Book 10 Chapter 23

B10C23: Meteoric Tear’s transformation

Heavenly Palace is at the peak of Mount Qingxu and is shrouded in cloud and mist all year long. There is a legendary formation of the immortal world set up around the palace so even if 12th tribulation loose immortals want to forcibly break in, then they are living in a dream world. Among the Qingxu Temple’s disciples, only those who are at least as strong as a 4th tribulation loose immortal can reside in Heavenly Palace.

Outside Heavenly Palace, Huan Xian is walking in the formation like taking a stroll in a courtyard, leading Old Taoist Gan Xu along the safe route of this formation in a relaxed manner. He does not have a high status in Heavenly Palace and is often sent down to relay messages to other members of the Qingxu Temple so naturally he is very familiar with this formation.

“Uncle master Huan Xian, do you know why your grand uncle master looks for me this time?” Old Taoist Gan Xu, very nervous inside at the moment, asks Huan Xian quietly.

Huan Xian’s face is totally ruddy: “Ha-ha, Gan Xu, I shouldn’t let you know about this matter but you’re going to know in a while anyway, so I’ll just tell you carefully.” He has been very excited all along since knowing that the master of the immortal mansion is Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.

Having reached his current level, he can only be excited by few things.

Old Taoist Gan Xu’s eyes brighten.

“Gan Xu, what you’ve done this time is truly great service. You must know that … a long, long time ago, not only our Qingxu Temple, even the Lanyang School, the Ziyang School and some other ancient schools all received an order from the immortal world.” Huan Xian’s eyes glitter.

The immortal world, perhaps it is the place that every Xiuxianist dreams about entering the most.

An order from the immortal world?

Old Taoist Gan Xu holds his breath.

“The immortal world’s order was that whoever obtains information about Immortal Emperor Ni Yang must inform the immortal world of it immediately. The doer of this deed will be rewarded by the immortal world. At the same time, the members of their school in the immortal world will also be rewarded.” Huan Xian is so excited that his face reddens.

There are an exceptionally large number of mortal worlds under the immortal world. Not only is this universe where Qin Yu lives is a mortal world, even the universe where Qin Yu’s master Lei Wei came from is also one.

Even though this Qingxu Temple is outstanding on the Teng Long continent, it is a very weak and small force in the immortal world. If they are rewarded by the immortal emperor who gave that order, the entire Qingxu Temple will have a bright future and those senior schoolfellows of theirs in the immortal world will also enjoy improved status.

“Gan Xu, if this time you get the reward, you’ll become the greatest hero in the past 1 million years of our Qingxu Temple!” Huan Xian says while staring at Old Taoist Gan Xu.

At this moment, the latter only feels that his throat is very dry.

He will be the greatest hero of the Qingxu Temple in the past 1 million years?

And he will even benefit those senior schoolmates in the immortal world?

This kind of honor makes Old Taoist Gan Xu feel dizzy.

Xiuzhenists are very loyal to their schools. To them, schools are just like what families are to mortals. Being able to benefit senior schoolmates and to improve the status of the whole Qingxu Temple in the immortal world, who else has had this honor in the past 1 million years?

“All right, don’t be dumbfounded. We’ve already reached Heavenly Palace. Quickly follow me to come in.” Huan Xian says smilingly.

At the moment, he and Old Taoist Gan Xu are standing in front of a 9-storied palace. Mount Qingxu is exceedingly high. Not only is the place where this Heavenly Palace was constructed shrouded in cloud and mist, the palace even sparkles all over.

His heart trembling with excitement and fear, Old Taoist Gan Xu cautiously sets foot in Heavenly Palace.

Every person in this palace is his senior so how can he possibly dare to be incautious?

“Master, Gan Xu has come.” Huan Xian stops when he has walked up to the 3rd floor of Heavenly Palace. A white-robed middle-aged man is standing on the staircase. This man is none other than Huan Xian’s master Du Nan, a 6th tribulation loose immortal.

The status of everyone in Heavenly Palace is clearly defined. Given Huan Xian’s power and status, he can only go up to the 3rd floor at most.

As a mere 3rd tribulation loose immortal, if Gan Xu had come here in the past, he would have had to salute the seniors on every floor. But today is different because he has entered the 3rd floor directly without having to meet any seniors.

“You’re Gan Xu? Good, good, come, follow me.” The white-robed middle-aged man also gets very excited upon seeing Old Taoist Gan Xu. He immediately takes him to continue up the staircase.

This time they reach the 7th floor of Heavenly Palace.

