Book 10 Chapter 40

B10C40: Middle Dujie stage

Seeing Reverend Ming Liang and Wu Kongxue facing off against each other, Wu Hei, Reverend Ming Shan, Reverend Lan Bing and the other experts all became extremely nervous inside and watched them without blinking.

“If the 2 of you want to fight, release our Dame first.” A voice containing anger rose. It belonged to an elder of the Yinyue Palace.

Not only him, the Yinyue Palace’s other experts were all nervous and worried too.

Dame Lian Yue was the no. 1 expert of the Yinyue Palace, so if she died, it would not be able to contend against its enemies in terms of super experts, which was something it could not accept.

But Dame Lian Yue’s yuanying was currently in Reverend Ming Liang’s hand. Given his power, how could he possibly care about those pipsqueaks of the Yinyue Palace?

Wu Kongxue and Reverend Ming Liang looked at each other.

The others did not even dare to breathe heavily because Reverend Ming Liang was holding Dame Lian Yue’s little life in his hand.

A blood-red mist started to spread out from around Wu Kongxue’s body. The terrifying smell of blood it possessed quickly filled the whole Ethereal Hall. This was the legendary, invincible Devil King Wu Kongxue.

The energy in Reverend Ming Liang’s entire body was being concentrated highly. Various points of light seemed to be flickering on the edge of his body.


Reverend Ming Liang’s voice was heard all of a sudden. Reverend Ming Shan and Reverend Lan Bing could not help being startled. But they woke up very quickly then flew away through the sky after Reverend Ming Liang at once.

Dame Lian Yue’s yuanying had been thrown to the ground. With a shake of her yuanying, a wave of natural holy energy came whistling together into her. A human figure then appeared.

A loose practitioner only needed to spend energy to materialize a body.

“Wu Kongxue, that Reverend Ming Liang rushed straight into our headquarters so arrogantly, how can you let him leave so casually?” Wu Hei said coldly.

Wu Kongxue gave him a look, saying coldly: “Oh, could you have wanted Lian Yue to be killed?”

Right after that, he went straight towards the main hall of the Ethereal Hall. Dame Lian Yue’s face was pale at the moment. Despite having taken pills, she had still suffered a huge loss in power.

“Big brother Wu Hei,” Dame Lian Yue shook her head to Wu Hei, motioning for him not to talk anymore.

At this moment, a mass of firelight shot towards them extremely fast. It landed on the area of the Ethereal Hall after a while. This was a man with red eyebrows, a sphere-like face and exceptionally small eyes. He was none other than the no. 1 expert of the Yanmo School, Fire Devil.

In fact, Fire Devil and Wu Kongxue had started to rush back from the Chaotic Astral Ocean together, but Wu Kongxue had worried that some problem would arise so he had hurried to the Ethereal Hall one step ahead.

In the main hall of the Ethereal Hall,

Surprisingly, Wu Kongxue was only sitting in one of the chairs on the lower part of the hall with eyes closed in repose instead of the master seat. Fire Devil was sitting next to him.

Dame Lian Yue, however, sat down in the master seat directly.

“Everybody,” she glanced at those on the lower part of the hall, her eyes stopping on Wu Kongxue a little longer. “That Reverend Ming Liang broke straight into our Ethereal Hall. Fortunately, senior Wu Kongxue rushed over here at the last moment. Only thanks to this were we able to keep the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. Now, with senior Wu Kongxue’s presence, I believe those Xiuxianists definitely no longer dare to come to our Ethereal Hall again.”

Dame Lian Yue said adamantly. The other loose devil experts also nodded in agreement.

Now that Wu Kongxue had arrived, Reverend Ming Liang would not come here again unless he went crazy.

“Though we were able to keep this Heaven-Sundering Diagram, there are 3 Heaven-Sundering Diagrams in total, one in the dragon clan and one held by the Stellar Tower’s Qin Yu. It’s very hard to snatch the dragon clan’s diagram, but the diagram held by the Stellar Tower’s Qin Yu is different. He is backed by a loose immortal expert, but now we also have senior Wu Kongxue here. As long as senior Wu Kongxue gets into action ...”

“Ha-ha ...” Wu Kongxue suddenly burst into laughter. Dame Lian Yue could not help but stop talking. Almost everyone present looked at him, not knowing why he was laughing.

Fire Devil, however, angrily rebuked Dame Lian Yue: “Lian Yue, brother Wu came here only because of my invitation. How can you tell him to do things as you please? Besides, could it be you don’t know how formidable that expert behind the Stellar Tower is? When even the side of Xiuxianists was defeated, how can that expert possibly be easy to deal with? ...” Originally, his Yanmo School and the Yinyue Palace had been equally matched, but because the Yinyue Palace had obtained a Heaven-Sundering Diagram, it had been recognized by the devil world’s devil emperor and therefore had immediately surpassed the Yanmo School in status. As the no. 1 expert of the Yanmo School, Fire Devil naturally did not like Dame Lian Yue.

