Book 10 Chapter 2

B10C2: Yi Da’s demand

There is an indistinct purple light in Yi Da’s pupils. He glances at the loose immortals and loose devils with a strange smile on his face all the time.

“What did you say?!”

Huo Can’s eyes flash with coldness. “Yi Da, don’t waste time here. You’re the leader of the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon only because we big schools care zilch about the leader of such a small place as the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon. Otherwise … how could we have let someone without a school like you get this position?”

“Huo Can.” Yi Da looks coldly at Huo Can.

As soon as the latter hears that, he becomes furious. He has such a high status yet this Yi Da has unexpectedly called him by his name directly.

“2nd brother.” Huo Lan reaches out his hand and blocks his 2nd brother. “Be cool.”

How can Huo Can possibly be cool now? He says angrily: “Big brother, this junior is unexpectedly so arrogant. If not for the numerous Xiumo schools on the Teng Long continent not caring about the leader position of the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, how could it have rotated to him? Humph, now he’s even arrogant in front of us. This junior is seeking his own death!”

“Huo Can, it seems you don’t understand what I said.” Yi Da says with an indifferent smile.

On one side, Qin Yu is struck by a thought.


Qin Yu praises highly in his mind. He has already figured out what Yi Da actually wants to do so he cannot help praising him for being courageous and daring to stake his life.

“Don’t be noisy in front of me, you junior. Prepare to die.” Enraged, Huo Can simply does not want to hear Yi Da’s nonsense anymore.

“Shut up, 2nd brother.” Huo Lan shouts.

“Big brother …” Huo Can is dumbfounded and looks at his big brother in stupefaction. He never expected his big brother, who has the deepest affection for him, to say to him like this.

“2nd brother, this little friend Yi Da isn’t so simple as you think … You already heard what he said in the beginning clearly, you can kill him, but if you do, it’s very likely that … you’ll have to forget about entering the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.” Huo Lan explains.

Huo Can does not listen to the others, but he listens to his own big brother.

“How so? Won’t it be all right after I kill him?” Huo Can says with a cold laugh.

Yi Da says with evil laughter: “Huo Can, your big brother is really much smarter than you. Just now I already said that the immortal mansion may never open. I dared to say so because I’ve got 2 jade swords. When I die, I’ll also blow the jade swords in my hand to pieces.”

Top-grade holy jade swords are extremely hard. It is very difficult for normal attacks to shatter them … Even if a top-class expert like Yi Da self-destructs, it will still be very difficult for him to shatter other experts’ top-grade holy weapons. But … he already personalized these jade swords by blood.

If a jade sword is charged with elemental energy, its defense and offense will greatly increase, so naturally it will not have to fear Yi Da’s self-explosion. However … if Yi Da wants to self-destruct, why would he channel elemental energy into his jade swords?

When the top-grade holy jade swords are not charged with elemental energy, even though their defense is high, the terrifying power generated by the self-explosion of a late Kongming-stage expert like Yi Da will definitely be able to blow them to bits directly.

“You can kill me, but I’ll only need an instant to destroy these jade swords. Anyone who has the balls can give it a try.” Yi Da looks at everybody smilingly.

Old Taoist Gan Xu, Gan Ming and Gan Shan, Reverend Yue Yan, Reverend Shui Rou and the 2 brother Huo Can and Huo Lan, these 7 loose immortals and loose devils now all do not know what to say. None of them dares to get into action.

All of them are very experienced.

Therefore they know clearly that at the moment Yi Da is paying close attention to everything using his holy sense. Once they get into action, perhaps Yi Da will immediately explode himself to destroy his own jade swords. Even if only one of the 9 jade swords is shattered, they can forget about entering the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.

“You’re really admirable, little friend Yi Da.” Huo Lan folds his hands and says.

Being ruthless to other people is nothing. Only those who are ruthless to themselves are truly ruthless people. When you dare to be ruthless to yourself, you are indeed an ambitious person.

Old Taoist Gan Xu also says smilingly: “I really admire you for being so brave, little friend Yi Da … I wonder what you actually want by stopping us from opening the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. If you want something, you had better tell us about it. We’ll certainly comply if we can.”

Yi Da finally beams.

“Wouldn’t it have been better had you agreed earlier?” Yi Da looks at everybody.

“In fact I don’t have other ambitions either. It’s just that … I want to say one thing. What Reverend Yan Xu and I negotiated at that time still stands, and it must be modified a little bit. I wonder if the loose immortals and loose devils like you agree with me.” Yi Da asks.


Qin Yu smiles on the side. Even though Yi Da asked them so, do those loose immortals and loose devils dare to refuse?

