Book 11 Chapter 10

B11C10 – Prevent Me From Teleporting

The purple flames continued to burn deeper and grow along with the heavenly flames.

One shot of heavenly flames was enough to burn hundreds of meters. Before YinYue Palace was only burned tens of meters because Qin Yu had the heavenly flames spread in all direction, increasing the burned area, naturally the burnt depth would be shallow.

Now the heavenly flames are concentrated at one place, lower the surface area many times, of course the depth would be a lot deeper.

“Let me see if your Ten Development Illusionary Formation is able to become a castle in the sky (ie. Float/levitate) when there’s no more rock below.” Qin Yu willfully fires round purple fireballs at it, in a little while, thousands of purple flame will cover up the area around the Ten Development Illusionary Formation and also the thousands of meters of rock below it and burn it into nothing.

Inside the heavenly palace there’s a few hundred loose immortals of average power with a hundred of the lucky Qingxu Temple’s disciples. But at this moment almost all of their faces was filled with panic.

Heavenly Palace begins to sink.

It’s sinking fast.

The Ten Development Illusionary Formation not only protects the Heavenly Palace, but also ten meter below and a hundred meter above the Heavenly Palace. But the few thousand meters of mountain below the Ten Development Illusionary Formation was burning to ash.


The whole building of Heavenly palace quickly shakes, every one of the loose immortals and Qingxu Temple disciples begin to fly out. They were only still flying within the Ten Development Illusionary Formation and can clearly see the Heavenly Palace sinking nonstop.

“Do not panic, this heavenly flame fiend can only burn the mountain under the Ten Development Illusionary Formation. That clears the area under the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, causing the Heavenly Palace to sink quickly. No matter how much it sinks, we are still within the Ten Development Illusionary Formation. He would not be able to hurt us.”

Shan Qu said from within the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.

When Reverend Ming Liang led the loose immortal army to chase after the loose devil army, this Ten Development Illusionary Formation was left in the charge of a 8th tribulation loose immortal. While Reverend Ming Liang wanders in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, Shan Qu has always been in the Heavenly Palace, if anyone is most familiar with the Ten Development Illusionary Formation. It’s probably Shan Qu.

“Shan Qu, my fellow Taoist, this Heavenly Palace could be called as your Qingxu Temple’s “Holy Land”, if it keeps sinking, it’ll sink into the mountain crevice. We are worry-free here, but what about Qingxu Temple’s reputation?” A loose immortal sincerely asked.

Shan Qu was silent.

The Qingxu Temple’s holy land, went from the highest point of Qingxu Mountain to the crevice by the enemy. If the Qingxu Temple seniors in the Immortal World finds out, they would cough blood in shock.

Life and Reputation!

Xiuyao,Xiuxian,Xiumo. Most of the respected pays attention to reputation, if you compare the reputation of an individual with the reputation of a school, of course the School’s reputation is more important. Because of the school’s reputation, many Xiuzhenist are willing to die. That’s how important a school’s reputation is.

Qingxu Mountain has been burned clean, the gate was totally destroyed, and Qingxu Temple’s Holy Land has fallen into the mountain crevice.

“Heavenly Flame Fiend!”

A voice at the peak of anger came from the air atop Qingxu Mountain.

“Uncle Ming Shan!” Shan Qu and all the loose immortals had a burst of joy, they were able to know it was Reverend Ming Shan just from the voice.

Ming Shan led 4 10th tribulation loose immortals and teleported to Qingxu Mountain, however the moment he saw Qingxu Temple, he almost was not able to stop himself from coughing up blood.

Save people?

The whole Qingxu Mountain have been burn down 1 whole layer, at least 20-30 meters, not a single grass left. Left with only purple blaze, how would there still be any Qingxu Temple disciples. Then Ming Shan turn his eyes to the most important thing ….Heavenly Palace.

In his opinion, the Heavenly Palace has the protection of the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

But…. the Heavenly Palace is gone.

The Heavenly Palace wasn’t at the highest point of Qingxu Mountain, at this sight he was almost scared to death, and luckily he had absolute confidence in the Ten Development Illusionary Formation. He immediately use his holy sense to search, finally finding it… his Qingxu Temple’s holy land, Heavenly Palace, was constantly sinking. The mountain under Heavenly Palace was completely burnt by heavenly flames.

The Holy Land was inside a crevice.

In the moment he found the Heavenly Palace, Reverend Ming Shan already noticed the figure covered with heavenly flames all over flying above Qingxu Mountain, he didn’t think much of it at the time.

