Book 10 Chapter 20

B10C20: Leaving the immortal mansion

“Ha-ha … congratulations on obtaining a Heaven-Sundering Diagram. These Heaven-Sundering Diagrams consist of 3 pieces and can be considered the top treasures on the 2nd floor of this Treasure-Storing Tower. As for why they are valuable, I, Ni Yang, will give you a careful explanation.”

“These 3 diagrams each contain the secrets of 3 sword moves of my famous consummate skill -- the Heaven-Sundering Sword Art. Of course, only when practiced by sword immortals is this sword art most powerful. Ordinary immortals can only achieve ordinary results practicing it.”

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice is echoing in Qin Yu’s mind.

“The Heaven-Sundering Sword Art, but I’m not a sword immortal so even if I practice it, my offensive power won’t improve very clearly. To me, it’s definitely of little value.” Qin Yu is somewhat disappointed in his heart.

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang continues saying: “These Heaven-Sundering Diagrams have 4 great benefits. Just now, it was the first benefit.”

Hearing this sentence, a slightly disappointed Qin Yu immediately becomes excited again. Good Heavens, that was just the first benefit and there are still 3 other benefits to come.

“The 2nd benefit is that these Heaven-Sundering Diagrams contain in them the Heaven-Sundering Sword Energy, which automatically protects the owners. Those weaker than standard immortals or standard devils simply can’t harm you, and even standard immortals and standard devils will be attacked by the sword energy if they try to harm you.”

Qin Yu is happy inside.

This Heaven-Sundering Sword Energy protecting the body is indeed an exceptionally useful effect.

“The 3rd benefit is, if the 3 Heaven-Sundering Diagrams are combined, a map will be revealed, which leads to the Ni Yang Realm.”

At this point, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang pauses for a while.

Qin Yu however becomes doubtful in his mind. What place is this Ni Yang Realm?

“I, Ni Yang, roamed the immortal world for hundreds of millions of years. Whether in the demon world, the devil world, or the immortal world, I was definitely ranked in the top few in power. I once controlled almost countless practice planets and the treasures I possessed were at a frightening level …” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang boasts about himself instead of explaining what the Ni Yang Realm is.

“There are a great number of treasures in this Ni Yang Realm. The Qingyu Immortal Mansion is only something I built casually, but … I had to collect countless treasures in tens of thousands of years to build the Ni Yang Realm. It’s over 1000 times more precious than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion!”

Now Qin Yu understands.

The Qingyu Immortal Mansion was only built casually by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang whereas it took him great effort and countless treasures to construct the Ni Yang Realm.

“In the Ni Yang Realm, there are all kinds of treasures, formidable formations, and rare materials. There are even some formations that have never been shown by me, and … ha-ha, I won’t tell you more. In short, most of the treasure I obtained while roaming the immortal world for hundreds of millions of years are inside the Ni Yang Realm. Moreover … there’s another treasure hidden in there. It’s even more precious than all the other treasures in the Ni Yang Realm put together!” When talking to this point, even Immortal Emperor Ni Yang becomes excited.

Qin Yu now does not even dare to breathe.

He is already in a state of total shock.

As a level-8 mystic immortal, and a sword immortal at that, Ni Yang is a super immortal emperor, a top expert with enormous privileges who can roam the immortal world easily, and yet he keeps most of his treasures in the Ni Yang Realm. Moreover, according to what he said, one treasure among them is even more precious than all the others put together.

“Ha-ha … these Heaven-Sundering Diagrams even have the 4th benefit.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang continues.

Now all Qin Yu can do is listen. He is completely shocked already.

The Qingyu Immortal Mansion may be the supreme treasure in the mortal world, but the Ni Yang Realm has treasures that can even drive emperor-class experts of the immortal world and the devil world crazy. It is definitely 10,000 times more valuable than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion!

“Junior, how can the Ni Yang Realm possibly be a place for everyone to enter? Even if you have the map, you can’t necessarily come in. If you want to come in, you must be qualified.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang keeps saying.

Holding his breath, Qin Yu is listening attentively.

“Those who have the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams are qualified to come in. When the owner of a diagram reaches the outside of the Ni Yang Realm, they can control the Heaven-Sundering Sword Energy to cover an area that has enough space for a maximum of 5 people. The owner of the diagram included, these 6 people will automatically be sucked into the Ni Yang Realm. The other people won’t be able to get in even if they come to the outside of the Ni Yang Realm, whether … they’re mystic immortal emperors or not!”

Clearly Immortal Emperor Ni Yang is very confident.

The Ni Yang Realm is Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s hideout, given his power, how can someone enter it without his permission?

“The owner of a Heaven-Sundering Diagram is qualified to come in with 5 subordinates so the 3 Heaven-Sundering Diagrams put together can allow 18 people to come in. Junior, here’s an advice for you, do your best to practice and improve your power before entering the Ni Yang Realm, otherwise don’t blame me when you die, ha-ha …”

Following the loud laughs, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice vanishes.

