Book 10 Chapter 9

B10C9: Dame Yan Ji

Qin Yu looks towards the main hall. Judging from that absolutely deafening explosion, it is obvious that the loose immortals and loose devils have eventually become impatient because of the mansion-guarding stele and started a fierce battle. Now, none of them dares to hide their skills. They are all grinding their teeth, wanting to kill the opponents.

“I wonder how the winners will react when they discover at the end of the fighting that the mansion-guarding stele is merely a fake. Will they cry or laugh?” Li’er sighs.

“Perhaps they won’t be able to cry or laugh and will have no choice but to scold that immortal Ni Yang in their minds. After all, this immortal Ni Yang is really too wicked. Isn’t he obviously toying with people?” Qin Yu cannot help but give a faint smile.

Clearly he has also imagined that final scene.

“Judging from the Hallucinatory Magic Land and those arrogant words that immortal Ni Yang left behind, it can be concluded that he’s mercurial and self-serving. So, it’s only normal that he left behind that mansion-guarding stele to toy with those loose immortals and loose devils.” Li’er says smilingly.

Qin Yu recalls the message left behind by immortal Ni Yang that he heard after getting out of the Hallucinatory Magic Land and nods his head.

He looks in the direction of that main hall. That terrifyingly surging shaking of energy, that explosion, obviously … the 7 loose immortals and loose devils have unleashed a brutal fight because of this precious palace.

Qin Yu says smilingly to Li’er: “Let’s go.”

Kill, go ahead and kill, he will not care even if they kill each other to the point where the world is turned upside down. The most important thing to him at the moment is to find that precious elemental holy essence, which is also the real controlling core of the entire palace.

Outside the main hall, Yan Mo, Yi Da, Reverend Yan Xu, the black-haired old man and the others are all watching everything happening inside the main hall in shock. That brutal fighting, those cruel attacks, there is simply no way out left.

In the main hall, one blur appears after another, sword auras are flashing around madly and all kinds of spells and talismans are exploding unceasingly in attack.

Loose immortals and loose devils are all people who have lost their physical bodies. A loose immortal body is different from a physical body because even if it is pierced through by swords and knives, it will not suffer any serious injuries. A loose immortal can be mortally wounded if and only if his yuanying and soul are destroyed.

Special skills,

Forbidden skills,

Sneak attacks,

No means is spared!

Old Taoist Gan Xu’s expression is ferocious. The Taoist robe on his body has already been ripped to shreds and his face has even been lacerated badly by sword auras but he does not waste his energy healing the wounds on his face. Despite the blood on his face, Old Taoist Gan Xu keeps attacking Huo Lan and Hou Can nonstop.

“Ah, Reverend Yue Yan! Reverend Shui Rou!!!”

Huo Lan roars furiously. At the same time, he attacks like crazy.

Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou originally agreed to help him and his brother but in the end they unexpectedly attacked them directly. All of the loose immortals have joined forces to attack the 2 of them so naturally they are at a disadvantage.

However, as 3rd tribulation devils, Huo Lan and Huo Can are not so simple to kill.

If Huo Lan risks his life, it will be possible for him to kill one of Old Taoist Gan Xu, Reverend Shui Rou and Revered Yue Yan.

Brutal fighting!

They all want to kill their enemies, but they do not want to die either. After all, they have to survive to be able to personalize the mansion-guarding stele.

If a chunk of gold can make a number of beggars go mad, a mountain of gold can make countless beggars fight each other like crazy.

At the moment, these loose immortals and loose devils, who have not even reached the 4th tribulation, are also like that. A huge palace the size of an imperial palace made entirely of what they think is elemental holy rock is no different to them than a mountain of gold to beggars.

Crazy fighting!

If they obtain this palace, that will mean their status can rise astronomically, their power can improve by leaps and bounds and their loose immortal or loose devil tribulations can be overcome much more easily. This palace thus represents their glorious future.

2nd tribulation and 3rd tribulation loose immortals and loose devils belong to the lowest tier among loose immortals and loose devils. It is very difficult for them to become top-ranking figures in the loose immortal and loose devil communities.

However, if they have this palace, they will be able to achieve that with a lot of ease.

“Want to kill me? Dream on!”

Huo Lan roars furiously. At the same time, he and his younger brother Huo Can follow 2 curved paths to come at Old Taoist Gan Xu together. These 2 brothers are good at executing joint attacks so even though they are being surrounded by the others, they can still put up a fight by joining forces.

