Book 10 Chapter 28

B10C28: I know Heaven better than you do!

Getting a taste of the tip of the iceberg that is his power?

Qin Yu is not an idiot. The worlds he has lived in, whether the Qian Long continent or the underwater Xiuyao world, are all cruel worlds whose members intrigue against each other all the time. So naturally he can understand one thing, that is, this smiling, apparently very nice, white-robed young man will most likely take this opportunity to kill him.

“Oh, you seem to be scared?” Zhou Xian says with a smile.

What does this Zhou Xian actually want to do?

At the moment Qin Yu is extremely nervous. Since Li’er broke the space to leave after saying so much to him, he has been determined inside, because there is the most resolute conviction at the bottom of his heart.

Therefore … he does not want to die now. And he must not die now either.

Nobody can take away his chance to be together with Li’er, nobody!!!

“Scared? No, I’m just very curious. Didn’t you say a moment ago that I can’t understand your existence at all and I’m like an ant compared to you? Why do you still want to make me understand your power? Could it be you want to try in vain to make an ant understand a human’s power?” Qin Yu asks with a slightly doubtful expression.

“Ha-ha …” Zhou Xian gives several chuckles. “Correctamundo. It’s very difficult for you to understand my existence and my power as well, so I said … I’d display the tip of the iceberg that is my power. That’s right, the tip of the iceberg, just so little, less than a ten thousandth or even a millionth of my power. Don’t worry. I won’t kill you, because biaomei already told me that I can’t kill this good friend of hers, right?”

Zhou Xian looks around. Suddenly his eyes are fixed on the whitewood trees used to beautify the street on both sides of the street. With a movement of his feet, he quickly goes up to a tree that is 100 m away then gently snaps a branch.

Qin Yu looks at Zhou Xian doubtfully, waiting to see what he actually wants to do.

He does not run because he knows that if Zhou Xian wants to kill him, he will simply be unable to escape.

“Ha-ha, let’s use this branch as a weapon.” Zhou Xian gives that little branch a gentle stroke. The leaves immediately float down, leaving behind in his hand only a bare branch that is 1 m long and as wide as a finger.

Qin Yu’s nerves are on edge in the blink of an eye.

The weirdest thing is that all the other people on the street do not seem to notice Zhou Xian’s terrifying speed which allowed him to travel 100 m in a step. They keep behaving as usual, the buyers still buying things and the peddlers still shouting enthusiastically.

A branch?

Qin Yu slightly narrows his eyes.

“Don’t worry, Qin Yu. I won’t go too hard. I’m going to try my best to hold back and weaken my offense. After all, this space is too fragile. Alright, now take an energy blade from me.” Zhou Xian smilingly gives the branch a flick.

His right hand slightly swings down. Because the branch is elastic, it bends downwards. When it springs back, a blue ripple unexpectedly appears.

The blue ripple is as long as the width of the street. Its flying speed is not fast at all, comparable to the speed of the wind. Of course, it is only not fast in the eyes of Qin Yu. To mortals, that ripple is very fast.

Wherever the blue ripple passes --

Whitewood trees are cut through immediately then fall down with loud noises. The stalls of those peddlers are also cut transversely. Anyway, everything that extends across a plane that is less than 1 m high from the ground is transected.

Naturally, people are included!

The tree from which Zhou Xian snapped that branch is 100 m away from Qin Yu. There are several hundred mortals within this 100 m distance. All of these mortals, including even children, are taller than 1 meter so they are cut in two.

Bodies are split in two, blood spurting. Mortals’ stomachs are cut open, internal organs such as intestines falling out. The mortals cannot even react because, after all, the speed of the blue ripple is as fast as the speed of the wind.

Qin Yu’s reactions are certainly very quick. He sees this scene clearly.


He only has enough time to utter a loud shout. Concurrently with this, the energy of the planet’s core in his dantian, the Solar Core, is drawn forth completely. The blazing energy forms a protective screen in the blink of an eye.

This blue ripple is shaped like a crescent blade. It seems to be a solid object. Even though the protective screen created by Qin Yu can only cover half of the width of the street in time and only a part of the ripple is blocked directly, the rest of the ripple, unobstructed, still stops flying.

The blue ripple is indeed a solid object.

“Oh, not bad, you can be considered very okay among mortals.” His eyes brightening, Zhou Xian says smilingly: “It’s a pity that you’re still too weak.”



