Book 10, Chapter 43

B10C43: Hou Fei and Hei Yu

“What did you do to my 2nd and 3rd brothers? You haven’t killed them. If you had killed them, where would their bodies be now? Spit it out, where did you send them to?”

At the moment, Shi Xin appears extremely furious. He has already changed into his human form.

The 3 brothers were born of the same parents and have been practicing and struggling for survival in the Chaotic Astral Ocean together. All of them were lucky enough to pass the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation to reach the Dacheng stage.

They are already no longer far from achieving ascension but this time they have run into a Xiuzhenist who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This is a Xiuzhenist who has not even reached the Dacheng stage but he has defeated the 3 of them completely. Even though they are divine beasts and have the Sword Blade Awls and the Mystic Eyeballs, one being low-grade immortal weapons and the other being natural treasures, they have still been defeated by a mere pre-Dacheng-stage Xiuzhenist.

“Your 2nd and 3rd brothers? Oh, don’t worry. They’re not dead yet.” Qin Yu now says casually.

The Extreme Ice Realm has not been maintained by the Mystic Eyeballs since he threw Shi Bing and Shi Zhan into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion so it has already started to melt gradually and the white misty masses have also started to vanish slowly.

The only one left is Shi Xin so Qin Yu can definitely catch him with ease.

“They’re not dead, then where are they now?” Shi Xin asks anxiously.

“Very simple, if you let me capture you without putting up a fight, I’ll take you to see them.” Qin Yu says with an indifferent smile.

Shi Xin’s face hardens: “Xiuzhenist, do you think I’m an idiot? Letting you capture me without putting up a fight? You say you haven’t killed my 2 brothers, but who knows if that’s true? Who knows if you’re trying to fool me?”

“Shi Xin … do I still need to fool you?” Qin Yu asks in reply.

Shi Xin is startled.

He recalls how formidable Qin Yu was -- a Xiuzhenist who has not reached the Dacheng stage and yet can control the heavenly flame, which is feared by even standard immortals. If not for them being 3 divine beasts and having the Mystic Eyeballs, which can form the Extreme Ice Armor, perhaps the heavenly flame alone would have been enough to destroy the 3 of them.

In addition to the heavenly flame, Qin Yu even has a treasure with an astonishing ability for restoration, an immortal weapon which was able to break through the defense of the Extreme Ice Armor and … that pressure, which appeared at the last moment all of a sudden.

All these things cause Shi Xin to find the Xiuzhenist in front of him so mysterious.

Just the combination of Qin Yu’s ability to control the heavenly flame, his body, which can almost be called imperishable, and his speed, which is far superior to Shi Xin’s, is already enough to make it absolutely impossible for Shi Xin to run away.

Of course, this body can only be called imperishable on condition that Qin Yu’s soul is not attacked.

For example, an expert of Zong Jue’s caliber will probably blow Qin Yu’s head to pieces directly before he can even dodge, destroying his soul. At that time, his recovery ability will be useless no matter how amazing it is.

When the soul is shattered, he will definitely die.

But Shi Xin does not have the ability to destroy Qin Yu’s soul in an instant yet.

“Right, you don’t need to fool me. The 3 of us joined forces in the Extreme Ice Realm but you were still able to capture my 2 brothers. Now I don’t have the Extreme Ice Realm or my brothers’ help so I can’t even run away.” Shi Xin says with a forced smile. “Okay, I agree to let you capture me without fighting back!”

He looks at Qin Yu: “I hope you aren’t fooling me and will let me see my 2 brothers.”

“Don’t worry. I’m certainly not fooling you.”

Qin Yu makes a wave of his hand. A black rope automatically lengthens and ties Shi Xin up firmly right away.

This Black Origin is a top-grade holy weapon after all and it can take all kinds of forms so not even Shi Xin can break it by struggling with his current power. Besides, the rope has wound around him in a great many loops so even if he goes all out to break a loop, there will still be many more left. And the Black Origin can even wind more loops around him.

Shi Xin has let Qin Yu tie him up at will using the rope without resisting.

“Now meet your 2 brothers.” With a thought, Qin Yu also throws him straight into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

As the 3 divine beasts have been sucked into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, naturally the original area of ice now begins to melt away. Gradually, the frozen water surface is shattered by the water pressure and this area reverts to being an area with sky-high billows.

There is a faint smile on Qin Yu’s face.

He is really very happy at the moment. In the past he obtained 4 holy beast collars in the Treasure-Storing Tower. One of them was used to tame the ink qilin so now there are still 3 unused holy beast collars, which are just enough for the 3 extreme-ice lions.


