Book 10 Chapter 24

B10C24: Whatever the cost

The green dots of light fuse with Qin Yu’s muscles, whose cells then rupture and regenerate nonstop as if he has taken growth hormone. As the cells transform again and again, his body’s sturdiness rises at a terrifyingly fast speed.

Not only the muscles, even Qin Yu’s channels and bones also transform drastically.

Just like steelmaking, in which steel is obtained after hundreds of times of tempering, Qin Yu’s bones are undergoing one astonishing change after another too. Their sturdiness keeps increasing. This kind of increasing speed has reached a simply shocking level.

As a result of the green dots of light fusing with Qin Yu’s body, every place of his whole body is improving at frightening speeds.

Qin Yu’s mind has fused with nature completely. He is quietly experiencing the immensity, magnificence and naturalness of nature so he pays absolutely no attention to the transformation of the Meteoric Tear, nor does he notice that his body is undergoing astonishing transformations.

Inside Qin Yu’s dantian,

There is only a planet. This planet was formed by the black core absorbing the countless stars and is Qin Yu’s energy core. At the moment, various green dots are being generated on the surface of the planet. But after the green dots of light from the Meteoric Tear have fused with the planet, it starts to undergo drastic transformations.

Previously, the green dots were produced here and there. But now, the greenness spreads over the whole planet at an obviously fast speed. In just a while, a vigorous type of natural holy energy is generated and it is even purer than the natural holy energy outside.


The Meteoric Tear is still floating and slowly rotating right above Qin Yu’s head.

Various green dots of light keep falling down and fusing with every place of his body. Seeming to have some magic power, they are causing his entire body to undergo miraculous transformations. Perhaps not even 12th tribulation loose immortals and loose devils could explain this whole thing.

After a long time, Qin Yu’s body stops changing.

Now his body is 100 times sturdier than it was in the past. However … green dots of light are still falling down from the Meteoric Tear.

His body cannot absorb them to change anymore. Therefore, after falling down, the green dots of light fuse with the depths of his muscles’ cells and are hidden in every place of his body. Because his body can no longer absorb them, it can only store them this way.

Not only has Qin Yu’s body been transformed,

His soul is being transformed extremely fast too. Whether because Qin Yu has fused with nature or because the dots of light from the Meteoric Tear have been fusing with his body, his soul is becoming more concentrated and more materialized fast. The spiritual energy in his whole mind is also becoming even purer.

Qin Yu feels the planet in his dantian shake once. That feeling of being in combination with nature disappears and the Meteoric Tear fuses with the inner part of Qin Yu’s body again. Despite having sent out so many green dots of light, it does not seem to have undergone any changes itself.

“What’s going on?”

After doing a scan of his body’s inside with his holy sense, Qin Yu is astonished.

Now perhaps even Yan Mo’s black dragon body is far inferior to his in terms of sturdiness. He feels that his whole body possesses a tremendous power, which is so strong that it even causes his heart to tremble with shock.

“What’s happened to my body? Even though the Stellar Transformations trains the body, it can’t be so amazing. Perhaps now I can even fight a Dujie-stage expert using my body alone.” Qin Yu is shocked inside.

But is it really as he guesses? At the moment he is still not fully aware of the astonishing things about his body.

“I didn’t expect the planet in my dantian to be covered completely in greenness and have such pure natural holy energy.” Qin Yu is now even more shocked.

At the Planet stage, the transformations of the core usually correspond with the changes of the natural holy energy on the surface of the planet. As the practitioner’s power becomes more profound, the core will become increasingly hotter. Likewise, the natural holy energy on the surface of the planet will become increasingly thicker and the greenness increasingly wider. However, now the entire surface of Qin Yu’s planet is already covered with the greenness.

In theory, being covered completely in the greenness represents the late Planet stage.

But the core of his planet only has a dark red tinge. This means his true power is still merely at the early Planet stage. After all, at the late Planet stage, the core will look like a fireball.

“What actually happened? What’s the matter? How did the planet in my dantian instantly become full of natural holy energy on the surface as if it has reached the late Planet stage? Moreover, this density even exceeds the description of the late Planet stage in the Stellar Transformations. But the core is only at the normal early Planet stage.”

Qin Yu cannot figure out the cause of this.

Compared to the energy inside his body, at the moment the strength of his muscles and bones is even more terrifying.

Why is it this way? He just cannot understand.

“When did my soul become so materialized? This materialization level should be at the late Dujie stage.” Qin Yu is shocked again when he checks his own soul.