The Heavenly Flames Fiend that burned both Immortal and Devil Faction’s number 1 clan!

Reverend Ming Shan who has the word “Kindness” in his name, at this point has nothing but anger in his chest: “Middle Dujie Stage, very powerful disguise. A middle Dujie stage that can use this much heavenly flames, that disguise is a little too fake.”

Reverend Ming Shan didn’t take much into consideration and nods his head to the 4 people behind.

“Kill!” said in a low voice then rushed toward Qin Yu leaving an afterimage.

When Reverend Ming Shan appeared, Qin Yu already noticed Reverend Ming Shan, but Qin Yu didn’t immediately escape. The first thing he did was send Hou Fei and Hei Yu into his Qingyu Immortal Mansion, the second thing was… fight with Reverend Ming Shan.

Wukongxue, Qin Yu felt that he would not be able to handle him.

But with Reverend Ming Shan, Qin Yu feels…he has a chance.

Although Reverend Ming Shan is 11th tribulation and Wukongxue is 12th. The difference is only 1 tribulation, but Wukongxue practices 《Blood Demon Magic (魔道) 》, this make Wukongxue’s strength more than 10 times of Reverend Ming Shan.

“His 2 helpers already ran, but this heavenly flames fiend isn’t running away?”

When Reverend Ming Shan saw Qin Yu haven’t run away, his face can’t help but reveal a hint of coldness. At the same time, Reverend Ming Shan didn’t want his mentality to be too careless, because this heavenly flames fiend is too mysteriously suspicious. Reverend Ming Shan can only do his best.

He closes in.

Reverend Ming Shan’s protective body aura (护体仙元力) easily blocks the heavenly flames, he sends the sword in his hand toward Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiles.

Prince of Black Flames Ring (黑焱君之戒)… Gravitational Field

Who knows how many have fallen for this skill, even if one can protect themselves from the force of 10 million Jin, their freedom of movement will be sealed. The Reverend Ming Shan who didn’t expect to be attacked by an invisible force, suddenly sinks down.

The sword that was hit by the gravity also sinks. Originally supposed to pierce Qin Yu’s chest, now only flew by his thigh.

At this moment!

The distance between Qin Yu and Reverend Ming Shan is only 10 meters, to the two of them the distance of 10 meters can’t even be consider distance. Inside the Gravitational Field, Qin Yu isn’t affected by it, a swipe of his right hand. A sharp sword pierce into Reverend Ming Shan.

“A unusual magic. (神通)” Reverend Ming Shan was surprised, he was able to defend in time.

Reverend Ming Shan’s body glows in a bright light, which is his protective body aura (护体仙元力).

Qin Yu’s immortal sword (仙剑) pierce into Reverend Mind Shan’s protective aura, but was only able to pierce through several inches with no way to go deeper.

“Middle grade Immortal weapon is great, but the user’s strength is also very important.” Qin Yu can’t help but think if he didn’t have Prince of Black Flames Ring’s 2 fields (大领域), a middle-grade immortal weapon, and a nearly invincible body, his own strength would only be equal to a 4th tribulation loose immortal.

With an immortal body, 2 great power fields (大领域), a middle-grade immortal weapon, Qin Yu is around the strength of 8-9th tribulation loose immortals. Currently in the face of a 11th tribulation loose immortal. With Qin Yu’s Star stage only being this strong, even when combined with a middle-grade weapon, still has no way to kill 11th tribulation loose immortals.


I can’t kill him this way, time to run.

A flash of Qin Yu’s figure and he’s gone. (TL. 秦羽身形一闪便要逃走. I translated wrong, but i don’t know what else make sense.)

At this moment, Reverend Ming Shan became scared: “Too unusual, what magic (神通) does this heavenly flames fiend have. How can there suddenly be this heavy of a pressure? If I hadn’t use all my powers on the protective body aura, today could’ve been the day I die.”

“But he wasn’t able to kill me this way, that mean his attack power isn’t that high. Best he could do is break through the defense of a 9th or 10th tribulation, it has no use against me.” Reverend Ming Shan felt his confidence took a huge leap.

Seeing Qin Yu run, Reverend Ming Shan immediately used his holy sense (传音道) to tell the 4 10th tribulation loose immortals: “This heavenly flames fiend attacks unusually, if you’re not careful, you’ll lose your head. I think… when you attack him, don’t engage in close combat.”

The 4 10th tribulation loose immortals just watched Reverend Ming Shan fight with Qin Yu, who would still dare to engage close combat.


