Book 10 Chapter 11

B10C11: Devil’s Bloody Clouds

Silence, oppressive silence,

The whole main hall of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion is frighteningly silent. Old Taoist Gan Xu’s hair is disheveled, his face is dripping blood and his Taoist robe is badly torn. Reverend Shui Rou has even had one arm ripped off, but she does not want to waste her energy materializing an arm.

However, her grudge is very clear. That look in her eyes is even chilling. On one side of her, Reverend Yue Yan is even more furious because she has been badly injured. His eyes have turned crimson as if they are filled with blood.

“Humph, juniors, today I’ll definitely kill the 3 of you. This battle must be fought to the death.” Dame Yan Ji no longer has the flirtatiousness of the past. Her long hair is fluttering like various silvery needles. Her face is even white like the bones of the dead.

“Shut up, you fiend.” Old Taoist Gan Xu suddenly shouts.

Fighting Dame Yan Ji until now, Reverend Shui Rou and Reverend Yue Yan basically have not suffered much damage, but Old Taoist Gan Xu has lost his 2 junior brothers continuously. Even though he is ice-cold, he has been living together with them for several thousand years to 10,000 years so he still has affection for them.

Moreover, as soon as his 2 junior brothers died, Old Taoist Gan Xu was put at a greater disadvantage.

“Gan Xu, you’re still arrogant? I’ve already killed your 2 junior brothers so you’re the next.” Dame Yan Ji’s eyes radiate a red light. That claw, which looks like white bones, immediately arrives in front of Old Taoist Gan Xu -- Teleportation!

Because the loose immortals stopped attacking moments ago, the space has become very stable, so naturally now it is possible to use the Secret Skill of immortals and devils -- Teleportation.

Old Taoist Gan Xu’s face changes color greatly. At this extremely critical moment, he goes forwards instead of retreating. His body charges straight towards Dame Yan Ji’s breasts, which are big and sexy. He really does not care about losing face by using this move.

A ‘poof’ noise is heard. Flesh is torn apart and white bones are exposed.

Because Old Taoist Gan Xu went forwards instead of backing away, this claw attack by Dame Yan Ji did not hit his dantian and only hit his chest. Those many bones are clearly visible. But Dame Yan Ji’s white-boned claw quickly swipes downwards.

Tearing the chest, breaking the stomach,

“The yuanying’s not here!” Dame Yan Ji’s face changes color.

There are no signs of pain on Old Taoist Gan Xu’s face, as if the flesh does not belong to his body. But he opens his mouth. Riding his low-grade immortal flying sword, a little yuanying then shoots straight at Dame Yan Ji. Because they are so close, the sword immediately penetrates her face, giving her no time to dodge.

Coming down in a straight line!

A large hole has been pierced in Dame Yan Ji’s face. With a ferocious expression, Old Taoist Gan Xu’s yuanying rides the flying sword to come straight down from the head to attack the yuanying inside the body.

“Ah ~~~” An extremely sharp and resounding voice rises from inside Dame Yan Ji’s body.

Merciless Fire and Water!

Reverend Yue Yan’s and Reverend Shui Rou’s eyes glitter. Dazzling lights shoot out from their bodies. At this moment, they do not even care if Old Taoist Gan Xu is dead or alive. The 2 of them execute that special move again, aiming it straight at Dame Yan Ji’s body.

An enraged Dame Yan Ji immediately uses the yuanying inside her body to control her low-grade immortal weapon Black Wind Ribbons to fight Old Taoist Gan Xu.

“2 little thieves.”

Dame Yan Ji’s face changes color. She has been roaming the Teng Long continent unhindered for several thousand years so naturally she is exceptionally experienced. Even though at the moment she is furiously fighting Old Taoist Gan Xu using her yuanying, she is constantly paying attention to Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou using her devil sense.

When the 2 of them perform a joint attack through a formation, if she is careless, she will die miserably for sure.

Despite being a 4th tribulation loose devil, this does not mean that she dares to ignore the attack of 2 3rd tribulation loose immortals.

