Book 10 Chapter 44

B10C44: Shaking

Clouds and mists are drifting in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion as usual. At the moment, Qin Yu and his 2 brothers are gathering in the east garden. He is on one side and is talking about where he obtained this Qingyu Immortal Mansion from and about some characteristics of the mansion.

“Big brother, this, this is the immortal mansion you obtained?”

Hou Fei’s eyes pop out of his head. He looks at the perfectly sophisticated Qingyu Immortal Mansion with a face full of disbelief. Beside him, Xiao Hei is also has a completely astonished expression.

“Oh my, big brother, who could have thought that Nine Sword Immortal Mansion would have so many treasures? If I had known this earlier, I would have gone and plundered it.” Hou Fei appears to be somewhat disappointed but Hei Yu still looks grim. Obviously he cares very little about what Hou Fei says.

Hei Yu looks at Qin Yu, saying: “Big brother, can you tell us a bit about what you encountered in the Nine Sword Immortal Mansion?” Hou Fei immediately looks at Qin Yu too.

“All right, then I’ll tell you carefully. That day …”


It takes Qin Yu almost an hour to give a thorough account of what he encountered in the Nine Sword Immortal Mansion and how other experts intrigued against and fought each other.

“The Ni Yang Realm? Big brother, when even the Nine Sword Immortal Mansion had so many treasures, the Ni Yang Realm must have a lot more stuff. Humph, you’ve got the map, haven’t you? Let the 3 of us join forces and go to plunder it together and bring everything back. What do you think?” Hou Fei says excitedly.

Hei Yu, however, says coldly: “Go to seek your death?”

“What did you say?” Hou Fei is angered at once.

“Monkey, didn’t you hear what big brother said? Even the Nine Sword Immortal Mansion was so dangerous. The Ni Yang Realm is 10,000 times more precious than the Nine Sword Immortal Mansion so it must be immeasurably more dangerous too. Plus, big brother already said that the power of a Dacheng-stage Xiuxianist is the minimum requirement for going into the Ni Yang Realm.” Hei Yu says in an ice-cold voice.

Hou Fei says confidently: “Mixed hairy bird, now we’re already at the late Dujie stage so we can even handle Dacheng-stage Xiuxianists easily, can’t we?”

“We can, but that’s merely the minimum requirement for entering the Ni Yang Realm. I really don’t think … the comers who barely meet the minimum requirement will be able to get many treasures. They will be lucky if they can protect their little lives.” Hei Yu always criticizes Hou Fei.

“You …” Hou Fei is so angry that he is speechless.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “Alright, alright, what Xiao Hei said makes a lot of sense. I’ve also thought it over carefully. The message this Immortal Emperor Ni Yang left behind for me in the Lord of Black Flame’s Ring says that … only those with at least the power of a Dacheng-stage Xiuxianist can go into the Ni Yang Realm. But that’s merely the entrance test for the Ni Yang Realm. Most probably there are more tests even more dangerous inside the Ni Yang Realm. I’m afraid the power of a Dacheng-stage Xiuxianist is still insufficient. Besides, I think it’s impossible for a hideout of a super immortal emperor not to have some terrifyingly powerful restrictive spells. So, we better go in together with some experts. When those 12th tribulation loose immortals and loose devils hurry on ahead, we’ll just follow them.”

“If we can obtain any treasures, that will be great, but if we can’t, that won’t be a problem either. After all, now we still lack power so in fact it’s already extraordinary that we’ve got the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.” He knows himself very well.

After all, he has not even reached the level of standard immortals and standard devils.

In the immortal world, generally only experts of the mystic immortal stage can have immortal mansions like the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. Even if they cannot compare with Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, they are level-1 mystic immortals at the very least.

Hou Fei ponders for a while then nods.

“What you said makes sense, big brother. That Ni Yang Realm must be exceptionally dangerous. Let those 12th tribulation loose practitioners rush ahead, ha-ha … we’ll take advantage of them at the back.” He bursts into strange laughter.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, in the past Uncle Lan took you to a mysterious place for you to undergo special training. It’s been just several years since then, but you both have even passed the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation. Tell me, what mysterious place could be so formidable?” Now Qin Yu has always been very curious about this.

In the beginning they were only at the early Dongxu stage, but now they have surpassed the Kongming stage and have even overcome the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation to reach the late Dujie stage. A normal Xiuzhenist will need at least several thousand years to achieve that but they needed only about 2 years.

Their power could be improved rapidly, but how could their soul levels be improved so fast too?

Both Hou Fei and Hei Yu frown.

“Big brother, in fact we don’t know where that place is either.” Hei Yu says.