“Uncle masters, Gan Xu has come.” Du Nan bows while standing outside the entrance of the 7th floor and says.

That door opens. A woman with her hair tied up walks out. Seeing Gan Xu, she immediately smiles broadly: “Du Nan, seeing this Gan Xu here, I know that your report is indeed true. Quickly follow me, Gan Xu.”

That woman pulls Gan Xu’s hand, enthusiastically leading him into the 7th floor.

At least in the past 1 million years, there has been nobody else who could go up to the 7th floor of Heavenly Tower as a 3rd tribulation loose immortal. After all, even a 6th tribulation loose immortal like Du Nan still cannot go up to this floor.

Old Taoist Gan Xu is being very well-behaved at the moment, just like a child led by the hand by an adult.

“Junior sister, has Gan Xu arrived?”

3 men walk out, all loose immortals. When they look at Gan Xu, their eyes glitter so brightly.

Gan Xu is very nervous in his heart, as if he is a young girl about to be raped. He knows very well that the people at this place must at least belong to the Shan generation because Du Nan calls them uncle masters and Du Nan is the master of Huan Xian, who belongs to the generation preceding him.

Seniors of the Shan generation, no less! Gan Xu has never seen them for so many years.

“I am Gan Xu of the Gan generation. I am honored to meet you, grand uncle masters.” Gan Xu kneels down and kowtows without delay.

These 3 men and 1 woman nonchalantly accept Gan Xu’s kowtow. Right afterwards, the leader among them, a man, says smilingly: “Gan Xu, tell us carefully. Do you really know information about Immortal Emperor Ni Yang?”

Old Taoist Gan Xu says respectfully: “The Nine Swords Immortal Mansion I went into belongs to none other than Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. He even said that he is a level-8 mystic immortal. Moreover, judging from the middle-grade immortal weapon I obtained in there, he is also a sword immortal.”

“Level-8 mystic immortal! Sword immortal!” The 3 men and the woman immediately hold their breaths.

Even though they know Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s name, they never knew that he is so terrifying.

Their status is high enough for them to know that immortality is divided into 3 stages consisting of standard immortal, golden immortal and mystic immortal. These 3 stages represent different levels of status. Standard immortals can be seen everywhere and are worthless.

Golden immortals belong to the upper echelons. Some powers consider them talents worth attracting.

As for mystic immortals, all of them are qualified to call themselves immortal emperors. There are 9 levels of mystic immortals in total. Level-8 mystic immortals are all top figures in the immortal world, but Ni Yang is not only a level-8 mystic immortal, he is also a sword immortal, whose offense is extremely powerful and whose kind ceased to exist on the Teng Long continent long ago.

“Senior brother, don’t waste time. Quickly let Gan Xu send this information to the immortal world. If another school does this before we do, it will be too late for us to be regretful.” That woman says hurriedly after waking up from her awe of Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s power.

The leading man wakes up and says hurriedly: “Right, quickly follow me to level 9, Gan Xu. If another school sends the information to the immortal world at this time, it’ll really be too late for us to regret this.”

The immortal world wants information about Immortal Emperor Ni Yang so naturally the 1st individual to provide the information will be rewarded. But anybody else will not benefit at all from providing the information.

Not daring to disobey, Gan Xu follow this Shan-generation senior upstairs. The other 3 Shan-generation experts also follow him behind Gan Xu.

“Grand uncle masters, except for me, all the Xiuxianists who went to the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion this time are already dead.” Old Taoist Gan Xu says gently, seeming to be afraid of frightening the others.


Shan Qu looks at Gan Xu in shock. But he wakes up in the blink of an eye and smiles broadly: “Ha-ha, so the other Xiuxianists are already dead. Very good, then they absolutely can’t snatch our chance to be the first to give the immortal world information about Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.”

Immediately, Shan Qu regains the composure of a loose immortal expert and takes Gan Xu up to the 9th floor of Heavenly Palace step by step. The other 3 Shan-generation experts also let out a breath of relief.

Only very few of the many loose immortals in this Heavenly Palace have ever gone up to the 9th floor. This is the first time 3rd tribulation loose immortal Gan Xu has entered the palace but he has gone straight up to the 9th floor. This occurrence alone is enough for him to be proud of himself and for his name to become famous in the history of the Qingxu Temple.

Even though the other 8 floors of Heavenly Palace have various rooms, this 9th floor is nearly empty. Only there is a huge formation in the center of the floor. Those symbols and seal-style characters in the formation look very complex. The formation’s energy and aura are even enormous.

“Gan Xu, follow me into this formation.” After saying so, Shan Qu steps into the formation.

