thus it would collapse! That powerful practitioner would sink into the spatial crevice between the two realms and would be torn to shreds by the energy within that spatial crevice.

End of Book 11 Chapter 14

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