Book 10 Chapter 18

B10C18: Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman

The 8 individuals are flying on the prairie. Wherever they go, grasses are bent by the winds caused by them. They are very quiet as they fly but in fact they are secretly calculating. Azure Dragon Yan Lang has even started to communicate with Yan Mo using his holy sense.

“Yan Mo, even though you disobeyed the elders’ orders in the past, the dragon clan has never considered you an outsider. You should know that the dragon clan is very united and never abandons any members.” Azure Dragon Yan Lang says via holy sense communication while flying.

His 3 uncles are already dead so the dragon clan is the weakest force among these 8 individuals and now he can only try to rope Yan Mo in.

After all, middle Kongming-stage Yan Mo can match a late Dujie-stage Xiuxianist in power. 3rd tribulation loose devils and loose immortals are comparable to Dacheng-stage experts, but both Huo Can and Old Taoist Gan Xu have suffered severe injuries.

While Huo Can’s condition is not bad, Old Taoist Gan Xu is in such a serious condition that he will only be a little more powerful than Yan Mo if they really fight each other.

“What do you mean by saying so, Yan Lang?” Yan Mo says coldly using his holy sense.

“Yan Mo, you know the dragon clan is powerful. You also know the dragon clan always shields its members even if they are at fault. If any member of the clan is bullied, the whole clan will avenge them. At that time you were still young so you disobeyed the elders’ orders, but in fact they still consider you a member of the dragon clan.” Yan Lang persuades.

Yan Mo falls silent.

“The elders haven’t cared about you for so many years … but, even though you’ve been living in the Wilderness, do you know why the Outer Wilderness could let you become its boss and why those demonic beasts of the Inner Wilderness don’t kill you?” Yan Lang asks.

Those experts do not dare to lightly kill even the dragons who have left the dragon clan because the dragon clan is too protective towards dragons.

Yan Mo himself knows that too. On the one hand, the fact that he has been able to make waves in the Wilderness has to do with his power. On the other hand, he cannot help admitting that his identity as a member of the dragon clan has been very useful even though he can forget about it.

The dragon clan!

Demonic beasts are divided into 3 main categories, running beasts, scaled beasts and flying beasts. And the dragon clan is almost synonymous with scaled beasts. Even though there are some relatively formidable clans among scaled beasts, all the other scaled beasts put together are still weaker than the dragon clan. In addition, the dragon clan is united in external affairs.

“What do you want me to do?” Yan Mo says gently.

With so many years of experience of living in the Wilderness, Yan Mo has already become different from that Yan Mo in the past. Now, as a ruler, he cannot be so haughty as he was at that time. After all, something too hard tends to be brittle.

Yan Lang is pleased and says at once: “Yan Mo, this time the 3 uncles are already dead, but you also know, this immortal mansion belongs to Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. Even those elders of our clan will covet that treasure which is said to be even 10 times more precious than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. If we snatch that treasure and turn it over to the clan, the status of both of us will rise exponentially for sure. And the elders definitely won’t mind the fact that you disobeyed their orders when you were still young.”

“Yan Lang, you want me to help those geezers?” Yan Mo is slightly annoyed.

Azure Dragon Yan Lang says indifferently: “Yan Mo, I’ve also been living alone in the Azure Dragon Palace for so long to compete with the Penglai Immortal Region and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon so I can also imagine how you’ve been living in the Wilderness. Yan Mo, we’re brothers. Are you really happy to be the only one of the dragon clan’s brothers to live outside?”

Is he happy to be alone?

Yan Mo ponders. Nobody knows what he is thinking. After a long time, he says: “Alright, I’ll join forces with you to snatch the treasure. I know Dame Yan Ji, Huo Can and Old Taoist Gan Xu are all badly injured while my power is totally unimpaired at the moment so I can definitely fight them. But … they all have low-grade immortal weapons.”

Both Huo Can and Old Taoist Gan Xu possess low-grade immortal weapons so, despite their serious injuries, Yan Mo will not have much hope of victory if he fights them.

“Don’t worry about this. I got a low-grade immortal weapon.” Yan Lang sudden says.

It is not difficult for the dragon clan to take out a low-grade immortal weapon at all. This time it could let Yan Lanshan, Yan Lanxu and Yan Lanlei bring 3 Illusion Dragon Balls with them so there is nothing strange about it also giving Azure Dragon Yan Lang a low-grade immortal weapon. After all, the dragon clan is extremely wealthy.

“You don’t worry I won’t return the immortal weapon to you after catching hold of it?” Yan Mo asks again.

“Why should I?” Yan Lan is totally unconcerned.


Not only Yan Mo and Yan Lang, the others are also using holy sense communication. By the time they are about to reach the Treasure Storing Tower, these 8 individuals have already secretly formed alliances. Everybody is flying at relatively low speeds because they are afraid that there will be some danger.

