Book 10 Chapter 33

B10C33: Loose devil Lian Chong

“Dujie-stage human, what do you want to do in front of me? A Dujie-stage human challenging the authority of a divine beast with the power of the Dacheng stage, are you seeking your own death?” The ink qilin stares at Qin Yu in the distance with his 2 ice-cold eyes, his voice resounding through the sky.

This ink qilin is definitely not a ferobeast. Ferobeasts’ eyes are blood-red but this ink qilin’s are not. Moreover, this ink qilin is a demon, even a loose demon.

“Ink qilin, as a 3rd tribulation loose demon divine beast, you’d better admit defeat in front of me right away. You’re no match for me.” Qin Yu says with a smile.

The ink qilin is a 3rd tribulation loose demon, only just now he claimed to be ‘a divine beast with the power of the Dacheng stage’. He is indeed a divine beast with the power of the Dacheng stage, but he is just a 3rd tribulation loose demon and definitely not at the Dacheng stage. This shows clearly that this ink qilin is exceptionally prideful.

“Loose demon? You’re seeking your own death.” The ink qilin is furious. With a movement of his body, he turns into a blur and goes up to Qin Yu’s face in an instant. Qin Yu’s reaction to all of this is --

The Lord of Black Flame's Ring -- Heavenly Flame Field.

“Ah!” A painful yell comes out from inside the mouth of the ink qilin. At the same time, he retreats rapidly, his eyes full of shock: “The heavenly flame, you can even use the heavenly flame to attack?”

Not even 4th tribulation loose immortals and loose devils can resist several heavenly flames. The ink qilin is a 3rd tribulation loose demon divine beast so he is more powerful than a 4th tribulation loose devil, but he could not persevere for long either. Seeing that Qin Yu can attack with the heavenly flame, he very intelligently chooses -- to run away.

“Running away? A divine beast ink qilin shouldn’t be good at running for his life. Unluckily for you, speed is what I’m best at.” Standing on his middle-grade immortal weapon, Qin Yu executes the Body-Weapon Unification technique.

Because his physical body is extremely strong and is even tougher than a top-grade holy weapon, it does not cause any hindrances when he flies. In addition to that, his flying sword is a middle-grade immortal weapon so his speed is simply shocking.

When the ink qilin has been running for just a while, Qin Yu gets in front of him.

“Don’t run. You can’t escape.” He says with an indifferent smile.

When the ink qilin sees the mysterious black-clad man before him, his heart skips a beat. Speed is definitely not his strongest point, but he is not bad at using speed at all. Even Dacheng-stage experts cannot necessarily keep up with him.

“You’re only at the Dujie stage, how can you keep up with me? Also … how can you use the heavenly flame? Not even ordinary standard immortals have the ability to use it.” The ink qilin now asks Qin Yu instead of running.

“That’s a secret.”

Qin Yu gives a smile. Right afterwards, his body charges at the ink qilin like a black beam of light.

Hands, legs, elbows, knees …

In an instant, he performs close-quarters attacks extremely fast as if he is a humanoid divine beast. In the beginning, the ink qilin is exceptionally excited. Fighting a divine beast with the physical body? He wonders if the human in front of him has become a fool.

However, as they fight each other, the ink qilin’s mind is somewhat boggled.

His divine beast physical body is strong, but not so strong that he can have the power of the Dacheng stage relying on the physical body alone without using the energy inside his body. After all, to a divine beast, the physical body is only a part of its power and the energy of the yuanying inside its body is the most important thing.

But Qin Yu is fighting a divine beast head-on using only his physical body.

One after another, punches hit the ink qilin’s scales squarely, sounding as if Qin Yu is hitting a sandbag nonstop. The qilin’s black scales begin to shatter and his blood begins to drip.

“Are you a human? No, you’re a divine beast. What’s your true form, a five-clawed golden dragon or a legendary golden-eyed rocky monkey?” The ink qilin says angrily via holy sense communication.

The golden-eyed rocky monkey is a divine beast on the same level as the five-clawed golden dragon. Moreover, its body is extremely strong like diamond.

“No, I’m a human.”