“Fire Devil,” Wu Kongxue raised his hand, cutting Fire Devil short.

“Ming Liang hasn’t personally got into action to test how formidable that expert of the Stellar Tower is, but he already cowered. Him cowering doesn’t mean I’m afraid of that expert. Lian Yue, this time you plan the moves. I want to see what kind of deity that mysterious expert actually is.”

Wu Kongxue’s eyes glittered. His aura was sent out involuntarily. Everybody else at the scene held their breath for the moment as if they were seeing a bloodbath.

“Great, having these words from senior Wu Kongxue is enough. As experts of the devil path, how can we possibly be timid like those Xiuxianists?” Dame Lian Yue said excitedly.

Without delay, she then started to devise a plan to fight for that Heaven-Sundering Diagram of the Stellar Tower.


“Senior brother, just now why did you release Lian Yue? Given our power, even if we had killed her, I believe it wouldn’t have been difficult for us to retreat unharmed.”

On the way back using a light-based escaping art, Reverend Ming Shan asked his senior brother.

Reverend Ming Liang said with an indifferent smile: “There were lots of reasons. Whether Lian Yue is killed or not doesn’t affect us too much. Isn’t she just an 11th tribulation loose devil? Plus ... the matter isn’t so simple as you imagined at all. Do you think Wu Kongxue and Wu Hei are really helping the side of Xiumoists this time with such a pure motive?”

“Ha-ha ... besides, given Lian Yue’s character, she won’t be satisfied with having just an ink-wash painting. They will definitely covet another painting. With Wu Kongxue’s help, Lian Yue will surely become more daring and may go to the Stellar Tower ... I want to let them experience the power of that mysterious expert a bit.”

The smiling expression on Reverend Ming Liang’s face was still so calm.

“Reverend Ming Liang.” Reverend Lan Bing suddenly asked. “Are you sure that the expert behind the Stellar Tower can fend off Wu Kongxue and his underlings? If Wu Kongxue can really snatch that ink-wash painting, we’ll be in a bad situation.”

Reverend Ming Liang exhaled a breath slowly: “If I guess correctly, it’s simply impossible for them to snatch the ink-wash painting from the hands of that mysterious expert of the Stellar Tower.”

His guess was correct. It was impossible for those people to snatch the ink-wash painting way from Uncle Lan’s hands. But ... he did not know that Uncle Lan had already left and the painting was not in Uncle Lan’s hands either.

It was not even in Qin Yu’s hands, but in the hands of Qin Zheng, who was the emperor of a dynasty and had not even reached the Jindan stage.

“However ... we can’t take any chances. Given the profundity of my technique, if I conceal my aura, Wu Kongxue won’t necessarily be able to detect me. So, I’ll tail them alone. You two and others will follow my tracks. If they can snatch that ink-wash painting, we’ll act like opportunists for once.”

Reverend Ming Liang’s Stellar Ignition Art was a very mysterious immortal technique. The energy in the whole body of someone who practiced this technique was highly concentrated. Their aura would always be concentrated too, not just when they attacked. Given Reverend Ming Liang’s power, if he suppressed his aura, it would be really difficult for other experts of his level to detect him.

Since this first confrontation, the Xiumoist side and the Xiuxianist side have been minding their own business and living in peace with each other. The Xiumoists’ headquarters is the Yinyue Palace while the Xiuxianists’ headquarters is the Qingxu Temple.

As time passes, more and more legendary loose practitioners of various schools rush back from the Chaotic Astral Ocean and the numbers of experts in both camps also increase. Naturally ... the Yinyue Palace’s plan also starts to be carried out.


On the Devil Peng Island,

After Qin Yu and his 2 sworn brothers messaged each other last time, Hou Fei and Hei Yu have decided to rush to the Chaotic Astral Ocean to meet Qin Yu and he has also decided to leave the Devil Peng Island to go and meet them again.

At the moment, Qin Yu is bidding farewell to the 3 masters of the Devil Peng Island and also Lian Chong.

“Little brother Qin Yu, this is a Devil Peng Card of our Devil Peng Island. This card is fairly prestigious in the Chaotic Astral Ocean. If you come across someone ignorant who wants to make things difficult for you, you’ll only need to take this Devil Peng Card out. I believe very few will still dare to hinder you afterwards.”

Zong Jue hands a black card to Qin Yu.

Devil Peng Card?

Having this card in the Chaotic Astral Ocean is almost the same as having a protective talisman. Even though Qin Yu is powerful enough to be unafraid of ordinary loose practitioners, it is better for him to have to deal with as few matters as possible.

“Thank you, senior Zong.” Qin Yu receives this Devil Peng Card.

