Book 10, Chapter 42

B10C42: A battle of fields

The talismanic seals and markings are moving nonstop on the edge of the Extreme Ice Realm while various white misty masses are floating inside this realm. As soon as Qin Yu’s body touches those white misty masses, the touching parts go numb as if they have been frozen stiff.

“Roar ~~” Following a lion roar, Shi Xin alone flies up and rushes towards Qin Yu like lightning. At the same time, the white misty masses around his extreme-ice lion body become exceptionally thick.

Qin Yu dodges away immediately with a movement of his body.

“I didn’t expect it to be this cold.” He has avoided the extreme-ice lion’s strike, but … the white misty masses sent out by the extreme-ice lion’s body have invaded and are attacking his whole body, causing it to tremble uncontrollably.

The energy of the Solar Core in his dantian immediately spreads throughout his body, repelling that numbing sensation right away.

Suddenly, gusts of wind blow on Qin Yu’s body. Despite dodging away immediately, he still feels a wave of pain. A wound that is 3 cun long has appeared on his back, but it heals completely in just a while.

To be exact, it has healed in the blink of an eye.

“Ha-ha, brat, you really got a treasure.” The 3 extreme-ice lions’ eyes all glitter.

Such a recovery ability is really too amazing.

The extreme-ice lions do not believe that someone’s natural recovery ability can be so strong. Perhaps not even super divine beasts are so formidable. Therefore, they believe firmly that the Xiuzhenist in front of them has an outstanding treasure.

“The treasure is going to be ours. 2nd brother, 3rd brother, let’s stop hiding our skills.” The eldest extreme-ice lion Shi Xin says loudly.

“Yes, big brother.”

Shi Bing and Shi Zhan are also very excited.

Qin Yu, however, is standing still in the center.

The 3 extreme-ice lions open their mouths simultaneously. The 3 Sword Blade Awls fly out extremely fast while spinning unceasingly. At the same time, the 3 extreme-ice lions increase their speeds to the max too and dash around madly nonstop inside the Extreme Ice Realm like 3 heavy aerolites.

In this way, the 3 Sword Blade Awls and the 3 aerolite-like divine beasts attack Qin Yu continuously in the Extreme Ice Realm.

“Is your defense really strong?” Qin Yu body turns into a beam of light, charging straight at an extreme-ice lion without dodging at all. But Shi Zhan, that extreme-ice lion, does not dodge in the least either. He is even looking forward to this.

Hardness clashes with hardness.

A small aerolite and a big one collide head-on.

The fierce collision makes Qin Yu feel his internal organs shake violently. His body is sent flying away involuntarily and his blood flows out from the corners of his mouth. But the 3 Sword Blade Awls and the other 2 extreme-ice lions immediately come at him.

Qin Yu’s body does several somersaults, avoiding the 2 extreme-ice lions’ sharp claws and a Sword Blade Awl in quick succession. Of the other 2 Sword Blade Awls, one pierces through his thigh and one scrapes his face, but his wounds all heal fully in just a while.

“I still don’t believe your defense is so strong.”

Turing into a beam of light again, Qin Yu rushes at an extreme-ice lion.

“You’re seeking your death.”

The extreme-ice lion named Shi Bing is not scared at all. He clashes with Qin Yu violently like a heavy aerolite. But at this moment, a furious, painful roar is heard: “Big brother, 3rd brother, this brat has an immortal weapon!”

Bloodstains have appeared on Shi Bing’s body. A part of his white armor has been penetrated and destroyed. But the bluish white light in his body flickers and that white suit of armor is restored at a noticeably fast speed. After a while, it becomes a complete suit of armor again.

Now the 3 extreme-ice lions are looking at Qin Yu with even more blazing eyes.

“Brat, you really got quite a lot of treasures. Not only have you got a treasure with an amazing ability for restoration, you also got an immortal weapon with astonishing offensive power. I never thought you’d be able to break our Extreme Ice Armor and even injure my 2nd brother.” Shi Xin says with a smile.

But Qin Yu frowns.

Shi Xin is smiling even in this situation so obviously he and his brothers still have a backup move.

Moreover, the defense of the opponents’ Extreme Ice Armor is really very strong and may rival that of immortal items. Most importantly, even if he does his best to break the Extreme Ice Armor, the Mystic Eyeballs inside the bodies of those extreme-ice lions will automatically restore it to normal in just a while.

Now Qin Yu finally has a headache.

“Brat, don’t you think that we can’t capture you because you got a treasure with an amazing ability for restoration.” Shi Xin says with an indifferent smile.

Various seal-style markings then begin to float out from the 3 extreme-ice lions’ stomachs. Each marking is radiating a peculiar light. These markings look very similar to the markings on the edge of the Extreme Ice Realm.

Right after the new seal-style markings float into the edge of the Extreme Ice Realm, all markings shine intensely. At the same time, the density of the white misty masses inside the Extreme Ice Realm increases greatly. Now it seems the whole Extreme Ice Realm is filled with them.


Those white misty masses are really too cold. As soon as some of them intrude into Qin Yu’s body, the intruded parts are frozen stiff and go numb. When the stellar energy inside his body has just neutralized the invading white misty masses, he is shrouded in even more white misty masses.


A Sword Blade Awl pierces through Qin Yu’s stomach.

Normally he could have evaded it, but because his body was too numb, his speed naturally dropped, making the Sword Blade Awl too fast for him to avoid.

“Ha-ha … time to die, brat.”

Extreme-ice lion Shi Xin takes a claw swipe straight at Qin Yu’s head. Qin Yu has absolutely no doubts about the sharpness of that claw. In general, divine beasts’ claws and teeth become harder as their power improves.