Qin Yu, Dame Yan Ji and Yan Mo all wake up and exchange a look, but then they cannot help falling silent.

The existence of the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams is really too shocking. They believe that if this information is leaked out, the Wilderness, the Chaotic Astral Ocean and the Teng Long continent will go mad, and with their power, they definitely will not be able to keep these treasures.

“Dame Yan Ji, I wonder what kind of treasure that ink-wash painting is. Can you please tell me a bit?” Old Taoist Gan Xu says smilingly while looking at Dame Yan Ji, but that tinge of expectancy in his eyes betrays his current intent.

Dame Yan Ji says indifferently: “Just another immortal item.”

By contrast, Huo Can looks at Qin Yu and says with a smile: “Little brother Qin Yu, can you tell us what kind of immortal item that ink-wash painting actually is, so that we can broaden our horizons?”

Just now, Old Taoist Gan Xu, Huo Can, Yi Da and Yan Lang all saw Dame Yan Ji, Qin Yu and Yan Mo tremble with excitement. It should be known that even when Dame Yan Ji obtained that middle-grade immortal writing brush, she did not forget herself like this.

What treasures are those ink-wash paintings? And how valuable are they?

Nobody believes that they are simple immortal items.

Hearing Huo Can ask him, Qin Yu says with an indifferent smile: “Because senior Huo Can already asked me, of course I’ll tell you about it.” Immediately, Dame Yan Ji and Yan Mo both look at him, their eyes flashing with fierceness.

However, the eyes of Old Taoist Gan Xu, Huo Can and the others brighten.

“This ink-wash painting is in fact a protective immortal item. It also contains an extremely formidable practice technique.” Qin Yu says smilingly. Hearing him say so, both Dame Yan Ji and Yan Mo secretly let out a breath of relief.

“A protective immortal item?” Old Taoist Gan Xu and the others are astonished.

“Yes, the owner of this ink-wash painting simply can’t be harmed by ordinary experts. At the same time, it contains an extremely formidable sword art. This is Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s special skill. Too bad … it’s only powerful when practiced by sword immortals. We won’t achieve great results practicing it.” Qin Yu says in a rather regretful manner.

Yan Mo and Dame Yan Ji both curse Qin Yu for being cunning in their minds, but they also secretly become much more relaxed.

After all, Qin Yu only revealed the first 2 benefits of the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams and not the last 2 benefits, which are the things most capable of making people crazy about the diagrams.

One of them is the map to the Ni Yang Realm and the other is the eligibility to enter the Ni Yang Realm.

Without the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams, even if someone as strong as an immortal emperor comes to the gate of the Ni Yang Realm, they will have to forget about going inside.

Dame Yan Ji says with sigh: “That’s right. The first benefit of this ink-wash painting is very good. Too bad, the 2nd one is a different story. It’d be much better if I had been practicing to become a sword immortal, as this is the most powerful sword art of a level-8 mystic immortal!”

On one side, Yan Mo also pretends disappointment by sighing.

Old Taoist Gan Xu and the others feel that there is something wrong, but it is not suitable for them to press with other questions.

“Qin Yu, Yan Mo, after some time, let’s join forces and take a trip to the Ni Yang Realm. What do you think?” Dame Yan Ji asks via holy sense communication.

When Yan Mo is still pondering, Qin Yu refuses using his holy sense: “Dame Yan Ji, we’ve already encountered so many dangers since entering the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. That Ni Yang Realm is Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s hideout so it’s definitely 10 to 100 times more dangerous. Given our power, we’d definitely die if we went in there.”

He lets both Dame Yan Ji and Yan Mo hear his message.

Yan Mo also says through his holy sense: “What brother Qin Yu said makes sense. You must still remember the last sentence Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said, ‘here’s an advice for you, do your best to practice and improve your power before entering the Ni Yang Realm, otherwise don’t blame me when you die’. As this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion already almost killed me, if I rushed in the Ni Yang Realm with my puny power, perhaps I’d die even without knowing why.”

Dame Yan Ji also remembers that last sentence said by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. Even though he often tricks people, she does not dare to ignore that final advice.


The owners of the diagrams are qualified to enter the Ni Yang Realm, but if they are not powerful enough, even if they come into the hideout of this super immortal emperor, they will probably lose their lives.

“Qin Yu, Yan Mo, at that time Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said there is a unique treasure over 10 times more precious than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion in this Treasure-Storing Tower. What do you think it is?” Dame Yan Ji says doubtfully via holy sense communication.

Having obtained a Heaven-Sundering Diagram, she thinks that it is absolutely over 10 times more valuable than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

After all, even immortal emperors in the immortal world would be crazy about such a place as the Ni Yang Realm.

“Unique …” Yan Mo thinks for a while then says using his holy sense: “Just the map leading to the Ni Yang Realm and the eligibility to come in provided by these Heaven-Sundering Diagrams are already over 10 times more precious than an immortal mansion when combined. But there are 3 of them so they can’t be considered unique.”

They cannot be considered unique, but what that most valuable treasure mentioned by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang at that time is?

Since it is the most valuable treasure, could it be even more valuable than the Heaven-Sundering Diagrams?