“Negotiated? Negotiated what?” Huo Lan says frowningly.

Yi Da looks at Qin Yu and says with a smile: “Qin Yu, you must still remember our agreement about the immortal weapons in the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion at that time. Why don’t you tell them about it a bit?”

Qin Yu forces a smile. Yi Da has got him involved in this.

“Qin Yu?” Old Taoist Gan Xu says with brightening eyes. “Qin Yu, where’s you uncle now? I heard from Yan Xu that he is such man of superior attainments so I want to meet him.”

This Old Taoist Gan Xu is unexpectedly not anxious about Yi Da’s matter. Instead, he is asking Qin Yu about other things. Qin Yu cannot help praising him for being collected.

Uncle Lan?

Qin Yu laughs in his mind. Perhaps these experts have all heard about Uncle Lan’s power.

“My Uncle Lan isn’t very interested in the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion so he let me and my junior sister come here.” Qin Yu says indifferently.

Huo Lan also says: “Old Taoist Gan Xu, little friend Qin Yu’s uncle is indeed an expert. The protective magic treasure he gave that young lady is definitely an immortal weapon. Besides … it may not only be a low-grade immortal weapon. It’s most probably a middle-grade immortal weapon.”

“Middle-grade immortal weapon?”

Everybody present is astonished.

4th tribulation loose immortals are capable of forging immortal weapons, but the immortal weapons they forge are only low-grade. As for middle-grade immortal weapons, generally, only the top-class loose immortals such as those who have passed the 10th tribulation have the power to forge them.

Of course, it is merely a guess made by these experts that 10th tribulation loose immortals are able to forge middle-grade immortal weapons, an unreliable guess.

These loose immortals and loose devils do not know exactly the minimum requisite level to forge middle-grade immortal weapons. After all, the most powerful among them are only 3rd tribulation loose immortals and equivalents.

But they can be sure about one thing, that is, the experts who can forge middle-grade immortal weapons definitely belong to the top echelons of loose immortals, which should at least put them on the same level as 10th tribulation loose immortals.

“How is that possible? Qin Yu’s uncle may be very formidable but saying that he can forge middle-grade immortal weapons is a bit exaggerating.” Reverend Yue Yan says in disbelief. The other loose immortals such as Old Taoist Gan Xu all look shocked.

The younger brother Huo Can says: “All of you also know the power of us brothers. We’re only a step away from reaching the level of 4th tribulation loose immortals or real immortals, but despite our power, we couldn’t hurt that girl at all.”

As Huo Can is talking, he points to Li’er.

Qin Yu frowns. He does not want Li’er to be in the teeth of the storm.

“Is that really so?” The other loose immortals immediately find out Li’er’s power, which has not even reached the Yuanying stage. She was able to withstand Huo Lan’s or his brother’s attack at such a power level then the defense of her magic treasure … A low-grade immortal weapon would probably have been a bit inadequate.

It is very likely a middle-grade immortal weapon.

“Humph, why would I be lying?” Huo Can says with a cold humph.

“Everybody, we better not waste time, right? Brother Qin Yu, please explain our agreement at that time to them a bit.” Yi Da says to Qin Yu enthusiastically.

His tone makes it look like he is very close to and in the same group as Qin Yu.

Qin Yu takes a look at Yi Da and secretly praises him highly in his mind.

This Yi Da fellow is really formidable. Just now he asked Qin Yu to explain instead of Azure Dragon or Reverend Yan Xu probably because he wanted to let those loose immortals and loose devils know Uncle Lan’s power. After all, he saw clearly moments ago that Li’er was able to take a hit without getting hurt.

Yi Da did that to make those experts think highly of Qin Yu. Then, he stood on the same side as Qin Yu naturally to make the opponents think a bit more highly of himself.

Moreover, Qin Yu also has a jade sword. Yi Da is certain that … Qin Yu will definitely support him.

This is because if Qin Yu does not, those loose immortals and loose devils will probably snatch all the treasures directly, leaving nothing for the weak participants such as them.

Qin Yu looks at the loose immortals and loose devils, saying carefully:

“The agreement at that time was that, if the treasures in the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion are a multiple of 9, they will be distributed based on the number of jade swords everybody has, and nobody is allowed to take them by force. But if they are not a multiple of 9, then everybody will rely on their own abilities to snatch them.”

“Oh, only this arrangement? All right, I agree on it.” Huo Lan says smilingly in agreement at once.

Old Taoist Gan Xu and the other experts also agree while smiling broadly.

A multiple of 9, how can there be such a coincidence?

“Hold on.” Yi Da shouts.

