Book 10 Chapter 13

B10C13: Immortal Emperor Ni Yang

“Big brother Qin Yu, did you control that mansion-guarding stele to sink into the floor?” There is also a smiling expression on Li’er’s face. She is laughing to herself in her heart too. Her big brother Qin Yu was really too mean. He unexpectedly waited until the last moment, when the mansion-guarding stele was about to be personalized by somebody else, to make it sink into the floor.

Qin Yu cannot help giving a smile when he sees through the clean mirror that the 3 experts of the dragon clan and the others all appear to be in a state of stupefaction and disbelief.

“Now this Qingyu Immortal Mansion is under my control. If I want, it won’t be hard for me to kill them.” He can feel clearly every restrictive spell of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. Just by feeling the tremendous energy of those restrictive spells, he has absolutely no doubt about their power.

However, at this moment –

A loud and clear voice unexpectedly rises in Qin Yu’s mind.

“You’re not bad, junior. Surprisingly you haven’t used the restrictive spells to kill people. Since you haven’t reached that level of viciousness, the defensive spells and some relatively weak offensive spells among these restrictive spells will be given to you. But I must remove the most powerful offensive spells.”

It is a message left behind by immortal Ni Yang.

Qin Yu’s heart trembles.

This immortal Ni Yang’s actions are really unpredictable. Qin Yu can be sure that he left behind an activating spell. If he had attacked those in the main hall using restrictive spells, perhaps these defensive spells would have automatically disappeared completely.

If an immortal mansion like this one loses its powerful defensive spells, perhaps once he takes it out for use, it will definitely attract a great number of experts, who will come to plunder it.

Luckily Qin Yu did not attack. He secretly lets out a sigh of relief.

“Then how powerful were the strongest offensive spells?” He suddenly thinks of this. Too bad, these strongest offensive spells were probably too powerful so that immortal Ni Yang has already got rid of them himself.


In the main hall of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion,

Reverend Shui Rou, Reverend Yue Yan, Old Taoist Gan Xu and Dame Yan Ji all look at the original place of that mansion-guarding stele, which has already sunk into the floor. The 4 of them fought almost to the death and Huo Lan, Gan Ming and Gan Shan were even killed, but in the end this is the outcome they have achieved.

“Impossible, how is this possible?” Yan Lanshan’s and his 2 brothers’ faces are full of fury and unwillingness.

They hid their powers until the last moment and eventually were able to seize an opportunity, but when then entire mansion was about to be personalized, the mansion-guarding stele unexpectedly sunk into the floor for no reason then disappeared before their eyes.

“Dragon clan, in the end all that you did is like drawing water with a sieve, isn’t it? You see, the elemental holy energy of this immortal mansion is so abundant. I’m afraid practicing here is even better than practicing in some holy places of the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Such a precious place can only be obtained by someone predestined to get it. All of this means Heaven doesn’t want to give it to you.” Dame Yan Ji says sneeringly.

Azure Dragon Yan Lang’s heart is also filled with unwillingness, but what can he do?

Yan Lanshan gives Dame Yan Ji an ice-cold look then looks at this main hall, which is made entirely of elemental holy ore. The whole immortal mansion is made of elemental holy ore, no less. There are also various other kinds of treasures such as immortal grasses and herbs. Originally they were about to obtain everything, but in the end …

Yan Lanshan has no choice but to turn his face upwards and let out a deep sigh.

Nobody in the main hall knows that the one who caused this scene is Qin Yu, who has already gained control of the entire immortal mansion. He started to personalize the elemental holy essence while they were fighting each other so everything they did was certain to be futile from the beginning.


“Awesome, awesome, these loose immortals and loose devils are so strong that I was simply unable to compete with them. At first I thought I had absolutely no chance. Who could have thought the tide would turn and I’d eventually get this immortal mansion?”

Qin Yu feels that life is really unpredictable. Originally he already gave up on contending for the treasure, who would have thought he would obtain it in the end?

However, right at this moment –

He feels the space shake for a while. Then he discovers that he is no longer in the resting house. Now under his feet is not the floor made of elemental holy ore and there is a boundless mist around him instead of a richly ornamented building and lustrous walls.

“What’s happened? Where’s Li’er?” Qin Yu is shocked in his heart. He observes his surroundings carefully but sees no signs of human habitation.

There is only a narrow road leading to the left and to the right under his feet, a long and winding road. At first sight, he cannot see its ends. But there is a vast and obscure mist in front of and behind him. His eyes cannot see through it, nor can his holy sense penetrate it.