Qin Yu’s mind is struck by a thought. He says through holy sense communication: “I’ve thought of one possibility, that is, these 3 ink-wash paintings make a whole. Firstly, only by combining them can we get the map. Secondly, only by putting them together can we get the complete Heaven-Sundering Sword Art. I think that, in Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s opinion, the 3 Heaven-Sundering Diagrams are a whole. Perhaps what he talked about is none other than the diagrams!”

“Possible.” Yan Mo agrees with him.

“There are 3 Heaven-Sundering Diagrams. If someone has only one of them, they won’t be able to know the location of the Ni Yang Realm at all. Therefore these 3 diagrams should be considered a whole. That explanation is correct. The 3 Heaven-Sundering Diagrams combined are definitely over 10 times more precious than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.” Dame Yan Ji cannot help having a faint smiling expression on her face.

At this moment, Old Taoist Gan Xu, Yi Da, Azure Dragon Yan Lang and Huo Can resume searching the 2nd floor.

“Yan Mo, why are you still standing there?” Yan Lang looks frowningly at Yan Mo. “Immortal Emperor Ni Yang already said that treasure is unique. But nothing we’ve seen is unique, whether it’s the holy beast collars, the 6 writing brushes or the 3 ink-wash paintings. That final treasure must be hidden at a certain place.”

“All right, I’ll continue searching for it.” Yan Mo says with a smile then pretends to search immediately.

Dame Yan Ji is a smart person too so she knows that the others would definitely suspect her if she did not search. Therefore, she also starts searching again.

Qin Yu, however, walks towards the bookcase and opens some books.

“Oh, looks like some of them don’t belong to the mortal world.” He discovers that jade slips are even placed in some of the books. Obviously this is because the books alone cannot talk about too many things. After all, the capacity of jade slips is much greater than that of books.

These books have quite a lot of knowledge about the immortal world and other worlds. Qin Yu skims through them then sucks the ones he is interested in into his spatial ring.

While he is turning the pages of the books and the others are turning other things over --

“Lucky juniors, you’ve taken all the treasures in the Treasure-Storing Tower so now it’s time for you to leave. Get ready. The restrictive spell inside the tower will be activated right away and you’ll be sent directly from the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion to that island, which is very close to this place and has a teleport formation.”

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice resounds in the 2nd floor of the Treasure-Storing Tower.

Qin Yu, Dame Yan Ji and Yan Mo are prepared for this to some extent but Old Taoist Gan Xu, Huo Can and the others are all astonished.

“Senior Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, we still haven’t found that unique treasure you mentioned, how can we just leave like this?” Old Taoist Gan Xu says anxiously.

Too bad, this voice is merely a restrictive spell left behind by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang in the past so it will never answer.

Everybody’s eyes are dazzled for a short time.

Qin Yu then sees various golden trees. The ground around him is covered with green grass. The scenery at this place is so familiar. Obviously this is the island with that ancient teleport formation -- the Golden Tree Island!

He has finally left the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.

“Little brother Qin Yu, please give me your holy sense details. If something arises, we can exchange information through transmitters.” Dame Yan Ji takes out a transmitter and hands it over to Qin Yu in a very friendly manner. Qin Yu also takes out a transmitter.

This journey into the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion has resulted in the death of many participants.

From now on, only the Azure Dragon Palace and the Stellar Tower are left in the underwater Xiuyao world, the Penglai Immortal Region no longer has Reverend Yan Xu and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon no longer has the 2 experts Situ Xue and Jiao Jiu. Even quite a few loose immortals and loose devils died too.

Everybody bids farewell to each other. Qin Yu and Li’er then immediately fly straight towards the Qian Long continent.

“Though we didn’t stay in the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion for a long time, when I see this familiar ocean and breathe this familiar air, I still feel as if I’ve been away from this world for ages.” In the sky, Qin Yu says emotionally to Li’er.

Li’er suddenly turns her hand over. 3 painting brushes appear.

“Li’er, you …” Qin Yu looks at those 3 brushes in shock. He can tell at a glance that they are the same as the writing brushes everybody snatched in the Treasure-Storing Tower at that time.

Li’er says with a playful smile: “As the first to get into the 2nd floor, I wouldn’t return empty-handed, so naturally I seized some things for my convenience.”

“Didn’t you swear …?”

“I only swore that I hadn’t got that unique treasure. I never said that I hadn’t taken some writing brushes.” Li’er says proudly, but there is a note of coquetry in her tone.

Qin Yu now does not know if he should cry or laugh.

Originally there were 9 of these middle-grade immortal writing brushes, which happened to be enough to be distributed among everybody. Who could have thought Li’er would quietly take 3 of them in the beginning, causing a fight over the remaining brushes?

Suddenly, that black ring on Qin Yu’s finger emits various indistinct beams of light.

“Congratulations, lucky junior. You’ve obtained the unique, the most precious treasure of the Treasure-Storing Tower!” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s slightly amused voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind. It is now so pleasant to listen to.

End of b10c20.

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