Qin Yu’s body turns into a tornado. His right leg is swung fiercely at the ink qilin’s stomach like a divine whip and hits it, sending the ink qilin flying up.

“Roar ~~~~” The ink qilin turns his face upwards and roars furiously. The various water currents in his surroundings go completely mad. They form various flying swords which all shoot at Qin Yu. Judging from the brilliance of those water-current-turned flying swords, Qin Yu has no doubt about their power.

Ink qilins have an innate ability to control water.

They are a relatively powerful group in the qilin clan. Of course, the kings of the qilin clan are the legendary fire qilins, who are carried by and born of flame.

Ink qilins are born from generation to generation. They are not carried by raging flame like fire qilins at all, but their ability to control water is exceptionally strong.

This ink qilin seems to also know that these water-current-turned flying swords cannot do anything to Qin Yu. His body radiates various black beams of light which engulf the water of the ocean within several hundred meters of him. This amount of water then flies up, forming a huge water sphere that is over 1 km in diameter.

The water sphere shrinks rapidly. In just an instant, it turns into a water sphere the size of a fist.

“Human, just now you unexpectedly didn’t stop me from executing this special skill. Yes, you’ve got the heavenly flame, but this life-saving skill of mine, the Pitch-black Heavy Water, definitely isn’t so simple as you think. Now prepare to die.” The ink qilin shouts coldly.

Just as he says, Qin Yu indeed did not stop him from using this move at all. Given Qin Yu’s speed, he had a chance to obstruct him, but he did not take it.

Because Qin Yu wants to tame the ink qilin, turning him into his holy beast, and not to kill him, he must make the ink qilin understand his strong power. This is the only way to make a proud divine beast surrender.

“Don’t worry. I won’t use the heavenly flame to block you. Even so, I’ll still be able to beat you with ease. Moreover, this special skill of yours won’t be able to affect me at all.” Qin Yu says with an indifferent smile.

“Then you’re seeking your own death.” Hearing that Qin Yu will not use the heavenly flame to block him, the ink qilin emits various black beams of light from his body. Afterwards, the light beams coil around that small water sphere from all directions.

Like a black shaft of light, the water sphere shoots at Qin Yu extremely fast.

But he only … reaches out his right hand.

Using his right hand, he makes a grab at that black water sphere, which is flying extremely fast, in a very relaxed manner.

The ink qilin’s face is full of madness. It seems he can already see the black water sphere blow Qin Yu’s right hand up, badly injuring or killing him on the spot.

“Pretty powerful, huh?” Qin Yu’s voice rises.

The ink qilin’s face changes color.

Qin Yu, however, is very cautious inside: “This move is really powerful. Even my current body has difficulty resisting it. It’s almost as powerful as the blue ripple attack Zhou Xian used that day.”

When he was resisting Zhou Xian’s attack at the time, the elemental life force in his body automatically healed him. But now … he consciously controls a large amount of the elemental life force in his body to go and heal him together.

Holding the black water sphere, he is draining its energy unceasingly. Whenever his palm is damaged, it heals in an instant. Actively controlling the elemental life force to heal an injury is much faster than letting the elemental life force heal it automatically.

“How is this possible …?” The ink qilin is stupefied.

This is because Qin Yu is reducing his special skill to nothingness one-handed easily just like that.

“Without using the heavenly flame, I can still defeat you easily …” When Qin Yu’s voice stops, his body rushes over right away. Now the ink qilin has already started to be somewhat afraid and worried inside.

He is very clear that even he himself cannot resist that move without suffering any injuries.

“Ah … die.” The ink qilin roars furiously and thrusts his single horn ferociously at Qin Yu. However, at this moment, his body sinks abruptly.

The Lord of Black Flame's Ring -- Gravitational Field.

The sudden high pressure causes the ink qilin to expose a fatal weak point at the most crucial moment.


Qin Yu’s short sword penetrates the ink qilin’s scaly armor directly. In just a while, he pulls the ink qilin’s yuanying out of his body with a hand.

The face of the ink qilin’s yuanying is filled with shock: “What’s the grade of your flying sword? Piercing my scaly armor easily in just a sword move, how is this possible?”

