Book 10 Chapter 38

B10C38: What gift to give?

“Low-class divine beast, middle-class divine beast, high-class divine beast, super divine beast -- the higher a class is, the fewer members it has. And super divine beasts are pitifully rare. It’s already an extraordinary thing when a couple of super divine beasts can appear in this mortal world.”

Lian Chong’s eyes glitter: “Brother Qin Yu, you simply don’t know how formidable super divine beasts are. When they have just started practicing, they can’t be considered tough, but as time passes, their advantages become increasingly greater. Both my big uncle and the dragon clan leader are called invincible beings because they are super divine beasts.”

Super divine beasts;

“My big uncle estimated that there are about 10 high-class divine beasts in the mortal world at most. The dragon clan only has several golden dragons too.” Lian Chong cannot help sighing.

Everyone knows that divine beasts are formidable. When an ordinary divine beast can already be 10 times more powerful than an average human expert of the same level, then what about some middle-class divine beasts, high-class divine beasts or even super divine beasts, which stand at the top and have the best bloodlines?

“Fei Fei and Xiao Hei both have hereditary memories. That means ... they’re at least high-class divine beasts?” Qin Yu is excited inside.

Having listened to what Lian Chong said, he knows that only high-class divine beasts and super divine beasts have hereditary memories, which allow these beasts to systematically learn some special, mysterious techniques that have been passed down for countless years, making them even more formidable.


In the morning of the next day, when the lake between Asura Palace and Golden Wing Palace is still shrouded in thick mist, Qin Yu follows Lian Chong to Golden Wing Palace.

The tiles on the roof of this palace are golden but the walls are thick black. Even before entering Golden Wing Palace, when Qin Yu is still on the outside, he can already feel a wave of chilliness engulf his whole body.

At the moment, Lian Chong also seems to have become much more cautious, being discreet in speech and manner.

“Big brother Lian Chong, master is already waiting for you two in the back hall.” A grey-clad young man with swift and fierce eyes walks out from the main hall of Golden Wing Palace. Qin Yu feels that this young man’s eyes seem like ... Xiao Hei’s eyes.

Lian Chong nods then immediately says to Qin Yu: “Follow me, brother Qin Yu.”

Following Lian Chong, Qin Yu steps into Golden Wing Palace. The main hall of this palace is entirely black, except for the pillars, which are bronze. It is so serious that, very naturally, it makes the people who go into it feel as if their hearts are pressed down by a mountain.

After passing through the main hall, they arrive in the back hall.

The layout of the back hall is different from that of the main hall. The main colors here are mahogany and gold. The various kinds of chairs in this hall are dark red, decorated with some golden carvings. The atmosphere in this place is still serious but it already seems somewhat more relaxed than in the main hall.

There is a man dressed in a light blue silk robe, his long flowing hair draping over his shoulders pliantly and his eyes very deep.

“Big uncle,” Lian Chong says respectfully.

The person in front of them is Zong Jue?

Qin Yu observes the man before him carefully. Because he had learned from Lian Chong that Zong Jue’s true from is a golden-winged great Peng, which is extremely terrifying and ferocious in nature, originally he thought that Zong Jue should be very swift and fierce in manner and that his eyes should at least be as fierce as Xiao Hei’s.

He never thought that, contrary to his expectations, Zong Jue would have an air somewhat similar to Uncle Lan’s about him.

Yes, it is Uncle Lan’s.

The feeling Uncle Lan gave Qin Yu was free of pressure and was very comfortable and natural like a spring breeze blowing on the face or a drizzle touching the skin. This Zong Jue, however, still exerts a pressure despite being composed. It is the pressure that an invincible expert possesses.

“Senior Zong,” Qin Yu also bows and says.

Zong Jue observes him carefully then nods: “Little brother Qin Yu’s practice method is indeed peculiar and mysterious. It seems your school isn’t simple. Alright, please sit down first.”

His school?

His practice technique is indeed peculiar and mysterious.

Qin Yu calmly sits down with Lian Chong in succession.

“Chong’er, this time little brother Qin Yu saved you, right? I’m very curious about what happened. Given your situation at the time, even if I had come to the scene, I wouldn’t have been able to save you, unless I had a Tribulation Holy Pill. I heard from 2nd sister and 3rd brother that little brother Qin Yu seems to have Eternal Creation Pills.”

Zong Jue looks at Qin Yu, the look his eyes like water: “The Eternal Creation Pill can fully restore the power of the taker in a breath. Such effectiveness is even quite a lot better than the Tribulation Holy Pill’s. After a taker swallows a Tribulation Holy Pill, their power will gradually recover. So, it should take them a little longer to recover with a Tribulation Holy Pill than with your Eternal Creation Pill.”

