Book 10 Chapter 21

B10C21: The Lord of Black Flame’s Ring

“What’s the matter, big brother Qin Yu?” Seeing Qin Yu like that, Li’er cannot help asking with anxiety and concern.

Qin Yu raises his hand to stop her because at the moment Immortal Emperor Ni Yang is talking about this so-called unique, most valuable treasure of the Treasure-Storing Tower in his mind.

“Junior, you’re really lucky. When I left the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion at the bottom of the Chaotic Astral Ocean in the past, I thought about whether I should leave this Lord of Black Flame’s Ring behind. After all, the traps I set here still aren’t difficult enough to qualify you for obtaining the Lord of Black Flame’s Ring.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang says slowly.

Qin Yu forces a frustrated smile in his heart. The Hallucinatory Magic Land and the Road of Death are not dangerous enough? Faced with the Road of Death in particular, even someone powerful will die if they make a wrong choice. They are so dangerous, yet Immortal Emperor Ni Yang thinks that this danger level is not enough to justify the acquisition of this Lord of Black Flame’s Ring.

However, Qin Yu finally knows that this ring is called the Lord of Black Flame's Ring.

“But later I thought that luck was very important so I put the Lord of Black Flame's Ring on a finger behind the back of that sculpture of myself. Generally, when people have arrived at the Treasure-Storing Tower, they would want to rush inside right away to snatch immortal treasures, yet you were able to notice this ring. That means you’re pretty lucky.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang says laughingly.

In his mind, Qin Yu finds it somewhat strange that this Immortal Emperor Ni Yang seems to attach much importance to luck.

“The Lord of Black Flame's Ring is an extremely valuable treasure even in the immortal world. This is the ring I wore when roaming various worlds in the past. It was forged by Lord of Black Flame, my friend and an expert on the same level as me, so it’s called the Lord of Black Flame's Ring.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang explains the origin of this ring.

Qin Yu silently memorizes this name Lord of Black Flame.

Because this is an expert of the same level as Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, they are definitely a powerful, influential top-ranking figure.

“Storage immortal items are fairly difficult to forge. This Lord of Black Flame's Ring is a high-grade immortal item, but it’s even more precious than ordinary top-grade immortal items. Of course, the ring is a storage immortal item so its offense isn’t powerful.”

“But … it’s got 2 great supportive functions, both of which are Lord of Black Flame’s special skills.” Judging from Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s tone, clearly he admires Lord of Black Flame’s consummate skills very much.

“Aside from its storage space, the Lord of Black Flame's Ring also has 2 supportive functions. The first is the Heavenly Flame Field. Lord of Black Flame is good at using flames. If someone powerful wears the Lord of Black Flame's Ring, the flames they can release are even more formidable than the heavenly flame. But a standard immortal or someone weaker in general can only draw forth the heavenly flame stored in the ring. The amount of heavenly flame they can draw forth increases with their power.”

Qin Yu is delighted inside.

The heavenly flame is a flame which even standard immortals have to deal with carefully.

“The 2nd function is the Gravitational Field. If Lord of Black Flame uses his gravitational field, he can even cause the yuanyings of level-4 and level-5 mystic immortals to collapse due to the terrifying gravity!” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang says emotionally. “Of course, the gravitational field attached to this Lord of Black Flame's Ring only comes from a formation arranged by Lord of Black Flame. If you channel energy into it, you can generate a gravitational field. The better the energy used, the stronger the gravity.”

“Needless to say, the owner of the Lord of Black Flame's Ring isn’t affected by the gravitational field.”

There are 2 functions, one being the Heavenly Flame Field and the other being the Gravitational Field.

Qin Yu marvels in his mind.

Good Heavens! What kind of expert is Lord of Black Flame that he or she can weigh level-4 and level-5 mystic immortals down with just a gravitational field and even crush their yuanyings with that terrifying gravity?

“All right, what I talked about just now is some benefits that the Lord of Black Flame's Ring itself has. But I also left behind in it a map, the Heaven-Sundering Sword Energy and a message. This map is the map leading to the Ni Yang Realm. As for the Heaven-Sundering Sword Energy, when you have reached the Ni Yang Realm, you can use it to cover an area, surrounding your forces. When the time comes, the Ni Yang Realm will suck all of you in automatically. Of course … you can only take a maximum of 8 people with you, which means, including you, there’ll be 9 people at most.”

Qin Yu’s heart gets a shock.

Is this Lord of Black Flame's Ring not equal to the 3 Heaven-Sundering Diagrams combined?

Only when the diagrams are put together can a map be revealed, and each diagram can only allow 6 people to come in, the owner included.

But this Lord of Black Flame's Ring has not only a complete map leading to the Ni Yang Realm, but also enough Heaven-Sundering Sword Energy to take 9 people in, including the owner. In addition, the ring itself has 2 great fields and is a high-grade storage immortal item.

