Book 10 Chapter 36

B10C36: Treasure raiders

The Ethereal Hall of the Yinyue Palace on the Teng Long continent occupies an extremely large area. In addition to the main hall right in the center, there are also more than 10 small halls around it. These halls interlock with each other, implicitly containing a mysterious formation.

Since the devil emperor of the devil world gave that order, experts of various large Xiumo schools have gathered in the Yinyue Palace. But some extremely formidable loose devils are still returning from the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Because they are far away, it will take them some time to come back.

At the moment, in Dame Lian Yue’s dwelling place,

“Big brother Wu Hei, now that you have come to help us, at least nobody can think of snatching our Heaven-Sundering Diagram away.” Dame Lian Yue says to a black-clad man sitting beside her.

His face seems to be carved out of rock while his whole body has near perfect muscles and emits an aura of absolute power.

This is Wu Hei, an independent loose devil and a titan of the devil path!

“Rest absolutely assured, junior sister Lian Yue. Nobody can come and snatch this Heaven-Sundering Diagram away even in their dreams … Right, didn’t you say that in some time, the herald of the devil world would …?” Wu Hei appears to care a lot about this matter.

“Yes.” Dame Lian Yue says with a nod: “Big brother Wu Hei, I don’t even tell my subordinates about this matter. This Ni Yang Realm has serious implications. Not only devil emperor experts, even various emperor-class experts of the immortal world and the demon world are also trying to obtain it. Therefore, relying on us alone won’t do. Soon, the devil world herald will pass through the spatial barrier to come to the mortal world.”

Wu Hei slightly nods with brightening eyes.

Dame Lian Yue says doubtfully: “Big brother Wu Hei, there’s a matter I don’t know if I should ask you about.”

“Feel free to ask me.” Wu Hei says very generously.

Dame Lian Yue says aloud the doubt in her heart: “Big brother Wu Hei, I’ve noticed that you think a lot of the devil world herald’s descent to the mortal world. I wonder what the reason behind this is.”

Wu Hei gives a smile.

“Ha-ha … junior sister Lian Yue, I won’t answer this question for the moment. Let me ask you. Didn’t that Wu Kongxue also agree to come and help you this time?” He asks in reply.

“Yes, how did you know?” Dame Lian Yue is amazed. Wu Hei arrived in the Ethereal Hall not long ago and she still has not had time to tell him about this matter.

“Ha-ha, I certainly know, because … both I and Wu Kongxue come to help you for one reason.” Wu Hei says laughingly in a mysterious manner.

Dame Lian Yue is surprised.

Both Wu Hei and Wu Kongxue are independent loose devils. Even when the devil world herald gives an order, they do not have to obey it. But they have chosen to come here. Dame Lian Yue has been doubtful about this all the time. Now looks like they have done so for one and the same reason.

“Let’s not talk about this secret for the moment, but … I can tell you another secret to compensate for that.” Wu Hei says seriously to Dame Lian Yue.

Telling her another secret as compensation?

Dame Lian Yue listens attentively without delay.

“Let me tell you something, junior sister Lian Yue. Today, all the techniques of Xiumoists on the Teng Long continent are the most basic ones and belong to the elementary level. There are only 3 real Xiumo techniques.” Wu Hei puts on an air of mystery.

Dame Lian Yue is surprised.

“All the current techniques of Xiumoists are the most basic ones? What do you mean by this, big brother Wu Hei?” She is shocked.

Wu Hei says with an indifferent smile: “Now you’re already an 11th tribulation loose devil. You’ll also know this when you ascend to the devil world. I’m just telling you in advance. In the devil world, there are only 3 truly formidable devil techniques, one being the Black Devil Path, one being the Blood Devil Path and the other being the Devil Path of Asura. I practice the first one, Wu Kongxue the second … and the 2nd and 3rd masters of the Devil Peng Island the third.”

Dame Lian Yue is startled. For a while, she is speechless.

It turns out … all Xiumoists of the Teng Long continent practice the most basic techniques and not the 3 most formidable Xiumo techniques.

“No wonder, no wonder …” Dame Lian Yue mumbles. “Big brother Wu Hei, no wonder you, Wu Kongxue and the 2nd and 3rd masters of the Devil Peng Island are so strong, much stronger than the other experts on your levels.”

Wu Hei, Wu Kongxue and the Devil Peng Island’s 2 Asura Devils are all titans of the devil path.

Many have wondered why the other loose devils on their levels are not so fearsome and why these few people are so formidable, much more formidable than the other experts on their levels.

Only now does Dame Lian Yue know that it turns out … Wu Hei, Wu Kongxue and their likes practice the 3 most formidable techniques of the devil path.