Reverend Ming Shan ordered. Immediately, led by Reverend Ming Shan, 5 big loose immortal experts hunted Qin Yu together. While they’re on the hunt, Reverend Ming Shan and the others unleashed attacks nonstop, their goal is the disturb the area around Qin Yu to prevent him from teleporting away.

But they didn’t know that Qin Yu wasn’t able to teleport.

Even if someone told them, they would not believe it. An expert that can fight against Reverend Ming Shan and not die, but is not able to teleport?

Qin Yu’s flying is very fast, but in front of 11th or even 10th tribulation loose immortals, Qin Yu’s proud speed cannot match Reverend Ming Shan and the others, after all, the difference in strength is rather large, Reverend Ming Shan and the others quickly close in on Qin Yu.

“I’m not gonna rush into Qingyu Immortal Mansion for now. They are obviously unleashing attacks to disturb the space, worried that I would teleport away.”An amused smile appeared on Qin Yu’s face.

Using my enemy’s own hands to kill my enemy, it’s interesting.

Qin Yu used his holy sense and found a Xiuxianist clan a few thousand li away, for this clan to be so close to the Qingxu Temple, its position within the Xiuxianist clans should probably be high.Qin Yu immediately begins to fly toward that clan.

While Qin Yu flies to there, Reverend Ming Shan and the others’ attacks explode on the forest.

“Heavenly Flames Fiend, accept your death.”

Reverend Ming Shan finally came near Qin Yu, at that moment the Gravitational Field that Reverend Ming Shan experienced before appeared again, even with him being prepared for it, his body still stiffen up. Qin Yu without a slightest effect on his body, easily turned and shaked Reverend Ming Shan off

“Your speed is faster than mine, but catching me within the Gravitational Field, Dream On.”

At that moment, a plan started to form in his mind, Qin Yu can’t help but have a smile on his face.

YanFeng School, is high ranked School within the Xiuxianist Faction and near the Qingxu Temple, of course their relationship is good.


A shadow swooped down from the sky and flew through YanFeng School like a meteor.

“Reverend Ming Shan, this is YanFeng School’s Gate.” said a 10th tribulation loose immortal beside Reverend Ming Shan via holy sense, they clearly see Qin Yu went into YanFeng School, if they continue to disturb the space, they will obviously cause damages to YanFeng School.

Coldness flashed in Reverend Ming Shan’s eyes: “heavenly flames fiend can’t get away, don’t mind it.”

YanFeng School might be a high ranked School, but compared to the number 1 school, Qingxu Temple, the difference is too big.

Only hearing the roar of constant explosions, as long as it’s a place Qin Yu flew over, attacks from the 5 big loose immortals covered it. But in fact, Reverend Ming Shan and the others’ attacks were not powerful, in no way can they kill Qin Yu.

Reverend Ming Shan only did it to disturb the space.

But to be powerful enough to disturb the space, normal buildings simply can’t withstand and turned to powder.

“Who comes and wreak havoc in my YanFeng School!” shouted an angry voice.

“5th tribulation loose immortal?” Reverend Ming Shan felt with his holy sense,an enormous 仙元力 was just released for a moment and all the experts of YanFeng School was silent, the strongest at YanFeng School doesn’t exceed 5th tribulation loose immortal currently and YanFeng School have several seniors joined the loose immortal army.

But… heavenly flames fiend burned all of Qingxu Temple.

To kill heavenly flames fiend, Reverend Ming Shan don’t care about a few buildings.

“So ruthless, but… I like it.” Qin Yu’s movement was so skillful like a swallow, flying around relaxingly out behind the school and then into it again. “Since you’re not afraid of offending this school, let destroy it a little more thoroughly.”

Qin Yu didn’t do anything himself, it was Ming Shand and the others that can’t stop attacking YanFeng School’s buildings.

The reason being, Reverend Ming Shan didn’t want Qin Yu to teleport away.

But Reverend Ming Shan had no idea that Qin Yu won’t teleport. Qin Yu utilize this point and made Reverend Ming Shan attack regardless of anything.

“Ah…”, Reverend Ming Shan gnash his teeth, heart filled with hatred, destroyed majority of a school’s buildings, this feud is big. “Heavenly flames fiend, don’t let me catch you, cause if I catch you…” Reverend Ming Shan’s body trembles.

And he can’t stop attacking now.

YanFeng School became 50-60% destroyed, Qin Yu was satisfied and turned his body to another direction and continued flying.

“This is the number 1 School, Qingxi Temple’s loose immortals, if I don’t let you destroy a few schools, how would you be happy?” Qin Yu was involuntary moving in a curved way, suddenly turning to fly another direction because he found another school in that direction.

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