Book 10 Chapter 5

B10C5: Elemental holy energy

With very red eyes, Azure Dragon is running south straight while roaring. His 2 hands keep attacking an imaginary enemy nonstop. At the moment, Azure Dragon is paying absolutely no attention to anything else. He simple does not know that Yan Mo is charging at him either.

Yan Mo is gasping for breath. His eyes occasionally flash with a red light.

Even now, Yan Mo has not been lured into running south by the flute music. This is because he has not become totally obsessed. There is still a tinge of clarity in him. If in the beginning he had not divided his concentration to go and kill Jiao Jiu, perhaps now the signs of him becoming obsessed would be even a bit lighter.

However, Yan Mo even killed Jiao Jiu while hearing the flute music. Because there was killing intent in his heart, naturally it was even harder for him to withstand the hallucinations caused by the music. As soon as Jiao Jiu died, Yan Mo became even more murderous. Therefore, when he saw Situ Xue, he got into action and killed her.

Now, seeing Azure Dragon, he also wants to go and kill him!

“No good, Azure Dragon has become totally obsessed. He simply doesn’t notice Yan Mo wanting to kill him.” Qin Yu says in shock.

Li’er says with a nod: “Now Yan Mo is only a step away from becoming totally obsessed. Under such conditions … if he goes on to Azure Dragon, he’ll definitely sink deeper. Maybe he’ll become totally obsessed immediately.”

“What are you thinking, big brother Qin Yu? Could it be you want to get into action?” Li’er looks at Qin Yu and says with a faint smile.

Actually, Qin Yu is in a moral dilemma at the moment.

To save or not to save?

In fact, even if he tries to save Azure Dragon, he will not have enough power to fight Yan Mo, who is crazy at the moment.

“Forget it, big brother Qin Yu. If Yan Mo notices you getting into action, maybe his murderousness will greatly intensify and he’ll immediately turn around to come kill you … As for Azure Dragon, we want to help him, but our abilities don’t permit.” Li’er sighs with a shake of her head.

Qin Yu turns around to look at her and suddenly says: “Li’er, I’ve always felt that you seem to be detached from everything in this world. Apparently nothing can affect you.”

“Really?” Li’er is startled.

“Ah ~~~~~” A yell rises.

Qin Yu and Li’er turn their heads to take a look. They see Yan Mo roaring with all his might while holding his head and Azure Dragon still running south. The astonishing thing is … Yan Mo unexpectedly has not killed Azure Dragon.

“No, no …”

Yan Mo is gasping for breath unceasingly. Sweat is oozing out of his entire body. The violent aura around him is extremely terrifying.

“Oh.” Li’er’s eyes shine brilliantly. “Big brother Qin Yu, this Yan Mo is unexpectedly more resolute than I imagined. At the last moment, he was able to stop himself from getting into action. Also, it seems he’s even trying to resist the temptation of the flute music?”

While talking, Li’er gently plucks the zither’s strings. The green ripples cancel out all of the red ripples within several meters of her.

Qin Yu notices this too.

Suddenly --

Yan Mo’s arms thicken and his fists are clenched to the utmost.

He growls in a low voice and bombards the ground nonstop using his fists as if they are big hammers, sending various deep noises through the ground.

Along with the noises of the fists smashing furiously on the ground, there are also Yan Mo’s furious growls.

As he bombards the ground again and again, his red eyes flash with hint after hint of fierceness. This is a terrifying kind of look seen after someone has had an outburst in a life-and-death situation. At the moment Yan Mo is totally in that kind of state. In just a while --

With a dragon roar, Yan Mo suddenly stands up.

Killing intent!

Towering killing intent!

At the moment, Yan Mo is like a general fighting on the battlefield, sweeping his dragon eyes around. Right afterwards, he rushes straight in the direction of Azure Dragon. Obviously he remembers clearly Azure Dragon’s running path. In a state of obsession, to run is only to take quick steps unconsciously.

But Yan Mo is flying like a rainbow at a speed nobody knows how much faster than Azure Dragon’s.

“What does Yan Mo want to do?” Qin Yu says doubtfully.

“We’ll know if we keep up with him, right?” Li’er says smilingly. Afterwards, the 2 of them follow Azure Dragon by flying south extremely fast.

Azure Dragon is taking steps on the ground so he is much slower than Yan Mo, who is flying through the air. In just a while, Yan Mo catches up with him. Qin Yu and Li’er see Yan Mo charge extremely fast at Azure Dragon then wave his arm to attack Azure Dragon directly.

“Still want to kill?” Qin Yu is shocked.

Following an extremely heavy hit, Azure Dragon’s entire body is sent flying backwards. The part of his clothes on his chest is shaken to pieces completely.