Like a rainbow, Old Taoist Gan Xu’s immediately rushes out of Dame Yan Ji’s physical body and runs away. He simply does not care about fighting anymore. When he rushes out, he even intentionally sends out blasts of energy to directly cause a gaping hole in the front part of her torso.

In the blink of an eye, Dame Yan Ji controls her physical body to dodge away.

A sky-shaking explosion is heard.

Her back has been smashed to the point where the skin is torn and the flesh gapes open.

Right from the beginning, Old Taoist Gan Xu fused his soul with his yuanying directly. Then, riding his flying sword, he penetrated and entered her body. When he came out, he burst open her chest and stomach. Afterwards, Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou’s joint attack not only made her suffer a power loss but also severely damaged her physical body.

At the moment, Dame Yan Ji is like a corpse.

But she is unwilling to abandon this physical body. Even though a loose devil can always materialize a loose devil body as long as the yuanying is alive … this requires too much energy, so much that not even Dame Yan Ji is willing to waste this damaged physical body.

“Ah ~~~~” A sharp, resounding voice rises from her throat. That scream contains extreme fury and madness.

Throwing caution to the winds!

“No good, the fiend has gone crazy. Be careful, Shui Rou.” Reverend Yue Yan’s face changes color to the point where it is very unsightly.

On one side, Reverend Shui Rou also has a solemn expression: “Yue Yan, this Dame Yan Ji is always changing. Her power is also unfathomable. At least, very few people on the Teng Long continent know her true power. So, we must go all out immediately.”

At the moment, both Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou are not attacking.

A raging mass of energy wreaks havoc then immediately spins towards its center like a vortex. That center is none other than the place Dame Yan Ji is standing. In a while … that shockingly enormous mass of energy has repaired her physical body completely.

In just a while, Dame Yan Ji has regained her captivating appearance. Only at the moment the bottoms of her eyes are ice-cold.

“Ha-ha … Yan Ji, more than half of your body had been destroyed. You spent your power restoring it but just now you were badly injured. Having used so much energy to restore the physical body … how much power have you still got? Now prepare to die obediently.” Old Taoist Gan Xu has also materialized a physical body.

“How much power have I got? Won’t you know if you get a taste of it? Could it be you don’t know that there are things called pills in this world?” At the moment Dame Yan Ji is extremely bewitching. Her face is even covered in a beautiful reddish color.

“Pills? You used so much energy and were hit by Reverends Yue Yan and Shui Rou’s joint attack. How can pills alone heal such serious injuries? Not to mention, there are no holy pills with such great medical effects. Yan Ji, you’re trying to fool us, right?” Old Taoist Gan Xu says jeeringly.

“She’s got a laryngeal prominence.” Reverend Shui Rou suddenly says.

Reverend Yue Yan and Old Taoist Gan Xu immediately look at Dame Yan Ji’s throat and indeed see a laryngeal prominence stick out. They are both shocked in their hearts.

Does a woman have a laryngeal prominence?

It is possible for a loose devil to materialize a physical body with such a special characteristic, but what normal female loose devil would give herself a laryngeal prominence?

“Are you male or female?” Reverend Yue Yan feels his heart go numb a little.

Dame Yan Ji casts a leer at him: “If you say I’m male then I’m male. If you say I’m female then I’m female.” Her voice sounds rough like a man’s when saying the first sentence, but it becomes gentle and soft when saying the last one.

She is called the Ever-changing She-devil because she always changes into various kinds of appearances. Nobody knows her true appearance. Even though she uses the appearance of this seductive woman most frequently, is it definitely her true appearance?

“Don’t waste time on her. She’s taking advantage of this to restore her power.” Old Taoist Gan Xu shouts loudly all of a sudden.

At the same time, his whole body charges towards Dame Yan Ji like a green rainbow.

It does not matter if you are male or female, I will kill you first.