The claws and teeth of these extreme-ice lions may even be approaching immortal weapons.

Shi Xin, Shi Bing and Shi Zhan keep attacking Qin Yu continuously while the blurs of their Sword Blade Awls flash back and forth without cease.

“You’re smug enough already.” Qin Yu’s indifferent voice rises in the minds of the extreme-ice lions.

He has not used a killing blow since the beginning because he considered these 3 extreme-ice lions his own holy beasts long ago and therefore wanted to observe carefully how formidable they actually are.

Now it seems … they are really a pleasant surprise.

Qin Yu is standing in midair.

The 3 extreme-ice lions cannot help getting startled after hearing what he just said.

“Don’t talk big, brat. I don’t believe a midget Xiuzhenist like you, who hasn’t even reached the Dacheng stage, can do something to us.” Shi Xin is totally unconcerned.


Qin Yu gives an indifferent laugh. At the same time, his body turns into a purple mass of flame.

The Lord of Black Flame’s Ring -- Heavenly Flame Field.

Qin Yu does not know at all how much flame energy the Lord of Black Flame’s Ring is containing, but he knows that he simply cannot unleash the true power of the ring at his current level.

Under the cover of the Heavenly Flame Field, the white misty masses of the Extreme Ice Realm cannot affect Qin Yu in the slightest.

In terms of speed, he is inferior to the Sword Blade Awls, but he is superior to the extreme-ice lions. Therefore, he and the purple mass of flame around him smash into Shi Zhan’s body.

Enfolded in heavenly flames, Qin Yu is not affected at all by the Extreme Ice Realm.

In contrast, when the heavenly flames come into contact with the extreme-ice lion, he finds it exceedingly unbearable. Even though he is protected by the Extreme Ice Armor, the heavenly flames still cause his offensive power to decrease sharply.

“Aren’t you very strong?” Qin Yu gives a cold smile. The Heavenly Flame Field around him unexpectedly expands quite a lot in an instant, almost enfolding the entire body of the extreme-ice lion.

Not only the extreme-ice lion’s torso, even his head, his eyes and his tail are shielded completely on the outside by a white layer of armor too.

That Mystic Eyeball is indeed marvelous, as it can form the Extreme Ice Armor. In addition, it can form the armor at any place on the extreme-ice lion’s body without even affecting his offense at all.

The heavenly flames and the Extreme Ice Armor come into contact with each other.

One is extremely hot, the other extremely cold.

They cancel each other out.

At this moment, Qin Yu lands a series of fierce punches on the face of the extreme-ice lion, his fists covered in heavenly flames and looking like illusions.

The other 2 extreme-ice lions, Shi Xin and Shi Bing, seem to have been dumbfounded by the heavenly flames around Qin Yu. Only when he starts to pummel Shi Zhan do they wake up. Letting out furious roars, they immediately charge at him.

Thanks to the heavenly flames, Qin Yu is not affected by the Extreme Ice Realm, but Shi Zhan’s body is being surrounded by the heavenly flames so the amplification effect of the Extreme Ice Realm is basically useless to him and his offensive power has even dropped because of this instead.

Given Qin Yu’s strong physical body, it is not difficult at all for him to handle a Dacheng-stage divine beast.

In the blink of an eye, extreme-ice lion Shi Zhan is knocked out by several hundred heavy punches.

“Good, this is the first.” Qin Yu makes a wave of his hand. A black rope ties the extreme-ice lion up right away. He immediately throws the lion straight into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion with a thought.

As the owner of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, Qin Yu naturally can put someone else in it. Of course, this can only be done on condition that this someone does not resist. Now extreme-ice lion Shi Zhan has been knocked out by several hundred quick and fierce punches and has been tied up, how can he possibly resist?

After coming into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, perhaps even golden immortals will have to listen to Qin Yu’s orders.

“Where’s 3rd brother?!”

Both Shi Bing and Shi Xin roar furiously almost at the same time. They have just seen their 3rd brother disappear suddenly just like that with their own eyes. This is really too unbelievable.

“Your 3rd brother?” Qin Yu looks astounded, but then he bursts into laughter immediately. “He’s waiting for you in a very beautiful place.”

He charges at another extreme-ice lion. This time his target is Shi Bing.

The Lord of Black Flame’s Ring -- Heavenly Flame Field.

When the heavenly flames touch his body, even though Shi Bing is protected by the Extreme Ice Armor, he still loses his composure because extreme-ice lions hate flame the most.

The same move is used.

A bombardment of heavy punches!

However, Shi Bing already saw his 3rd brother get knocked out by this move and then get tied up so he uses his own sharp claws to attack Qin Yu like crazy.

Answering attacks with attacks? This is most welcome to Qin Yu.

The wounds inflicted on him by the claws heal in the blink of an eye, but Shi Bing’s injuries become more and more serious.

“Get lost.” The eldest extreme-ice lion Shi Xin rushes over.

But now Qin Yu has already turned the Black Origin into a rope again and is about to tie Shi Bing up. Noticing that Shi Xin is charging at him from behind, he only gives a smile.

The Lord of Black Flame’s Ring -- Gravitational Field.

The entire body of Shi Xin, who a moment ago was rushing over extremely fast, sinks abruptly as if he is being pressed down by a great mountain. Naturally, his attack fails to reach Qin Yu.

Qin Yu leisurely ties Shi Bing up and throws him straight into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

“You’re the only one left.” He looks at Shi Xin and says with a smile.

End of b10c42.

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