“Little brother Qin Yu, I’m very curious about something. Given the relationship between the Lianyun Island’s first master and me, I know how difficult it is to make those Tribulation Holy Pills and how rare the materials are. Besides, you can only make them if the flame in your body is at least the heavenly flame. Since you haven’t reached the Dacheng stage, I’m afraid your internal flame isn’t the heavenly flame, right? Then ... this kind of pill should have been made by the seniors in your school. But why has this Eternal Creation Pill never become famous in countless years? I hope you clear up my confusion.” Zong Jue says smilingly.

In general, only those who have reached the level of standard immortals, standard devils or standard demons can have the heavenly flame inside their bodies.

But is that definitely so? It has been ever thus to Xiuxianists, Xiumoists and Xiuyaoists, but Qin Yu is different...

Without saying anything, Qin Yu reaches out a hand. A purple flame is floating in the palm of his hand.

His move says it all.

Zong Jue laughs out loud: “I never thought today I would make a fool of myself. Ha-ha ... who could have thought your internal flame would have already reached the heavenly flame’s level? Little brother Qin Yu, could this move of yours mean that ... you made this Eternal Creation Pill by yourself?”

Qin Yu is frustrated inside.

The Eternal Creation Pill? To form it, he only needs to casually fuse the miraculous elemental life force in his body with a pill of the most basic types such as the Base-Building Pill or the Bluish Vermillion Pill, which is used to treat injuries.

This means he made it, does this not?

But, generally, it is very difficult to make pills on the level of the Eternal Creation Pill. To experts of Qin Yu’s level, it is nearly impossible to make them. The heavenly flame is naturally the first constraint.

“Senior Zong, I made this pill indeed. Only ... its secret recipe and producing method were passed on to me by my uncle.” Now he can only make Uncle Lan responsible for that miraculous producing method.

If he said that he developed it by himself, this would really be too shocking.

“Uncle?” Zong Jue’s eyes brighten.

“Chong’er, you can leave first. I’ve got something to discuss with little brother Qin Yu.” Zong Jue suddenly tells Lian Chong.

The latter’s heart gets a shock.

Could it be his big uncle wants the producing method of the Eternal Creation Pill?

Which is more precious between an Eternal Creation Pill and its producing method? Anyone with some brains knows the answer. When someone has the producing method of the Eternal Creation Pill, they can make many pills of this type.

“Whatever happens, I can’t let him extort the producing method of the pill from brother Qin Yu.” Lian Chong is very grateful to Qin Yu so he does not want to see Qin Yu in a difficult situation.

He looks at Qin Yu then looks at Zong Jue, saying: “Big uncle, please don’t make things difficult for my brother Qin Yu. He saved my life this time.”

“Don’t worry. How can I possibly lower myself to do that?” Zong Jue says indifferently.

Lian Chong is now certain inside.

His big uncle always conducts himself fairly. Given big uncle’s status, how can he possibly force someone do something like that? He himself thought too much already.

“Big uncle, I take my leave now.” Lian Chong smiles at Qin Yu then leaves the back hall right away. Afterwards, there are only Qin Yu and Zong Jue remaining in this hall.

Qin Yu looks at Zong Jue.

Why does this no. 1 figure of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, an invincible expert, want to talk with him alone?

Zong Jue says smilingly: “Little brother Qin Yu, I want to talk with you alone for absolutely no reason other than to ask you about something ... The uncle you mentioned is called senior Lan, isn’t he?”

Zong Jue’s eyes become fierce instantly and are fixed on Qin Yu.

“You said Uncle Lan?” Qin Yu is startled. “You also know Uncle Lan?”

“Ha-ha ... just as I expected indeed. Except for senior Lan, I really can’t think of anyone who could create such a technique that allows someone at the Dujie stage to have the heavenly flame and could even invent the Eternal Creation Pill. If it is senior Lan, then I don’t find you strange at all.” Zong Jue says with loud laughs.

Qin Yu suddenly feels that Zong Jue no longer has the pressure he was giving him just now and has become much closer to him instead.

Everything has happened because of Uncle Lan.

“That’s not true, senior Zong. My practice technique was created by my master and not by uncle Lan.” Qin Yu says seriously. Even though master Lei Wei had only reached the middle Dujie stage by the time of his death ... this technique was invented by him after all.

Zong Jue is startled, but then he laughs out loud immediately, saying: “It makes no difference. Your master is certainly related to senior Lan. Both of them are reclusive experts.”

Qin Yu wants to tell him that his master Lei Wei is far below Uncle Lan in power, but he refrains from saying anything.

If Zong Jue thinks so, then so be it.

