Book 11, Chapter 13

B11C13 Chaotic Astral Ocean Joins!

Over the vast snow, Wukongxue, Dame Lian Yue, Fire Devil, Wu Hei and the other loose devils as well as Reverend Ming Liang, Reverend Ming Shan, Reverend LanBing, XueYuYang and the other loose immortals are ready to separate.

“Reverend Ming Liang, that Heavenly Flames Fiend even knew the secret of Ni Yang Realm; this person is very mysterious, maybe he even really knows Devil Peng Island’s Zong Jue.” Dame Lian Yue seemed preoccupied.

Zong Jue.

Devil Peng Island 1st Master, Chaotic Astral Ocean’s veritable number 1.

Zong Jue, this name alone caused all the masters around to feel as if their mind was as heavy as a rock.

Wukongxue nodded: “Looks like that Heavenly Flame Fiend is too mysterious, he even dared to burn Yinyue Palace and Qingxu Temple completely, so what won’t he dare to do. Moreover, he also knows the secret of Ni Yang Realm, if he doesn’t tell Zong Jue, it would be surprising. ”

All loose immortals/devils nod.

Heavenly Flames Fiend gave all of them a feeling of fearlessness, a “dare to do anything” kind of person.

“Also don’t you all forget, at the end the person who sent out the dark green light helping Heavenly Flames Fiend strength is also very strong.” Wukongxue reminded everyone.

Reverend Ming Liang thought for a moment and said, “Wukongxue, LianYue, I have a feeling that Teng Long Continent will no longer be OUR Teng Long Continent later, hidden forces from everywhere will enter Teng Long Continent and if we kill each other again at this time, it will only give an advantage to others. ”

Everyone can’t help but nods in agreement.

They all felt the pressure.

In the future … there will be more bloody battles.

“Now it’s most important to preserve our strength, Ming Liang, while we have fought with each other for a long time, those that died are mostly common practitioner, the total number of powerful practitioners that died were not much. Our total loss of power is only 20-30%. ” Dame LianYue said, “I think, we first temporary stop the war, we must not let the Dragon Clan or the Chaotic Astral Ocean as well as some other hidden forces to catch an opening. ”

Reverend Ming Liang after some contemplation nods: “LianYue is right.”

Wukongxue did not disrupt.

Because Wukongxue is also feeling the pressure at the moment, not only because of the surprise attack just now; but also there about the two invincible existences… Dragon Clan Patriarch Fang Lan, Devil Peng island Zong Jue.

After this incident, both loose immortals and loose devils for the time issued a ceasefire.


In the hundreds of thousands Li of clouds, Yu Liang looked far at the gathering place of loose immortals/devils just now.

“My Lord, why did you help Heavenly Flames Fiend a moment ago?” Wu Shan frowned with doubt.

Just now the person who gave a hand and help Qin Yu was Yu Liang, if Yu Liang wanted to save Qin Yu in front of so many people saved by himself, the difficulty will be far too large. Yu Liang later saw the mysterious ‘Heavenly Flames Fiend’ escaped himself and did not continue to chase.

Yu Liang’s first of his three big demons Kong Cao nodded: “Heavenly Flames Fiend really can’t be messed with.”

“Why can’t he be messed with?” Wushan asked, within the three big demons he has the lowest intelligence. Xing Shou, another of three big demons answered: “Can’t you notice that although this Heavenly Flames Fiend’s combat capability is not strong, his ability to escape is definitely the best in the world; and he also the unique skill of releasing heavenly flames. If you provoked him, he’ll burn your lair with a bunch of heavenly flames. You would not even be able to catch him. How could he be trifle with? ”

Wushan realizes: “The Heavenly Flames Fiend really can’t be messed with, he can’t be chased and if you anger him, he sends heavenly flames to burn your home. Well, at least his power is nothing, but still is a person who can’t be messed with. ”

Yu Liang nodded: “at first, I wanted to save Heavenly Flames Fiend and use that to make him my subordinate, but with his ability to escape. I think … to recruit that person would be very difficult. ”

To appear as intimidating to others, you do not necessarily need a ton of attack power, as long as you have a remarkable ability that others are helpless against.

After YinYue Palace and Qingxu temple was burned to ruins. All of Teng Long Continent’s Xiuzhenists know the ‘Heavenly flames Fiend’ name, regardless of faction, in the list of people one should never offend is now ‘Heavenly Flames Fiend’.

If even Wukongxue, Reverend Ming Liang, and the others can’t catch him together, who can?

He can burn your school with one blast of heavenly flames, who would dare to provoke?