“No.” Li’er says with a shake of her head. “Yan Mo doesn’t want to kill Azure Dragon at all. Instead, he’s stopping Azure Dragon from running south. Obviously he has figured out that there’s definitely something very dangerous in the south. Therefore he’s trying to stop Azure Dragon. The reason he wants to do so may have something to do with the fact that both of them belong to the dragon clan.”

After listening to her explanation, Qin Yu looks at Azure Dragon and Yan Mo in this way.

“Kill, kill …” Azure Dragon growls and unexpectedly picks himself up to run south again.

Yan Mo’s body is also shaking. He attacks Azure Dragon once more while resisting the temptation of the flute music.


This time, that noise of bones getting shattered is so clear in the middle of the heavy hit. Azure Dragon’s whole body falls down.

“The right leg has been broken.” Qin Yu looks at Yan Mo and says in praise of him. “Yan Mo is really smart. Instead of blocking Azure Dragon again and again, it’s better to break his leg immediately. With just one leg, Azure Dragon’s running speed will definitely be very slow.”

In a state of obsession, one’s intelligence is like that of a ferobeast and running is simply an unconscious action.

Therefore, Azure Dragon tries to pick himself up again while growling. But he fails.

A growl is heard. Azure Dragon smacks his hands on the ground. His entire body then flies up. When it has fallen down, Azure Dragon stands only on his left leg. After a short while of slight stupefaction, he suddenly lies prone on the ground then crawls south straight using his 2 hands without hesitation.

At the moment, Yan Mo’s eyes are completely closed. His whole forehead is covered in beads of sweat.

It has already become difficult for him to protect himself so he no longer has any spare effort to help Azure Dragon. Because of helping Azure Dragon, he has sunk even deeper into obsession.

Ting …

Metallic noises are heard. The original flute music suddenly becomes loud and heavy. In an instant, there seems to be metallic noises flowing in it. The frequency of the red ripples in the entire Hallucinatory Magic Land immediately increases a lot. These ripples keep expanding towards everybody unceasingly.

With her eyes brightening, Li’er exclaims: “So formidable.”

Li’er’s right hand plays the zither in her left hand again. Now there is a green light on her fingers and the green ripples sent out by the zither are also much more powerful. Even though the frequency of the red ripples has intensified, these green ripples from the zither are still able to keep the area within nearly 20 m of her a completely safe place.

All of a sudden --

2 roars rise in the distance.

“I reckon that should be Reverend Yan Xu and Yi Da.” Li’er glances towards the north, her eyes flashing with wisdom. It seems she can see through the boundless clouds. “Too bad, originally Yan Mo should have been able to persevere for a very long time, too bad …”

When the words ‘too bad’ have just come out of her mouth,

At this moment, because of the intensified frequency of the red ripples, Yan Mo, who has been hovering on the verge of a breakdown all the time, can no longer carry on. He finally turns his face upwards, giving a roar. His eyes turn brutally blood-red. At the same time, he turns around and rushes south.

Because he divided his concentration repeatedly, even if he were more tough-minded, eventually he would still become totally obsessed.

Yan Mo runs while roaring this way. Qin Yu and Li’er speed up at once. The current distance between them and him is very short, only 30 meters. At first … they were afraid that Yan Mo would detect them so they stayed far behind him. But now there is no need for them to worry.

After a while …

“Azure Dragon is up ahead.” Qin Yu says.

He and Li’er have already seen Azure Dragon growling and crawling south nonstop using his hands in front of Yan Mo.

Azure Dragon’s crawling speed on the ground cannot be considered slow, but it is still much slower than the running speeds of the others … However, at this moment, both Qin Yu and Li’er give an exclamation. At the same time, they also draw a cold breath.

“Good Heavens … the immortal who set up this formation is too …” Qin Yu’s expression is very unsightly.

He has just discovered that there is a dark red lake about several tens meters ahead of Yan Mo and Azure Dragon. The dark red color inside the lake is none other than … a substance similar to lava. The dark red viscous liquid is boiling unceasingly. Various bubbles keep appearing on its surface.


Qin Yu feels that the air temperature within 100 m of the lake is terrifyingly hot.

It is obvious that … this dark red liquid is definitely no common lava.

However, Azure Dragon and Yan Mo become even more excited while continuing to roar, as if they have seen something exciting. They thus run towards the lake.

Ding --

Following a soft sound, the extremely loud and heavy flute music unexpectedly disappears all of a sudden.

“Pu ~~~” Azure Dragon’s and Yan Mo’s bodies get a shock and sit down on the spot. They then turn their faces upwards, each sending out an over 1 m tall spout of blood from his mouth. Afterwards, they become very tired.

Now Qin Yu and Li’er also see Reverend Yan Xu and Yi Da several tens meters behind them. Because of the sudden disappearance of the loud, heavy flute music, both of these men turn their faces upwards and expel a large mouthful of blood from their mouths. To be exact, it is much more than a large mouthful.