His mind fusing with nature can indeed elevate the materialization level of his soul. However, his soul was already at the late Kongming stage in the beginning thanks to the breakthrough he had made in the Hallucinatory Magic Land of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, therefore, even though he became one with nature, it should have only reached the early Dujie stage.

But judging from the current materialization level of his soul, it is already at the late Dujie stage.

“All of this happened because my mind fused with nature, and …” Qin Yu looks at his chest. The only other cause of this mystery he can think of is the Meteoric Tear. Even now he is still puzzled by its secrets.

Right afterwards, he does not think about what happened anymore and continues absorbing the yuanying’s energy to practice.


After nearly a half month,

The natural holy energy on the surface of the planet in Qin Yu’s dantian is extremely pure at the moment. The core deep inside is radiating heat like a fireball. The Stellar Flame in the deepest part of the core is even almost normally purple.

After absorbing that 2nd tribulation loose immortal yuanying, Qin Yu has finally reached the late Planet stage.

He stands up, his face full of an excited smiling expression.

“In the past, master was able to kill a Dacheng-stage expert and so many Dujie-stage experts with ease at the middle Dujie stage. Eventually he even took on the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation. Now if I use the energy of the Solar Core, I can defeat Dujie-stage experts easily. And if I rely on the 2 fields of the Lord of Black Flame's Ring, it won’t be impossible for me to beat Dacheng-stage experts either.”

At the moment, the core of the planet in his dantian looks like a fireball. In the Stellar Transformations, when the planet’s core reaches the state where it is like a fireball, it is called the Solar Core. And the Dujie stage of the Stellar Transformations puts emphasis on cultivating the Solar Core.

In the past, it was thanks to the power of the Solar Core that Lei Wei was able to kill so many experts when he was at the middle Dujie stage.

Compared to Lei Wei at that time, Qin Yu even has the Lord of Black Flame's Ring and middle-grade immortal weapons, so if he goes all out, it indeed will not be difficult for him to handle Dacheng-stage experts. But, at the moment he does not know fully that, in addition to the Solar Core, the Lord of Black Flame's Ring, the middle-grade immortal weapons and the Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman, he also has a body with terrifying offensive power!

Without going through a real fight, it is very difficult for him to realize the true formidability of this body after it was transformed by the Meteoric Tear.


The Teng Long continent, Heavenly Palace on Mount Qingxu,

On the 9th floor of this Heavenly Palace, Shan Qu, the 3 other experts of the Shan generation and Gan Xu have never dared to leave this floor. They have been waiting for an order to come from someone in the immortal world, but waiting for days like this is exceptionally distressing.

Suddenly, various beams of light are sent out from the densely packed and numerous seals of the formation in the center. The 4 Shan-generation experts’ and Gan Xu’s eyes immediately brighten. Shan Qu and Gan Xu step into the formation without delay. They have been waiting for this moment for a very long time.

“The Qingxu Temple’s disciples listen. Be respectful immediately. The lord who is going to question you is Sovereign Yu’s close assistant. He is much more powerful than ordinary immortal emperors. If any of you dares to offend him, he won’t even need to get into action as I myself will make your Qingxu Temple suffer a fate worse than death.”

The voice that conversed with them before is heard.

As soon as Shan Qu hears this, a wave of terror and nervousness sweeps through his heart. He says hurriedly: “Please don’t worry. We absolutely won’t dare to anger this lord and will tell him everything with clarity and honesty.”

Good Heavens! The questioner is unexpectedly going to be an immortal-emperor-class expert.

Moreover, he is much more formidable than ordinary immortal emperors and is Sovereign Yu’s close assistant. How powerful is he? What level of mystic immortal is he on?

“Good, you two wait quietly. The lord will arrive at once.” That voice disappears after saying so.

Shan Qu and Gan Xu wait quietly. Both of them do not even dare to breathe heavily in this formation. After all, the formation is still being connected to the immortal world so if they breathe heavily, anyone at the other end can hear them, and if their heavy breathing offends that immortal-emperor-class expert, this will be terrible for them.

Even though they only have to wait for a while, this period of time seems like a year to them.

“The Qingxu Temple’s disciple Gan Xu, I heard you know information about that Ni Yang, is this true?” A lazy voice rises.

He has finally come.

Gan Xu takes a deep breath then says respectfully without delay: “I am Gan Xu. I really know some information about Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.”

“Oh, tell me carefully.” That voice still sounds lazy as if its owner is totally unconcerned but Old Taoist Gan Xu feels oppressed when listening to it. This is because the owner of the voice is someone of high status so his every word or action naturally gives off an air of lordliness.