However, in the end the facts tell them that their doubts were wrong.

For once, that wicked Immortal Emperor Ni Yang told them the truth. There were really no dangers on the way at all.

In the boundless prairie, there is a two-storied building which is made entirely of jade, but the tiles on its roof are golden. Right in front of this white jade building’s entrance, there are a sculpture of a man made of black crystal on the left and a huge stone stele as tall as that sculpture on the right.

The man represented by the black crystal sculpture can be considered handsome but the most outstanding thing about him is his air. That air of lordliness and loftiness causes people to uncontrollably have an inferiority complex in front of it.

As soon as Qin Yu and the other 7 take a look at the sculpture, they cannot help feeling oppressed and secretly praising this sculpture for having been made with such excellent skill that the air of the man is shown completely, causing even 3rd tribulation and 4th tribulation stage experts to feel oppressed.

This is sculpture but it has come close to the natural Way of Heaven.

By coincidence, everybody immediately shifts their look to that stone stele from the sculpture.

At a glance, they can tell that those familiar words were left behind by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.

“Don’t let your imagination run wild, juniors. This stone stele isn’t a mansion-guarding stele. Remember to come in through the main entrance. There are immortal treasures waiting for you on the first floor. Afterwards, you follow the passage of the first floor to go up the second floor. There are also immortal treasures left for you on the 2nd floor. What immortal treasures you will get totally depends on your luck.”

Seeing the words on that stone stele, everybody is delighted in their heart.

It looks like there are quite a few treasures here as not only the 1st floor has treasures, but the 2nd floor also does.

Some of them want to rush through the entrance of this white jade building right away, but luckily nobody here is a fool. They all know that the 1st individual to get into action will probably be surrounded and attacked by the others.

“Everybody, brother Yi Da set an agreement at that time outside the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, but now more than half of the original participants are already dead so naturally it has become difficult to keep the agreement. Therefore, I propose that … we should renegotiate carefully here the matter of distribution.” Yan Lang says in a loud and clear voice.

Yan Mo is standing beside Yan Lang, holding a deep blue long spear. Right after arriving at this white jade building, he received this low-grade immortal weapon from Yan Lang and personalized it by blood.

“Distribution, humph, because of what?” Dame Yan Ji says with a cold humph. “Little azure dragon, your 3 seniors are already dead. Could your dragon clan still vainly want to fight for the treasures?”

Even though she is serious injured, nobody present is a match for her in a one-on-one.

Yan Lang says smilingly: “My 3 uncles are dead but in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion I already used a secret method of the dragon clan to message our clan’s elders. If you guys rely on force to snatch the immortal treasures, even if you can get out of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, you won’t be able to leave with them.”

Dame Yan Ji’s face changes color. The facial expressions of the people like Old Taoist Gan Xu also become somewhat unsightly.

If experts of the dragon clan are really waiting for everybody outside the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, that will be terrible.

“Don’t stay here bullshitting. I already tested it long ago. Transmitters are totally useless in this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.” Old Taoist Gan Xu says coldly. “When it’s impossible to send messages out from this place, how could you have told your elders about this business?”

“Ha-ha … Gan Xu, I didn’t say I’d used a transmitter. Dame Yan Ji, given your knowledge, you most probably should know that my dragon clan has secret communication treasures that are even much more effective than transmitters, right?” Yan Lang says very confidently.

The dragon clan has very many treasures.

Transmitters are only used by ordinary Xiuzhenists and Xiuyaoists. The dragon clan even has some high-grade communication treasures.

“Indeed.” Dame Yan Ji is somewhat frustrated inside.

Actually, Yan Lang’s heart is being filled with apprehension. Even though the dragon clan has that kind of secret communication treasure, at that time it was not paying enough attention to this immortal mansion. It allowing 3 late Dujie-stage azure dragons to go with 3 Illusion Dragon Balls was already very extraordinary, how could it have thought that even transmitters would be useless in this place?

However, despite having succeeded in fooling everyone, Yan Lang knows that he cannot go overboard.

“My dragon clan won’t demand much, only 2 out of every 9 parts. What do you think?” Yan Lang says smilingly. “This also means, if the immortals treasures are a multiple of 9, we’ll distribute them like that, and if there are fewer than 9 of them, we’ll fight for them using our own skills.”

Hearing this demand from the dragon clan, Dame Yan Ji says at once: “Okay, I agree. I won’t want much either, 3 out of every 9 parts.”

3 out of every 9 parts are not much?

But she is the most powerful here so nobody else can say anything.

Before Qin Yu can talk, Li’er says with a smile: “The Stellar Tower won’t want much either. On behalf of big brother Qin Yu, I want 2 parts for us.”