The ink qilin has quickly flown up to Qin Yu: “Master, you have handled those enemies, haven’t you?”

“I’ve handled them.” Qin Yu says with a smile. “Let’s go into the immortal mansion, Inky.”

After subduing the ink qilin, Qin Yu has also taken him into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion so he is aware of the existence of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

As the owner of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, Qin Yu can let anyone else enter it.

But if he himself wants to go into the mansion, he will have to take it out and put it on a certain place to be able to do so. When the mansion is still in his body, he cannot go into it.

This Qingyu Immortal Mansion is very wonderful, being able to enlarge or shrink just like holy items or immortal items.

To a certain extent, it indeed can be considered an immortal item, only this immortal item took an exceedingly shocking amount of materials to make.

Qin Yu puts the shrunken Qingyu Immortal Mansion in a corner at the bottom of the ocean. At the same time, he controls the illusionary spells, making the Qingyu Immortal Mansion look like a submerged rock.

His body then goes straight into the mansion like a blue wisp of smoke. The ink qilin was already sent into the mansion even before he took it out.


In a garden of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion,

Qin Yu is sitting in a chair made of elemental holy rock looking at the 3 dumbfounded extreme-ice lions before him. The ink qilin is laughing on one side of him.

The ink qilin certainly knows what the 3 extreme-ice lions are thinking in their minds. When he first came into this immortal mansion, he was also scared stiff by the fact that it is made entirely of elemental holy ore.

Even all the elemental holy rock of the deposit on the Devil Peng Island is a smaller amount than the elemental holy rock of this immortal mansion. Moreover, this whole mansion was carved out of a massive chunk of elemental holy ore.

Shi Xin, Shi Bing and Shi Zhang look at each other, their eyes full of fright.

The 3 of them have seen elemental holy rock. They even killed an 8th tribulation loose practitioner just because of a piece of elemental holy rock, and a low-grade one at that. Having been living in the Chaotic Astral Ocean for a long time, these 3 extreme-ice lions know very well how valuable elemental holy rock is here.

“Good Heavens! How can this place have so much elemental holy rock?” Shi Xin and his brothers have been shocked completely.

On one side, Qin Yu is in no hurry. He is only drinking spring water.

On the Qian Long continent, when some rustics go into big cities such as capitals, most of them have pretty much the same expression as the 3 Shi brothers. They are all … so shocked and overwhelmed with disbelief.

“Gentlemen.” Qin Yu finally says.

Only now do the Shi brothers wake up. The big brother Shi Xin says first: “You already amazed the 3 of us a lot in the Extreme Ice Realm. Who could have thought that what you showed wasn’t everything you got? This mansion … Where did you get this much elemental holy rock? No, all parts of this mansion seem to be a whole. This should be … impossible.”

He immediately lies prone on the ground to observe carefully.

“A chunk … could it be this whole mansion is made of a huge chunk of elemental holy rock?” Shi Xin feels a dizzy spell. This is really too shocking.

Shi Bing and Shi Zhan are totally shocked too.

Where did such an enormous chunk of elemental holy rock come from?

“No, how can there be such a huge chunk of elemental holy rock? This is elemental holy ore. Only, it is of such exceptionally high quality that it shows almost no signs of impurities.” Qin Yu says smilingly.

The 3 Shi brothers are Dacheng-stage divine beasts, after all, so they calm down in a while.

“Why did you take us to this place?” Shi Zhan is the first to roar angrily.

Qin Yu is startled. He already told them the reason, did he not?

Shi Xin gives the least calm brother Shi Zhan a stare then says to Qin Yu: “I know what you want to do. But if I become your holy beast, I’ll lose my freedom. And … as a divine beast, I really can’t agree to become a human’s mount.”

“I won’t become your mount even if you kill me.” Shi Zhan roars.

Shi Bing has not said anything but the look in his eyes shows that he thinks the same as his 2 brothers.

Qin Yu gives a forced smile.

“It’s really difficult to make divine beasts agree to become mounts. I already subdued them with my power, but …” He is very frustrated inside.

When he made the ink qilin his holy beast, he had to promise that, after his ascension, the ink qilin would be freed and would only have to protect the Qin clan’s members a bit. Only because of this was the ink qilin willing to become his mount.

So, it is really difficult to tame the 3 divine beasts in front of him.

“You’re really unwilling to yield?” Qin Yu asks again, but this time there is not a smile on his face, making him look ice-cold.

