Book 10 Chapter 34

B10C34: Heading for the Devil Peng Island

The sky is dark as black clouds are blotting it out. That purple tribulation cloud is sending out a pressure which makes people’s hearts palpitate. It is a pressure that Heaven particularly has. Serpentine electric sparks are zigzagging around. The 8th thunderbolt finally strikes down with a boom.

“This thunderbolt is even more terrifyingly powerful than those thunderbolts I encountered in the Road of Death at the time. Perhaps I can’t withstand this 8th thunderbolt even in my current condition.” Qin Yu is watching Lian Chong going through his loose devil tribulation in the distance.

The power of the 8th loose devil tribulation is certainly greater than that of the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation.

But Lian Chong raises his sword to resist the pressure of this thunderbolt brazenly. He does not appear to be under the slightest strain. After all, he is a loose devil who practices the Devil Path of Asura and not an ordinary loose devil. And he also has a middle-grade devil weapon.

While looking at Lian Chong, Qin Yu ponders in his mind: “The Devil Peng Island, the no. 1 island in the Chaotic Astral Ocean? I haven’t got a clue about this Chaotic Astral Ocean so I can gather some information about it from this Lian Chong.”

All of a sudden --

“Inky, you’ve come back?” Qin Yu turns his head and looks at a black silhouette that is rushing extremely fast towards him in the distance. This is none other than the ink qilin, who is returning from a hunting stroll.

“Master, ah, a loose devil, he’s too powerful, must have passed the 6th tribulation. Master, that man is an expert, an extremely strong expert.” The ink qilin looks at Lian Chong, who is undergoing his tribulation, in shock. “Master, we should run away quickly. If that expert has any ill intentions after passing the tribulation, we’ll be in danger.”

Seeing the ink qilin so flustered, Qin Yu says with a smile: “There’s no need to worry, Inky.”

“You don’t know this, master.” Inky says hastily. “Loose devils are very cruel. Besides, haven’t you felt the ferocious aura he’s giving off?”

On the Teng Long continent, almost no experts can practice the Devil Path of Asura.

What this Lian Chong practices is none other than the Devil Path of Asura so naturally his aura of ferocity is very terrifying. As a divine beast, the ink qilin has exceptionally keen senses so he can feel the powerful air of menace about Lian Chong.

“Don’t worry, Inky. I saved his life. Not long ago he even told me that he would definitely repay me for saving him.” Qin Yu says smilingly with a shake of his head. “Right, let me ask you something, Inky. The no. 1 island in the Chaotic Astral Ocean is called Devil Peng Island, isn’t it?”

The ink qilin has been staying in this Chaotic Astral Ocean for much longer than Qin Yu has so he certainly knows this information.

“You asked me about the Devil Peng Island?” Obviously he is very shocked. “Master, could you have offended the Devil Peng Island?”

“No, I haven’t. Tell me carefully about this Devil Peng Island and the other powers of the Chaotic Astral Ocean as well.” Qin Yu says with a smile.

Only upon hearing Qin Yu say that he has never offended the Devil Peng Island does the ink qilin let out a sigh of relief. He explains: “Master, there are an extremely large number of loose practitioners in the Chaotic Astral Ocean and quite a few powers too. The greatest among them are the 3 main islands, consisting of the Devil Peng Island, the Lianyun Island and the Heifeng Island. These 3 big islands have many experts and the most powerful of them is the Devil Peng Island!”

“The 3 main islands.” Qin Yu memorizes this.

“Though the Chaotic Astral Ocean has other powers, they’re simply not on the same level as the 3 main islands. The Devil Peng Island alone has 3000 loose practitioners and the weakest among them are 6th tribulation ones. Even a divine beast has to pass the 4th tribulation to be able to become a member of the Devil Peng Island.” There are hints of hope in the ink qilin’s eyes.

Qin Yu is startled.

“3000 loose practitioners? The weakest are at the 6th tribulation stage?” He is somewhat stupefied. “How is this possible? How can there be so many loose practitioners?”

“Why do you think it’s impossible, master? The Xiuzhenists of the Teng Long continent alone can be counted by the hundred million. Many experts who have lost their physical bodies have become loose practitioners so naturally there are many loose practitioners … How can the number of 6th tribulation loose practitioners possibly be a small one?”

“Besides, just now I was only talking about the Teng Long continent. Master, there are loose demons at the bottom of this boundless ocean while the islands on the surface have flying-beast loose demons and a large number of Xiuzhen schools. The population of this place is even greater than the Teng Long continent’s!”

Qin Yu is startled.

He originally thought the Teng Long continent had very many Xiuzhenists, but now looks like this ocean has even more.

After thinking carefully, he finds that to be true. It should be known that the power of Xiuyaoists can rival the combined power of Xiuxianists and Xiumoists. Not only the Teng Long continent, even the islands in this ocean also have Xiuxianists and Xiumoists.

There are as many schools on the islands of this ocean as on the Teng Long continent. How many Xiuzhenists do they have in total?