“Middle-grade immortal weapon.” Qin Yu says while looking at the ink qilin’s yuanying in his palm.

“You can use the heavenly flame, your body is strong enough to kill me easily, you’re even faster than me … and you’ve got an immortal weapon that can penetrate my scaly armor with ease as well. Why do you want to torture me like this?” Now the ink qilin is exasperated.

He can tell that this mysterious black-clad young man before him is too strong. If he wanted to kill him, perhaps he could have burnt him to ashes using the heavenly flame or killed him directly using the immortal sword right in the beginning. Why has he been stalling until now?

“Nothing, I just want you to become my holy beast.” Qin Yu takes out a holy beast collar.

The ink qilin obviously has heard of holy beast collars. As soon as he sees the holy beast collar, he says proudly: “You definitely want me to become your holy beast? You’re pretty strong, but I’m not willing to let you order and control me as you please. I’d rather die than live without freedom like that.”

Qin Yu secretly breathes a sigh of relief.

In general, divine beasts are haughty and unwilling to become anyone’s holy beasts, but the display of his power just now has totally subdued this ink qilin. Even though the ink qilin said so, actually he has already relaxed inside. If he were really unwilling, he would have a different attitude.

“Don’t worry. You’re a 3rd tribulation loose demon. Now become my holy beast first. After I ascend, you’ll only need to look after my relatives a bit. Nobody will restrict your freedom then. And I won’t tell you to do things as I please either.” Qin Yu says smilingly.

The ink qilin knows Qin Yu’s power so he says with a nod at once: “Okay, I trust you.”

He has already got a taste of Qin Yu’s power. He believes that such a strong human as Qin Yu can definitely overcome the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation. And when Qin Yu achieves ascension, they will naturally separate from each other.

Qin Yu channels his stellar energy into the holy beast collar then immediately puts it around this yuanying.

In an instant … the holy beast collar begins to shrink. Afterwards, it fuses with the inside of the yuanying directly.

Holy beast collars and souls are interrelated. After being fused with the holy beast collar, this ink qilin cannot betray Qin Yu even when he becomes more powerful later.


“Bastard, you better not let me know who the funk you are, or else I’ll definitely make you die a horrible death.” A handsome young man is cursing. There is even blood on his body.

This young man is called Lian Chong, a 7th tribulation loose devil. His parents are even more terrifying. His father is an 11th tribulation loose devil and his mother is even a 12th tribulation one. Theoretically, given his status, very few in the Chaotic Astral Ocean dare to offend him.

This time, Lian Chong is about to undergo the 8th loose devil tribulation. His parents are very strict with him. The demands they have placed on him can even be considered merciless.

“Chong’er, as you practice the Devil Path of Asura, if you always rely on father and mother, you can only succeed in your dreams. You must depend on yourself … in everything!” This is what Lian Chong’s parents usually say.

A practitioner of the Devil Path of Asura is merciless to their enemies and must be equally strict with and merciless to themselves.

Given Lian Chong’s power, he was certainly confident of passing the 8th loose devil tribulation. He himself had prepared quite a lot of treasures for taking on the tribulation. Even though his parents said so and were normally very strict, they had still given their precious son a protective magic treasure.

A flying sword that is a middle-grade devil weapon!

Normally, even 10th tribulation loose devils and some 11th tribulation loose devils do not have middle-grade devil weapons. Lian Chong has one because his mother gave it to him.

Originally, he found a place and prepared to undergo the tribulation with complete confidence.

However, a few days before the arrival of the tribulation, he was sneakily attacked by a loose devil. Most importantly … this loose devil was too powerful, being at least a 9th tribulation loose devil or even stronger than that.

This loose devil’s face was always indistinct and could not be seen clearly. Perhaps because he wanted to sneakily attack Lian Chong, he had prepared everything to make it impossible for Lian Chong to tell who he was.

Lian Chong was only a 7th tribulation loose devil but he had many treasures and some live-saving items his parents had given him. Obviously, his parents had also thought of the possibility of their son being hunted down.

However … this time, the hunting enemy was too powerful.