“Even you want 2 parts? Because of what?” Huo Can says coldly while a chilly light shoots out from Old Taoist Gan Xu’s eyes. Because the dragon clan and Dame Yan Ji have taken 5 parts in total, if Qin Yu takes 2 other parts, how much can Huo Can and Old Taoist Gan Xu get?

“Because of what?” Li’er says smilingly. “Because of my protective magic treasures. You can’t hurt me but I can kill either of you with an Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman.” A lustrous purple talismanic seal appears in her hand.

The tide immediately turns.

Qin Yu also smiles. It turns out Uncle Lan gave Li’er not only protective magic treasures but offensive treasures too.

“Dame Yan Ji, you should know the power of an Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman. If you weren’t injured, you could still manage to withstand it, but now I think you’ll be badly injured even if you can ward it off. As for the others, they can’t withstand it.” Li’er looks at Dame Yan Ji and says.

Dame Yan Ji finds this both funny and annoying: “Little girl, I really admire that loose immortal senior of yours. Ice-devouring Lightning Talismans, facing one of them, even if I were fully fit, I’d probably still be badly hurt and suffer a loss in power. Now …”

She has heard of this Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman.

Firstly, those weaker than an 8th tribulation loose immortal can forget about making this kind of talisman. Secondly, it requires extremely precious materials to make so it is even more valuable than a low-grade immortal weapon. Thirdly … the method of making it is not known to ordinary loose immortals.

Everybody has been restrained by just an Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman.

“Alright, I’ll take one out of every 9 parts.” Old Taoist Gan Xu concedes.

Huo Can says in frustration too: “The last part is for me and Yi Da then.” Even though he said that, if there are actually 9 immortal weapons, how can he possibly give Yi Da the one that will be distributed to him?

But at the moment Yi Da is not discontented in the least.

“Very well, then let’s go inside.” After saying so, Dame Yan Ji takes the lead in going towards the entrance of this building. Others also go towards the inside of the white jade building, but Qin Yu looks at Li’er.

“What’s the matter, Li’er?” He asks doubtfully.

“You come in first, big brother Qin Yu. I still have something to do. And take this Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman with you.” Li’er says with a mysterious smile.

Hearing her say so, Qin Yu smilingly receives the talisman with a nod then goes towards the entrance of the white jade building. There may be dangers in this storied building, but how can there possibly be dangers outside? Moreover, Li’er is safeguarded by protective magic treasures.

Holding this Ice-devouring Lightning Talisman, Qin Yu will even be able to intimidate those loose immortals and loose devils.

When he reaches the entrance, that is to say, when he is passing that sculpture, he suddenly notices something with the corners of his eyes. There is unexpectedly a ring on the right forefinger of this black jade sculptured man, whose both hands are put behind his back.

Because both of the hands are put behind the back and there is also a robe, it is basically impossible to see the ring from places other than Qin Yu’s current place. Moreover, that ring has the same color as the sculptured man so it is also very hard to spot, but Qin Yu has happened to notice it.

“A ring, could it be some treasure?” He reaches out his hand to try taking off the ring and unexpectedly gets it with ease.

However, with a sweep of his holy sense, he cannot see anything special about this ring. He then even wears it on his finger and personalizes it by blood but still sees nothing special about it. Obviously … this is a mere ornament.

“I was really too suspicious.” Qin Yu shakes his head with a smile then immediately steps into the 1st floor of this Treasure Storing Tower.

On the 1st floor, at the moment Dame Yan Ji and the others are encircling and looking at a number of small black necklaces floating in the air. These necklaces look like dog collars used by mortals, only they emit a very strange energy that is different from ordinary immortal elemental energy.

“Holy beast collars, they’re unexpectedly holy beast collars. Besides, there are 18 of them.” Dame Yan Ji exclaims.

The number of them happens to be exactly 18. Is this not a multiple of 9?

“They’re unexpectedly holy beast collars.” Azure Dragon Yan Lang’s eyes flash with a cold light.

Now Dame Yan Ji is afraid of the others so she does not dare to snatch the collars by force. She looks smilingly at Azure Dragon and says: “Everybody, these holy beast collars are used by some immortals to subdue demonic beasts. When these collars are put on the demonic beasts that have been beaten to the brink of death, these demonic beasts will definitely be controlled by the immortals. Of course, the users of these holy beast collars don’t necessarily have to be immortals. A loose devil like me can also use them. It is said that there are plenty of holy beast collars in the immortal world, but in this mortal world, it’s almost impossible to find them.”

No wonder Azure Dragon Yan Lang has become excited. These holy beast collars are used to capture demonic beasts and turn them into mounts.

End of b10c18.

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