Book 10 Chapter 19

B10C19: Ink-wash paintings

Holy beast collars are not rare in the immortal world, but in this mortal world, perhaps not even 12th tribulation loose immortals have enough power to forge them so naturally they are precious.

Even if these holy beast collars are only gifted to 8th tribulation or 10th tribulation loose immortals and loose devils, their owners will definitely be treated with special esteem by those loose immortals and loose devils. And if they are not gifted to others, capturing demonic beasts to ride using them is also an extremely fascinating thing to do.

“Looks like Immortal Emperor Ni Yang left behind quite a few treasures for us. These 18 holy beast collars are 9 multiplied by 2 so naturally they’ll be distributed according to that agreement. I’ll take 2 of them.” Huo Can says and prepares to get into action at the same time.

Dame Yan Ji takes a cold look at him and says in an ice-cold voice: “Huo Can, eat hot tofu slowly.”

When Qin Yu sees the holy beast collars, the first thing coming into his mind is -- the possibility of controlling demonic beasts.

“Dame Yan Ji, I’m still not very clear about these holy beast collars. How can they totally control demonic beasts?” He asks politely.

Seeing that it is Qin Yu and knowing that the loose immortal behind his Stellar Tower is extraordinarily powerful, Dame Yan Ji immediately says with a smile: “The forging method of these holy beast collars is extremely special. It seems they can link up with souls. If you restrain a demonic beast with one of them, it absolutely won’t be able to betray you.”

Qin Yu is happy in his heart.

He has worried about what will happen to his relatives if one day he achieves ascension or dies the most. Now that problem can be resolved with these holy beast collars.

Having holy beast collars, he can do his utmost to catch a formidable demonic beast and order it to protect his relatives.

“Dame Yan Ji, let’s distribute these holy beast collars now.” Old Taoist Gan Xu’s eyes are somewhat blazing. As soon as he saw the holy beast collars, he got excited inside. He is merely a 3rd tribulation loose immortal whereas these holy beast collars are treasures that even 12th tribulation loose immortals want to obtain very much.

Dame Yan Ji looks at everybody and says at once: “Then we’ll distribute them according to that agreement. I’ll take 3 parts out of 9, that is, 6 holy beast collars. Qin Yu will get 2 parts, that is, 4 of them. The dragon clan will get 4 of them as well. Gan Xu will get 2 while Huo Can and Yi Da will share 2. Am I right?”

Everybody nods.

Dame Yan Ji makes a wave of her hand without delay and gets the 18 holy beast collars directly. Right afterwards, she looks at Qin Yu and says with a smile: “These are the 4 holy beast collars of your Stellar Tower.” While saying so, she gives Qin Yu 4 holy beast collars in a very friendly manner.

That Qin Yu is the first to be given holy beast collars makes it look like Dame Yan Ji is benevolent to him.

In fact, she acts like that not only because Qin Yu is backed by that formidable loose immortal but also because of an important reason -- he is holding an Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman, the only thing at the scene that can injure her or even take her life.

“Thank you, Dame Yan Ji.” Qin Yu receives the 4 holy beast collars smilingly.

He then takes a look at the gate of the jade tower: “Why hasn’t Li’er come in yet?”

“Yan Lang, Yan Mo, these are for your dragon clan.” Dame Yan Ji gives Yan Lang and Yan Mo 4 other holy beast collars. On behalf of both of them, Yan Lang immediately receives the collars. He then offers Yan Mo on one side 2 collars.

Yan Mo however takes only one of them: “Yan Lang, this holy beast collar is enough for me.”

“Huo Can, these are for you and Yi Da.” Dame Yan Ji takes out 2 holy beast collars and offers Huo Can and Yi Da one of them apiece.

“Yi Da, what do want that holy beast collar for?” Huo Can unexpectedly grabs both holy beast collars with a reach of his hand. Yi Da is reaching his hand out at the moment so he looks somewhat awkward for a short while. Even though Yi Da is dependent on Huo Can, the latter’s meaning is very clear, that is, neither of the 2 holy beast collars will be given to Yi Da.

Yi Da pulls back his hand and says smilingly with seemingly no anger: “Senior Huo Can is a loose devil. As I’m still weak, this holy beast collar isn’t very useful to me. It should be given to you so that you can put it to good use.”

Only now does a hint of satisfaction appear on Huo Can’s face.

After 2 other holy beast collars are given to Old Taoist Gan Xu, these 18 holy beast collars have been distributed completely.

“I remember at that time Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said that there’s a unique treasure in the Treasure Storing Tower that is 10 times more precious than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. These holy beast collars can be considered precious but they’re even inferior to the Qingyu Immortal mansion, let alone 10 times more precious. Could it be on the 2nd floor?” Yi Da says thoughtfully.