“This is predestined, this is predestined. I really never expected your uncle to be senior Lan.” Zong Jue smiles broadly.


After Zong Jue knew about the relationship between Qin Yu and Uncle Lan, his attitude towards Qin Yu has changed greatly. Now he is very friendly to Qin Yu, even to the point where Lian Chong finds it strange that his aloof, proud big uncle is showing such special consideration for Qin Yu.

How can Lian Chong possibly know about the relationship between Uncle Lan and Zong Jue? Not even Qin Yu knows exactly about it.

Zong Jue calls Uncle Lan ‘senior Lan’. What is the relationship between them?

The 2nd master Hu Yi and the 3rd master Lian Xiao originally said that they would gift Qin Yu priceless treasures to thank him on the 2nd day he stayed on the Devil Peng Island, but they have not appeared for a good several days.


There is a pavilion in the center of the lake between Golden Wing Palace and Asura Palace. This pavilion is all alone in the center of the lake with no pathways leading to it. Flying through the air, Qin Yu arrives in this pavilion directly.

Sitting in this pavilion feeling the energy of the Solar Core in his body being refined nonstop, Qin Yu senses that perhaps he can reach the middle Dujie stage in 10 days or a half month.

Once he reaches the middle Dujie stage, the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulations will be visited on him very soon.

“Can I pass the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation? Even the five-clawed golden dragon of the dragon clan and senior Zong Jue failed. But the dragon clan’s azure dragons and some relatively average Xiuzhenists have succeeded. This tribulation really makes me feel unsure of passing it.” Qin Yu heaves a sigh.

The stronger and better gifted someone is, the more terrifyingly powerful their 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation will be.

Both the five-clawed golden dragon and the golden-winged great Peng are super divine beasts, but they were unsuccessful in overcoming their 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulations. However ... the 3 azure dragons from the dragon clan and quite a few ordinary Xiuzhenists have passed this tribulation.

When Xiuzhenists reach the middle Dujie stage, they all have to undergo their own 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulations.

Even though these tribulations have the same name, they can be poles apart in power.

Who dares say that they can surely overcome the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation? Nobody!

While Qin Yu is pondering and the Solar Core inside his dantian is being refined, the 3 members of the family in Asura Palace are all in distress.


“That won’t do, that won’t do. These rare herbs are precious, but they’re nothing compared to the Eternal Creation Pill. Elemental holy rock? It’s still acceptable. But father, mother, you don’t have much elemental holy rock, can you give it up?” Lian Chong says to his parents.

Lian Xiao and Hu Yi have been worrying over this gift for several days. They feel that no gift they can offer is comparable to their son’s life and the Eternal Creation Pill put together.

“Elemental holy rock? Why not give little brother Qin Yu these 2 pieces of high-grade elemental holy rock? If they can please him, your mother and I will at least be able to rest easy.” Lian Xiao says solemnly. All Xiuzhenists do not like to owe someone a debt of gratitude because this can affect their mental cultivation a lot.

Lian Chong shakes his head, saying: “Father, mother, please don’t forget that brother Qin Yu isn’t a loose immortal, loose devil or loose demon. He’s only a Dujie-stage Xiuzhenist. He can’t use elemental holy rock at all. So, what’s the point of giving him elemental holy rock?”

Lian Xiao and Hu Yi are startled then immediately give a forced smile.

That is true. Qin Yu is definitely not a loose practitioner, nor is he a standard immortal, standard devil or standard demon so he simply cannot absorb the energy of elemental holy rock.

If Qin Yu could absorb the energy of elemental holy rock, he would have started absorbing it long ago instead of taking the trouble to run to the Chaotic Astral Ocean and kill some ferobeasts.

“Honey, what about letting Qin Yu choose whatever he likes in the treasures both of us have collected for 10,000 years? Even if he takes all of them, that will be okay. What do you think?” Lian Xiao has been forced to the point where he has no other alternative. Even though he has some exceptionally precious ores and herbs, they are still inferior to the Eternal Creation Pill.

“All right.” Hu Yi agrees with him.

The 2 of them are an 11th tribulation loose devil and a 12th tribulation one. At their current levels, they do not have a strong demand for external objects so they might as well give Qin Yu all their treasures. Moreover, given their status, as long as the Devil Peng Island still exists, they will be able to obtain whatever materials they need.

Lian Chong considers for a while then also nods: “Well ... there’s only this way.”

The 3 members of Lian Chong’s family then go straight towards Qin Yu’s place. The treasures collected in 10,000 years by 2 masters of the Devil Peng Island are now ready to be chosen by Qin Yu as he pleases.

End of b10c38.

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