Book 10 Chapter 22

B10C22: The Qingxu Temple, Heavenly Palace

The troops are being stationed on a plain. Naturally, the shelters at this place are merely tents. Qin De, Fengyuzi and Xu Yuan have been travelling the dynasty leisurely. This time they came to this front line on a whim.

“Xu Yuan, my armies have been garrisoning this place for a half month now without being able to defeat this Tiexu City at all. Tell me. Is there any way to defeat it?” Qin De asks casually while pointing at a city in the distance.

He asked this question ad lib. After all, the matter of attacking the city does not have much to do with him.

Xu Yuan ponders for a short time while stroking his beard then says smilingly: “Supreme Emperor, to conquer Tiexu City … Judging from the fact that General Wang Song hasn’t been able to defeat it in such a long time, I think the only solution aside from launching powerful attacks is to lure the enemies out. And how to lure them out must be based on the enemy general’s character.”

“However, there may still be other solutions. This depends on intelligence. I don’t know the intelligence about this Tiexu City so it’s impossible for me to make any reasonable judgements.”

Fengyuzi suddenly says: “Brother Qin, it seems that senior Uncle Lan said Xiao Yu would return in a few days, right?”

“Yes, he should return in a few days.” Qin De says with a nod then immediately sighs. “Immortal mansion, that’s the mansion of an immortal, how can it be so unsafe? Now I’m really a bit worried about Yu’er.”

But he knows that it is nearly impossible not to encounter any dangers on the path of Xiuzhen.

“Xiao Yu will definitely return safely. Please don’t worry, Supreme Emperor.” Xu Yuan persuades.

Qin De nods his head.

Right afterwards, the 3 of them take out a chessboard from their storage bracelet and begin to play.

“Father, Uncle Feng, Uncle Xu.”

Qin Yu’s voice rises. Qin De, Fengyuzi and Xu Yuan all turn their heads, looking in its direction. They see Qin Yu and Li’er coming side by side excitedly. General Wang Song, however, slightly bows then leaves with a smile.

Qin De says with delight: “Yu’er!”

He has been very worried since Qin Yu and Li’er went to explore the immortal mansion. Now, seeing Qin Yu return safely, he is very excited inside: “This is very good. You’ve finally come back safely. But … what Miss Li’er’s uncle said is truly accurate.”

Qin De praises highly.

“What did Uncle Lan say?” Qin Yu asks doubtfully.

“Xiao Yu, that Uncle Lan of yours told us your approximate time of return, saying that you’d come back in roughly a few days. Just now we were even talking about you. Who could have thought you’d really appear?” Fengyuzi says smilingly.

Qin De suddenly frowns, saying: “Yu’er, you have 2 sworn brothers, don’t you? One is Hou Fei and the other is Hei Yu.”

“Yes, father.” Qin Yu says doubtfully all of a sudden: “Father, could something have happened to Fei Fei and Xiao Hei?”

“No, nothing happened.” Qin De answers hurriedly then says smilingly at once: “Not long after you’d left the Qian Long continent, that Uncle Lan of yours took your 2 sworn brothers away, saying that they had to go to a mysterious place to undergo special training.”

Qin Yu is startled.

A mysterious place? Special training?

“Uncle Lan took Fei Fei and Xiao Hei away?” Qin Yu asks very carefully.

“Yes, that Uncle Lan of yours told me to tell you that you don’t have to worry about and look for Hou Fei and Hei Yu after returning because they won’t be able to come back in quite some time. Perhaps this training period will last for 2 to 3 years.” Qin De says smilingly.

“A mysterious place? Special training?” Qin Yu looks frowningly at Li’er on one side.

Her face is also full of doubt.

“Big brother Qin Yu, I don’t know where that mysterious place is either.” She really cannot figure out where Uncle Lan took Hou Fei and Hei Yu to.

Qin Yu ponders for a while then smiles: “Forget it. When Uncle Lan already said so, there’s no need for me to worry. Fei Fei and Xiao Hei aren’t weaker than me at the moment. I wonder what level they will have reached by the time they come back from the special training in that mysterious place.”

“Father, I intend to return to Lei Mountain House in my mansion to do closed-door training. Perhaps it will take me about a month this time.” Qin Yu says seriously.

Because of this journey into the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, Qin Yu has already realized very well how weak he is.

Perhaps those 3rd tribulation and 4th tribulation loose immortals and loose devils are merely the tip of the iceberg that is the Teng Long continent. After all, this time the experts of that place definitely did not pay too much attention to this so-called immortal mansion. Who could have known before coming in that this immortal mansion was so extraordinary?

“It’s a crime to have treasures. Though the others only know that I’ve got 1 middle-grade immortal item and not 4, this middle-grade immortal item alone can probably lead some 6th tribulation and 7th tribulation experts into looking for me to cause me trouble.”