Only now does a large crowd behind Qin Yu react fully. Seeing the several hundred human bodies cut transversely in two, the flowing blood and the exposed internal organs, most of these people go blue and begin to vomit.

“Fiend, fiend!” Someone immediately yells in terror.

A scholar is even so frightened that he falls to the ground. Staring at a smiling Zhou Xian, he points at him with his quivering finger: “You, you killed people, you, massacred, massacred … Fiend, Heaven will punish you.”

Miserable shrill cries are heard. Faced with the horrors of death, most of the people at the scene have started to yell.

“Thank you for saving my life, sir.”

The mother of that Tanghulu-eating little boy says gratefully to Qin Yu. Now all the other people have noticed that he is blocking that blue ripple.

“All of you quickly run!” Qin Yu feels that the energy of the Solar Core is rushing out madly like a leakage. That blue ripple is really too strong so his own energy is being drained too fast.

“No, big brother, I won’t run. I want to beat baddies.” The Tanghulu-eating little boy is glaring furiously at Zhou Xian with wide-open eyes.

However, at this moment, a silhouette shoots towards this place extremely fast from the distance.

“Sword energy, so formidable sword energy, should be a peak Xiantian expert.” A grim old man rushes over at a very high speed from the part of the street behind Qin Yu. His body is exceptionally fast and his face is currently full of anger.

“Young man, having reached the peak Xiantian level at such a young age, you’re indeed a genius, but … your actions are a little too brutal. Though I had to spend 100 years practicing to reach the late Xiantian level, I’ll go all out against you.” This grim old man shouts angrily.

Zhou Xian is startled: “The peak Xiantian level? You’re talking about me?”

“Young man, don’t kill people at will with your martial power. Has your master never taught you that martial morality is the first thing you must learn in martial arts?”

After a while, several wind sounds are heard. A good few Xiantian experts have come rushing.

“Truly laughable.” Zhou Xian looks at those Xiantian experts with an indifferent smile. Right afterwards, he casts his eyes on Qin Yu. An amazed expression suddenly appears on his face: “The level of your physical body is unexpectedly higher than your energy’s. You’ve almost run out of energy, but your body can still resist!”

The strike Zhou Xian executed just now could definitely kill Dacheng-stage experts. The energy of the Solar Core drawn forth by Qin Yu was only able to resist it head-on for a while. Who could have thought his physical body would still be resisting it afterwards?

During Qin Yu’s previous training session in Lei Mountain House, nearly 90% of those mysterious green dots of light from the Meteoric Tear fused with his body so his body was transformed to a terrifying extent.

“All of you quickly run!”

Qin Yu turns his head around and says with effort to those people who are watching in the surroundings, his whole face very red.

Despite having seen so many people killed, many bold people are still watching in the surroundings. They do not believe that a young man like Zhou Xian dares to slaughter everyone on the street.

“Don’t worry, young man. Even if he’s a peak Xiantian expert, how can we be afraid of him? When we, the 3 Gods of Guishui, join forces, it won’t be difficult to beat him.” That grim old man says. There are 2 other old men beside him.

Qin Yu is about to go crazy.

Peak Xiantian expert?

Sword energy?

Is the ripple really sword energy?! Even the energy of the Solar Core he drew forth was easily defeated by it. If not for the fact that his current physical body is strong, he definitely would not still be able to resist it.

Even Dacheng-stage Xiuzhenists would probably be killed by this expert, let alone those at the peak Xiantian level!

“Have no fear, big brother. There are many of us. We’ll beat the baddy for sure.” The Tanghulu-eating little boy has not left yet. His mother is also staring fiercely at Zhou Xian on one side.

“Quickly run!”

Qin Yu feels that it will become impossible for his body to resist very soon. In fact, even though his current physical body is comparable to a Dacheng-stage expert’s, he should not have been able to resist for so long. The real cause of this is -- his resilience.

For some reason, Qin Yu’s body now recovers more than 100 times as fast as it did in the past. Even the Solar Core in his body regains its energy rapidly.

He has been persisting for so long only thanks to that resilience.

Eventually, the offensive force contained in the blue ripple is drained away. A bang is heard as the ripple turns into nothingness. Only the explosion when it finally disappears sends Qin Yu’s entire body flying.

“Pu!” He vomits a large mouthful of blood onto the ground. All of his bones and muscles are aching very badly as if they are about to fall apart.

“Your body is very strong, much stronger than that of a divine beast on your level.” Zhou Xian praises.