In terms of preciousness, not even the 3 Heaven-Sundering Diagrams combined can compare with it.

No wonder Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said that there was a unique, most valuable immortal item.

At that time Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said that this immortal item was at the Treasure-Storing Tower inside the inner palace, but he did not say whether it was inside the tower or at the gate of the tower. In the Treasure-Storing Tower, Qin Yu, Dame Yan Ji and Yan Mo even thought that the 3 Heaven-Sundering Diagrams were exactly the treasure mentioned by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.

Qin Yu suddenly becomes curious in his heart.

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said that he left behind in the Lord of Black Flame's Ring a map, the Heaven-Sundering Sword Energy and a message. What is that message?

“As for that message, it’s a message I left behind for you. Junior … I hope that the acquirer of the Lord of Black Flame's Ring will be able to get that treasure in the Ni Yang Realm very much. Of course I won’t give you any hints. Everything will depend on your own effort. All right, do your best, junior. Hopefully later you can do better than I did. Ha-ha … I, Ni Yang, roamed the 3 worlds with the Heaven-Sundering Sword Energy, who could have thought I’d fall because of that thing? Bad luck, bad luck … ha-ha …”

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice disappears after the loud laughs.

After Qin Yu got out of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, some restrictive spell on this Lord of Black Flame's Ring should have been removed. Now the true features of this ring have emerged completely. With a sweep of his holy sense, Qin Yu discovers that there are only a map and a sheet of paper inside the ring.

The message left behind by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang is on that sheet of paper.

“Junior, to reward you for obtaining the Lord of Black Flame's Ring, I’ll tell you one thing -- any comer less powerful than a Dacheng-stage Xiuxianist will definitely die!”

The last sentence makes Qin Yu’s back break into a cold sweat.

Any comer less powerful than a Dacheng-stage Xiuxianist will definitely die!

Qin Yu believes that even if Immortal Emperor Ni Yang will deceive people again, he was not talking nonsense in this most important message left behind for him. Moreover, he also feels that the Ni Yang Realm is absolutely not a place for ordinary people to step into.

The power of a Dacheng-stage Xiuxianist is the minimum requirement for setting foot in the Ni Yang Realm.

“Big brother Qin Yu, your face looks filled with joy. What happy thing has happened?” Li’er says smilingly.

Qin Yu returns to normal from the happiness of obtaining the Lord of Black Flame's Ring and looks at Li’er beside him: “Li’er, do you still remember that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang once said there was a unique, most valuable treasure at that Treasure-Storing Tower?”

“You mean … this ring?” Li’er is astounded.

“Yes, it’s none other than this ring, which is called the Lord of Black Flame's Ring. It’s a high-grade storage immortal item. Plus, it’s got 2 special functions, one being the Heavenly Flame Field and one being the Gravitational Field. Do you still remember the ink-wash painting I got at that time?”

“Of course I do. Is there something special about it?”

Qin Yu and Li’er talk with each other while flying in the sky. He tells her the fact that the ink-wash painting is a Heaven-Sundering Diagram, the information contained in it, and even everything about the Lord of Black Flame's Ring.


“Ah, this is the Heavenly Flame Field?”

Despite trying his best to use the Heavenly Flame Field, Qin Yu can only create a thin layer of heavenly flame around the upper half of his body. There is an invisible barrier between his body and the heavenly flame. This should be a magic power of the Lord of Black Flame's Ring put to use.

However, the flame is only a thin layer around his upper body.

Is this still called a field?

“Big brother Qin Yu, your power is too weak. If a Dacheng-stage expert used the Heavenly Flame Field of this Lord of Black Flame's Ring, I estimate that it would at least have a range of a zhang or two.” Li’er says after pondering for a while.

Qin Yu can only give a frustrated smile: “This time, looks like I’ll have to refine that yuanying and train hard after returning.”

He obtained the yuanying of a 2nd tribulation loose immortal, and moreover, his soul became even more materialized during this journey into the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion and has reached the late Kongming stage. Now he can meditate and refine this yuanying completely.

“Try using the Gravitational Field, big brother Qin Yu.” Li’er reminds him.

This Gravitational Field is related to the user’s power. The more powerful the energy used, the stronger its gravity.

“All right, I’ll try using it.” In fact, at the bottom of his heart, Qin Yu likes this Gravitational Field even more than he does the Heavenly Flame Field. Although the Heavenly Flame Field is very good, in his opinion, the Gravitational Field is more useful in real combat as it has an element of surprise.

For example, 2 experts fight each other. When Qin Yu is charging at the opponent from behind and the opponent is preparing to counterattack, if he presses the opponent down with a terrifying gravity, even if he cannot kill him with the gravity, its restraining effect alone can slow him down greatly, weakening his fighting capacity extremely fast.

