Book 10 Chapter 6

B10C6: What a big chunk of elemental holy ore!

Old Taoist Gan Xu and his 2 junior brothers Gan Shan and Gan Ming, Reverend Yue Yan, Reverend Shui Rou, Huo Lan and Huo Can all know that this time they have really made a big profit. If those loose immortals in the Chaotic Astral Ocean knew that there are such a palace and such concentrated elemental holy energy in this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, probably even 6th tribulation and 7th tribulation loose immortals would come to this place.

And 2nd tribulation and 3rd tribulation loose immortals such as themselves would simply have no right to enter such a precious place.

After all, loose immortals are also divided into different classes.

Generally, those who have overcome the 4th tribulation are regarded as being of the same class. After all, 4th tribulation loose immortals are comparable to level-1 immortals and possess many magic powers similar to immortals’ such as … teleportation and the ability to forge immortal weapons.

That is only the basic difference. But 3rd tribulation loose immortals and 2nd tribulation ones are not even capable of the basics.

Only on the Teng Long continent, where Xiuzhenists are in power, are the people like Old Taoist Gan Xu worshipped by some Xiuzhenists and revered by some schools. In the Chaotic Astral Ocean, those 4th tribulation loose immortals do not think very highly of them and do not even consider them equals.

This time, they were able to come here because of 2 reasons.

First, the information about the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion only circulated within the top echelons of the Northern Territory.

Second, in both the Penglai Immortal Region and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, the people knowing this information belonged to several schools and they only told it to some members of their own schools on the Teng Long continent. Meanwhile, those formidable loose immortals simply know nothing about this information.


The experts such as Old Taoist Gan Xu all sigh with emotion at their own luck in their hearts. They never expected that they would be able to go into such a wondrous place.

Judging from the aura of palace in front of them, this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion is definitely not something that ordinary immortals can build. It was most probably constructed by a universal golden immortal, who represents supremacy in the eyes of loose immortals.

“Absorbing elemental holy energy to practice, my loose immortal body will become even more condensed and refined. And I’ll surely enter the boundary of 4th tribulation loose immortals faster.” Old Taoist Gan Xu’s heart is excited. “Having elemental holy energy, it’ll definitely be easier to pass those loose immortal tribulations.”

As he thinks about the terrors of loose immortal tribulations, his heart cannot help trembling.

He went through the 1st and 2nd loose immortal tribulations very easily but the 3rd one made him feel as if he was taking on the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation again!

According to legend …

Loose immortal tribulations only become really formidable from the 4th one. The later a tribulation is, the more terrifying it is.

Old Taoist Gan Xu is unsure that, if he keeps practicing as he has without some lucky encounters, he will be able to overcome the 4th tribulation. Perhaps this is also the reason why a great number of expert loose immortals have gone into the Chaotic Astral Ocean. After all, there are quite a few rare treasures in this ocean.

Many of those treasures can even be seen in the immortal world.

For example, certain places of the Chaotic Astral Ocean also have elemental holy energy. Only that kind of place is impossible for ordinary loose immortals to occupy. The occupiers of such places have to be at least 8th tribulation or 10th tribulation loose immortals.

As 3rd tribulation loose immortals, if they want to occupy such precious places, perhaps they can only achieve that in their dreams.


“Humph, these 7 fellas, are you still loose immortals and loose devils? You all went crazy when seeing this elemental holy energy or something. Where’s all your senior, lofty bearing?” Yi Da says as he watches the 7 loose immortals and loose devils rushing up.

Reverend Yan Xu, however, says: “Elemental holy energy, do you know what elemental holy energy is, Yi Da?”

Yi Da is startled. He knows that incomparably comfortable aura is elemental holy energy only because just now those loose immortals and loose devils could not help exclaiming in their ecstasy. As for what elemental holy energy is, he really does not know.

“Yi Da, you always know natural holy energy, right?” Reverend Yan Xu asks rhetorically.

“Of course, natural holy energy is extremely important to us practitioners, whether we’re Xiuxianists, Xiumoists or Xiuyaoists. It’s the most fundamental thing. What’s the matter? Why did you ask me so?” Yi Da looks at Reverend Yan Xu and says.

Reverend Yan Xu says with a smile: “Natural holy energy is to us what elemental holy energy is to immortals and devils.”


Azure Dragon’s voice rises. At this moment, he and the 3 yellow-clad men behind him go towards the green jade palace together.

Qin Yu and Li’er look at him. What he and the 3 yellow-clad men did just now was really astonishing. Using a mysterious formation, the 3 yellow-clad men unexpectedly were able to heal the broken bones in Azure Dragon’s leg almost completely. It seems there is also some kind of magic treasure on the bodies of the 3 yellow-clad men.