The experts of the dragon clan such as Yan Lanshan and the other experts, who are still in the main hall, suddenly notice the space turning vertically. All of them then disappear in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. When they wake up, each of them finds himself or herself standing on a narrow road.

This narrow road leads to the left and the right and can accommodate 2 or 3 people going side by side. But there is a strange mist in front of and behind them which is simply impossible to see through.


“Shui Rou, Shui Rou, where are you?” Reverend Yue Yan discovers that he is somehow standing on a small road. However, Reverend Shui Rou, who originally was beside him, has already disappeared. He takes a look but sees no one at all.

At the moment, Reverend Yue Yan’s face is full of anxiety. His holy sense simply cannot be expanded so he has no choice but to shout loudly.

Dame Yan Ji, Old Taoist Gan Xu, Yan Mo, Azure Dragon Yan Lang, Qin Yu, Li’er, the 3 experts from the dragon clan, Reverend Shui Rou and the one who absconded long ago, Huo Can, have all appeared on their respective lanes too.

After Huo Lan had been killed, Huo Can ran away, but he could not leave the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion so in the end, when that restrictive spell left behind by immortal Ni Yang was automatically activated, he was also included and drawn into this new place.

The narrow roads only allow going left and going right. There are no other choices and, even worse, there is only one individual on a road.

Seeing this scene, Yan Mo reacts calmly but Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou are worried about each other so their hearts are filled with anxiety. In contrast, Old Taoist Gan Xu observes the surroundings carefully and starts to try to figure out what this place is by recalling the ancient secret books of his school.

On Qin Yu’s narrow road,

“Li’er has disappeared. The others have also disappeared. Most probably that immortal Ni Yang has used some restrictive spell or secret process that I’m unaware of. Li’er got protective treasures so she should be safer than I am.” Qin Yu is very worried in his heart but he can only console himself like that.

He looks around carefully.

“Right, the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.” He is frightened inwardly.

That elemental holy essence was personalized by him so the Qingyu Immortal Mansion should have become his, but in the end he had not taken it into the elemental holy essence. With a thought, Qin Yu immediately makes his holy sense go into the elemental holy essence.

There is a small exquisite immortal mansion within the elemental holy essence.

The moment the restrictive spell was initiated, taking Qin Yu to a new place, that Qingyu Immortal Mansion automatically went into the elemental holy essence.

“Congratulations, everybody, ha-ha ... I casually created that mansion-guarding stele just for fun. In fact it’s a fake. Even if you try to personalize it, you won’t succeed. Oh my, don’t tell me that very many of you have died in fighting for that mansion-guarding stele.”

Qin Yu, Dame Yan Ji, Old Taoist Gan Xu, Yan Mo, Yan Lanshan, Yi Da, Huo Can and the others can all hear that voice, which is resounding through the air.

“It’s immortal Ni Yang!” At the moment Qin Yu does not know what he should do, cursing or what.

This immortal Ni Yang has simply been having them in the palm of his hand and toying with them.

When Dame Yan Ji hears this reverberant voice, her entire body gets a shock and her heart is temporarily filled with mixed emotions. She does not know what to say: “Immortal Ni Yang, you’re quite something. It turns out the mansion-guarding stele that caused us to fight each other to the death was phony!”

“It was a fake!”

Yan Lanshan, Yan Lanlei, Yan Lanxu and Yan Lang are all very annoyed. They feel that they have been toyed with. Even though they thought that their plan was very good and infallible, they have still been made fun of by this immortal Ni Yang.

However, Huo Can’s body gets a shock: “Big brother, your death is so unfair!”

Old Taoist Gan Xu even takes a deep breath to try to control his emotions. He is already about to go crazy. At the moment he is so badly injured that he cannot even fly and his 2 junior brothers were already killed when fighting for the mansion-guarding stele, which was believed to be a treasure.

“You’re so wicked, immortal Ni Yang.” Old Taoist Gan Xu says in a low voice.

This immortal Ni Yang has just talked a bit but everybody’s feelings have become very complicated.

His voice continues rising in the air: “Ha-ha … you’re in a lot of pain, you’re clenching your teeth and you feel deeply wronged, right? Ha-ha … I like this the most. But I also left behind the real core of that Qingyu Immortal Mansion. Whether you could get it totally depended on your luck.”

These words were all left behind by immortal Ni Yang long ago. He himself has not been here for nobody knows how many years.

Is this small immortal mansion still worthy of immortal Ni Yang staying here to guard it? Given his power, what would he not know after a sweep of his immortal sense?

