Book 10 Chapter 46

B10C46: Fighting between immortals and devils

There is a huge secret room built underneath the imperial study. Lei Mountain House, given to Qin Zheng by Qin Yu previously, is in there.

Qin Zheng’s first reaction was almost concurrently with Reverend Ming Liang’s sudden appearance in front of him. He gave the long, narrow table in the imperial study a slap. His whole body immediately went into a tunnel beside the table as if he was in free fall and the tunnel shut right afterwards.

As an emperor, Qin Zheng naturally has to take precautions against assassins and this tunnel was dug because of that reason.

With this slap, his body fell almost at the same time as Wu Kongxue let out a deep roar. When he had just gone into the tunnel, that shock wave reached the place where he had been at a moment before. It was extremely dangerous.

Qin Zheng is not powerful but he is a Xiantian expert at any rate. Moreover, because he is the emperor a dynasty, his mentality is even much stronger than that of an ordinary loose practitioner. After the Heaven-Sundering Diagram had been snatched, he simply did not care who had obtained it and immediately dodged into Lei Mountain House in the underground secret room.

Qin Zheng has escaped.

But the nearly 20 loose devils at the scene pay no attention to this at all. They are all focusing their attention on Reverend Ming Liang.

“Ming Liang, this Heaven-Sundering Diagram is ours. Put it down and we’ll let you leave.” Wu Kongxue says in a loud and clear voice. But his terrifying energy is shaking nonstop throughout the area within several li of him. The space in his surroundings is shaking unceasingly too.

If a 12th tribulation loose devil attacks with all their might, they can even create spatial rifts in the mortal world. So, it is certainly easy for Wu Kongxue to only shake the space around him as he is doing.

Seeing that teleportation is unusable, Reverend Ming Liang lets out a cold humph without saying anything. His body immediately turns into a beam of light and flies straight south in a rampageous manner.

“Leave the diagram behind.”

Wu Kongxue shouts loudly, his voice resounding through the entire capital. At the same time, he launches an extremely terrifying attack. Various blood-red beams of light shoot out from his hands and bombard the area ahead of Reverend Ming Liang with the intention of preventing Reverend Ming Liang from running away.

Meanwhile, a blood-red mist appears in the sky above the capital. Obviously now Wu Kongxue has unleashed all his power.

“Humph, stop me by yourself? Dream on.”

Having obtained the Heaven-Sundering Diagram by force, how can Reverend Ming Liang possibly give it up submissively? Because Wu Kongxue is going all out to hold him down like that, it is basically impossible for him to escape. But … how can Reverend Ming Liang possibly fear Wu Kongxue? In an instant, a dot of light is shot at Wu Kongxue.

Clashing head-on, dodging, attacking sneakily, bombarding each other with magic weapons, throwing talismanic seals wildly ……

During a very short time, there is a continuous series of explosions. How powerful are Reverend Ming Liang and Wu Kongxue? Both of them are 12th tribulation super experts. So, when they fight each other with all their might, how can a mere capital possibly survive? Explosions are heard unceasingly and the sky is overflowing with the blood-red mist.


That blood-red mist is very dense and any mortal who smells its stench of blood is completely terrified by this stench. Such a thick bloody mist is covering the airspace of the capital, causing everyone in the capital to feel as if the sky has fallen and that doomsday has come.

“Ah, it’s Judgment Day! It’s Judgment Day!”

A scholar is running frantically in panic. He then becomes careless and, as a result, tumbles to the ground. However, because almost all the people on the streets of the capital are running desperately, the scholar is trampled to death very quickly, his pale white bones broken into pieces by feet and sticking out through his flesh. This scene is too horrible to look at, but nobody seems to pay attention to it.

Because … today is doomsday!

Scenes like this now can be seen almost everywhere.


Reverend Ming Liang avoids a strike by Wu Kongxue. This strike hits a street of the capital. Immediately, a shock wave spreads out from the site of the impact in all directions to a radius of several hundred meters like a sun emitting all of its light. Everything within several hundred meters of the site of the impact is turned into powder. In the area between several hundred meters to several li from the center, all the buildings collapse, smashing countless mortals to death, dyeing the capital red with blood.

“Xiao Ying, Xiao Ying, quickly come back.” A married woman is shouting anxiously.

Who can say the wars between empires are the most terrifying thing? Even in imperial wars, mortals still have chances to run away or have the ability to resist or fight for their lives.

However, when a 12th tribulation loose devil and a 12th tribulation loose immortal are fighting madly like this, it is simply doomsday. Now the mortals can only run away desperately. They have absolutely no ability to resist and have no choice but to hope that such an explosion will not befall them.

2 beams of light are flashing through the air extremely fast.