“The dragon clan’s history is profound. Some miraculous magic treasures and weapons it has are basically unimaginable to ordinary people. Besides, the golden dragon family, the most elite family in the dragon clan, even has hereditary memories so it can have some miraculous skills.” Li’er says slowly beside Qin Yu.

Hereditary memories?

Qin Yu looks at Li’er, slightly shocked.

He also knows a little about the dragon clan. To the best of his knowledge, judging by appearances, it is a clan made up of many dragons. As for the other things, he just does not know … Only when he first saw Black Dragon Yan Mo at that time was he sure about one thing, that is, the dragon clan has black dragons, which are also even more formidable than azure dragons.

Are there golden dragons in the dragon clan?

Qin Yu does not know, but when he heard hereditary memories mentioned, he remembered Xiao Hei and Hou Fei.

Xiao Hei and Hou Fei also have hereditary memories!

“Don’t waste time.” The black-haired old man says with a cold laugh then immediately goes towards the green jade palace too. “We aren’t powerful so we can’t get those immortal weapons, but if you come into that immortal’s palace and bring back a chunk of elemental holy rock, you’ll be able to progress very fast in practice.”

Yan Mo and the black-haired old man go towards the green jade palace simultaneously.

“Let’s go, big brother Qin Yu.” Li’er says smilingly. Qin Yu and she also go towards the palace together.

Yi Da and Reverend Yan Xu follow too.

Yi Da, Reverend Yan Xu, Azure Dragon and Yan Mo in the end spouted shocking amounts of blood which even included quite a lot of their hearts’ blood because of the flute music so the damage they suffered was really too great. But their injuries have recovered considerably thanks to the medical effects of holy pills.

The immortal palace,

Yi Da and his like do not dare to hope for too much. After all, there are still the 7 loose immortals and loose devils before them. They can only hope that those loose immortals and loose devils will remember the agreement everybody reached outside the gate of the immortal mansion.


The green jade palace,

When Qin Yu and Li’er come to the outside of the palace side by side, those loose immortals and loose devils have already entered the palace’s gate.

The green jade palace is exceptionally large. At first sight, it is at least several km long and wide, which is basically comparable to a luxurious imperial palace. Pavilions, terraces, towers and lustrous carvings can be seen everywhere. If one looks carefully, they will see that those carvings are made of materials the worst of which are … already top-grade crystals!

“What’s the material of this gate?” Qin Yu says doubtfully while looking at that huge dark golden two-piece gate.

Li’er observes carefully then says: “The mortal world shouldn’t have this kind of material. Based on the information in my clan, this gate’s material should be … some kind of ore in the immortal world. It’s also extremely valuable even in the immortal world and comparable to middle-grade elemental holy rock.”

“Elemental holy rock, what is it?” Qin Yu asks doubtfully.

Li’er says with a smile: “Elemental holy rock is just crystal containing elemental holy energy. Generally, immortals and devils all rely on elemental holy rock to practice. Absorbing the energy inside elemental holy rock to practice is much faster than absorbing the elemental holy energy in nature.”

Qin Yu understands in his mind.

“You see, big brother Qin Yu … this entire palace has the color of green jade. I observed carefully and saw that … its walls and even its jade pillars are inseparable. They are a whole.” Li’er leads Qin Yu through the gate and says while pointing to various places of the front hall.

Qin Yu takes a careful look and finds it to be that exactly.

Everything in the entire palace, whether a jade pillar or a flight of veranda steps, is connected together. Nothing exists on its own.

“If my guess is correct, this green jade palace should have been carved out of a rarely seen huge chunk of elemental holy ore.” Li’er continues.

Qin Yu is astonished.

“Li’er, you say … this, this huge palace, such a huge palace was carved entirely out of a huge chunk of elemental holy ore?” He is in a little disbelief.

Li’er says with a nod: “Yes. This is truly a big work, so big it amazes me. Such a huge chunk of elemental holy ore, look at it carefully, you see … the walls at different places have the same color. This means this is a very high-class elemental holy ore.”

“Elemental holy ore, what is it exactly?” Qin Yu asks doubtfully.

Li’er answers: “Elemental holy rock isn’t so easy to extract. When you exploit a deposit of elemental holy rock, generally you have to extract various chunks of elemental holy ore first. Then you have to remove some impurities in the elemental holy ore. The most essential part left of it is elemental holy rock.”

Qin Yu understands.

“Ha-ha, isn’t this similar to iron ore and iron? If you want to get iron, you have to extract it from iron ore.”

