Book 10 Chapter 14

B10C14: Peach Blossom Land; Road of Death

“Standard immortal, golden immortal, mystic immortal.” Qin Yu remembers firmly in his heart. “Immortality is divided into 3 stages, each of which has 9 levels. Perhaps each level is several times more powerful than the previous. Despite both being immortal emperors, a level-6 or level-7 mystic immortal should be able to kill a level-1 mystic immortal instantly.”

If the mystic immortals in the immortal world knew what he is thinking, they would definitely scoff at it.

Even though it is hard for immortals to become golden immortals, quite a few have succeeded. But to become mystic immortals, not only do golden immortals have to power up, they also need enlightenment. Without mental transformation and intuitive enlightenment, they will not be able to break through the barrier between golden immortals and mystic immortals.

This barrier is simple, but in the whole immortal world, countless level-9 golden immortals have been stuck in this last step for millions or tens of millions of years without being able to make a breakthrough.

Every mystic immortal has a revered status. Except in a certain special situation, immortal emperors seldom fight each other. After all, the number of immortal emperors is very small. Moreover, immortals also have to compete with the experts of the devil world and the demon world so they cannot afford to lose any mystic immortals easily.

“Everybody, you already understand that there are also gaps between immortal emperors, right?” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s words naturally contain the lordliness of an immortal emperor. “Mystic immortals are divided into 9 levels. Only those at the last 3 levels, 7, 8 and 9, are truly top-class experts of the immortal world. And I, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, am a level-8 mystic immortal!”

A level-8 mystic immortal!

What kind of status is that?

“Merely a level-8 mystic immortal.” Qin Yu talks to himself in his mind. “Yet he’s so arrogant. I even thought he was a level-9 mystic immortal.” Everything that just happened coupled with Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s haughtiness really caused him to be totally intimidated by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.

Merely at level 8?

“At the mystic immortal stage, it’s very hard to go up a level. Among demon emperor experts, devil emperor experts and immortal emperor experts, there are only very few who can defeat me. Alas, don’t think that a level-8 mystic immortal isn’t considered top-class, juniors. You should know that after becoming a level-9 mystic immortal, one has to prepare to take on the divine tribulation. If they fail, they’ll die. And if they succeed, they’ll ascend to the divine world. So, level-8 mystic immortals are the experts with the highest level of safety, stability and formidability!”

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang explains carefully.

Level-9 mystic immortals must be ready to undergo the divine tribulation. A level-8 mystic immortal is already not far from the top and if they have some advantages in weaponry and technique, it is possible for them to fight level-9 mystic immortals.

“A level-8 mystic immortal’s mansion, when the elders know about this, they’ll deeply regret their decision for sure.” Yan Lanshan bemoans.

Those elders thought that it would be very exceptional if this immortal mansion had been left behind by a golden immortal. But it was unexpectedly left behind by an immortal of the highest stage, a mystic immortal. Furthermore, this is even a level-8 mystic immortal, who arguably belongs to the top of mystic immortals!

Level-8 mystic immortals, what kind of beings are they? Perhaps they can be counted on one hand.

Dame Yan Ji, Reverend Shui Rou, Reverend Yue Yan, Huo Can and the experts from the dragon clan all begin to feel reverence for that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang in their hearts. It is also nothing special that an immortal mansion left behind by an expert of his level is made entirely of elemental holy ore.

“I believe you already know some basic information about me. Very well, now I’ll introduce carefully some information related to the treasure of this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion to you. Whether you’ll get it depends on yourself.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice resounds through the space.

“Finally, here we go.” Qin Yu’s eyes brighten.

Dame Yan Ji’s eyes also glitter fervently because this is a treasure over 10 times more precious than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion left behind by a level-8 mystic immortal: “I’ll even risk my life to get it if necessary. Those who entered the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion this time aren’t very powerful so I still got a chance. I’m going to go all out even if it’s slim because later I won’t be able to get a chance like this.”

“Big brother, I’ll definitely get this treasure.” Huo Can has made up his mind too.


In their heart, every expert is determined to fight for the treasure.

The path of Xiuzhenists is not only about practice. For the most part, it is also about fighting for treasures. Those who are capable will seize the treasures. This mainly depends on individual abilities. When the time comes, if one shows their skills and obtains a desired treasure, they can be happy. And if they fail, they can only practice even harder for the next chance.

“To protect the benefit of the one who will obtain the treasure, I’ll talk just a little. This treasure … is an immortal item, a unique immortal item in the Treasure Storing Tower inside the inner palace of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. All right, that’s all.”

The excited expression on Qin Yu’s face stiffens.

There is nothing more?