Coldness spurts out of Dame Yan Ji’s eyes. Her whole body also turns into a black rainbow. This loose devil and loose immortal are really too fast. Outside observers can only see 2 blurs flashing about and hitting each other nonstop in the main hall.

Reverend Shui Rou and Reverend Yue Yan, however, stand together. Sometimes they observe the fighting and sometimes they suddenly execute a surprise attack.

“Ah ~~~~” A furious frustrated yell is heard, sometimes sounding male, sometimes sounding female. Dame Yan Ji is indeed extremely frustrated. In the beginning, she was hit by a joint attack performed by 2 loose immortals through a formation and was seriously injured. Afterwards, she had an all-out fight with Old Taoist Gan Xu and her physical body was badly damaged. To restore her physical body, she then had to use a great amount of energy. Even though she has holy pills, how much energy can they replenish?

And at the end of her fight with Old Taoist Gan Xu, she was even sneakily attacked by Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou.

After getting hit several times continuously, now she does not even have half of the power she did in the beginning. Luckily, Old Taoist Gan Xu has also suffered a huge loss in power. But … even though she is having the upper hand over Old Taoist Gan Xu, Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou on one side often sneakily attack her.

Every time she is about to strike a fatal blow, she is sneakily attacked by 2 loose immortals, Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou.

Frustrated, furious!


In a resting house of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, Qin Yu and Li’er are sitting on the edge of a bed. There are pictures on the clean surface of a mirror not far from them. The pictures are of none other than Dame Yan Ji fighting the loose immortals in the main hall. Since Qin Yu has personalized the elemental holy essence, the whole palace is now under his control.

“Big brother Qin Yu, it’s hard for me to tell if Dame Yan Ji is actually male or female.” Li’er says smilingly to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu observes carefully then shakes his head, saying with a forced smile: “No one knows if she’s male or female, but she’s known as the Ever-changing She-devil so she should be female. Or else, why isn’t she called the Ever-changing He-devil?”

“Ever-changing He-devil, pfft.” Li’er cannot help bursting out laughing.

Seeing her laughing, Qin Yu looks at that mirror again. Only the look in his eyes becomes a bit colder.

“The fighting is indeed very fierce. It looks like there are some secrets between Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou. No wonder in the beginning they arrived at the outside of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion almost simultaneously. This Dame Yan Ji miscalculated a step, but … the gap between a 3rd tribulation loose immortal and a 4th tribulation one is different from that between a 4th tribulation one and a 5th tribulation one. From 3rd tribulation to 4th tribulation, there’s an essential change consisting of teleportation and other abilities so the gap is much larger.”

While watching the fighting, Qin Yu unceasingly remembers each expert’s offensive moves and abilities in his mind.

However, he still thinks that Dame Yan Ji is very likely to win.


3 Poisoned Tail Needles pierce through Old Taoist Gan Xu’s body.

One last palm strike hits his chest.

This place is where Old Taoist Gan Xu’s yuanying has just run to. He is merely a 3rd tribulation loose immortal so his holy sense is inferior to that of a 4th tribulation loose devil like Dame Yan Ji. She fired those 3 needles just for the sake of this last palm strike. Her calculation is exceptionally profound.

Even Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou do not have enough time to come to his aid.

One palm strike!

Old Taoist Gan Xu’s body is sent flying powerlessly. His blood splatters on a flight of steps in the main hall. Afterwards, he falls to the floor heavily. Only when his body is curling up, his right hand shakily takes out a jade bottle and pours holy pills into his mouth.

However, his right hand is very weak so more than half of the several tens holy pills in the bottle fall and scatter on the floor.

He is not dead but he is not far from death.

“Your yuanying is so badly injured but your soul hasn’t suffered much damage. You’re really lucky.” Dame Yan Ji shoots out another Poisoned Tail Needle.

Previously Old Taoist Gan Xu did not mind a little Poisoned Tail Needle, but at the moment he simply has no power to resist it.

“I only need as much time as it takes to drink a cup of tea.” Old Taoist Gan Xu moans in his heart.