When Old Taoist Gan Xu sees this scene, his eyes seem to shoot out lightning. Behind him, the flying swords of his 2 junior brothers Gan Ming and Gan Shan rise into the air. A golden ‘Qing’ word emerges in Old Taoist Gan Xu’s hand. He then turns his hand over and throws a palm strike.

The golden seal-style word floats up. Using Old Taoist Gan Xu’s flying sword as the head and Gan Ming’s and Gan Shan’s flying swords as the supplements, it morphs into an area of sword silhouettes.


The fighting is very fierce, but most of these loose immortals and loose devils have only suffered some external injuries, which can be ignored by loose immortals. Even the one with the most serious injuries, Huo Can, has only had his yuanying affected a bit.

Using formations, the 3 Gan brothers can manage to be comparable to 2 3rd tribulation loose immortals. Reverend Shui Rou and Reverend Yue Yan are also 2 3rd tribulation loose immortals. Therefore, together they have the offense of 4 3rd tribulation loose immortals.

But Huo Lan and Huo Can are also 2 3rd tribulation loose devils.

It is easy to defeat them, but to kill them is difficult!

Defeating them means making them accept that they are outmatched and flee. However … as they are like a beggar facing an opportunity to obtain a mountain of gold, will they flee?

They will not, because they have already been mesmerized!

Huo Lan and his brother Huo Can have been mesmerized completely, but who among Old Taoist Gan Xu, Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou has not? It is definite that none of them will give up. They will all attack the enemies like crazy unceasingly to the death.


“This palace is such a priceless treasure that even my dragon clan will go crazy because of it, let alone these mere 2nd and 3rd tribulation loose immortals and loose devils. But if they keep fighting like this, when will be the end?” Azure Dragon says with a shake of his head.

Yan Mo says with a cold laugh: “Yan Lang, that Huo Lan and Huo Can are the weaker side but how can 3rd tribulation loose devils be killed so easily? You want to kill the enemies, but if you’re just a bit careless, you may even be killed by the enemies’ self-destruction. With this mansion-guarding stele on one side, who among them is willing to die?”

“No, their fighting won’t continue to be such a stalemate.” The black-haired old man, however, says.

After just a while, his words come true.

In the blink of an eye, the 5 loose immortals finally work together as a team.

Using a green ribbon, Reverend Shui Rou ties Huo Lan up instantly. Seeing this scene, Huo Lan is so scared that he almost suffers a mental collapse. But this green ribbon is really too tough and pliable. Even if he disintegrates his loose devil body, his yuanying will not be able to escape.

This is because the green ribbon is aimed precisely at the yuanying.

4 flying swords and several tens precious talismanic seals!

When Huo Lan is tied up by the green ribbon, 4 flying swords and several tens precious talismanic seals come at his body together. All of those talismanic seals contain in them extremely powerful spells. In addition, there are also the attacks of the 4 flying swords.

It is too fast.

It is so fast that Huo Can on one side simply has no time to help his elder brother.

An explosion that can shake mountains and rock the ground is heard. Knowing that his death was inevitable at the last moment, Huo Lan has unexpectedly exploded himself.

The self-destruction of a 3rd tribulation loose devil!

Since a 3rd tribulation loose devil is comparable to a Dacheng-stage expert and is only a step away from the level of immortals, this self-destruction is too powerful. But … the 5 loose immortals are using long-range attacks. With those distances, the self-destruction cannot injure them at all.

However … many holy weapons are destroyed.

The extremely rare green ribbon is blown to pieces. Among the 4 flying swords, only 2 remain intact because Gan Ming’s and Gan Shan’s flying swords are shattered by the explosion while both Old Taoist Gan Xu’s and Reverend Yue Yan’s flying swords are precious low-grade immortal weapons left behind by their seniors in their schools.

“Big brother!” Huo Can roars mournfully. His voice sounds as if his heart has been torn apart.

“Keep attacking.” Old Taoist Gan Xu shouts and immediately attacks again with Reverend Yue Yan.

Reverend Shui Rou, however, has a grim expression. Even though that ribbon of hers was not an immortal weapon, it was also a top-grade holy weapon. The most important thing is … it had the yuanying-restraining function. When facing a loose immortal or loose devil, if she used it to tie up the enemy’s yuanying by surprise, she would be able to kill the enemy very easily.

Only this ribbon is extremely difficult to forge. Firstly, it requires quite a few materials. Secondly, her grand master is the only one who has succeeded in forging it. But her grand master already went into the Chaotic Astral Ocean long ago and has not returned for the past several millennia. Who knows if her grand master has not died in the Chaotic Astral Ocean or has not failed to overcome a loose immortal tribulation?