It is an immortal item, a unique immortal item in the Treasure Storing Tower inside the inner palace of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion?

That is all?

Not only Qin Yu, even the faces of the loose immortals and loose devils such as Dame Yan Ji and Old Taoist Gan Xu are also full of astonishment. They even thought that this Immortal Emperor Ni Yang would tell them carefully what this treasure is and what uses it has.

“This is really enough to protect the future owner’s benefit. He talked but it was no different from not talking. Now we only know that this is an immortal item in the Treasure Storing Tower.” Qin Yu gives a laugh inwardly, but he has remembered Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s words.

A unique immortal item,

“Since it’s a unique item in the Treasure Storing Tower, given this Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s character, he definitely should have put it at some obscure place instead of an obvious place.” There is a faint smile on the corners of his mouth because he has previous experience of getting the elemental holy essence.

“Ha-ha … everybody, didn’t you obtain the Qingyu Immortal Mansion very easily?” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice continues resounding through the air.

Obtained it easily?

“Bullshit.” Huo Can curses in his mind. Even his own big brother was killed, but he was unable to get anything from it at all.

Dame Yan Ji, Old Taoist Gan Xu, the 3 experts from the dragon clan and the other experts are also breathing urgently. Was it really easy to obtain? They made every effort to intrigue against each other but in the end they were messed about by this Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.

Who knows if someone got that thing called elemental holy essence or not?

“The more precious something is, the harder it is to obtain. You most probably already know how difficult it was to get the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. This treasure is over 10 times more precious than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion so naturally the difficulty of obtaining it is over 10 times greater than that of obtaining the Qingyu Immortal Mansion too.”

Over 10 times?

“If the difficulty is really so great, very many people will surely die this time.” Qin Yu is shocked in his heart. He was able to luckily obtain that elemental holy essence only thanks to Li’er’s help. But now he is all by himself on this strange long lane without anybody’s help.

Not only Qin Yu, almost everybody else is cursing too.

“10 times, now that I’ve lost more than half of my power, if the difficulty increases by 10 times, perhaps I’ll lose my life here.” Dame Yan Ji also has a bad feeling.

Risk is in direct proportion to return.

“You want to get a treasure of that level without going through dangers and life-or-death situations? Are you dreaming, juniors?” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang says coldly. Everybody can feel the disdain contained in his voice.

If they want to obtain that treasure, they will have to risk their lives.

“Since you already entered the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, you won’t be able to leave safely without going through any dangers. Having come to this place, you’ve got no other choices. Now there are 2 ways for you. One is on your left hand side, leading to the Peach Blossom Land.”

The Peach Blossom Land?

Qin Yu, Dame Yan Ji, Yan Mo, Li’er, Huo Can, Old Taoist Gan Xu, Yan Lang, Reverend Shui Rou and the other experts are all listening carefully because every sentence Immortal Emperor Ni Yang says now can bear upon their little lives.

The left side of the narrow road leads to the Peach Blossom Land!

“Inside the Peach Blossom Land, there is not only an exceptionally high density of natural holy energy but also an exceptionally high density of elemental holy energy. If you go into the Peach Blossom Land, you’ll be trapped in there all the time until you achieve ascension! You can practice in the Peach Blossom Land without worries because it won’t have any disasters except for heavenly tribulations. Besides, the densities of natural holy energy and elemental holy energy in there are even higher than those in the mortal world and in the common places of the immortal world.”

“You can say that it’s a paradise for practitioners. It’s just that your freedom will be limited. You’ll have no choice but to stay within the boundary of the Peach Blossom Land.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang advises. “I’d advise you to stay in there because at least you’ll be able to protect your little lives.”

Everybody remains silent.

“The 2nd way is to go right along the narrow road. That way leads to the Road of Death, which is full of deadly dangers.”

The Road of Death!

When Qin Yu hears this name, his heart cannot help shaking slightly. Judging by its name alone, he knows that this road must be extremely dangerous. Even though he already obtained Gan Ming’s yuanying, absorbing it requires a lot of time whereas now his time is tight.

In terms of power, he is the weakest here. Even the ones such as Yan Mo and Yi Da are stronger than he is, not to mention those loose immortals and loose devils.

As the weakest, if he chooses the Road of Death, the probability of him dying will be extremely high for sure.

“Humph, Road of Death.” Dame Yan Yi gives a cold laugh in her heart. “I’m the most powerful in here. If even I can’t make it through the Road of Death alive, nobody else can. Staying in the Peach Blossom Land like a turtle? When there’s a chance to obtain such a treasure, of course I’ll grab it.”

However, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang continues talking.