Now, his weak yuanying is in urgent need of recovery but the devil elemental energy of someone equivalent to a devil is really too hard to deal with.

The Poisoned Tail Needle pierces through the air to come at him. Old Taoist Gan Xu watches that needle approaching with wide-open eyes but he has no strength to resist.


A flying sword wards off the Poisoned Tail Needle.

“Fiend, don’t even think about murder.” Reverend Yue Yan shouts. Beside him, Reverend Shui Rou is also looking coldly at Dame Yan Ji.

Dame Yan Ji looks at these 2 people.

Until now, the 2 of them have been watching the show and occasionally using sneak attacks. Their injuries are not serious. Reverend Shui Rou had an arm cut off but she does not waste her energy materializing a new arm so her energy is still very abundant.

In contrast, Dame Yan Ji was badly injured several times and re-materialized her body once, and then she has been fighting Old Taoist Gan Xu ever since, so her condition is the opposite.

“Ha-ha, I never expected you two to know each other so well that you’ve even got formations to execute joint attacks. I really miscalculated.” Dame Yan Ji says with a sigh.

Reverend Yue Yan gives Reverend Shui Rou a tender look. He then looks at Dame Yan Ji and says with an indifferent smile: “Very few people on the Teng Long continent know about the relationship between Shui Rou and me. How could you have known about it? When you die, don’t blame yourself for being stupid, you can only blame Heaven for wanting to destroy you.”

Because the 2 of them are good at using formations to perform joint attacks, when they join forces, their combined offense is definitely not weaker than the offense of 3 3rd tribulation loose immortals. However, Dame Yan Ji’s current offense is only half of what it originally was at most.

“Alas, does Heaven really want to destroy me?” Dame Yan Ji sighs.

However --

“Ah ~~~~” She seems to go completely crazy all of a sudden. Her entire hip-length hair stretches tight like various bow strings. But in just a while, every hair, which is already long, lengthens --

Blood-red flames emerge from her body and enfold her at the same time.

Seeing this scene, Reverend Yue Yan’s and Reverend Shui Rou’s eyes pop out of their heads.

“I never thought it would be so hard to handle the 3 of you. But now you must die.” Shrouded blood-red flames, Dame Yan Ji says to Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou with an indifferent smile as if she is in a commanding position.

“Devil’s Bloody Clouds!”

Reverend Yue Yan’s and Reverend Shui Rou’s faces change color greatly. This Devil’s Bloody Clouds technique can only be used by those who have reached the level of devils. Moreover, this technique is very secret, to the extent that not all loose devil experts of the 4th tribulation level and above know it.

The Devil’s Bloody Clouds burns half of the body’s blood and half of the yuanying’s energy.

The main hall is too small for Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou to avoid it. Various blood-red clouds roll towards them.

“Ah, don’t touch them.” As soon as Reverend Yue Yan’s right fingers touch a blood-red cloud, they start to decay. The decay then expands towards his body along and through his arm. Reverend Yue Yan cuts off his arm without hesitation, but he knows that their situation is bad.

In the blink of an eye, the blood-red clouds have surrounded the 2 loose immortals completely.

Now it is impossible for them to escape, whether through the sky or through the ground.

“Ha-ha, I’ll kill Old Taoist Gan Xu first and let you two get a taste of having your yuanyings corroded by the bloody clouds.” Dame Yan Ji takes holy pills then turns around and goes towards Old Taoist Gan Xu while laughing out loud. At the moment her face is pale and she even quivers as she goes.

Her yuanying has lost half of its energy. It should be known that a yuanying must remain above a minimum level of energy for it to exist. When it has lost half of its original energy, it has almost dropped down to this level.

“When the 3 of you die, I’ll immediately personalize the mansion-guarding stele. An entire immortal mansion, ha-ha … limitless elemental holy rock, countless treasures, this entire immortal mansion is going to be mine, ha-ha …” Dame Yan Ji is extremely pleased with herself. It seems she has already seen herself control the whole immortal mansion in the future.

End of b10c11.

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