The faces of the others present all change color.

When distributing the holy beast collars, all of them were friendly and did not care about the collars too much because they remembered that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had said there would be a treasure 10 times more valuable than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

Now that Yi Da has said it out, the atmosphere at the scene becomes tense.

“As we’ve distributed the holy beast collars on the 1st floor, let’s go up the 2nd floor. The entrance to the 2nd floor is over there.” Dame Yan Ji walks smilingly towards that staircase without caring if the others will follow her and becomes the first to go upstairs.

Old Taoist Gan Xu, Huo Can and the other experts immediately vie with each other in trying to catch up with her.

The holy beast collars are far inferior to the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, let alone compared to that treasure which is 10 times more precious than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. Who among these experts would not rack their brains over how to content for that kind of treasure?

Furthermore --

This treasure is unique according to what Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said, so naturally it cannot be distributed and everybody will have to rely on their own skills to snatch it.

The material of the staircase is like milky white marble. Everybody goes up the staircase.

Dame Yan Ji’s heart gets a shock. She has unexpectedly seen a person standing in the spacious hall of the 2nd floor, who is none other than Li’er.

“Miss Li’er, how did you enter the 2nd floor? Just now I was on the 1st floor and I didn’t see anyone go up the staircase to the 2nd floor. How did you enter the 2nd floor?” At the moment, she is worried that Li’er has obtained that treasure the most.

By now Qin Yu and the others have also come up successively.

Seeing Dame Yan Ji questioning Li’er with a face full of killing intent, he cannot help feeling angry in his heart. He immediately moves in front of Li’er and shouts directly at Dame Yan Ji: “Dame Yan Ji, what are you doing?”

Boiling with anger, he grips that Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman in his hand.

Dame Yan Ji is also seething with rage. She is the most powerful among the 8 individuals so she is determined to get that treasure said to be 10 times more valuable than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. Who could have thought she would discover upon her arrival on the 2nd floor that Li’er has already come in?

However, when she sees the Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman, she does her best to control her anger, saying: “I want to ask how Li’er entered the 2nd floor.”

“Dame Yan Ji, just now when we were outside the Treasure Storing Tower, instead of going into the 1st floor like you, I went up the 2nd floor directly.” Li’er says naturally.

Even Qin Yu is startled. He looks at Li’er and says doubtfully: “Li’er, just now nobody went up the staircase. Besides, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s stone stele also told us to enter the 2nd floor through the passage of the 1st floor. How did you come in?”

“I flew up directly.” Li’er says honestly.

“Impossible. I observed carefully once before. There are restrictive spells around this Treasure Storing Tower, how could you have come in at will? It’s only safe to come in through the passages left behind by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.” Old Taoist Gan Xu now also says angrily.

“You all believed what Immortal Emperor Ni Yang said completely?” Li’er looks at the others as if looking at fools.

They are speechless as if they have choked on a meal.

“Damn, we’ve been toyed with by this Immortal Emperor Ni Yang again.” Azure Dragon Yan Lang shakes his head smilingly and says with a sigh.

The others’ hearts are also filled with hatred towards this Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. He told them to enter the 2nd floor through the passage on the 1st floor but did they really have to do so? They felt that there were restrictive spells set up around this Treasure Storing Tower so they did not dare to break in recklessly, but Li’er just flew straight up to the 2nd floor.

“Miss Li’er, does this 2nd floor have any treasures? Have you discovered something?” Dame Yan Ji casts a glance at the 2nd floor then asks Li’er.

When everybody was on the 1st floor, those 18 holy beast collars appeared in front of them. Now on the 2nd floor, even though Dame Yan Ji has only taken a glance at this floor, given her power, she can definitely find that immortal treasure if it is not hidden too well.

“Dame Yan Ji.” Qin Yu says to answer in place of Li’er while staring Yan Ji: “Is whether my Li’er got something any of your business? The treasure mentioned by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang is unique so it doesn’t need distributing at all. Whoever gets it gets it. Even if Li’er got it, why does she have to tell you?”

“You …”

Dame Yan Ji is furious, but she forcefully swallows her fury when she sees the Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman Qin Yu is holding.

Dame Yan Ji is not the only one who is crazy about that treasure. The other experts on the 2nd floor at present are crazy about it too. Now they also want to know if Li’er already obtained that immortal treasure.

“Everybody, I swear to Heaven that if I obtained that so-called unique immortal treasure, I would be obliterated by lightning.”

“Li’er, you …” Qin Yu cannot help getting greatly frightened when he sees Li’er unexpectedly take such a frank oath.

She winks at him and says laughingly: “Saying so is okay as I haven’t got it. Though I was the first to enter the 2nd floor, I really haven’t discovered that immortal treasure. It seems to be hidden very well.”

The other 6 all let out a breath of relief.