“This long and winding lane only allows going left and going right. You can’t afford to step into the mist no matter what. Whoever sets foot in the mist will definitely die. Even if you’re a 12th tribulation loose immortal, don’t even think about surviving it!” He says very firmly.

Looking at the boundless mist on both sides of the long and winding lane, Qin Yu is secretly frightened.

Nobody doubts Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s words.

A level-8 mystic immortal is countless time more powerful than golden immortals. A 12th tribulation loose immortal is tough but they are simply not worth mentioning in front of a level-8 mystic immortal. When Immortal Emperor Ni Yang already said so, that means whoever enters the mist will absolutely die.

“There’s no danger on this long and winding lane. You can now go to take a look at the Peach Blossom Land, and the Road of Death as well. Not far from you on the left side of the lane, there is a stone stele which reads ‘Peach Blossom Land’. Right behind it is the Peach Blossom Land. Likewise, if you go right along the long and winding lane, you’ll soon see a stone stele which says ‘Road of Death’. Don’t go past it. You can stay beside the stone stele to observe the dangers of the Road of Death. Don’t rush your decision.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang even gives everybody a chance to look at the 2 places.

“This long and winding lane only exists for 2 hours. After that, it will disappear. So … within 2 hours, you’ll have to choose whether to live peacefully in the Peach Blossom Land or to step into the danger-riddled Road of Death to contend for the treasure.”

“Moreover, each of you has a different long and winding lane. Before the lanes disappear, you can only see yourself and not the others.”


After hearing these words, everybody immediately starts to run extremely fast.

The long and winding lane will exist for 2 hours, which is the time for them to make their decisions.

Because there is a chance to go and look at both places, Qin Yu certainly runs towards the Peach Blossom Land first. Fusing his golden stellar energy with his body, he runs left at his top speed like a beam of light.

After an amount of time needed to drink a cup of tea, he sees a stone stele which says ‘Peach Blossom Land’.

Behind this stone stele is a vast prairie. There is a lake which is exceptionally clear like a mirror in the prairie. By the side of the lake, there are various pavilions, terraces, towers and corridors … There are also all kinds of animals on the prairie.

“Where’s Li’er? Everybody’s got a different long and winding lane, but the Peach Blossom Land should be unique. Where is she?” He runs to this place hoping to see Li’er. However, his hope seems to have come to nothing.

“Ha-ha, don’t hope too much. You can’t see each other within these 2 hours. Only after that will you be able to see each other. Either the Peach Blossom Land or the Road of Death, quickly make your decisions.”

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s voice rises in the air again. It seems he was able to guess everybody’s reaction long ago.

Qin Yu turns around and rushes straight towards the Road of Death.

Extremely fast!

There are only 2 hours so he cannot waste a single minute. This time, only after a period needed to drink 2 cups of tea does Qin Yu see a stone stele which reads ‘Road of Death’ beside the long and winding lane. Now he already knows why the Road of Death has this name.

“Good Heavens, this, this is certain death!” Qin Yu is shocked when he sees this Road of Death.

Behind the stone stele, there is a vast river. The ‘water’ of this river is a liquid similar to lava. Various purple flames are shooting up from inside the river, dyeing the sky red. And various thunderbolts are striking down from the sky.

Thunderbolts, heavenly flames, one leaping into the sky from down below and one striking down from high above, there are thousands upon thousands of them!

Above the river, there is a small road which is half a meter wide and looks like a long bridge. This small road is none other than the Road of Death.

Various heavenly flames are rushing towards the small road and countless thunderbolts are bombarding it.

“Juniors, don’t think you can rely on high speeds to get through. When you set foot in the Road of Death, you’ll find it hard to step as if your bodies are being pressed down by a great mountain. Don’t think that you’re powerful. The more powerful you are, the more pressure you are under. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the Jindan stage or the 12th tribulation stage, your movements will be as slow as a black tortoise on these bridges. These flames are heavenly flames and those thunderbolts are extraordinarily powerful too. Of course, I won’t let all of you die. Perhaps only 9 out of 10 people who enter the Road of Death will die … ha-ha. Whether to go into the Peach Blossom Land or to walk the Road of Death, choose carefully.”

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s complacent voice resounds above the entire river of heavenly flames.

That river is boiling unceasingly and heavenly flames keep spurting from it. Their temperatures are so high that they can even melt people.

However, when Dame Yan Ji, the 3 experts from the dragon clan, Qin Yu and the others hear what Immortal Emperor Ni Yang says and see the situation in the Road of Death before them, their hearts freeze.


In Chinese, ‘Peach Blossom Land’ is a figure of speech for a paradise or a promised land.

End of b10c14.

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