Book 10 Chapter 37

B10C37: Classes of divine beasts

“This is little brother Qin Yu, who saved my son, right?” That beautiful woman, who has a tinge of heroism, stares at Qin Yu with her beautiful eyes and says smilingly.

Qin Yu knows that this woman in front of him is Lian Chong’s mother Hu Yi, the 2nd master of the Devil Peng Island and a 12th tribulation loose devil.

Before reaching the Devil Peng Island, Lian Chong already told him carefully about his parents. When Qin Yu is about to talk, Lian Chong says: “Mother, this is my good brother Qin Yu. I didn’t tell you clearly about what had happened in my messages so you didn’t know everything at the time. When I was undergoing that loose devil tribulation, I had to use up all my power to manage to withstand the first 5 thunderbolts. I already despaired then, but brother Qin Yu appeared at the last moment and gave me an Eternal Creation Pill. Mother, you don’t know how shockingly effective that Eternal Creation Pill was. After I swallowed it into my stomach, my power was fully restored in one breath.”

The 2nd island master is Hu Yi and the 3rd island master is Lian Xiao.

When this couple communicated with Lian Chong through transmitters, they only found out that a man called Qin Yu had saved their son at the last moment. Further information about the situation was not exchanged in the messages because they wanted to wait until they met their son before talking about what had happened in detail.

“Chong’er.” Hu Yi and Lian Xiao cannot help feeling a wave of retrospective fear sweep through their hearts after hearing what Lian Chong just said.

Obviously, if Qin Yu had appeared a little while later, that 6th thunderbolt would have killed their son when it struck down.

“Little brother Qin Yu, you saved my son and gave him such a precious thing as an Eternal Creation Pill. It is really difficult for me and my husband to repay this great kindness. Now please go into our Asura Palace to rest first and let Chong’er keep you company. Tomorrow, my husband and I must express our deep gratitude towards you.” Hu Yi says seriously.

Spending an Eternal Creation Pill, which was comparable to a Tribulation Holy Pill, to save her son’s life, how great is this kindness?

The 3rd master Lian Xiao, however, gives his wife a smile.

In fact, the 2 of them already prepared a gift before going out this time with the intention of thanking Qin Yu with it. But now, having listened to the story, they really cannot take it out.

The Eternal Creation Pill was able to restore their son’s power completely in a breath.

Such a pill is equivalent to the second life during a tribulation. How precious is it? Considering that the first master of the Lianyun Island attaches so much importance to the similarly effective Tribulation Holy Pill, this question is easy to answer. The gift the 2 of them prepared is very good but it is still somewhat inferior to an Eternal Creation Pill.

Given their status, they certainly cannot give Qin Yu a present that is not comparable to an Eternal Creation Pill.

“Let’s go, brother Qin Yu. Follow me. I’ll take you on a nice tour around the Devil Peng Island.” Lian leads Qin Yu, wanting to go immediately.

“Hold on, where is this qilin from? How can the Devil Peng Island be a place for everyone to enter?” A leader of the 2 groups of troops who welcomed Lian Chong shouts at the ink qilin.

“That’s the holy beast brother Qin Yu rides, Uncle Ya.” Lian Chong seems to be somewhat angry.

“Holy beast?” Both Hu Yi and Lian Xiao are astonished.

Holy beasts are not rare in the immortal world and the devil world, but they are barely seen in the mortal world because holy beast collars are too rare here.

“Father, mother, in the past brother Qin Yu had a lot of difficulty taming this holy beast. Of course, if he didn’t have a holy beast collar, he wouldn’t have been able to tame it no matter how formidable he was.” Lian Chong explains.

“Holy beast collar?” Both Hu Yi and Lian Xiao now see Qin Yu in a different light.

An Eternal Creation Pill? A holy beast collar?

Even in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, very few can take out either of them, but Qin Yu, a young man who has not yet reached the Dacheng stage, has both of them. This really makes it impossible for people to refrain from wondering about his background.

“All right, brother Qin Yu, let’s go. I’ll take you to look around the Devil Peng Island.” After saying so, Lian Chong leads Qin Yu flying straight into the territory of the Devil Peng Island.

Standing side by side in midair, Hu Yi and Lian Xiao watch Qin Yu and their son. Their eyes are both glittering with an indescribable light.

“Darling, looks like … this little brother Qin Yu has quite a few secrets on his body.” Lian Xiao says smilingly.

Hu Yi says thoughtfully with a nod: “Um … this Qin Yu is indeed mysterious. When he first saw us, he wasn’t even scared or surprised in the least.”

Who is Hu Yi? She is a 12th tribulation loose devil and the 2nd master of the Devil Peng Island. Generally, even 5th tribulation and 6th tribulation loose immortals and loose devils will tremble with fear inside when seeing her, but Qin Yu looked at her as if she was an ordinary person.