They fly into the western suburb of the capital from the eastern one in an instant. The air explodes wherever they go. These 2 super experts have got fired up completely. Neither of them is willing to back off. Wu Kongxue wants to snatch that Heaven-Sundering Diagram at any cost whereas Reverend Ming Liang wants to protect it with all his might.

The capital of the Qin dynasty is groaning and wailing under the fighting between the 2 super experts.

City walls are shattered, houses collapse, palaces explode, severed limbs are sent flying, blood splatters all over the ground, wails are heard everywhere …

It is miserable.

Under this absolute power, poor people and nobles alike are helpless. All of them are praying to Heaven for protection, praying that none of the attacks by these 2 super experts will land around them.


In Lei Mountain House, Qin Zheng’s face is full of bewilderment. Now there are 3 guardians under him, one at the middle Dongxu stage and 2 at the early Dongxu stage. That guardian Yang, who was at the late Dongxu stage, was already killed just now by Wu Kongxue’s deep roar without being able to resist at all.

If Qin Zheng had been just a bit slower or if his mentality was just a bit lower in quality, perhaps he would have suffered the same fate. As for these 3 guardians, they have been residing in Lei Mountain House all the time.

“Your Majesty, by checking with my holy sense, I have found that nearly 60% of the imperial palace with the imperial study being the center was reduced to powder by that roar. And the other 40% … was blown up while those 2 experts were fighting each other.” Liang Shen, the middle Dongxu-stage guardian, says respectfully.

Qin Zheng’s face changes color.

“You mean everybody in the imperial palace is dead except for me?” He simply cannot accept this outcome.

Liang Shen says hurriedly: “Your Majesty, not everybody is dead at all. Except for you, all those who were within the range of that deep roar let out by that super loose devil in the beginning are dead. As for the other 40% of the imperial palace, even though it was devastated by the energy of the fighting between the 2 experts, the remaining princes, princesses and imperial concubines here had already gone into hiding in underground secret rooms after the roar by that loose devil.”

Qin Zheng slightly relaxes in his heart.

“But that does not mean anything, Your Majesty. Those 2 super loose practitioners are really too powerful. When one of their attacks lands accidentally, hiding underground or not, those within several tens of meters of it will be killed in an explosion.” Liang Shen continues.

Qin Zheng is furious: “Tell me, how many of my princes are still living?”

Liang Shen says respectfully: “Of the 13 princes in that 40% of the imperial palace in the beginning … 6 are still alive. These 6 princes are all hiding in underground secret rooms. However, because they do not have the protection of Lei Mountain House, if a shock wave caused by the attacks of those 2 super loose practitioners reaches them, they will probably lose their lives.”

Two 12th tribulation loose practitioners;

Even if a casual strike by them lands, those within several tens of meters of it below the surface of the ground will definitely die, as will those within several hundred meters of it above the ground. And the structures within several thousand meters of the site of the impact will collapse.

But Qin Zheng is staying underground and is being protected by Lei Mountain House so he is safe, unless those 2 super loose practitioners wanted to kill him, because their stray attacks cannot blow open Lei Mountain House.

“6 … when this battle is over, how many of them will possibly be alive?” Qin Zheng’s heart is full of frustration and abhorrence.

“What about the empress and the ladies?” He asks for more details.

The empress and imperial concubines all lived in the same area. In Qin Zheng’s estimation, that area should be within the range of the deep roar attack executed by that super loose practitioner in the beginning. So, it is highly probable that … all of them are already dead. Qin Zheng asked Liang Shen about them only because he finds this really hard to accept.

Liang Shen has no choice but to shake his head.

“Lady Wan, Lady Ling …”

Recalling his familiar concubines, Qin Zheng feels a wave of heartache.

“Ah ~~~~~” He yells in a deep voice, his whole body starting to shake. His hands are being clenched in fists of rage and his fingernails have already sunk into his palms, causing his blood to fall drop by drop.

“Your Majesty, a lady is still alive. She is Lady Gong, the mother of the fifth prince. Now both Lady Gong and 5th Prince are hiding in the secret room underneath 5th Prince’s living quarters. They are both still living.” Liang Shen says all of a sudden.

Qin Zheng is startled.

“There’s only one left?”

Qin Zheng quickly remembers that he visited none other than Lady Gong last night. She even told him that she would go to see her son today. Who could have thought she would be able to avoid a disaster thanks to this?

Of course, it is still hard to tell if she will be able to survive.

After all … the 2 super loose practitioners are still fighting like crazy.

After some time,

“Your Majesty, the airspace of the capital has regained its calmness. Those loose practitioner experts seem to be all gone already.” Liang Shen suddenly says. Reverend Ming Liang and Wu Kongxue are extremely powerful so their speeds are truly astonishing. In just a while, they have already gone away several thousand li towards the south while fighting each other.