Therefore Heavenly Flames Fiend has become a legendary figure of Teng Long Continent, he is best known for his mysterious ability to escape, as well as controlling the heavenly flames.


In the vast snow, there are countless snowflakes, below the snow there’s some moist soil and one of the mud spot was Qingyu Immortal Mansion’s changed appearance.

Inside the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

In a small courtyard, three brothers: Qin Yu, Hou Fei, and Hei Yu are drinking wine, and Shi Bing, Shi Xin, Shi Zhan, and Ink Quilin, the four holy beasts in a nearby courtyard are also feasting.

“Big brother, you really are sinister, you said you have escape ability, in reality, it’s just hiding in Qingyu Immortal Mansion, HaHa… But it’s also a wonderful way to escape, how was Reverend Ming Liang and Wukongxue supposed to know we were here?”

Hou Fei seems proud.

Qin Yu does not have any injuries at the moment, ultra strong restoring power have created a near immortal body, is really abnormal.

“What I said just now, was just to scare them. They really stopped fighting.” Qin Yu indifferently smiles.

With him being the master of Qingyu Immortal Mansion, outsiders have no way to probe the inside of themansion, but Qin Yu can easily know everything that happened outside. Like the talk between loose immortals and loose devils just now, Qin Yu heard everything clearly.

Hei Yu frowning slightly: “Big brother, are you really going to tell Devil Peng Island about the existence of Niyang Realm?”

Hou Fei also looks at Qin Yu.

“That is, of course, if Chaotic Astral Ocean joined up, wouldn’t that be more interesting?” Qinyu laughed, “what’s more Choatic Astral Ocean Devil Peng Island’s three master and I have a very deep relationship, this Niyang Realm may be dangerous, but it is also a great opportunity, letting friends join is better than enemies enter into Niyang Realm, right?”

In the future, Qin Yu three brothers will also enter Niyang Realm.

When that time comes, the more friends entering Niyang Realm, the safer Qin Yu and they will be.

Three brothers laughing and joking, Qin Yu took out a transmitter and transmit Devil Peng Island’s maser Zong Jue.

Although Qingyu Immortal Mansion is endowed with communications- blocking functions, but Qin Yu is the master of Qingyu Immortal Mansion, so of course he is not subjected to this restriction.

Chaotic Astral Ocean, a piece of the endless sea. Who knows how many loose practitioners are in there.

Chaotic Astral Ocean, most powerful of the three islands ‘ Devil Peng Island ‘, is always quiet, no one would dare to come to Devil Peng Island in arrogance, and not just because the Devil Peng Island has 3,000 loose practitioners strong, nor because of the 2 Asura Devils. The most important factor is … the Legendary Invincible Zong Jue!

Chaotic Astral Ocean genuine number 1 person!

Inside the Golden Wing Palace.

Zong Jue turns his hand and took out a transmitter.

“Well, it turns out to be Brother Qin Yu, Senior Lan said Brother Qin Yu will bring me good luck, just don’t know when.” Zon Jue with a smile began transmitting to talk with Qin Yu, but only started talking for a moment. Zong Jue’s indifferent expression changed.

“Qin Yu, is what you say really true? Niyang Realm, a Level-8 Mystic Sword Immortal, Emperor Ni Yang’s home?” At the moment Zong Jue seem exactly like a poor man seeing an endless Golden Hill.

Immortals are divided into three classes: Immortal, Golden Immortal, and Mystic Immortal. Each class has 9 levels.

Level 8 Mystic Immortal can already look down upon the entire Immortal World. And this Emperor Ni Yang is also a Sword Immortal! This kind of master is definitely at the top of the Immortal World, Devil World, and Demon World; wonder what kind of treasure he leaved behind.

“Senior Zong rest assures. Junior is hundred percent sure, that is the home of a level 8 Mystic Sword Immortal. And the treasures inside are ranked at an alarming level.” Qin Yu message made Zong Jue heart to move with excitement.

“There could be artifacts.”Zong Jue said, becoming mildly excited.

Being a super divine beast, Golden-Winged Peng, Zong Jue knows many secrets, like Immortal World, Devil World, and the Demon World existing in the same space and that they just each occupy a part of the space. The top existences in the 3 worlds all have artifacts.

“To enter Niyang Realm, one must gather all three Heaven-Sundering Diagrams, these three Heaven-sundering Diagrams; one is in the hand of the Dragon Clan, one in the loose immortals’ hand and the last in the loose devils’ hand. Trying to get them will have a certain degree of difficulty. “Qin Yu carefully explains everything.

“What, three Heaven-Sundering Diagrams?” Zong Jue frowns slightly.