Blindly following him, Gan Xu also steps into this formation.

Shan Qu’s entire body then emits a terrifying aura. Various streams of energy are channeled into the formation, which immediately begins to flash on and off. Only after quite a while, when even cold sweat has appeared on Shan Qu’s forehead, does the formation shine constantly.

“The Qingxu Temple’s men? Oh, why do you look for me?”

An indifferent voice resounds through the whole 9th floor.

Shan Qu says respectfully at once: “I am Shan Qu of the Qingxu Temple. A disciple of my temple has obtained information about Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. We also know that the immortal world wants information about Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, therefore I …”

“You say Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, do you really mean it?” The voice, which was indifferent a moment ago, now becomes urgent. “Junior of the Qingxu Temple, this matter is very serious so you can’t lie. If you do, at the very least your Qingxu Temple will be destroyed completely.”

Shan Qu panics and immediately looks at Old Taoist Gan Xu.

The latter says hurriedly: “I am Gan Xu. I had the luck to set foot in Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. In the mansion, I obtained information about Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.”

“Say, what do you know about Immortal Emperor Ni Yang?” That voice asks.

“Immortal Emperor Ni Yang is a level-8 mystic immortal and a sword immortal.” Gan Xu says hastily.

That voice is clearly full of excitement: “Ha-ha … that’s right. Immortal Emperor Ni Yang is a sword immortal and a level-8 mystic immortal as well. This is also the information Sovereign Yu gave me. Ordinary immortal emperors don’t know this. You’re a brat in the mortal world but you know this information so looks like you’re not lying, ha-ha …” Obviously this individual of the immortal world is very excited.

“Very well, but this matter is really too serious so I have to report to Sovereign Yu. This matter must be decided by Sovereign Yu. Both of you just stay there. If Sovereign Yu gives an order, I’ll contact and pass it to you directly.”

That voice vanishes after saying so and the formation dims too.

But in the 9th floor, the faces of Shan Qu and his 3 brothers and sister are filled with joy. Judging from the reaction of that figure in the immortal world, clearly this Immortal Emperor Ni Yang is exactly the one the immortal world has been looking for.

“Who is Sovereign Yu?” Shan Qu also feels extremely excited inside.

“Being called sovereign, this immortal must be an outstanding figure in the immortal world.” Shan Qu is very sure about this in his mind.


The Qian Long continent, the Qin dynasty’s capital, Prince Yu’s Mansion, inside Lei Mountain House,

After practicing for more than a half month, Qin Yu finally reaches the peak of the late Core stage. Now he is already well prepared to break through the late Core stage to reach the early Planet stage.

In Qin Yu’s dantian,

That formerly golden ball of the Core stage has now turned black. Its heat is not even intense. But Qin Yu knows very well that the energy of the core at the peak the Core stage is almost 10 times more powerful than that of the golden core in the beginning. Only its energy is now gathered inside the ball.

“Use the core as the center and absorb the countless stars to form the planet at once. The most important thing to practicing the Planet stage is natural holy energy, that is to say, the holy energy in everything in nature. I’ll have to make the planet full of natural holy energy and life force like a planet inhabited by mortals.”

At this moment, Qin Yu’s originally calm dantian changes all of a sudden.

Like in a shaking universe, the countless stars, which have been moving according to the shape of a nebula, instantly gather towards the black core in the center like crazy. The Stellar Flame also rushes into the black core. Everything starts to shudder violently.

When things have calmed down,

In the universe of Qin Yu’s dantian, there is only a planet. That core is located deep inside this planet. The Stellar Flame is at the most central part of the planet. Now the Stellar Flame has already made a breakthrough to become light purple from deep blue.

With a calm expression, Qin Yu makes all necessary hand signs then slowly spreads his hands in the end.

At this moment, his whole mind leaves his body completely and seems to totally fuse with nature. This feeling of being one with nature makes his entire soul quiver. Even his eyes become moist uncontrollably.

The whole planet in his dantian shakes once. Various green dots are then generated on the planet’s surface. Various spots of natural holy energy come into being on the planet in his dantian.

However, right at this moment --

The Meteoric Tear, which Qin Yu has never been able to actively control since it fused with his body long ago, unexpectedly flies out from inside his body. Now it is so dazzling, radiating a green light. The Meteoric Tear flies straight to the area right above the top of his head and floats there.

It begins to rotate slowly right above his head. As it rotates, it sends out various green dots of light, which fall on Qin Yu’s body like snowflakes. Those green dots of light then fuse with his muscles, channels, bones and that planet inside his dantian …

End of b10c23.

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