And the number of Xiuyaoists at the bottom of the ocean is even about the same as the total number of Xiuxianists and Xiumoists.

“Master, when the loose practitioners of the Teng Long continent or a calm ocean reach the 4th tribulation stage, most of them go into the Chaotic Astral Ocean. This ocean has nearly 80% of the loose practitioners. Plus, almost all the loose practitioners from the 10th tribulation up are in the Chaotic Astral Ocean. So … there’s nothing strange about the Devil Peng Island having 3000 loose practitioners at all.”

Only now does Qin Yu feel what a great power is like!

“Master, sometimes a super expert practices and becomes so powerful that they can be called invincible! The 2nd master of this Devil Peng Island is a 12th tribulation loose devil. In the past their killing of loose practitioners even shocked the entire Chaotic Astral Ocean. They’re almost invincible now.”

Qin Yu is struck by a thought.

The 2nd master of the Devil Peng Island must be Lian Chong’s father or mother.

“Who’s the first master of that island?” He asks immediately.

The ink qilin’s eyes are filled with veneration: “The first master of the Devil Peng Island is a divine beast. Moreover, he’s a tip-top divine beast … His power is truly invincible, absolutely invincible! Nobody in the Chaotic Astral Ocean is a match for him!”

The ink qilin has no adjectives other than saying ‘invincible’.

But Qin Yu can already imagine how powerful that master of the island is.

“If I let the 3 main island of the Chaotic Astral Ocean know about the Ni Yang Realm, then …” He is struck by a thought, but he shakes his head right away, rejecting this thought.

The Ni Yang Realm is a hideout left behind by a level-8 mystic sword immortal. If this information spreads out, it will excite all the great powers of the Chaotic Astral Ocean. When the time comes, not only the experts of the Teng Long continent, perhaps even the experts of various other regions will risk their lives to fight for it too.

“The 3 Heaven-Sundering Diagrams …” There is a tinge of uneasiness in Qin Yu’s heart.

Before leaving the Qin dynasty, he already gave his 2nd brother Qin Zheng his own Heaven-Sundering Diagram.

As he has the Lord of Black Flame's Ring, the Heaven-Sundering Diagram is simply meaningless to him. After all, the Lord of Black Flame's Ring has the complete map and the capacity to bring 8 individuals in with him.

When Qin Yu went into Lei Mountain House to practice in the past, he gave Li’er the Heaven-Sundering Diagram so that she could hand it over if in danger. Now he has given it to Qin Zheng. After all, as the emperor of the Qin dynasty, Qin Zheng cannot enter the Stellar Tower to hide like his father.

If someone grabs Qin Zheng to threaten him, it will be better to hand over the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. He believes that the enemy will take the mysterious Uncle Lan into consideration and will not be excessive. Even though Uncle Lan already left, those loose immortals and loose devils still do not know this.

“The Heaven-Sundering Diagram … I wonder how many loose practitioners will die because of it.” Qin Yu sighs in his heart.

But at this moment --

The noise of a massive explosion comes from Lian Chong’s place. Within several tens of li of him, the space has started to shake and the air forms various ripples which spread outwards. In this instant, even the water surface drops several tens of meters as if an enormous invisible hand is pressing it down.

“Ha-ha … I’ve finally succeeded, ha-ha …” That extremely excited, loud laughter comes from the center of the explosion. A beam of light then flies towards Qin Yu from the location of that explosion.

Now Lian Chong’s whole face is glowing, his eyes shining brilliantly.


He was so close to it and even despaired but at the last moment, Qin Yu came from nowhere and gave him that precious Eternal Creation Pill.

“Brother, I’m Lian Chong. I can’t be thankful enough that you gave me such a precious Eternal Creation Pill so nobly without asking for any repayments. Ah, I’m really sorry, savior, but I still don’t know what I should call you.” Lian Chong appears very natural and unrestrained.

Qin Yu says with a nod: “Brother Lian, I’m Qin Yu. This is my mount and holy beast, ink qilin.”

“Holy beast?” Lian Chong is very astonished. “Brother Qin Yu, I’m finding you more and more mysterious. Not only can you tame a holy beast, you even have the Eternal Creation Pill. After I took it, its effectiveness was absolutely comparable to the Tribulation Holy Pill. It was a pill that even the master of the Lianyun Island would have thought highly of, but you gave me so easily … How can I possibly rest easy until I repay you?”

He frowns worriedly: “The Eternal Creation Pill was too precious and also saved my life. Naturally, my life is as precious as the Eternal Creation Pill. How should I repay you for it?”

Qin Yu gives a smile: “There’s no need to care about it too much, brother Lian Chong.”

When he saw this expert at the time, he also immediately took out an Eternal Creation Pill without thinking much. In fact, this Eternal Creation Pill was merely a pill of the most common type that had been charged with the elemental life force. It means nothing at all to Qin Yu. After all, his elemental life force seems inexhaustible.

“How can that be okay?” Lian Chong’s face hardens.