Seeing Hou Fei’s and Hei Yu’s expressions, Qin Yu knows that his 2 brothers really do not know where that place is.

“At the time, Uncle Lan took us away with him directly using teleportation. After the teleportation, we arrived in a mysterious place that we’d never heard of. The holy energy in that place was even 100 times thicker than the holy energy outside. We trained in there for more than 100 years and reached all the way up to the middle Dujie stage. Uncle Lan then took us to leave that place and put us on an islet within the territory of the Stellar Tower so that we could wait for our tribulations. After the tribulations, we went directly from that islet to look for you.” Hou Fei says carefully.

“More than 100 years?”

Qin Yu is in disbelief.

“When I went into the Nine Sword Immortal Mansion, you also left with Uncle Lan. It’s been only a short time since then, just about 2 years.”

Hou Fei and Hei Yu look at each other, their eyes full of frustration.

“We don’t know either. We’ve been doubtful about that in our minds too. But we haven’t seen Uncle Lan again since leaving that mysterious place and Uncle Lan seems to have disappeared into thin air as well. We waited for our tribulations on that islet. After passing the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation, we immediately went to look for you.”

Listening to what Hou Fei and Hei Yu tell him, Qin Yu becomes doubtful inwardly.

There is a mysterious place where the density of holy energy is 100 times higher than normal, and moreover, others can train in there for over 100 years while only a year of two of his time passes.

In the end, Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu cannot figure out where that mysterious place is. They can only conclude that this miraculous place is different from the outside world and its density of holy energy is also different. Perhaps it is a certain special, secret place.


“Holy beast mounts? Ha-ha, big brother, so you can’t subdue them? Humph, let me try.” After hearing Qin Yu talk about holy beasts and holy beast collars, Hou Fei volunteers to go and tame those 3 extreme-ice lions.

“That’s fine. Let me see your skills, both of you.” With a thought, Qin Yu moves the 3 extreme-ice lions directly from their courtyard house in front of the 3 brothers.

After seeing the 3 extreme-ice lions, Hou Fei and Hei Yu cannot help exchanging a smile.

“How long have you been practicing?” Hei Yu asks indifferently.

Shi Xin, Shi Bing and Shi Zhan immediately feel a faint air of dominance about Hei Yu’s and Hou Fei’s bodies. That is the air of dominance which superior divine beasts specially possess. Divine beasts are very haughty. They are haughty to inferior divine beasts but are innately afraid of superior ones.

“More than 30,000 years,” Shi Xin answers first.

Qin Yu is slightly shocked. It unexpectedly took them so long to practice to the Dacheng stage.

“Extreme-ice lions, your practice technique should be the most common, most basic one, right? No wonder you’ve been so slow in practice despite having some natural treasures in your bodies.” Hou Fei says in a totally unconcerned manner: “That’s right. Extreme-ice lions are middle-class divine beasts so you don’t have hereditary memories.”

The 3 extreme-ice lions’ eyes brighten.

They know very well that high-class divine beasts and super divine beasts all have hereditary memories, which can contain countless techniques and Secret Skills and can be considered a huge treasury. This is also the reason why high-class divine beasts and super divine beasts are far superior to middle-class and low-class divine beasts.

“I and the monkey are divine beasts of a higher class than you. You should be able to feel this too. I’ll tell you one thing, if you become our holy beasts and mounts, I and the monkey can teach you a formidable practice technique. If you don’t, then you can imagine your fate easily.” Hei Yu says in an ice-cold voice.

Hou Fei also looks at the 3 extreme-ice lions, saying with a sigh: “That’s too convenient for these 3 extreme-ice lions.”

“We’re willing to yield. Of course we’re willing to yield.” The 3 Shi brothers say hurriedly.

Divine beasts are strictly divided into classes. They can also feel that Hou Fei and Hei Yu are absolutely superior to them in terms of classes, so naturally they have no complaints about becoming their mounts. Moreover, they can even be granted secret techniques by these two later.

A divine beast’s hereditary memories are like a large treasury. They have a shockingly large number of secret techniques, including not only the techniques of this divine beast’s clan, but also quite a lot of other techniques. Any technique picked at random from them is much better than the technique the extreme-ice lions are currently practicing.

“Um, let it be this way. The eldest among you three will become my big brother’s holy beast mount, the 2nd eldest will be my holy beast mount and the 3rd one will be the holy beast mount of the mixed hairy bird.” Hou Fei says directly.

“Big brother? You accept a human as your big brother?” Shi Zhan is the first to exclaim.

Divine beasts are haughty and the divine beasts with hereditary memories are even more so. But these 2 divine beasts with hereditary memories consider a human their big brother. Perhaps this is something unheard of in the past 1 million year.