“Don’t think too much, honey. Now we must try to figure out what present we’re going to give Qin Yu in the end. The Eternal Creation Pill was a top treasure comparable to the 2nd life and he saved our son’s life. What should we give him to express our gratitude?” Hu Yi becomes worried.

Even though they are two masters of the Devil Peng Island, they are worrying over this matter at the moment. After all, Qin Yu saved their son and spent an Eternal Creation Pill in the process.

The 3rd master of the Devil Peng Island, Lian Xiao, also frowns.

What present should they give Qin Yu?


At the moment, Qin Yu and Lian Chong are strolling on the Devil Peng Island. This island is extremely large, comparable to the 3 big empires of the Qian Long continent combined, but its population is only a little more than 3000. Therefore, its population density is extremely low.

There are palaces, confusing formations, illusionary formations, killing formations, destroying formations, small bridges, water streams, magnificent buildings, pavilions, terraces, and towers everywhere on the island.

This Devil Peng Island’s loose practitioners have at least passed the 6th tribulation. Given their power, they can dig up huge chunks of rock and build palaces and mansions with a wave of their hands. There are various mansions and palaces of different styles located in the outer area of the Devil Peng Island, and there are also some peculiar formations here.

This is the outer area of the Devil Peng Island. But the inner area is different. There are no formations here except for a large overall formation, making this place look like a haven of peace.

As Qin Yu sets foot in the central area of the Devil Peng Island, he feels a shocking level of elemental holy energy.

“Ha-ha, you’ve felt the peculiarity of this place, right? Brother Qin Yu, the central area of the Devil Peng Island has a deposit of elemental holy rock. In the mortal world, only the Chaotic Astral Ocean has this elemental holy rock. This largest deposit is located in the central area of the Devil Peng Island. It was also the reason why my big uncle chose to stay here in the past.”

Lian Chong says proudly.

Qin Yu’s eyes however brighten. He begins to ponder in his mind.

“A deposit of elemental holy rock? Then … that means this place should have top-grade elemental holy rock, right?” His heart starts to heat up. “I’ve got the Sword Immortal Puppet but it must consume top-grade elemental holy rock and not even high-grade one can be used … However, the Sword Immortal Puppet is also very powerful. With a piece, it’ll be a level-1 golden immortal, and with 2 pieces, it’ll be able to unleash the power of a level-2 golden immortal.”

At this moment, he congratulates himself for going into the Devil Peng Island.

“Brother Lian Chong, how large is this deposit of elemental holy rock?” He asks.

Lian Chong thinks for a while then says: “You see. The central area of this Devil Peng Island is only several hundred li in radius. And this deposit of elemental holy rock is only several tens of li in radius.”

Qin Yu is startled.

“You’re very shocked, right?” Lian Chong says proudly. “There are only a few deposits in the Chaotic Astral Ocean. This is the largest one. The smallest one is only several li in extent.”

Qin Yu gives a forced smile inside.

This is the largest one?

How large is the Qingyu Immortal Mansion? It is several tens of km in length and width. The Qingyu Immortal Mansion alone is already as large as this deposit. Moreover, originally it was just a huge chunk of elemental holy ore in a certain massive deposit of elemental holy rock.

In the past, Qin Yu obtained quite a lot of books and jade slips on the 2nd floor of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion’s Treasure-Storing Tower. They contain some basic knowledge.

There is one thing he has learned of.

In the immortal world, deposits of elemental holy rock are generally several hundred li to 1000 li or even 10,000 li in extent!

In the immortal world, a deposit with a radius of several tens of li can only be considered tiny and is basically not worth mentioning. But a worthless, tiny deposit of elemental holy rock in the immortal world can already be called the no. 1 deposit in the mortal world.

“The smaller a deposit is, the less elemental holy rock can be extracted from it. And the quality of the rock is also lower.” Qin Yu understands this principle very well in his heart. He immediately asks Lian Chong: “Brother Lian Chong, has top-grade elemental holy rock ever been extracted from this deposit?”

“Top-grade?” Lian Chong’s eyes pop out of his head.

“Brother Qin Yu, don’t you know that even a piece of low-grade elemental holy rock is extremely valuable to loose practitioners? A piece of middle-grade elemental holy rock is equal to 100 pieces of low-grade elemental holy rock. A piece of high-grade elemental holy rock is equal to 100 pieces of middle-grade elemental holy rock. And a piece of top-grade elemental holy rock is equal to 100 pieces of high-grade elemental holy rock. Now, do you know the meaning of a piece of top-grade elemental holy rock?” Lian Chong almost rants at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu certainly knows that top-grade elemental holy rock is precious.

Generally, it may be impossible to extract top-grade elemental holy rock from a deposit that is only several tens of li in extent like this one. Of course, top-grade elemental holy rock may also be extracted from it.

According to the books of the immortal world Qin Yu obtained, in general, a piece of top-grade elemental holy rock can be extracted from a deposit that is 100 li in extent.

Ten something or even several tens of pieces of top-grade elemental holy rock can be extracted from a deposit that is 1000 li in extent.