Those loose immortals and loose devils all look at him. Huo Can says coldly: “Yi Da, we’ve all agreed on your matter. What else do you want?”

Yi Da says smilingly: “Everybody, it seems you didn’t hear what I said just now clearly … I said ‘What Reverend Yan Xu and I negotiated at that time still stands, and it must be modified a little bit’. Not only does that agreement still stand, it must be altered a bit too.”

Alter a bit?

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten.

Given his current power, it will be very difficult for him to contend against those loose immortals and loose devils. The modification that Yi Da mentioned must be beneficial to Yi Da, and also to him, who has a jade sword.

“Please tell, little friend.” Old Taoist Gan Xu says with a kind expression.

Yi Da says loudly and clearly: “Very simple … if there are fewer than 9 immortal weapons, I won’t want any of them. But if they are a multiple of 9, naturally they will be distributed based on the number of jade swords everybody has according to that agreement.”

“At the same time, I want to add a point.” His mouth’s corners slightly curve upwards.

Everybody listen attentively. They all know that this additional point is the matter because of which Yi Da has been making every effort to delay.

“What if they are not a multiple of 9 but there are more than 9 of them? Humph, if there are more than 9 and fewer than 18 weapons, we’ll distribute 9 immortal weapons according to the numbers of jade swords.”

“If there are more than 18 and fewer than 27 weapons, we’ll distribute 18 of them based on the number of jade swords everybody has. As for larger numbers of immortal weapons, you can reason out the methods one by one …” Yi Da says resoundingly.

All the loose immortals and loose devils are stupefied.

This Yi Da fellow is gambling on the number of immortal weapons being greater than 9.

As long as there are 9 or more immortal weapons, no matter the number, some of them will be distributed to him.

Qin Yu, Azure Dragon and Yan Mo all have a faint smile on their faces.

“As the holder of 2 jade swords, I, Yan Mo, approve of that.” Yan Mo says loudly.

At the moment, he is looking coldly at the loose immortals and loose devils while gripping 2 jade swords. That manner and that look in his eyes say clearly one thing -- like Yi Da, he dares to explode himself to destroy these 2 jade swords.

“As the holder of these 2 jade swords, I approve of that.” Azure Dragon says smilingly.

“I also approve of that.” Qin Yu agrees too.

7 jade swords are on Yi Da’s side while the loose immortals and loose devils only have Reverend Yan Xu’s jade sword and that jade sword Huo Lan obtained by killing Old Freak Three-Eyed.

Seeing the grim look in Yi Da’s and Yan Mo’s eyes which show that they do not care about life and death and seeing Azure Dragon and Qin Yu, thinking about the dragon clan behind Azure Dragon and that unfathomable loose immortal behind Qin Yu, these 7 loose immortals and loose devils eventually have to yield.

“All right, we agree.” Huo Lan says on behalf of himself and his 2nd brother.

Old Taoist Gan Xu and his 2 schoolmates also nod. Reverend Shui Rou and Reverend Yue Yan nod their heads too.

“Hold on.” Yi Da says again.

“What else do you want?” Huo Can says furiously. The other loose immortals and loose devils also frown. Obviously they have become a bit impatient.

Yi Da says smilingly: “Nothing, I just hope you all give a guarantee that … you won’t try to kill us, whether directly or indirectly.”

He has considered very carefully.

If these loose immortals and loose devils immediately kill him, what will be the use of so many things he said just now? Moreover, he even said that they cannot kill the others directly or indirectly.

“Junior, what do you take us for? How can we possibly do that kind of thing?” Old Taoist Gan Xu shouts angrily.

Yi Da, however, says nothing and looks at Huo Lan and Huo Can instead. Obviously he distrusts these 2 loose devil brothers the most.

“We brothers guarantee that we won’t harm you guys, whether directly or indirectly.” Huo Lan says with a cold humph.

Immediately, Reverend Shui Rou, Reverend Yue Yan, Old Taoist Gan Xu and his 2 junior brothers all give a guarantee. But it is very clear that these loose immortals and loose devils have become a little angry … Yi Da knows his place very well so he does not make any other demands.

These loose immortals and loose devils all have very high status on the Teng Long continent. If he went overboard, maybe they would give up on the immortal mansion and kill him to vent their hatred.

Yi Da turns around and looks at the entrance of the immortal mansion.

That entrance has the color of bronze. An aura of antiquity which is naturally oppressive blasts on his face.

“All right, let’s open the immortal mansion. There are 9 holes on this entrance. It’s very obvious they are the places we got to stick the 9 jade swords in. Let me do it first.” This time, without delaying, Yi Da pushes his 2 jade swords into their respective positions.

End of b10c2.

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