Old Taoist Gan Xu says carefully: “Sir, some time ago, I went into the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion with some other Xiuzhenists. In the mansion, I obtained information about Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, who claimed to be a level-8 mystic immortal. We also figured out from the immortal items we had obtained in there that he is a sword immortal because the writing brushes he left behind contain an extremely swift and fierce type of sword energy.”

“Oh …” The lazy voice continues saying: “Tell me carefully about you lot’s experiences in the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion and those treasure you obtained.”

“Yes Sir.”

“At that time, I and quite a few others entered the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. As soon as we came in, we were trapped in the Hallucinatory Magic Land.”

“Oh, the Hallucinatory Magic Land?” That lazy voice exclaims in amazement. “Afterwards, you went into a palace called the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, didn’t you?”

Gan Xu says with delight: “Yes, the immortal mansion we went into later was exactly the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. In the beginning we even fought each other for that mansion-guarding stele. Only in the end did we know that the core of that Qingyu Immortal Mansion was a clump of elemental holy essence.”

There is a hint of happiness in that lazy voice: “That’s right. After forging the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, Ni Yang even showed it off to us. Its core is indeed the elemental holy essence.” Now this immortal-emperor-class expert already believes Gan Xu.

“All right, you don’t have to talk about the dangers you went through anymore. Just tell me about the treasures you lot obtained.” The lazy voice is somewhat solemn at the moment.

Feeling the atmosphere become tense, Gan Xu answers right away: “It should have been intended that the Qingyu Immortal Mansion would be granted to us. Unfortunately, we could not find the elemental holy essence. After reaching the Treasure-Storing Tower inside the inner palace, we obtained holy beast collars on the 1st floor. Then we obtained middle-grade immortal writing brushes and ink-wash paintings on the 2nd floor. However, there were only 3 of those paintings and I have none of them.”

“Oh? Let me ask you. Is there any information about the Ni Yang Realm left behind in the writing brushes and holy beast collars?” That voice is no longer lazy, having become totally solemn.

Gan Xu takes a deep breath. He is extremely nervous under the pressure those words carry.

“No, there isn’t. The holy beast collars and writing brushes are just ordinary immortal items. Except for the sword energy left in the writing brushes, there is nothing special about them.” When talking to this point, Old Taoist Gan Xu suddenly remembers how ecstatic Dame Yan Ji, Qin Yu and Yan Mo looked after they had obtained the ink-wash paintings.

“Ah, Sir, there is one thing I want to tell you. It may be related to the Ni Yang Realm you mentioned.” Gan Xu says respectfully.

“Oh, quickly say it.” That immortal emperor expert says hurriedly. Now he waits for Gan Xu to talk with his full attention.

“Sir, when we were on the 2nd floor of the Treasure-Storing Tower, 3 of us obtained the ink-wash paintings. After getting the paintings, they were all so ecstatic that their bodies trembled all over and their faces were red like blood. I found this very strange at the time because they had seen the Qingyu Immortal Mansion and other treasures before and they had never been so ecstatic. I think these paintings should have something to do with the Ni Yang Realm you mentioned.” Old Taoist Gan Xu says nervously.

That voice falls silent.

In a while --

“Who are those 3?” The immortal emperor expert asks.

Old Taoist Gan Xu says hurriedly: “Of those 3 individuals, 1 is a member of the dragon clan, 1 is an expert of the Yinyue Palace, a large Xiumo school, and 1 is an ordinary expert, only he is backed by a loose immortal, an extremely formidable loose immortal!”

“The dragon clan, the devil world … perhaps they already reported to the demon world and the devil world as soon as they came back. This is a bit troublesome. The 3rd one is only backed by a loose immortal?” That immortal emperor expert’s tone has a tinge of disdain: “Here’s my order for you, the Qingxu Temple. You must snatch the 3rd one’s ink-wash painting, whatever the cost. We’ll compensate for all of your losses 100 times as much and even bestow more treasures upon you.”

Their losses will be compensated for 100 times as much? Even more treasures will be bestowed upon them?

Delighted inside, Shan Qu says immediately: “Please be at ease, Sir. My 3 brothers and sister and I will go into action and definitely snatch that ink-wash painting, whatever the cost. Even if he is a 12th tribulation loose immortal, our Qingxu Temple will try every means to snatch it.”

For the sake of its own future, the Qingxu Temple, which has been passed down from generation to generation for a million years, has decided to go all out.

End of b10c24.

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