To prevent Reverend Ming Liang from using teleportation to escape, on the way Wu Kongxue keeps sending out his terrifying energy to shake the space around him. All structures are turned into powder while mortals and Xiuzhenists alike are smashed to pieces wherever the 2 of them fly past.

A path of blood;

This is definitely the first time Wu Kongxue and Reverend Ming Liang have gone all out to fight each other since they reached their current level.

How can they possibly care about the collateral damage to mortals? They started the fighting in the capital of the Qin dynasty then immediately started moving south at high speeds while continuing to fight each other. They then go through several tens of cities. Even though most of these cities are not damaged so badly as the capital of the Qin empire, their structures are still destroyed almost completely and they each lose at least half of their populations.

From the Qin empire’s capital to the Ming empire’s Lanshan City;

This several tens of thousands of li fighting path is a path of blood. The mortal casualties along this path amount to tens of millions, which is even much larger than the number of people dying in a war. Several tens of cities have been destroyed, causing the economic loss to reach a shockingly high level.

“Ha-ha … Wu Kongxue, this Heaven-Sundering Diagram is definitely ours. It’s time you all quit dreaming.” Reverend Chi Yang, an 11th tribulation loose immortal of the Ziyang School, says with arrogant laughter. The hidden forces of Xiuxianists have eventually appeared.

Now Reverend Ming Liang, a 12th tribulation loose immortal, is supported by four 11th tribulation loose immortals, consisting of Reverend Ming Shan, Reverend Lan Bing, Reverend Chi Yang of the Ziyang School and Xue Yuyang of the Lanyang School. Among the latter four, Xue Yuyang of the Lanyang School is the most powerful.

Reverend Ming Liang fights Wu Kongxue.

Xue Yuyang of the Lanyang School fights Wu Hei.

Reverend Chi Yang fights Fire Devil.

Reverend Lan Bing fights Dame Lian Yue.

Reverend Ming Shan leads the other 10 8th tribulation, 9th tribulation and 10th tribulation loose immortals to fight the other 10 something loose devils of the enemy.

This fiercest battle between the devil path and the immortal path in the mortal world is simply world-shaking. They have been fighting from the capital of the Qin empire to the southernmost city of the Ming empire, Lanshan City. Now the forces of both sides are fighting in the sky above the boundless ocean desperately.

A tinge of ruthlessness appears on Reverend Ming Liang’s face. He raises his right arm until it is horizontal. An extremely glaring point of light then emerges from the tip of this hand’s forefinger. It is dazzling like the Sun. At this moment, even the Sun’s luminosity seems to be eclipsed by this one point of light.

Wu Kongxue’s face changes color.

“So you want to risk your life?” He knows how formidable this move of Reverend Ming Liang is. But this move also deals to the user an amount of damage 80% as large as what it does to the enemy. Reverend Ming Liang has never used this move except when he has had to risk his life.

However, now if he does not fight off Wu Kongxue, he simply will not be able to escape.

“Stellar Ignition -- Space Piercer!”

The point of light shoots at Wu Kongxue nonstop. At the same time, wherever it goes, the space is cut apart completely and a small hole seems to be pierced through the space.

Wu Kongxue’s face changes color greatly because the terrifying attraction from that spatial rift reaches him right away and because this point of light is really too fast. He clenches his teeth. In an instant, his face turns very red and his whole body also reddens as if it is boiling. He then goes a long distance away like a beam of light to dodge.


Reverend Ming Liang shouts in a deep voice. With a swaying movement of his body, he immediately arrives in a stable area of space, uses teleportation without delay and disappears.

Because Reverend Ming Liang has escaped, the other loose immortals naturally do not want to fight anymore. They all evade their opponents then use teleportation to disappear.

During this battle between the devil path and the immortal path, all the 11th tribulation experts only suffered injuries of different degrees. But quite a few 8th tribulation, 9th tribulation and 10th tribulation experts were killed as both sides were fighting each other desperately.

Wu Kongxue, Dame Lian Yue, Fire Devil, Wu Hei and the other loose devils all have a grim expression.

“These lowlifes,” Fire Devil is extremely furious.

Wu Kongxue says coldly: “Let’s return to the Teng Long continent immediately. Whatever happens, we must settle this score. Humph, Ming Liang!” He has never suffered such a humiliation. The Heaven-Sundering Diagram was unexpectedly snatched by someone else when it was about to fall into his hands. How can he possibly not be furious at this?

“Let’s go.”

Wu Kongxue gives an order. All the loose devils immediately use teleportation to rush to the Golden Tree Island at their top speeds.

A while after their disappearance,

Several figures appear in the area of sky above ocean where the battle was being fought just now. The leader is none other than the central ruler and also the king of the Wilderness -- Yu Liang.

End of b10c46.

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