“Both me and Wu Kongxue choosing to come here has something to do with practicing these techniques too. Ha-ha … it’s time I stopped talking. If I kept talking, I would no longer have any secrets, ha-ha …” Wu Hei says with loud laughter.

Dame Lian Yue stands up and says smilingly: “I already can’t be thankful enough that you’ve told me this much, big brother Wu Hei. How can I possibly keep being greedy? Since this Lian Yue Hall of mine is fairly large, you’ll stay in the west room, okay?”

Wu Hei nods his head.

Dame Lian Yue also has no choice but to ask Wu Hei to stay in this place with her. After all, the Heaven-Sundering Diagram is in this Lian Yue Hall so the defense of this place must reach the highest level possible. For the past few days, Dame Lian Yue has always been on edge in her heart, worrying that Xiuxianists or the dragon clan will come to snatch the treasure. Now that Wu Hei has arrived, she has relaxed a bit too because he is extremely strong.


3 silhouettes slowly come down from the sky. The area around them is an indistinct haze. Clearly they are using some kind of concealing spell.

“Reverend Lan Bing, junior brother, the situation is somewhat bad for us … That Wu Hei has come.” Reverend Ming Liang slightly frowns and says using his immortal sense at the same time.

As a 12th tribulation loose immortal, with a sweep of his immortal sense, he immediately discovered the appearance of Wu Hei, who is now a variable in the equation.

As soon as Reverend Lan Bing and Reverend Ming Shan hear that, their faces change color.

Wu Hei is only an 11th tribulation loose devil, but he is no ordinary 11th tribulation loose devil. Luckily, Reverend Ming Liang also has special skills.

“I’ve got a 50-50 chance of winning against Wu Kongxue so I’m absolutely confident of beating this Wu Hei … But if he wants to run away, it’ll be very hard for me to stop him too. Um, let’s do it this way. Junior brother, Reverend Lan Bing, I’ll have to count on you 2 to pin this Wu Hei down so that I can kill Lian Yue at one stroke.”

Reverend Ming Liang entrusts the task to his comrades seriously: “I’m not asking you to do something significant to Wu Hei. I only need you to pin him down, just pinning him down so that he can’t come and obstruct me. Are you confident of doing this?” He looks at the other two, waiting for their answer.

Ming Shan says with a smile: “Don’t worry, senior brother. Though Wu Hei is so formidable that even if Reverend Lan Bing and I join forces, we won’t necessarily be a match for him, we’re still confident of pinning him down.”

Reverend Ming Shan and Reverend Lan Bing have an extremely good relationship with each other. The 2 of them have often joined forces in the Chaotic Astral Ocean so they have developed a set of tricks that they can execute with each other.

“Very good, this fight must be won quickly. That illusionary formation around this Ethereal Hall isn’t formidable. Given our power, we can break into it very easily, but some loose devils are staying in the small halls seen everywhere inside the Ethereal Hall and the weakest among them are 8th tribulation loose devils. Therefore, if we can’t succeed in the beginning, those 8th tribulation and 9th tribulation loose devils will surround us, making it even harder for us to succeed.” Reverend Ming Liang tells the other two the main points.

They must win the fight quickly.

If they are locked in a stalemate, the Xiumoists will have an advantage over them because this is the headquarters of Xiumoists.

Reverend Ming Shan and Reverend Lan Bing nod their heads.

“All right, let’s go.”

Immediately, 3 beams of light penetrate the illusionary formation around the Ethereal Hall in the blink of an eye then float into the Lian Yue Hall gently like blue wisps of smoke.


Inside the Lian Yue Hall,

Dame Lian Yue is staying in the east room and Wu Hei the west room. Reverend Ming Liang rushes straight towards the east room while Reverend Ming Shan and Reverend Lan Bing stand outside the door of the west room holding immortal swords in their hands without taking the initiative and attacking at all.

Dame Lian Yue, who is sitting with legs crossed on a bed, suddenly opens her eyes, a purple feather fan appearing in her hand. A purple light then spreads from one side of the fan to the other.

She sees a point of light that is shooting at her extremely fast.

“Ming Liang.” Dame Lian Yue’s face changes color greatly. She has seen not only that terrifying point of light but also the ice-cold look in Reverend Ming Liang’s eyes.

Immediately --


The ground trembles and the mountain sways. The Lian Yue Hall is unexpectedly blown up in an instant.

This explosion takes place in none other than the east room, where Dame Lian Yue and Reverend Ming Liang are fighting. From Reverend Ming Liang’s entrance into the east room to the explosion, there was only a blink of an eye’s time.

“Sod off.”

A furious roar rises from the west room. A very muscular large man who is 5 to 6 m tall and whose entire body is surrounded in a black gas soars into the sky. His hand is holding high a black great ax.

This is none other than Wu Hei after fully activating his Black Devil Path.

His strength is irresistible. Reverend Lan Bing and Reverend Ming Shan basically do not dare to fight him head-on.