“Little brother Qin Yu, you spent an Eternal Creation Pill to save our son. Even though you already took the reward, it’s merely a piece of low-grade elemental holy rock ... My wife and I won’t say much. If you run into any ignorant fellow, you’ll only need to message me. My wife and I will rush over and kill him right away for you. In this mortal world, except for that leader of the dragon clan, very few can resist us.” Lian Xiao tells Qin Yu solemnly.

Hu Yi is a 12th tribulation loose devil and an expert of the Devil Path of Asura so only a few experts such as Wu Kongxue can fight her one-on-one. But she is supported by her husband Lian Xiao.

Even though Lian Xiao is somewhat weaker than she is, when the 2 of them use their formations, they can even complement each other in power. If the 2 of them join forces, they will be so strong that not even the likes of Wu Kongxue will dare to take them on.

This is also the reason why the 2 of them are called the Double Asura Devils.

“Chong’er, you see little brother Qin Yu off on our behalf.” Hu Yi says to her son.

“Yes, mother.” Lian Chong looks at Qin Yu again. “Let’s go, brother Qin Yu.”

Qin Yu and Lian Chong then fly out of the Devil Peng Island.

While flying northeast, they talk with each other. They have not known each other for a long time but a strong bond has been developed between them.

At this moment --

“Hey, brother Lian.”

A voice comes from the distance. Immediately afterwards, a figure dressed in flowing white clothes appears in front of Qin Yu and Lian Chong. This individual has an air of wildness about him.

“Xiao Yao, it’s you?” A hint of happiness appears on Lian Chong’s face.

“Brother Qin Yu, let me introduce you 2 to each other. This is Xiao Yao, the disciple of the Flowing Cloud Island’s master. He gets along with people exceptionally well. Xiao Yao, this is ...”

Xiao Yao says smilingly: “No need to tell me. I also know that this is your good brother Qin Yu, who you can give your life for. Even though I live on the Flowing Cloud Island, I’ve heard that you’ve got a good brother who even saved your life.”

“It’s nice to meet you, brother Qin Yu. I am Xiao Yao, who likes roaming about freely and making friends the most. From now on, you’re also considered a good friend of mine.” Xiao Yao says to Qin Yu enthusiastically.

As soon as Qin Yu hears that, he figures out some information about the person in front of him.

Roaming about freely and making friends?

“This Xiao Yao should have lots of friends in the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Judging from his temperament, he shouldn’t be the vicious type.” He also accepts this person’s good intentions.

He then looks at Lian Chong: “Brother Lian Chong, you’ve been seeing me off so far. There’s no need to go further.”

Lian Chong is startled then immediately pats Qin Yu on his shoulder, saying: “Good brother, I also know you’re impatient to meet your 2 brothers so I won’t hinder you. But if you have time later, you must come to the Devil Peng Island to visit me.”

“Definitely.” Qin Yu says with a nod.

“So you have to leave now, brother Qin Yu?” Xiao Yao asks in surprise.

Qin Yu says at once: “Brother Xiao Yao, my 2 brothers just passed the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation so I want to meet them. Naturally I have to leave now ...”

“We’ve just become acquainted but you already have to leave, this ...” Xiao Yao seems to be somewhat frustrated. “Forget it, brother Qin Yu. Let’s leave signs of our holy senses in each other’s transmitter. If something happens, we can contact each other through transmitters.”

Qin Yu nods and takes out his transmitter.


The billows in the Chaotic Astral Ocean are sky-high. Riding the ink qilin, Qin Yu is going northeast extremely fast. He knows clearly that Hou Fei and Hei Yu are also rushing towards him.

“Fei Fei and Xiao Hei already passed the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation so now they can transform into humans. I wonder how they look now.” Qin Yu thinks to himself.

He cannot use teleportation so he can only ride the ink qilin to fly like this. After flying for nearly a half month, he reaches a very cold place. Of course, given his power, he does not mind this coldness at all.

“Middle Dujie stage, I’ve finally reached the middle Dujie stage.” There is a faint smile on Qin Yu’s face. The Solar Core in his body has been refined unceasingly during this period of flying and has eventually reached the middle Dujie stage.

Now his Solar Core has become quite a lot larger in volume, occupying almost a third of the volume of the planet in his dantian.

Qin Yu keeps flying nonstop...

“So cold.” His entire body cannot help shivering.

What level has his body reached? Even Dacheng-stage divine beasts cannot necessarily rival him in terms of physical bodies, but now he is unexpectedly feeling cold. Therefore, it is easy to imagine how intense that coldness is.

“Master, there seems to be some formidable expert at this place.” The ink qilin says to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu’s expression also becomes solemn: “I’ve felt that powerful aura too. It seems there’s even not only one expert.” At the moment, he is observing everything around carefully with a highly concentrated mind. If they do not cause him trouble, he will not want to fight them either.

End of b10c40.

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