“What? You’ve got any objection?” Hou Fei’s eyes flash with a cold light.

Hei Yu’s eyes also flash with a tinge of killing intent.

To Hei Yu, Qin Yu is the one closest to him. These 3 extreme-ice lions look down on his big brother so how can he possibly not be annoyed by that?

“We have no objection, sirs. Of course we have no objection. It’s just that I didn’t expect him to be the big brother of such exalted divine beasts as you. If we had known this earlier, we wouldn’t have opposed him.” Shi Xin says sincerely. When even 2 divine beasts with hereditary memories consider him their big brother, what is so bad about them becoming his mounts?

There is only a difference of 1 class between middle-class divine beasts and high-class divine beasts, but they are worlds apart in status.

After all, high-class divine beasts have hereditary memories while middle-class ones do not.


Several days later,

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu each are riding an extreme-ice lion flying northeast while braving the winds and the waves cheerfully.

Qin Yu is dressed in a black suit of armor which the Black Origin transformed into. His holy beast mount, extreme-ice lion Shi Xin, is snow-white from head to toe and is even protected by a layer of the Extreme Ice Armor on the outside. His mount is white whereas he is dressed all in black. There is really a sharp distinction between them.

Hou Fei is clad in the Water Element Armor. This Water Element Armor was automatically created by Hou Fei when he reached the Dujie stage and is a type of body armor peculiar to fiery-eyed aquatic monkeys. His mount is extreme-ice lion Shi Bing, who is also covered in the Extreme Ice Armor.

Hei Yu is wearing the Black Scale Armor, which the extremely hard feathers on his whole body naturally transformed into after he reached the Dujie stage. The holy beast he is riding is extreme-ice lion Shi Zhan. Just like Qin Yu, he is dressed all in black and his mount is totally white.

The 3 brothers talk with other cheerfully and humorously on the way while going extremely fast through the winds and the billows.


“What’s the matter, big brother?” Seeing Qin Yu frown, Hou Fei asks immediately.

Qin Yu is holding a transmitter. Just now he received a message from manager Zhuang Zhong of the Stellar Tower and learnt of a matter which has made him exceptionally worried.

“Not long ago, Xiumo experts attacked the Stellar Tower. All of the Stellar Tower’s forces had to withdraw inwards and rely on the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation for defense. Luckily, the formation is very powerful after being altered by Uncle Lan so those loose devil experts couldn’t do anything to the Stellar Tower and eventually had to leave.”

Qin Yu says slowly.

“They already left so that’s good, isn’t it? Why are you still unhappy? Ah, that’s wrong!” Hou Fei now also knows that the situation is bad.

Hei Yu knows why Qin Yu is worrying too.

“Most Xiumo experts have no regard for anybody. I’m afraid they will go straight to the Qin empire and seize my relatives to negotiate. Even though my father and some others already went into the Stellar Tower … my 2nd brother, his princes and princesses, and quite a few members of the Qin clan’s branches are still there.”

Qin Yu’s originally happy and relaxed mood has been spoilt completely.

Without thinking much, he messages his 2nd brother’s guardian right away: “Guardian Yang, immediately inform my 2nd brother that it’s highly probable that some experts will come over to hold him hostage in a while; if they really want to hold my 2nd brother hostage, then he will have to tell them directly that senior Lan wants him to pass the Heaven-Sundering Diagram on to them. Remember to make sure that nobody resists them.”

Losing the Heaven-Sundering Diagram will mean nothing to Qin Yu. But nothing bad is allowed to happen to his 2nd brother’s family, whatever the cost.

Moreover, his 2nd brother is the emperor of the Qin dynasty after all.

“Yes, tower master.” Guardian Yang answers obediently at once.

Qin Zheng is still lacking in power so he cannot use transmitters. Therefore Qin Yu has no choice but to tell Qin Zheng’s guardian to pass this message on to him. This guardian Yang is an expert of the Stellar Tower and is now at the late Dongxu stage.

“Xiumo experts do whatever they want and have absolutely no scruples about killing people. These Xiumo experts have never tasted defeat at the hands of Uncle Lan so perhaps they won’t care about him. He’s currently not here but I can’t get home immediately either.” Qin Yu becomes anxious inside.

“Hopefully nothing bad happens.” He can only hope in his heart.

However … the real situation is even more terrible than he thought. Are loose devils truly the only ones who want to fight for the Heaven-Sundering Diagram? He simple does not know that at the moment, most of the top experts in the mortal world such as Wu Kongxue are already gathering in the capital of the Qin dynasty on the Qian Long continent!

End of b10c44.

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