The ribbon was definitely no less precious than a low-grade immortal weapon, but it has been destroyed just like that.

However, as soon as Reverend Shui Rou thinks about the green jade palace, that nearly limitless amount of elemental holy rock and countless other treasures, she manages to suppress the fury in her heart.

“I swear to Heaven, Qingxu Temple, Ziyang School, Lanyang School, one day I’ll definitely make you pay for this with your blood!!!”

While his voice is still resounding in the main hall, Huo Can has already rushed out and run away.

If Huo Can kept fighting Old Taoist Gan Xu and the others here, they would still be able to join forces and come up with a means of killing him. But if he gives up on fighting for that mansion-guarding stele and runs away directly, they will have absolutely no chance.

The 5 loose immortals, consisting of Old Taoist Gan Xu, his 2 junior brothers, Reverend Shui Rou and Reverend Yue Yan, cannot help but stop.


An explosion rises outside the main hall. At the same time, an anguished cry is heard.

“Old Taoist Gan Xu, I killed this Reverend Yan Xu to collect some interest.” Huo Can’s voice resounds through the entire square. Reverend Yan Xu, who original was standing there, has already been reduced to ashes. As a late Kongming stage expert, he was totally powerless against an attack executed by an extremely vengeful 3rd tribulation loose devil.

Old Taoist Gan Xu’s face immediately darkens.

But he knows that, despite that voice is resounding in the square, given Huo Can’s speed, he has already run to a certain corner.

The 3 Gan brothers look at Reverend Shui Rou and Reverend Yue Yan.

The mansion-guarding stele can only be personalized by one person. Who is going to personalize it? Now that Huo Lan and Huo Can are not here, the relationship between the 3 Gan brothers and Reverend Shui Rou and Reverend Yue Yan has obviously started to change. Neither of them is willing to let the other personalize the mansion-guarding stele.

When neither side is willing to give up, then …


The green jade palace is very large. Worse still, Qin Yu’s holy sense is simply useless here.

That is easy to understand. This is immortal Ni Yang’s palace. What kind of status does immortal Ni Yang have? How can the palace of his immortal mansion possibly let a Xiuzhenist who has not even reached the immortal level search it at will using their holy sense?

Perhaps, only someone more powerful than immortal Ni Yang can search this palace using their holy sense.


Using their speeds, Qin Yu and Li’er begin to search extremely fast in the palace. However, after quite a while, they still have not found that clump of elemental holy essence despite having searched several hundred rooms and courtyard houses.

Underground rooms, cracks in artificial mountains, fountains …

Qin Yu and Li’er search every kind of place regardless of whether it is secret or not. But the palace is very large so there are still many places that they have not searched yet.

At the moment, they are going side by side extremely fast.

“Li’er, could that immortal Ni Yang be keeping the elemental holy essence in his body? In that case, even if we search more, we won’t be able to find it.” Qin Yu says to Li’er while going at a very high speed.

She says with a shake of her head: “No, this immortal Ni Yang already created that mansion-guarding stele. Though he uses it to trick the visitors to the palace, I believe that when he left behind this palace, he must also have left behind the elemental holy essence. After all, he must have left behind some things for the predestined one. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be too pointless to cause such a big fight?”

“You’re right. If he hadn’t left behind any treasures aside from that fake mansion-guarding stele, this would really be very pointless.” Qin Yu gives a smile.

Now he and Li’er go into a resting house.

Right after opening the muslin curtain inside the resting house and entering the bedroom, they see a black pellet the size of a pearl floating in the air above the center of that bed. Its aura is even purer than that of the mansion-guarding stele and its holy energy is even more powerful.

“This, could this be …?” Qin Yu has never seen elemental holy essence, but at the moment he also has a hunch.

“It’s exactly elemental holy essence.” Li’er’s face is full of delight and surprise. “If you look at this pellet carefully, you’ll see that there are various kinds of talismans and markings on it. Obviously they were created when that immortal Ni Yang forged this pellet into the core of the palace.”

“Both mansion-guarding steles and elemental holy essence are pretty hard to forge into cores. But once the forging is successful, both of them will have spaces inside them like spatial rings. It’s just that you can only put palaces into these spaces.” Li’er says excitedly. “When you’ve personalized this elemental holy essence, with just a thought, you’ll be able to suck the palace into the elemental holy essence.”

Getting Li’er’s confirmation, Qin Yu is delighted.