While watching as Qin Yu send all the information about the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams, Zong Jue had a bit of thought for a moment, after Zong Jue and Qin Yu carefully discussed many details of the problem.

“Senior Lan was right, Qin Yu really did bring me good luck.”Zong Jue with shining eyes suddenly stood up from his seat.

“For so many years I haven’t done anything, my hands are getting itchy.” A glimmer of light flashed in Zong Jue’s eyes.

Golden-winged Peng, is a fierce bird, its fierceness is very scary. Before Zong Jue met Uncle Lan, he was an overbearing man covered with killing intent, but having been together with Uncle Lan, Zong Jue have trained his mind and restrained himself.

But the fierceness is in his bones; he could only put it in the depths and bear with it.

A dog that bites does not bark, this meaning. The usual calm Zong Jue compared with the murdering Zong Jue in the past is even scarier.

“ErMei , Lian Xiao, quickly come over here.”

Zong Jue directly transmitted.

In just a moment, 12th tribulation loose devil Hu Yi and her husband Lian Xiao arrived.

“Big brother, what’s the urgency?” Hu Yi said with a smile, ever since her older brother and Senior Lan got along for a while; her big brother had calm down a lot and is seldom agitated.

“Big, joyous event, haha …” Zong Jue couldn’t help but laughed.

Hu Yi and Lian Xiao looked at each other and began to wonder. Exactly what can make her older brother so happy?

“Do you remember? When people reported to me that many loose practitioners that belonged to the Teng Long Continent went back, and Teng Long Continent’s loose immortals and loose devils are fighting battles with each other for a Heaven-Sundering Diagram? “Zong Jue asked.

Hu Yi and Lian Xiao nods.

“Of course I remember, but it’s just a Diagram, is there anything extraordinarily?” Hu Yi lightly laughs.

Knowing the loose immortals and loose devils are fighting for it, this Heaven-Sundering Diagram appears to be valuable, but because the Chaotic Astral Ocean’s masters did not know what exactly about the Heaven-Sundering is valuable and did not bother to participate.

“The Heaven-Sundering Diagram relates to a treasure, the home of a level-8 Mystic Sword Immortal” Zong Jue smiled.

“Level-8 Mystic Immortal! ”

Hu Yi and Lian Xiao had almost been shocked stiff.

“Big brother, did you say it wrong, Level-8 Golden Immortal is already a marvel, but a Level-8 Mystic Immortal’s home?” Hu Yi and Lian Xiao could not believe it.

“And this Mystic Immortal is the one with the strongest attack, Sword immortal, a Level-8 Mystic Sword Immortal.” Zong Jue involuntary said, “Hu Yi, Lian Xiao. Those three Heaven-Sundering Diagrams contains the map leading to that Mystic immortal’s home. ”

Hu Yi and Lian Xiao’s eyes couldn’t help but lit up.

They may stand at the top while in the mortal world, but once they rise to the next world, they would hardly be anything.

If they can get some treasure from inside the Level-8 mystic immortal’s home and go to the next world then to become some kind of nobility would not be difficult. No matter where you are, power is the most important.

“Hu Yi, immediately inform the two brothers: Cloud Island’s ‘Fuyunzi ‘ and the Black Wind Island’s ‘Shihua’, and use my order to call all great masters of Chaotic Astral Ocean to my Devil Peng Island. We, the Choatic Astral Ocean do not usually set out, but when we do set out, they must be obtained.” Zong Jue’s eyes shined with light.

“Yes, big brother.” Hu Yi is also thrilled.

Just the strength of the three big islands in the Chaotic Astral Ocean is very strong, while from the three islands will also have lots of experts, once gathered together, they would be a force to be reckon with.

“Haven’t personally handled anything for a long time, probably many people have already forgotten about me…”

Zong Jue took a deep breath and peered over Golden Wing Palace’s doors into the distance.

Zong Jue, is the spiritual pillar of Chaotic Astral Ocean and worshiped by many.

With Zong jue’s order, Chaotic Astral Ocean’s three major islands, as well as the top ten most powerful masters gathered one by one at Devil Peng Island. Devil Peng Island’s master Zong Jue’s order, who dare to disrespect? The normally chaotic ocean, because of Zong Jue’s single command, had brought up an unprecedented unity.

In terms of masters.

Teng Long Continent’s loose immortals and loose devils even combined could not be compared with the Chaotic Astral Ocean.

The vast Chaotic Astral Ocean have given birth to many masters, and their leader is the invincible existence of the Mortal World… Zong Jue.

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End of B11C13

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