“Say, where’s the ink-wash painting?” Holding a yuanying, Reverend Ming Liang asks through his immortal sense.

This yuanying is Dame Lian Yue’s. Now her power has suffered a huge loss so the yuanying appears somewhat dry. There is also fear in her yuanying’s eyes.

“Is the devil world worth dying for? If you say it, I definitely won’t kill you. If you don’t, you’ll surely die. And when you die, everything will be meaningless.” Reverend Ming Liang still appears indifferent, but what he says with his immortal sense sounds absolutely ruthless.

He already knows that the ink-wash painting is definitely not on Dame Lian Yue’s body because after he caught her, his immortal elemental energy has run through her entire yuanying.

“Not even death … can make me say it.” Dame Lian Yue gives a smile.

How can she possibly be carrying the Heaven-Sundering Diagram on her body? She believes that even if Reverend Ming Liang kills a large number of experts, he will not find the diagram.

Dame Lian Yue cannot say it. If she did, after the devil world herald has descended to the mortal world and learned about the disappearance of the diagram, they would definitely vent their fury on the Yinyue Palace. Moreover, even if she said it and survived now, the devil world herald would kill her afterwards.

If she says nothing and dies now, later the Yinyue Palace will even be rewarded by the devil world herald.

“You don’t want to say it? Very well …” Reverend Ming Liang’s calm eyes, which are like deep ponds, flash with a fierce light.

However, at this moment, an enraged Wu Hei begins to charge straight at him in an indomitable manner. Everything that obstructs him is destroyed without exception. Faced with such a powerful, fierce opponent, Reverend Ming Shan and Reverend Lan Bing cannot even pin him down.


The water in this area of the boundless Chaotic Astral Ocean is unexpectedly moving up and down slowly and quietly. That dense holy energy totally boggles Qin Yu’s mind.

“Brother Qin Yu …” High-spirited and vigorous, Lian Chong points to a huge island in the distance: “That’s my home -- the Devil Peng Island!”

This island is very large, about as large as the 3 big empires on the Qian Long continent put together. Of course, the Wilderness makes up most of the Qian Long continent’s area.

“The Devil Peng Island, master, I’ve finally arrived in the legendary Devil Peng Island.” The ink qilin appears to be very excited. His original place was really too far from this Devil Peng Island. Given his power, he did not dare to travel such a long distance.

Qin Yu takes a deep breath.

“The Devil Peng Island indeed deserves to be called the no. 1 island.” He exclaims in admiration.

Even though he is standing far away from the island, he can still feel its tremendous aura. To him, that tremendous aura is like what a peerless ferocious beast is to an average mortal.

“The Devil Peng Island is divided into the outer area, the inner area and the central area. The outer area is for the 6th tribulation and 7th tribulation loose devils. The inner area is for the 8th tribulation and 9th tribulation experts. And the central area is for those from the 10th tribulation up.” Lian Chong introduces voluntarily.

Of course he knows the Devil Peng Island very well.

“The central area is divided into 2 sections. One is my big uncle’s dwelling place -- Golden Wing Palace -- and the other is my parents’ dwelling place -- Asura Palace. Brother Qin Yu, my big uncle is aloof and proud by nature. He doesn’t even necessarily think highly of 11th tribulation and 12th tribulation loose immortals. It’s basically very hard to tell if he will find someone agreeable. Therefore, when you’ve arrived in the central area, don’t cross the boundary of Golden Wing Palace.” Lian Chong says seriously.

Knowing that Lian Chong says so with good intentions, Qin Yu says with a nod: “Don’t worry. I definitely won’t do that without permission.”

But he becomes curious about the first master of this Devil Peng Island in his heart.

“A legendary invincible being, even 12th tribulation experts are far from being a match for him … What kind of figure is he actually?” He thinks to himself.

At this moment --

Several hundred men fly out from inside the Devil Peng Island extremely fast in 2 groups, one on the left and one on the right. They then fly up to Qin Yu and Lian Chong.

“Young master.”

The 2 black-clad middle-aged men at the front of the 2 groups say smilingly. They are both 11th tribulation experts.

“Where are my parents?” Lian Chong looks towards the distance. He does not believe that his parents will not rush over to him, who has narrowly escaped death, at their top speeds.

The 2 leading black-clad middle-aged men on the left and the right look backwards smilingly.

A man and a woman who look like 2 young people in their twenties fly out towards them extremely fast side by side from the Devil Peng Island. The man is handsome and the woman beautiful. Seeing Lian Chong in the distance, their eyes naturally radiate surprise and happiness.


“Father, mother.” In an instant, Lian Chong’s eyes unexpectedly … redden. He rushes straight into his parents’ bosoms and hugs them tightly.

End of b10c36.

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