And only deposits which are 10,000 li in extent can have elemental holy essence.

A piece of elemental holy essence is comparable to 100 pieces of top-grade elemental holy rock.

Hence, it is easy to imagine how rare a chunk of elemental holy ore as huge as the one from which the Qingyu Immortal Mansion was carved is. Even in the immortal world, such a chunk is extremely precious.

“I know the meaning of top-grade elemental holy rock. I just want to ask if it has ever been extracted here.” Qin Yu asks.

Lian Chong considers for a while: “Um … it has. A good several thousand years ago, my big uncle took out a piece of top-grade elemental holy rock for me to see. But he has never let me see it again ever since and I don’t know where he’s keeping it either.”

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten.

It is good that there is top-grade elemental holy rock here.

Those artificial mountains, fountains and the storehouse of his Qingyu Immortal Mansion have a large amount of elemental holy rock. There is even quite a lot of high-grade elemental holy rock in it, but there is no top-grade one.

He can exchange a large amount of high-grade elemental holy rock, or holy beast collars, or middle-grade immortal weapons, or … Eternal Creation Pills for top-grade elemental holy rock!


Inside Asura Palace,

Asura Palace and Golden Wing Palace are opposite each other, separated by a lake. Both palaces are extremely large. Qin Yu has now been arranged to stay in an elegant two-storied building in Asura Palace.

In the hall on the 1st floor of this small building, Lian Chong is rushing over while talking excitedly to Qin Yu.

“Ha-ha, brother Qin Yu, my big uncle is very curious about you. He wants me to take you to Golden Wing Palace to meet him tomorrow.” He says with excitement.

“The first master of the Devil Peng Island?” Qin Yu asks in reply.

Lian Chong nods, but his expression becomes solemn: “Brother Qin Yu, I have to warn you before we go there. My big uncle is very aloof and proud. If you annoy him, not even I will be able to save you.”

Qin Yu knows that every expert generally has some peculiarities.

“Remember that when you see my uncle, don’t call him island master or something. You’ll have to call him senior Zong.” Lian Chong says resonantly.

“Senior Zong?” Qin Yu is doubtful.

“Yes, my big uncle doesn’t like to be called island master by anybody. His name is Zong Jue. If you call him senior Zong, he’ll be very happy. This is the first point.” Lian Chong advises carefully.

Qin Yu forces a smile inwardly: “This is just the first point? This master of the Devil Peng Island really seems rather eccentric.”

“The 2nd point is, don’t be too courteous. My big uncle hates the subservient type the most.” Lian Chong continues.

“Interesting, interesting, your big uncle is indeed interesting.” Qin Yu now bursts out laughing. Suddenly he finds this legendary invincible expert rather special.

Lian Chong says mysteriously: “Hey, brother Qin Yu, do you know why this island is called Devil Peng?”


“Ha, the Devil word in Devil Peng Island has to do with my parents and the Peng word refers to my big uncle’s true form, a super divine beast -- golden-winged great Peng.” Lian Chong’s eyes glitter.

“Golden-winged great Peng? Super divine beast? There are even super divine beasts?”

Qin Yu has always been doubtful about the classes of divine beasts. For example, he knows that black dragons are tougher than azure dragons, but he does not know the exact differences between divine beasts.

“Ha, brother Qin Yu, you’re not even clear about the classes of divine beasts. Well … then I’ll tell you carefully about them. Divine beasts are divided into 4 classes in total.” Lian Chong says all he knows without reserve.

Qin Yu is listening to him carefully.

“For example, the azure dragons, red dragons and blue dragons of the dragon clan and most of the rest of the divine beasts are low-class divine beasts. This class of divine beast accounts for 90% of the total.”

“Black dragons, silvery dragons, three-blue-eyed toads, dragon rocky lions, fiery rocky lions, zhe chus, hydras and the likes are all middle-class divine beasts.”

“Golden dragons, trans-Heaven rats and so on are high-class divine beasts, which can already be considered extremely rare and precious. They have hereditary memories and are extremely powerful.”

Lian Chong takes a deep breath.

“The last is the rarest class of divine beast, super divine beast!”

Qin Yu is listening with his entire attention.

“Divine beasts are also divided into flying beasts, running beasts and scaled beasts. The super divine beasts of the flying beast category include golden-winged great Pengs and phoenixes. There are 2 or 3 other types, but my big uncle hasn’t told me about them.”

Having listened to this point, Qin Yu knows that the 1st master of the Devil Peng Island told these pieces of divine-beast-related information to Lian Chong.

“There’s only one type of super divine beast in the scaled beast category. It’s the five-clawed golden dragons of the dragon clan. I’m very sure about this.” Lian Chong says with a smile.

“The last is the running beast category. There are also several types of super divine beasts in this category, but I know only one -- fire qilins. Just like phoenixes, they are naturally carried by and born of flame.”

End of b10c37.

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