Qin Yu has returned safely, but he is not relaxed in his heart at all.

“However, even if they want to find me to cause me trouble, let’s see if they’ve got that skill.” He is totally confident.

Now he has the Lord of Black Flame's Ring with its Heavenly Flame Field and Gravitational Field, middle-grade immortal weapons and an Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman given to him by Li’er at that time, so as long as he is careful, he can even give a standard immortal a fight.

Of course, it will be even better if he absorbs that yuanying of a 2nd tribulation loose immortal completely.

“All right, do your closed-door training without worries, Yu’er. I definitely won’t let anyone disturb you.” Qin De says at once. He also knows what kind of world Qin Yu lives in and what kinds of experts he is acquainted with. The thing Qin Yu needs to do the most is none other than improve his power.


The Qin dynasty’s capital, outside Lei Mountain House in Prince Yu’s Mansion,

“Undergo closed-door training without worries, big brother Qin Yu.” Li’er says with a smile.

But Qin Yu is not at ease inside. He advises: “Li’er, if any formidable experts come here to snatch that middle-grade immortal weapon or that ink-wash painting, you must not get into action to resist them. Just give them this writing brush and ink-wash painting immediately.”

As he is saying so, an ink-wash painting and a writing brush appear in his hand.

“Big brother Qin Yu, this …” Li’er opens her eyes wide.

“Ha-ha, Li’er, don’t you remember the Lord of Black Flame's Ring has that map inside? This Heaven-Sundering Diagram now isn’t very useful to me at all. Frankly, to me it’s not worth shedding blood fighting those experts for it. As for this writing brush, even though it can transform into an immortal sword and is pretty powerful … you already gave me 3 other brushes, so the loss of this brush won’t mean anything. What are important are my relatives … and you.” Qin Yu stares into her eyes. “I don’t want any of you to be in danger.”

A wave of emotion sweeps through Li’er’s heart.

She is so moved that she wants to reveal the secret in her heart. But she stops when the words are about to come out because she knows that it is better not to tell him this secret.

“Thank you, big brother Qin Yu.”

Qin Yu reaches out his arms and holds Li’er to his bosom.


After parting from Li’er, Qin Yu immediately enters Lei Mountain House’s Practice Room and sits down with legs crossed quietly.

“The yuanying of a 2nd tribulation loose immortal is almost comparable to that of a middle or late Dujie-stage expert. Perhaps it’s enough for me to reach the late Planet stage.” Without delay, he takes out from the Lord of Black Flame's Ring that 2nd tribulation loose immortal yuanying.

Now most of his treasures are kept in the Lord of Black Flame's Ring.

When Dame Yan Ji and some other participants fought each other in the main hall of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion at that time, they did not discover even in the end why this yuanying had vanished.

Currently, the Stellar Transformations technique is divided into 6 stages consisting of Nebula, Meteor, Core, Planet, Dujie and Star. Each stage is a transformation and improves the user’s power rapidly. It has just been a short time now since Qin Yu stepped into the Core stage.

He closes his eyes.

An indistinct glow appears around Qin Yu then whirls about like a cloud. He, who is radiating a golden light, is right in the center of this rotating cloud. That 2nd tribulation loose immortal yuanying is turned into various streams of liquid, which also begin to whirl about Qin Yu’s body.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how powerful I’ll be after entering the Planet stage.” He cannot help giving a faint smile on the corners of his mouth.


On the Teng Long continent, there are countless Xiuzhenists, even over 100 million in number.

However, the first-ranked Xiuxian school of the continent is the Qingxu Temple, which has only several tens of thousands of disciples. The Qingxu Temple deserves to be the no. 1 Xiuxian school because it has really very many experts.

There are various palaces constructed on Mount Qingxu.

At the gate of the Qingxu Temple’s outer palace, several disciples are sweeping the ground carefully. These disciples have just been admitted into the Qingxu Temple and belong to the generation with the lowest power, who has not even reached the Jindan stage.

“Hey, senior brother, when will master teach us a Xiuzhen technique?” A 7 or 8-year-old thin boy with delicate features asks a boy about the same size as him on one side.

“Don’t worry, junior brother. It was already a great piece of luck that we were able to join the Qingxu Temple. How many days has it been since our admission? To my knowledge, no techniques are taught during the month following the admission. Only after that will we start to be taught simple base-building techniques. You can forget about practicing those high-level techniques within the first 3 years.” This ‘senior brother’ appears to know very well about everything.

The thin boy’s shiny black large eyes are filled with disappointment: “Does it have to be 3 years?”