The Gravitational Field will be even more effective if he hides it from the opponent right from the beginning then uses it surprisingly in a life-or-death moment.

Qin Yu channels his energy into the Lord of Black Flame's Ring. In fact, the ring does not absorb too much energy at all. The strength of the gravity is related to the purity of the energy while the range of the Gravitational Field is related to the amount of energy used.

“Why are you standing still, big brother Qin Yu?” Li’er asks smilingly.

“I’ve already used this Gravitational Field, only … I’m not very clear about how powerful it is either.” Qin Yu says in frustration. After all, he is the user so he cannot feel that gravitational field.

Li’er gives a smile: “That’s rather complicated. Let me come in.”

There is some distance between her and Qin Yu at the moment but she immediately starts to approach him. Qin Yu hurriedly retreats: “How can you do this, Li’er? If your body can’t withstand …”

“No problem.” Li’er cuts him short. “I’ve got protective magic treasures so I absolutely won’t be hurt. Besides, this Gravitational Field can’t kill an expert of the same level as the user. Just now didn’t you say that Lord of Black Flame or something can only kill level-4 and level-5 mystic immortals with it? Lord of Black Flame is on the same level as level-8 mystic immortal emperor Ni Yang. Therefore, this Gravitational Field can’t hurt me because I’ve got protective magic treasures, and it’s not very powerful either.”

After listening to her persuasion, Qin Yu also thinks that it makes sense.

“Then you got to be careful.” After saying so, he lets Li’er approach him.

She smilingly steps into the boundary of the Gravitational Field. The Gravitational Field executed by Qin Yu this time is a spherical area with a radius of 3 m and him being the center. As soon as Li’er enters this area, her body sinks. Right afterwards, a series of ripples appear on the surface of her body.

Qin Yu knows that these ripples are caused by Li’er’s protective magic treasures.

He withdraws the Gravitational Field immediately. Li’er however says with a broad smile: “Big brother Qin Yu, this Gravitational Field is pretty powerful. In my estimation, its pressure is at least several million jin. Jindan-stage experts will surely die in it. Even Yuanying-stage experts will nearly die if suddenly attacked by it. And Dongxu-stage experts will probably suffer serious injuries.”

Qin Yu nods smilingly.

He is very pleased with the effect of the Gravitational Field. If a pressure of several million jin suddenly appears, it will be enough to badly injure Dongxu-stage experts. Perhaps even Kongming-stage experts will not be able to react in time either.

What Qin Yu wants to see is their inability to react in time.

In a life-or-death battle, this Gravitational Field represents a chance, a chance of victory.

It is just that this Gravitational Field must be kept secret. If the enemy already knew about it and has made preparations in advance, it will still be effective, but definitely less effective than when the enemy is caught unprepared.

After flying for days, Qin Yu and Li’er eventually reach the Qian Long continent.

He simply does not know that since the Qin clan was protected by the Stellar Tower’s experts, the Qin dynasty has had an absolute advantage over the Ming dynasty in terms of Shangxian-class experts and has started to invade and attack the Ming dynasty. The Qin dynasty’s military power has also been demonstrated beyond doubt.

“Oh, there are my clan’s troops down below. My father and brothers seem to be in the military camp too.” With a sweep of his holy sense, Qin Yu discovers Qin De’s aura. He certainly finds this strange. Even if a war is being fought, does his father have to personally get into action?

“Let’s come down, Li’er.”

Qin Yu and Li’er immediately dive down from the 9th level of the sky. As they approach the ground, those 2 fierce cavalry armies, which are training, keep sprinting nonstop. Killing intent is being emitted from the body of every soldier.

The killing intent of a person does not mean anything, but the combined killing intent of a dense crowd of over 10,000 cavalrymen is obviously very fierce.

Qin Yu and Li’er land on the ground like a flash. None of those cavalrymen noticed that there were people flying down from the sky. Qin Yu deliberately chose to land on this place, which is close to the outside of the commander-in-chief tent.

“Prince Yu.”

Wang Song, the general of these armies, is shocked as soon as he sees Qin Yu and immediately gets down on one knee. As a high-ranking figure in the Qin dynasty’s military headquarters, he knows very well how great this prince’s status is. When over 10,000 Shangxian first came to the capital at that time, the high echelons of the military headquarters all knew about this.

“Don’t make this public, General Wang Song. I just want to see my father.” Qin Yu nods smilingly.

“Supreme Emperor and the others went to the front line yesterday to take a look. I will take you to Supreme Emperor’s dwelling place, Prince Yu.” General Wang Song has regained the impressive manner of a general. He leads the way with neither inferiority nor arrogance. Qin Yu and Li’er then follow him towards the place where Qin De is staying.

End of b10c21.

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