They do not care about talking with Li’er anymore and immediately start to search the 2nd floor carefully.

This 2nd floor is laid out like a relatively large study. There are various pictures hanging on the walls, a huge bookcase against one wall and a writing table right in the center with writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and ink stones on it.

“I dare say that this Immortal Emperor Ni Yang lived in the mortal world for some time.”

Qin Yu says after getting and taking a careful look at a writing brush.

This writing brush looks like a type of writing brush peculiar to when Qin Shi Huang was still living, but Qin Yu finds it very heavy when holding it. Right when he wants to continue talking --

An indistinct beam of sword energy unexpectedly shoots out from the writing brush, pierces into Yi Da’s arm directly then passes through it with ease.

“Who sneakily attacks …” Yi Da, who is searching carefully, sees Qin Yu looking at that writing brush with a face full of amazement. At the moment, the writing brush is still taking in and sending out various streams of sword energy. Yi Da’s eyes immediately blaze, his whole body rushing towards the writing brushes on the desk like a beam of light.

The 2nd floor is not very large so naturally that shooting of sword energy has been noticed by the other experts, putting them on alert. But only few react as fast as Yi Da. Yan Lang is one of them, as is Dame Yan Ji.


The vase containing the writing brushes explodes because of several experts fighting for it. The 5 writing brushes are scattered.

Yi Da catches hold of a writing brush with a grab. At the same time, a drop of blood from his heart falls on it. Various indistinct streams of sword energy immediately flicker. The brush then fuses with his body directly. The other experts have also started to fight for the writing brushes.

Yan Lang and Dame Yan Ji reacted fast so they each successfully snatch a brush.

Afterwards, relying on their power, Old Taoist Gan Xu and Huo Can also snatch a brush apiece.

Qin Yu’s writing brush included, there are 6 brushes in total. Those experts all personalize the brushes by blood without delay. Upon personalization, Yan Lang exclaims: “This is a middle-grade immortal weapon! It even contains a swift and fierce type of sword energy.”

“These 6 writing brushes are unexpectedly 6 middle-grade immortal weapons!” Dame Yan Ji also becomes ecstatic.

“Oh, I thought 6 immortal swords had been transformed into these writing brushes, but when I sucked my brush into my body I unexpectedly discovered that these immortal weapons that can release such astonishing sword energy are in fact writing brushes!” Despite saying this, Old Taoist Gan Xu still has an ecstatic expression.

Among the loose immortals of the 8th tribulation stage to the 10th tribulation one in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, very few have middle-grade immortal weapons. In the immortal world, most golden immortals only use middle-grade immortal weapons too. Therefore, it is easy to imagine how valuable they are.

Even Yi Da also thought that those writing brushes were immortal swords when his arm was penetrated by sword energy in the beginning.

Only when he sucked his brush into his body did he discover that these immortal weapons are actually writing brushes. However, in terms of offensive power, they are even superior to ordinary middle-grade immortal swords.

“If I guess correctly, in the past Immortal Emperor Ni Yang made 6 writing brushes and often used them for painting and calligraphy. Naturally, the sword energy in his body was channeled into these brushes. Only this could make them surpass ordinary middle-grade immortal swords in power.” Dame Yan Ji conjectures.

Old Taoist Gan Xu says in amazement: “Could it be … Immortal Emperor Ni Yang is one of those legendary sword immortals, who stopped existing on the Teng Long continent long ago?”

Sword immortals are extremely powerful in offense, but they no longer had any inheritors on the Teng Long continent a million years ago. Now loose immortal and loose devil experts can only learn about them from the sword-immortal-related records in some ancient books of their schools.

“Yan Mo, what are you doing?” Dame Yan Ji suddenly notices Yan Mo taking an ink-wash painting off a wall.

There are several tens ink-wash paintings hanging on the walls of this 2nd floor. Everybody thinks that they are probably used to decorate this room. Not only Yan Mo, even Qin Yu is getting an ink-wash painting on the west wall. At a glance, Dame Yan Ji discovers the similarity between these 2 paintings.

The lower part of each of them has a very small image of an immortal sword.

“There’s another one!”

There are many ink-wash paintings hanging on the walls but Dame Yan Ji has noticed the 3rd painting with the same small image of an immortal sword. She rushes to that painting like a beam of light and takes it in her bosom directly as if she is a robber.

“They …” Old Taoist Gan Xu, Huo Can and the others are baffled.

After getting the ink-wash paintings, Qin Yu, Yan Mo and Dame Yan Ji all freeze for a short while. They then wake up with unbridled ecstasy on their faces. Even someone with so much self-control like Yan Mo and someone with such a high status like Dame Yan Ji are now so excited that their bodies are trembling all over and their faces are red like blood.

End of b10c19.

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