The 3 extreme-ice lions nod their heads resolutely.

“Divine beasts are superior to humans. Don’t even think you can turn us into a human’s mounts.” Shi Zhan says proudly.

In the eyes of divine beasts, they are superior to humans.

Of course, in the eyes of humans, divine beasts are just highly gifted demonic beasts, which, deep in their hearts, still consider humans to be the paragon of all creatures despite being frighteningly powerful.

“That’s impossible, even if you kill us.” Shi Xin also says.

They would rather die than submit.

The ink qilin says to Qin Yu: “Master, it’s really very hard to make these divine beasts your mounts … Only when you can make them sincerely think that you’re superior to them will they be willing to become your mounts. Even though your power already subdued them, it’s very difficult to make them consider you their superior.”

Seeing the looks in the 3 extreme-ice lions’ eyes, Qin Yu knows in his mind that it is pointless to say more too.

“Alright, since you’re unwilling, just stay in a courtyard house of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. But your movements will be limited to that house as well.”

With a thought, he immediately sends the 3 divine beasts into a courtyard house.

The entire Qingyu Immortal Mansion is covered in restrictive spells so everything at a place of the mansion can be teleported to another. Of course … the precondition for this is that the objects of the teleportation cannot resist the restrictive spells.

If there were an immortal emperor here, given Qin Yu’s current power level, they probably could remove all the restrictive spells activated by him right away. But it is simply impossible for the 3 extreme-ice lions to remove the spells arranged by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.


After lodging the 3 extreme-ice lions in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, Qin Yu also lets the ink qilin stay in it. He himself then rides the middle-grade immortal weapon, flying northeast at his top speed.

Time flies. In the blink of an eye, a month has passed.

At the middle Dujie stage, relying on his current body and the middle-grade immortal sword, Qin Yu has reached an extremely astonishing speed when flying. Now he is several tens of times faster than he was at the early Core stage.

“Where are you now, big brother? I and the mixed hairy bird have just flown past the Black Grass Island.” Hou Fei sends Qin Yu a message through his transmitter.

Qin Yu makes a sweep of his holy sense. After recalling the map of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, he feels a wave of delight.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, I’m about to reach the island of the Green-robed Grand Founder now. Perhaps there’s only a day left before we meet again.” Qin Yu is very excited inside at the moment.

He has not seen Xiao Hei and Fei Fei since leaving for the Chaotic Astral Ocean to explore the Nine Sword Immortal Mansion with Li’er that day.

“Big brother, after passing the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation, I and the mixed hairy bird can already take human forms. Do you know how we look in our human forms? Ha-ha, they’re not very similar to the appearances we created with illusion techniques in the past.” Hou Fei says to Qin Yu via a message.

Qin Yu is also guessing in his mind.

After going through the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation, divine beasts can take human forms. These human forms are definitely not illusions but the real thing. After the tribulation, they will automatically change into these human forms. They certainly can alter their appearances, but those original human forms will still be the basics.

After a day,

While flying extremely fast, Qin Yu often gets information about his brothers’ route through his transmitter. His holy sense then detects the 2 of them first.

In a while after that, Hou Fei and Hei Yu arrive in front of Qin Yu.

From their auras alone, he can tell who is who between them.

Hou Fei is clad in green armor and often has a smile on his face, his eyes narrowed because of the smile. His whole body is a bit thin and looks like that of a 20-year-old young man.

Hei Yu is dressed fully in a black suit of armor which is covered in various feather-like scales. His body is slightly thin, looking like that of a 15 or 16-year-old juvenile, only it has a tinge of chilliness.

“Ha-ha, big brother, my human form is very handsome, right? The mixed hairy bird unexpectedly looks like an immature boy in his human form. You see, red lips and white teeth, tut-tut.” Hou Fei says laughingly.

Hei Yu takes a look at Hou Fei with a frown and says curtly: “Shut up!”

Right afterwards, he looks at Qin Yu with uncontrollable excitement in his eyes. After all, the 2 of them have been separated from each other for so long.

“Big brother,” Hei Yu can only say 2 words.

At the moment Qin Yu is very excited: “Good, this is really very good.” He suddenly remembers that his 2 sworn brothers have not seen the Qingyu Immortal Mansion so he says at once: “Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, in the past I got a mansion in the Nine Sword Immortal Mansion. I’ll take you to see it now.”

After saying so, he pulls his 2 brothers down into the Chaotic Astral Ocean simultaneously.

End of b10c43.

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