Li’er says frowningly: “But ordinary elemental holy ores have very many impurities. In general, they are very impure. You see … impurities can rarely be seen in the elemental holy ore out of which this whole palace was carved, to the point where it’s frightening. I can say that if you really refined this huge chunk of elemental holy ore a bit, at a minimum, you’d be able to get an amount of elemental holy rock half the volume of the elemental holy ore.”

This ratio is too high.

Generally, the crystals used to forge holy weapons will be much smaller after they are refined to remove their impurities.

“Top-grade elemental holy ore can be discovered in any deposit of elemental holy rock, but this chunk of elemental holy ore is so huge and of such high quality. I’m afraid that, even in the immortal world, it’s hard to see a chunk like this in 10,000 deposits of elemental holy rock.”

Li’er seems to know some things about the immortal plane.

Qin Yu gives a smile: “Looks like this immortal Ni Yang has a very high status in the immortal world.”

“Yes, very high, it should be exceptionally high.” Li’er says with a nod.


“Good Heavens, elemental holy rock, the whole palace’s walls are made entirely of elemental holy rock. Even the jade pillars, tables and stools are made of elemental holy rock.” Old Taoist Gan Xu and the other 6 loose immortals and loose devils have carried out a careful search in the central square of the palace.

In the end, they even discussed with each other.

When their doubts had been confirmed, they came to a conclusion -- every place of this palace is elemental holy rock!

The most powerful among the loose immortals and loose devils like Old Taoist Gan Xu are only at the 3rd tribulation stage so they have never seen elemental holy rock before and have only heard about it from some of their seniors. But after verifying what they had heard through examination, they eventually reached that conclusion.

Li’er was able to make her judgement at a glance whereas these loose immortals and loose devils had to observe for a long time.

“Junior brother Gan Ming, junior brother Gan Shan, the chance for us to leap through the sky has come. If we have this elemental holy rock, not necessarily much, just a chunk the size of that table, both we and the Qingxu Temple will be able to reach new heights never seen in the previous 1 million years.” Old Taoist Gan Xu tells his 2 junior brothers through holy sense communication.

Now, honest-looking Gan Ming and Gan Shan have also become excited in their hearts.

“Let’s go for it, senior brother. No matter what happens, even if the others protest, we have to bring out this elemental holy rock. We won’t need much. There are so many tables and stools in this vast square. 3 to 5 tables will be enough for us.”

Gan Ming also says via his holy sense.

Blazing eyes!

The eyes of Old Taoist Gan Xu and his 2 junior brothers, Reverend Yue Yan, Reverend Shui Rou, Huo Lan and Huo Can are all blazing. They are communicating through their holy senses.

At this moment, Qin Yu, Azure Dragon and the others also go into the vast square.

“Yan Lang, it’s elemental holy rock. No, this should be elemental holy ore, but its purity is extremely high so it can be considered elemental holy rock.” A yellow-clad man says to Azure Dragon in a low voice after examining the floor. The dragon clan’s knowledge is indeed superior to that of the other Xiuzhenists.

Azure Dragon says with a sigh in a low voice: “Too bad, had I known early on that this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion is such a precious place, this time I’d have asked those loose demon seniors in the clan to come here.”

“It couldn’t be helped, Yan Lang. There’s so much elemental holy rock in this place. If we take some of it, most probably those loose immortals and loose devils won’t mind this too much. But if there’s really no choice … we brothers can only join forces to fight for it.” That yellow-clad man’s eyes flash with a hint of fierceness.

“There’s no hurry. It won’t be late to wait till the last moment to get into action.” Azure Dragon says.

Now the 7 loose immortals and loose devils are playing the leading roles instead of the participants such as Azure Dragon, Qin Yu, Yan Mo and Yi Da.

At the moment, the 7 loose immortals and loose devils are in a state of total shock because of the fact that this massive palace is made entirely of what they think is elemental holy rock. These 7 experts do not recognize elemental holy ore. Perhaps they simply still do not know what elemental holy ore is.

“Everybody, we already know the preciousness of this palace. We’re merely at the 3rd tribulation stage so we’re simply not considered equals by those loose immortals and loose devils in the Chaotic Astral Ocean. But the fact that there’s almost unlimited elemental holy rock in this palace is our chance.”

Old Taoist Gan Xu says slowly while looking at the other loose immortals and loose devils.

Reverend Shui Rou, Reverend Yue Yan, Huo Lan and Huo Can all look at Old Taoist Gan Xu and listen attentively.

“To us, there’s really too much elemental holy rock in this place. But as far as I know, the spatial rings of our mortal plane simply can’t store immortal treasures. Regardless of the other things, this place has so many tables and stools, let’s all bring back some of them, okay?” Old Taoist Gan Xu says smilingly.

These haughty loose immortals and loose devils are now ready to take away someone else’s tables and stools.

End of b10c6.

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