Running, running for 2 to 3 whole days, Lian Chong basically did not care where he was running to. He only knew that he had to run for his life. Even though he could teleport, clearly the enemy had left some marker on his body because no matter where he teleported to, the enemy was able to catch up with him.

That coupled with the fact that teleport range is directly proportional to power made it simply impossible for Lian Chong to run home.

After teleporting just twice, Lian Chong no longer dared to teleport because if he teleported, he would pause for a split second and the enemy could seize this opportunity to catch him.

After teleporting twice, Lian Chong began to run away desperately, using all kinds of fleeing techniques.

In a state of panic, he eventually had no choice but to perform the Blood Escaping Art, which is peculiar to Xiumo experts, while his soul adhered to the middle-grade devil flying sword.

Finally, he ran to this place but, all things considered, he has managed to throw off the enemy.

“Father, mother, I was hunted down.” At the moment, Lian Chong and his parents are messaging each other.

“Why do you ask me where I am? I don’t know. There’s only water and no special island around me, how can I know where I am? Father, mother, you should be able to feel my aura, right?” Lian Chong says with frustration in his message.

“What? You can’t feel my aura? No way! Could I have run too far?” He is somewhat dumbfounded. First he ran desperately for 2 to 3 days then he used the Blood Escaping Art to flee for his life.

Therefore, he himself does not know how far he has gone and where he is either.

“Father, mother, my loose devil tribulation will come very soon. After running for my life for so long and using the Blood Escaping Art, I got 20% of my power left at most. I’ve used up many treasures. There’s only a flying sword left.” Lian Chong is flustered.

If he takes on the tribulation in his current condition, he will surely die.

Boom ~~~

There are suddenly rolls of thunder in the sky. In an instant, the sky changes color until it looks dark red like a furnace.

“Father, mother, the tribulation has come …”

Lian Chong can already say nothing more.

“Worried? You’re worried. I’m also worried. What the hell is the use of being worried? Who knows where the hell this place is. It’s over. I already searched the waters within a million li of me with my devil sense and didn’t find even a familiar island.” Lian Chong is so anxious that he wants to go crazy.

Not only he, even his parents are about to go crazy too.

But what can they possibly do? Obviously their son has run away for his life so far that they simply cannot find him with their devil senses. Worse still, they cannot locate him using maps either because there are no familiar islands around him at all.

“Who tried to hunt you down, Chong’er? I’ll avenge you even if I have to die.” Lian Chong’s mother, a 12th tribulation loose devil, is about to go mad.

“Father, mother, prepare to avenge me. I think that bastard who tried to hunt me down for more than 2 days is at least a 10th tribulation loose devil. Father, mother, don’t say anything. I don’t have a hope of withstanding this loose devil tribulation.” Lian Chong is already about to despair.

“At least a 10th tribulation loose devil? All right, rest assured, Chong’er. I’ll kill all the 10th tribulation loose devils, 11th tribulation loose devils and even 12th tribulation loose devils that have a grudge against me. I started practicing the Devil Path of Asura by killing but it’s been a long time since I killed people.” Now Lian Chong’s mother finally goes crazy.


“Big uncle, it’s you.” A wave of delight sweeps through Lian Chong. If it is his big uncle, maybe he can save him.

“Chong’er, it’s no use. When the tribulation comes down, you can only rely on yourself. Even if somebody went to help you, the tribulation would attack both of you, and with increased power at that. No matter what happens, you must undergo this loose devil tribulation. Given your current state, only a Tribulation Holy Pill of the master of the Lianyun Island can restore your power instantly. If your power can’t be restored, it’ll be useless even to find you.”

“A Tribulation Holy Pill? Could you go to borrow one for me, big uncle? If you go, you can definitely borrow it.” Lian Chong hurriedly messages. He really does not want to die.

But now the tribulation cloud has already formed in the sky. The 1st thunderbolt is about to strike down.

“Tribulation Holy Pills are absolute treasures. I can borrow something else easily, but a Tribulation Holy Pill … it’s really hard to tell whether the Lianyun Island’s master will agree to lend me one. Moreover … I can’t find your place either.”