“I left behind 2 sources of restrictive spells in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, one being the mansion-guarding stele and the other being the elemental holy essence. That elemental holy essence is the real core of the entire immortal mansion. If someone tried to personalize the mansion-guarding stele, at the last moment, it would automatically sink into the floor. Then all of you would be taken to this place.”

Only now do Dame Yan Ji, the dragon clan’s experts and the loose immortals know that the real core is the elemental holy essence.

“If someone personalized the elemental holy essence, don’t worry, he wouldn’t be able to kill you with the restrictive spells of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion because before the offensive spells are activated, my restrictive spell would automatically start and take all of you to this place. If he controlled and made the mansion-guarding stele sink into the floor, you would still be taken to this place.”

Now everybody finally understands why things happened in this way.

But Dame Yan Ji and the others still do not know if it was because someone personalized that elemental holy essence or not.

They know that only when the mansion-guarding stele sunk into the floor at the last moment were they taken to this place. So, there are 2 possibilities. The first is, the stele automatically sunk into the floor at the last moment because of Azure Dragon Yan Lang’s attempt to personalize it then the restrictive spell was activated and took them here.

The second is, the lucky one who had personalized the elemental holy essence controlled the mansion-guarding stele to sink into the floor when Azure Dragon Yan Lang was about to succeed, bringing about this scene.

Nobody can ascertain which possibility actually happened.

“I see. If I hadn’t made the mansion-guarding stele sink into the floor at that time, it would have probably sunk into the floor by itself.” Only now does Qin Yu understand the purpose of that restrictive spell set up by immortal Ni Yang. But this is not bad because at least the others still cannot decide if someone personalized the elemental holy essence.

The experts such as Dame Yan Ji all console themselves: “Without doubt that elemental holy essence wasn’t personalized. Nobody knew what it was. Those outside the main hall like Huo Can, Qin Yu and the others didn’t know what it was either, how could they have personalized it?”

“Everybody, first I’ll congratulate you for passing the first obstacle. From now on, you’ll have a chance to obtain the real immortal treasure. That immortal treasure is even over 10 times more precious than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion!” Immortal Ni Yang’s voice echoes through the air.

Everyone’s body gets a shock.

Even more precious than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion? And over 10 times at that?

“The elders guessed wrong. Perhaps this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion is the most outstanding immortal mansion in history so far. It unexpectedly even got a treasure over 10 times more precious than that Qingyu Immortal Mansion. What’s that treasure?” Yan Lanshan thinks to himself.

Everybody feels their heart beating faster.

“Ha-ha … you’re very excited, right? As for what this treasure is, don’t worry. Before talking about it, let me introduce myself seriously a bit.” Immortal Ni Yang deliberately pauses for a while.

At first, everybody was waiting for this immortal Ni Yang to tell them what the treasure is, but now he unexpectedly is going to introduce himself. However … they, including Qin Yu, are very curious to know what kind of deity immortal Ni Yang is and where he is from.

“I, Ni Yang, am an immortal emperor in the immortal world. I am called Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.” Immortal Ni Yang says the first sentences of his introduction.

Immortal emperor?

Everybody is astounded.

But they immediately become excited. No wonder he does not care about such a precious immortal mansion. It turns out he is an immortal emperor. After knowing that this immortal Ni Yang is an immortal emperor, everybody present has even higher expectations for the incoming treasure.

“If I only mentioned ‘immortal emperor’, you wouldn’t know how formidable I am. Immortality is divided into 3 stages, each of which is divided into 9 levels. The 3 stages are standard immortal, golden immortal and mystic immortal. The gap between 2 consecutive stages is so great that it’s insurmountable.” Immortal Emperor Ni Yang begins to introduce himself carefully. It is obvious he thinks that, without a clear introduction, these people would not know about his formidability.

“In the immortal world, there are countless standard immortals. The standard immortal stage consists of 9 levels. Only by breaking through level 9 of this stage can you become a level-1 golden immortal. The number of golden immortals is over 100 times smaller than that of standard immortals, but they still can’t be considered rare. Only mystic immortals are rare! Mystic immortals are divided into 9 levels, but any mystic immortal, whether they’re at level 1 or at the strongest level, level 9, is qualified to be called Immortal Emperor!”

Immortal Ni Yang says very clearly.

“So, there are quite a few mystic immortals called immortal emperors in the immortal world and the power gaps between them can also be very great. A level-1 mystic immortal who occupies several planets is called an immortal emperor, but so is a level-6 or level-7 mystic immortal who occupies several thousand to over 10,000 practice planets. Even though they’re both immortal emperors, there’s a world of difference between them.” Immortal Ni Yang’s tone shows that he does not care too much about immortal emperors who are level-1 mystic immortals.

End of b10c13.

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