“When I was being hunted down, damn it, on the way I used up so many treasures, the countless treasures that I had collected in over 10,000 years. In the end I had to use the Blood Escaping Art to manage to run to this place. The only things I had left were a flying sword and 20% of my power.”

Now his face is full of anger: “The damnedest thing was that my loose devil tribulation came. Heaven really wanted to kill me. I messaged my parents and big uncle but it was no use. There’s no island around here so my parents couldn’t find me. Plus, it would have been useless for them to find me because basically nobody can help someone else take on a tribulation.”

Qin Yu understands this too.

While undergoing a tribulation, even if one is helped by somebody else, the heavenly tribulation will only become more powerful and attack even the helper as well. The tribulation taker simply cannot avoid the test of lightning.

“Without a Tribulation Holy Pill, even if my parents had found me, they wouldn’t have been able to save me.”

“I was really in despair at the time. I had been roaming the Chaotic Astral Ocean freely for so many years. Relying on this devil flying sword and various kinds of treasures, I could even kill a 9th tribulation expert. Not even those who were stronger than me dared to offend me. Who could have thought I would fall into this plight?”

Lian Chong’s face has a tinge of desolation.

“Only now do I know that those 10th tribulation and 11th tribulation experts have been deceiving me. They have been very friendly to me on the outside but inwardly …”

Lian Chong recalls that person who attempted to chase and kill him.

“Hiding the aura and changing the appearance to try to hunt me down!” Blue veins pop out of his fists. “Eventually I escaped from the hunt, but faced with the threat of the tribulation, I despaired even after messaging my parents. At the time I thought … it would be great if someone could save me.”

“I thought I was just dreaming. After the 5th thunderbolt, almost all my power had been spent so I gave up all hope of surviving.” Suddenly Lian Chong gives Qin Yu a pat on his shoulder with brightening eyes. “But then you appeared and saved me, brother Qin Yu. I can tell how powerful you are. At your level, you simply couldn’t tell how powerful I was and who I was. But you saved me without hesitation by giving me such a precious Eternal Creation Pill.”

“Brother Qin Yu, I, Lian Chong, shall never forget this kind act of saving my life.”

Lian Chong says very seriously.

This time he was indeed greatly shocked. When he had just escaped from the chase after using a lot of effort and even risking his life to flee, the loose devil tribulation came down on him. He struggled again and again but in the end he still despaired. Thus Lian Chong is extremely grateful for Qin Yu’s appearance at the last moment, especially when the Eternal Creation Pill was so precious.

Now Qin Yu can only smile.

“Brother Qin Yu, what is this place? Now I still don’t know where we are. If you tell me where we are, I can figure out the way to go back.” Lian Chong asks immediately.

Qin Yu, however, looks at the ink qilin. Even though he knows his way around here, he does not know the names of some islands.

“Master, there’s an island called Bailan over 3 million li to the south of this place.” The ink qilin knows the area very well.

“The Bailan Island? Good Heavens! I’ve run this far.” Even Lian Chong is astonished.

In panic, he ran without choosing directions, ran desperately and even used the Blood Escaping Art so he has unexpectedly gone into the area around the Bailan Island. This Lian Chong is really rather good at running.

“Brother Lian Chong, have you got a map of the Chaotic Astral Ocean?” Qin Yu hazards a guess. This ocean is vast so he will be much better off with a map.

Lian Chong says with a nod: “Of course I have. Some islands in the Chaotic Astral Ocean are marked on this map. Based on the islands, you can know directions and locations. You haven’t got one, brother Qin Yu?”

Qin Yu nods.

Without saying anything, Lian Chong takes out a jade slip and hands it over to Qin Yu directly: “Brother Qin Yu, this is a map of the Chaotic Astral Ocean. It even has introductions to various big islands. Once you’ve told them apart, you will know what an island is called.”

Qin Yu receives the jade slip and makes a sweep of his holy sense.

This jade slip not only has a map but also detailed pictures of and careful introductions to various big islands. It is truly exceptionally elaborate.

“Brother Qin Yu, seeing that you’re still unfamiliar with the Chaotic Astral Ocean, you should have come here from the outside, right? Ha-ha … let’s go, follow me to the Devil Peng Island to have fun. This time you saved me. I’m a native of the Chaotic Astral Ocean at any rate so I must treat you well.” Lian Chong is very enthusiastic.

“Master, he’s a member of the Devil Peng Island?” The ink qilin asks quietly in amazement.

Qin Yu says with a nod: “Brother Lian Chong is the son of the Devil Peng Island’s 2nd and 3rd masters.”

“You’re the legendary Little Devil Asura?” The ink qilin is dumbstruck.

“Little Devil Asura?” Qin Yu also looks at Lian Chong with surprise. This nickname is fairly special indeed.

Lian Chong gives a slight wink, strokes his nose and says ‘modestly’: “This incompetent is none other than the legendary, unrivaled Little Devil Asura, who has been roaming the Chaotic Astral Ocean freely. Brother Qin Yu, this nickname is very stylish, right?!”

Qin Yu is astounded.

This brother he has just become acquainted with seems to be … very interesting.

End of b10c34.

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