“What do you know? Who among the Qingxu Temple’s disciples isn’t an expert? Even though it has only several tens of thousands of disciples, outnumbered by the Lanyang School and the Ziyang School with their hundreds of thousands, it’s the no. 1 school of the Teng Long continent. Why is this? It’s not only because of the techniques but also because of this system making us build our bases for 3 years to train our dispositions, which are very important to our practice.” The senior brother says with fervor and assurance.

“You’re so formidable, senior brother.” The thin boy’s eyes brighten.

“Of course, but my older cousin is even more formidable. He joined the Qingxu Temple 5 years ago. Now he has reached the Jindan stage and is trained as an elite disciple.” This senior brother raises his head and says.

“Don’t talk. There’s someone coming.” He says immediately.

At the moment, a travel-worn and weary Old Taoist Gan Xu is rushing back, standing on his immortal sword. He has already messaged the elder-class experts of the school about his journey using his transmitter.

“Fellow Taoist, this place is my Qingxu Temple. Outsiders are not allowed to enter.” The senior brother takes a step forwards and says in a daring and energetic manner. He is so proud that he has finally been able to mention the name of the Qingxu Temple.

Old Taoist Gan Xu’s expression stiffens.

He is at the gate of his own school but a junior is obstructing him.

However, at this moment, a series of footsteps is heard as several tens of Xiuxianists walk out quickly. All of them are dressed in Taoist robes, have flowing long beards and look outstanding like real immortals. These several tens of experts are none other than the experts of the Qingxu Temple’s ‘Gan’ and ‘Fan’ generations.


Seeing the leading person, those 2 little boys immediately stand aside in shock.

“Uncle master, this time you went through danger for the sake of our Qingxu Temple and have returned with treasures …” The leading person is Fan Ming of the Fan generation and is also the current abbot of the Qingxu Temple. He is definitely not a very formidable expert, having just passed the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation.

“That’s abbot’s uncle master!”

The 2 boys are dumbfounded.

“Don’t say that, Fan Ming. This time my 2 junior brothers, Gan Ming and Gan Shan, and that Yan Xu as well were all destroyed. It was thanks to my luck that I was able to come back, otherwise you would never see me again.” Now Old Taoist Gan Xu is still frightened recalling the journey into the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion so Fan Ming’s compliment leaves a nasty taste in his mouth.

Those several tens of people’s faces all change color.

“Senior brother Gan Xu, both junior brothers Gan Ming and Gan Shan are dead?” A loose immortal with white, flowing hair says in a slight hurry.

“Yes. Everybody, we’d better go back first. Here’s not a suitable place to tell the story.” Old Taoist Gan Xu says at once. These several tens of people then go straight to the main hall of the Qingxu Temple. 2 loose immortals of the temple have died in quick succession. This is a very serious matter.

In the main hall,

Old Taoist Gan Xu tells the whole story. Those disciples of the same generation as him or of the 1st generation junior to him are all shocked by it, whether when it is about Dame Yan Ji’s appearance, the 3 experts from the dragon clan, or the Road of Death.

“Uncle master, I never expected this immortal mansion to belong to an immortal emperor. This is really too shocking. Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, if we had known early on that this immortal mansion was left behind by him, I would have requested the seniors of Heavenly Palace to get into action.” Abbot Fan Ming says with a sigh.

Listening to the story, all of them are shocked by the fact that the Qingyu Immortal Mansion is made of a frightening amount of elemental holy ore and feel their hearts pounding because of Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s mercurial temperament.

Being given half-truths by an immortal emperor after entering his mansion is absolutely deadly. For example, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said that the Peach Blossom Land was very safe so Reverend Shui Rou and some others chose it, but it was actually a land of death so they died as soon as they came in and did not have any chance of surviving.


Wind blows. Every expert in the main hall looks towards the entrance of the main hall and sees a thin old man with white, flowing long hair standing at the entrance.

“Uncle master Huan Xian.”

Old Taoist Gan Xu and the experts of the Gan generation says in astonishment. They know that this uncle master Huan Xian is an expert in Heavenly Palace, the most important place of the Qingxu Temple. Unless something serious happens, the people of Heavenly Palace will never come out.

Not even the abbot can come into Heavenly Palace. According to legend, this palace can even communicate with the immortal world!

“Gan Xu, just now did you say Immortal Emperor Ni Yang?” Loose immortal Huan Xian asks for a confirmation with a face full of eagerness.

“Yes, the master of that immortal mansion is none other than Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. What is the matter?” Old Taoist Gan Xu asks doubtfully.

Huan Xian says in excitement: “Very good, this is truly very good. Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, it’s indeed Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. This is great!” Extremely excited, he continues at once: “Gan Xu, follow me to Heavenly Palace right now. My grand uncle master wants to see you.”

Old Taoist Gan Xu feels his heart skip a beat. Huan Xian’s grand uncle master wants to see him?

End of b10c22.

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