This black bead is indeed the elemental holy essence. Moreover, it has already gone through forging so it can easily control the entire palace and even suck the palace in.

“Quickly personalize it, big brother Qin Yu.” Li’er says hurriedly. Seeing Qin Yu looking at her, she says with a smile at once: “It’s okay. This palace isn’t very useful to me and I’ve also got protective treasures. If you personalize this elemental holy essence, it’ll greatly benefit you.”

Qin Yu considers for a while then says smilingly to her with a nod: “All right.”

After personalizing the elemental holy essence, he will be able to control the whole palace and all of its restrictive spells and secret processes. At the same time, he will also be able to know what is happening at any place in the palace.


“Don’t worry, Reverend Yue Yan, Reverend Shui Rou. I, Gan Xu, can guarantee that when I have personalized this mansion-guarding stele, you’ll be able to take as many treasures in this immortal mansion as you can. Even those several tens tables and stools made of elemental holy rock in that square will be all yours.” Old Taoist Gan Xu says bewitchingly.

Reverend Shui Rou and Reverend Yue Yan, however, laugh coldly in their minds.

Tables and stools?

Those several tens tables and stools, which represent several tens chunks of elemental holy rock the size of tables and stools, really excite them. But do a massive palace and countless treasures not excite them even more than these tables and stools do?

Old Taoist Gan Xu said they will be able to take as many treasures as they can, but if he is unwilling after personalizing the mansion-guarding stele, they will not be able to take a single treasure. After all, they have already experienced the restrictive spells in this palace.

“Old Taoist Gan Xu, I propose that we’ll personalize that mansion-guarding stele. Afterwards, we’ll give you those tables and stools and you’ll be able to take as many treasures as you can. What do you think?” Reverend Yue Yan says to Old Taoist Gan Xu in return.

The latter is startled, but after a while, he is a bit annoyed.

“Humph.” Seeing Old Taoist Gan Xu like that, hot-tempered Reverend Yue Yan cannot help letting out a cold humph. They know that there is absolutely no possibility of easing the tension in the face of such a priceless treasure. Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou have a talk with each other through their holy senses. Right after that, they prepare to get into action.

However, when they are about to act, Old Taoist Gan Xu suddenly has palpitations.


An explosion rises beside him. He immediately dodges away. But as soon as he turns around, he discovers that the yuanying of his junior brother Gan Shan has already been seized. Gan Shan’s soul is then destroyed directly.

The one holding the yuanying is none other than the black-haired old man.

“Ha-ha, since you can’t decide who will personalize this mansion-guarding stele, I’ll help you by personalizing it, okay?” As this black-haired old man talks, his voice changes from sounding old to sounding gentle and sweet. Meanwhile, his appearance changes greatly too.

Under the thin black silk gown, a seductive body is partly hidden and partly visible. That pair of beautiful and flirtatious eyes sweep over everybody.

“Dame Yan Ji!” Old Taoist Gan Xu, Gan Ming, Reverend Shui Rou and Reverend Yue Yan exclaim in unison.

Dame Yan Ji, a super expert of the Yinyue Palace, is a widely notorious fiend on the Teng Long continent. She likes to transform into all kinds of appearances such as boys, women, old people, robust men, and so on. She is called the Ever-changing She-devil, but even now, many people are still unsure if she is male or female.

It is just that she often takes the form of this seductive woman when meeting other big fiends so she is entitled ‘Dame’.

As a 4th tribulation loose devil, Dame Yan Ji is comparable to a level-1 devil. The move she used just now to kill Gan Shan was obviously teleportation. Facing a devil, but Old Taoist Gan Xu cannot use formations anymore because now Gan Shan is already dead. Therefore, Gan Ming can be considered useless.

In fact, even if Gan Ming is counted in, Old Taoist Gan Xu, Reverend Shui Rou and Reverend Yue Yan only have the offense of 3 3rd tribulation loose immortals.

Facing a 4th tribulation loose devil, who is equivalent to a level-1 devil, 3 3rd tribulation loose immortals are actually the underdogs because there is an obvious gap between the 3rd tribulation level and the 4th tribulation one. If there were a couple more loose immortals or loose devils here, Dame Yan Ji would not be so confident.

Too bad, Huo Lan is dead, Huo Can fled and Gan Shan has been killed.

It seems this time Dame Yan Ji is like a wolf while the others are like quarrelling shepherds. However, what expression will she have when she discovers at the end of the upcoming battle that the mansion-guarding stele is bogus? And at the moment, Qin Yu is concentrating on personalizing the elemental holy essence!

End of b10c9.

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