Qin Yu’s body is indeed very strong, not only in terms of toughness, but also in terms of resilience. The Meteoric Tear is not the only cause of this. The most important cause is the green dots of light from the Meteoric Tear that fused with his body after it could no longer absorb them to transform. Those green dots of light could only be stored in the depths of the bones’ and muscles’ cells.

When Qin Yu’s body is injured, these green dots of light will take effect, not only allowing his body to recover rapidly but also replenishing his energy fast.

It is hard to believe that those green dots of light can not only restore the body but also refill the Solar Core with energy. This is truly a strange thing.

“Big brother.” The Tanghulu-eating little boy quickly hugs Qin Yu and looks at him with his large eyes. He seems to be very worried and tears are even welling up in his eyes.

“I’m, all right. Xiao Yu, you and your mother quickly run! Be quick!”

Qin Yu is on edge inside. But at this moment, those Xiantian experts all stand in front of him, looking furiously at Zhou Xian.

“Young man, since you’re so cruel and merciless, us 3 Gods of Guishui can’t sit tight and look on anymore. 2nd brother, 3rd brother, let’s join forces to kill this brutal brat.” The grim old man says at once.

“Yes, big brother.” The other 2 old men agree with him right away.

“Seniors, we’ll also give you a hand.” The other 2 or 3 Xiantian experts say.

The grim old man says with a nod: “Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

When these experts are about to get into action, Zhou Xian seems to have become somewhat impatient.

“Really noisy.”

His face turns cold. A lightning bolt flashes through his eyes, which are staring at those several Xiantian experts. Like balloons, the Xiantian experts all explode with a bang.

Blood and flesh are sent flying into the air. Shattered bones cover the ground.

In the blink of an eye, several people are already dead.

“Zhou Xian, don’t attack ordinary people. They’re unworthy of being attacked by you. You shouldn’t lower yourself to kill them either.” Qin Yu seems to have recovered completely after a while.

“What terrifying resilience.” Zhou Xian exclaims.

But then he says with a shake of his head: “Oh dear, you’re really too insatiable. What allows you to care about who I want to kill? Can you care about it?”

“Maybe you think I’ve only got so little power because that move just now didn’t kill you?” Zhou Xian suddenly holds up his forefinger towards the sky.

He then beams at Qin Yu.

“Earnestly have a taste of my power … Apocalypse!”

When he has just finished talking, his forefinger, held up skywards, shines with a point of light which is so dazzling, surpassing even the Sun.

In an instant, the light spreads down all over the place, at the same moment --

Noiselessly, the entire area of space where Guishui City is located shatters into pieces like glass.

Walls, peddlers, trees, panic-stricken mortals, air, birds, sunshine … at this moment, everything in the area of space the size of Guishui City disintegrates completely.

Qin Yu stares at that Tanghulu-eating little boy.

The boy is in the young woman’s bosom, his pure large eyes still staring at Qin Yu. He opens his mouth a couple of times, seeming to shout again: “Big brother!”


One fragment after another, the space around is turned into various fragments. Even that little boy is in one of the fragments, all of which are immediately swept into a turbulent spatial rift.


Staring at the little boy, Qin Yu screams desperately in his heart!

At the moment, both he and Zhou Xian are within the turbulent spatial rift. Except for some turbulent currents of energy with dull colors, there is only a vast expanse of darkness in this spatial rift.

Zhou Xian is standing in midair within the dark space. The spatial turbulence does not harm him at all. And Qin Yu is in front of him.

“Don’t worry. I already promised biaomei that I definitely wouldn’t kill you. With my protection, you won’t die in the spatial turbulence. Otherwise, biaomei would blame it on me when she knows that you’re already dead, which would be troublesome to me.” Zhou Xian says with a smile.

Qin Yu’s expression is extremely ice-cold.

He is still replaying how that little boy was staring at him before dying in his mind.

“Zhou Xian, you’ve killed so many people, massacring the entire Guishui City. Heaven will settle this blood score with you!” Qin Yu’s heart is filled with hatred. As soon as he recalls how the Tanghulu-eating little boy was staring at him with his large eyes before dying, he has an urge to kill Zhou Xian.


Zhou Xian bursts out laughing, his eyes flashing with hints of mockery: “Qin Yu, Heaven has its own way. You’re just a mortal, how can you possibly know the Way of Heaven? Killing? Even if I wipe out everyone on this continent, Heaven won’t punish me one bit. Ha-ha … Qin Yu, you must remember one thing, I know Heaven better than you do!”

End of b10c28.

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