Obtaining a Tribulation Holy Pill and finding him,

Both of these conditions must be met. Without a Tribulation Holy Pill, it will be no use finding him.

A Tribulation Holy Pill is difficult to borrow, but there is still some hope of borrowing it. However, how can he possibly be found? Furthermore, the tribulation is about to come down. This short amount of time is basically not enough for anything to be done.

“Big uncle, father, mother, prepare to avenge me.” After sending his last message, Lian Chong puts away his transmitter then begins to go all out to take on the tribulation.


At this moment, tears stream down from the eyes of Lian Chong’s parents, but monstrous killing intent also surges up in their hearts. The eyes of Lian Chong’s big uncle are totally ice-cold too.

With the remaining 20% of his power and a middle-grade devil sword, how long can he resist?


“It’s been 5 thunderbolts. My power has nearly been used up but there are still 3 even stronger thunderbolts.” Now Lian Chong is standing on the water surface with effort. He has already given up all hope.

Relying on just 20% of his power and the devil sword, he has managed to withstand 5 thunderbolts. But how is he going to resist the last 3? A few days ago, he still did not care about this 8th loose devil tribulation. Indeed, if his power was still intact, he could be unconcerned about the tribulation. However, now …


He is going to die.

In the face of death, Lian Chong recalls his glorious years with his parents behind him. Although they have put strict demands on him, nothing can change the fact that he has 2 formidable parents. This has allowed him to live very freely during these years, when nobody even in the Chaotic Astral Ocean has dared to be arrogant to him.

“When I die, everything will come to nothing.” Lian Chong gives a forced smile.

Only when he is about to die can he realize how happy the days he lived in the past were.

“Brother, I see your power has nearly been used up but this heavenly tribulation hasn’t finished yet. I’ve got a holy pill here. If you take it, your power can be restored.”

A voice that seems like the sounds of nature rises in Lian Chong’s ears.

He turns his head to take a look and sees a black-clad young man standing before him. This is none other than Qin Yu.

“You’ve got a Tribulation Holy Pill?” Lian Chong knows that only such a top treasure as a Tribulation Holy Pill can restore his power in the blink of an eye.

“Tribulation Holy Pill? No, this is an Eternal Creation Pill. It can also restore the power of its taker.” Qin Yu says smilingly. At the same time, he tosses a pill that is emitting a green light to Lian Chong.

“Eternal Creation Pill? Never heard of it.” Lian Chong says with a shake of his head then curses right away: “Damn it. I’m about to die so I’ll take it no matter what it is.” Seeing that the 6th thunderbolt is about to strike down, he swallows the pill without delay, not caring at all if it is poisoned.

He also knows that nobody would bother poisoning him to death at this point.

As soon as Lian Chong swallows the Eternal Creation Pill, he is delighted in his heart -- there is still hope. He feels the pill turn into various clear streams which fuse with his yuanying.

Various green streams of energy then spread through the inside of his body while his yuanying regains its energy extremely fast as if it has taken a great invigorator. The originally dry, exhausted yuanying quickly becomes smooth and full of energy. In just a while … this yuanying is unexpectedly restored to the full.

“It’s true. I, I’ve been saved.” Lian Chong is ecstatic.

Hope suddenly arrived when he was in despair so even he has become ecstatic. He immediately looks at Qin Yu with excitement and says with unprecedented solemnity: “Brother, I am Lian Chong, the son of the 2nd and 3rd masters of the Devil Peng Island, the no. 1 island in the Chaotic Astral Ocean. I shall definitely repay you for kindly saving my life.”

Qin Yu is slightly startled. Who could have thought he would be able to casually save someone who is a VIP of the no. 1 island in the Chaotic Astral Ocean or something? Eternal Creation Pill? It was merely a common pill that was charged with the elemental life force.

Now Lian Chong’s power has recovered completely. Holding his middle-grade devil sword in his hand, he is not worried about the 6th thunderbolt in the least.

“The Devil Peng Island, the no. 1 island in the Chaotic Astral Ocean?” With a faint smile on his face, Qin Yu watches Lian Chong undergoing the loose devil tribulation in the distance.

End of b10c33.

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