Based on the fact that they each sent out a 1 m tall spout of blood like a geyser alone, it is easy to imagine how much blood they spurted.

“This immortal Ni Yang is really excessive. He set up this Hallucinatory Magic Land merely to find out if the characters and determination of the visitors to the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion meet certain requirements. Even so, in the end, the flute music should have slowed down gradually until it stopped. But he stopped it when it was loudest and heaviest, so these obsessed people must have suffered extremely serious injuries. All of their internal organs must have been shaken badly. Perhaps even those loose immortals and loose devils have had a very hard time too.” Li’er says in condemnation.

Qin Yu also understands that immortal Ni Yang’s intention.

“This immortal is really mercurial. He’s not so hypocritical as Xiuxianists generally are either.” Qin Yu says with an indifferent smile.

However, at this moment, he and the others feel a dizzy spell coming.

By the time their heads become clear, the boundless clouds around them have unexpectedly already vanished.

The countenances of Azure Dragon, Yan Mo, Reverend Yan Xu and Yi Da are gloomy. Azure Dragon’s and Yan Mo’s bodies are even covered entirely in blood. The faces of the black-haired old man and the 3 yellow-clad men from the Azure Dragon Palace are very pale. As for the loose immortals and loose devils, they regain their normal appearances just by regulating their breathing a little bit.

There is no doubt about the power of these loose immortals and loose devils.

Now, all the lucky survivors are unexpectedly at the same place.

Moments ago, Azure Dragon and some others ran south and came near the location of that lake. But after a while, everybody has come together again. Needless to say, this immortal Ni Yang’s magic powers are really outstanding.

“Thank you.”

Azure Dragon says in a low voice beside Yan Mo.

Yan Mo, however, says nothing.

Azure Dragon now remembers everything happening moments ago so he understands very well that if Yan Mo had not floored him and broken his right leg, he would probably have fallen into that dark red lake and got destroyed completely.

“Where’s this place?” Huo Lan looks around and says.

The loose immortals and loose devils were not affected much and they have already regulated their breathing a bit so they are now pondering about their surroundings.

“This can’t be a place similar to the Hallucinatory Magic Land, right?” Reverend Shui Rou says frowningly. She obviously hates that place very much. If this is truly a place similar to the Hallucinatory Magic Land, it will definitely be even more powerful and there is no telling whether the loose immortals and loose devils like them will be able to resist it.

However, at this moment --

“Ha-ha, since you’ve passed the Hallucinatory Magic Land, I, Ni Yang, will let you hear my voice.”

A loud and clear voice suddenly resounds through the sky.

Everybody immediately holds their breath. They all know that this voice was definitely left behind by that arrogant and wild immortal Ni Yang so they listen attentively. Every sentence Ni Yang says now can very much relate to whether they will live or die later.

“Too arrogant.” Old Taoist Gan Xu says frowningly in a low voice.

The others, however, do not say anything.

“I had to think for a long time to come up with this Hallucinatory Magic Land. Most probably some of you became obsessed and completely fell under the control of the flute music. But the place at which you first appeared was some distance away from the Flaming Lake of Death too. If you were lucky enough, the flute music would stop when you had run to the halfway point. That was your luck. However … sometimes luck is even more important than power.”

When saying the sentence “sometimes luck is even more important than power”, the voice of that immortal Ni Yang is much lower and does not have the emotional provocation it did in the beginning.

The voice stops for a long time. When everybody even thinks that immortal Ni Yang does not say anymore, the voice resounds through the sky again.

“In the past, I had to collect quite a lot of precious materials to build the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. Since you’ve gone through the Hallucinatory Magic Land, if you go straight towards the north, which gives off a green light, you’ll see the outer hall of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. What you can get will depend on your luck, ha-ha …”

Following his loud laughs, immortal Ni Yang’s voice vanishes into the air.

The lucky survivors exchange a look. Then, without saying anything, they immediately go straight towards the north, which radiates an indistinct green light.

As they go forwards … a magnificent palace appears. It is made entirely of a green jade-like material. The indistinct green light is radiated from none other than this palace. At the same time, everybody feels an aura --

“Elemental holy energy, such concentrated elemental holy energy.”

The eyes of Old Taoist Gan Xu, Reverend Yue Yan, Huo Lan and Huo Can all blaze.

If immortal elemental energy and devil elemental energy are advancements of elemental energy then elemental holy energy is an advancement of natural holy energy. In general, immortals and devils all absorb elemental holy energy to practice. To loose immortals and loose devils, this elemental holy energy can excite them very much.

After all, the mortal plane normally does not have elemental holy energy.

Like lightning, the 7 loose immortals and loose devils all rush towards the green jade palace with glittering eyes.

End of b10c5.

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