Book 10 Chapter 1

Book 10: Towering fury

B1C1: A gathering of immortals and devils

The 2 black-robed men appeared. Old Freak Three-Eyed, Xue Nu and Hong Luan died. Yan Mo was also badly injured.

When Qin Yu hears how Jiao Jiu addresses the 2 black-robed men, his face changes color.

“This Jiao Jiu fella is the grand elder of the Yanmo School placed in the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon. His position in the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon is already extremely high, yet these 2 black-robed men are even his grand master and grand uncle master … The Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon probably doesn’t have such high-ranking experts. Obviously these 2 men are … from the Teng Long continent!”

Qin Yu’s heart gets a shock.

His fear has come true. What he was worried about the most was the Xiuxian schools and Xiumo schools inviting super experts of the Teng Long continent over. Qin Yu believed that if there were only members of the Penglai Immortal Region and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, he would still be able to deal with them.

However, if those unfathomable experts of the Teng Long continent were to come over, it would be quite a different matter.

These 2 black-robed men who have just appeared were able to kill Old Freak Three-Eyed, Xue Nu and Hong Luan with so much ease that the targets could not even put up any resistance. Even Azure Dragon and Yan Mo were seriously wounded. They already showed off their fearsome power.

Situ Xue, however, suddenly bows and says respectfully: “May I ask if you are by any chance the 2 senior loose devils Huo Can and Huo Lan? My grand master once mentioned the two of you in front of me.”

Huo Can and Huo Lan.

Both of them are experts of the Yanmo School and are 3rd tribulation loose devils, who are comparable to Dacheng-stage experts. They are considered top-class experts even on the Teng Long continent. After all, most of the experts who have passed the 4th tribulation have gone into the Chaotic Astral Ocean and only a small part of them are staying on the Teng Long continent.

Yinyue Palace’s member?

Huo Lan is struck by a thought. After seeing Situ Xue, he has found out her practice technique.

“This junior unexpectedly knows 2nd brother and me. Looks like there’s something special about her.” Huo Lan looks at Situ Xue. The look in his eyes becomes friendly.

“Oh, little girl, judging from your practice technique, you should be a member of the Yinyue Palace, right? Who’s your grand master? Tell me. I want to see if my 2nd brother and I know them.” There is a faint smile on Huo Lan’s face, but his entire body appears very strange and evil.

Most members of the Yanmo School are exceptionally brutal. However, Huo Lan and Huo Can always wear black robes and put on an ice-cold appearance so they belong to a different kind in the Yanmo School. Even so, their minds are still that of the brutal, bloodthirsty type.

Situ Xue says respectfully: “My grand master is none other than Dame Yan Ji of the Teng Long continent.”

“Yan Ji?”

The faces of Huo Lan and Huo Can change color greatly.

They did not expect it to be her.

If this Dame Yan Ji also comes here, it will be a bit troublesome for them.

On the Teng Long continent, there are not many people who they are really afraid of, but Dame Yan Ji is one of those people. She has a very big reputation and the people of the Teng Long continent call her Ever-changing She-devil because she likes to transform into all kinds of appearances.

Dame Yan Ji is bewitchingly beautiful and extremely sexy by nature. Very many Xiumoists have become her servants because of that.

“So it’s Dame Yan Ji of the Yinyue Palace. Ha-ha … little girl, has your grand master come here this time? We brothers haven’t seen her for a very long time. We indeed miss her badly.” Huo Lan says laughingly.

Situ Xue answers vaguely: “I don’t know about that. But … grand master said she was very interested in this immortal mansion. As for whether she has arrived or not, I just don’t know. Maybe she has, maybe not.”

Huo Lan and Huo Can frown.

What does this mean?

However, in a while, Huo Lan laughs: “Little girl, you’re even making fun of us with empty words. If your grand master really had arrived, you wouldn’t be vague like this, perhaps you would’ve asked her to come out long ago. 2nd brother, don’t waste time, let’s open the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion a bit earlier.”

By now, Azure Dragon has taken holy pills. His injury has mostly recovered too. Those 3 yellow-clad men are standing behind him.

“So you are senior Huo Lan and senior Huo Can. A few days ago, my grandfather Yan Xutian even discussed with me about you.” Azure Dragon says with an indifferent smile. He seems not to mind the fact that Huo Lan and Huo Can sneakily attacked him moments ago at all.

Both Qin Yu and Li’er are standing beside Azure Dragon. At this moment, Yan Mo also stands up. Only there are still bloodstains at the corners of his mouth. Obviously just now he was injured very badly by that attack.

Huo Lan and Huo Can look very similar to each other, except that Huo Lan has slightly larger eyes and smiles a bit more frequently. Huo Can has small eyes and a slightly ice-cold face.

“Yan Xutian … so you’re a member of the Yan family of the dragon clan.” Huo Can coldly nods.

But Huo Lan says: “Dragon clan brat, don’t think you’re strong just because you were able to take a hit from me.”

Azure Dragon, however, says smilingly: “I know my own power, senior. You are a 3rd tribulation loose devil so you are comparable to a Dacheng expert. It is easy for you to handle the likes of me. You can basically kill me with a wave of your hand. I was lucky to be able to save my little life naturally because you showed me some mercy.”

“You know your place, brat.” A hint of satisfaction appears on both Huo Lan’s and Huo Can’s faces.

“Hey, black dragon, what are you staring at?” Huo Can shouts with his expression turning cold.

Yan Mo gives his mouth’s corners a wipe with a hand, removing all the bloodstains, and looks coldly at Huo Can.

His heart is filled with anger.

Xue Nu and Hong Luan, 2 generals under him, both have been killed, how can he possibly accept it?

“If you were not a member of the dragon clan, just now I would’ve hit you seriously and killed you. Brat, it wasn’t because I respected you, but because I respected your seniors in the dragon clan. Don’t be arrogant in front of me, otherwise …” Huo Can looks coldly at Yan Mo. It seems if Yan Mo disobeys, he will kill Yan Mo on the spot.

Azure Dragon immediately says smilingly: “Seniors, Yan Mo is a brother of the same generation as me in the Yan family. He is relatively stubborn. I hope the 2 of you will not argue with a junior like him.” Azure Dragon now unexpectedly talks to help Yan Mo.

Huo Lan gives Huo Can a pull, saying: “2nd brother, don’t argue with a junior. Don’t you mind that your status will be lowered arguing with him?”

Huo Can takes back the ice-cold stare he is giving Yan Mo and says indifferently: “You’re right, big brother. My status will indeed be lowered if I argue with a junior.”

Qin Yu and Li’er have been standing on one side watching the others talking to each other from the beginning like outsiders. At the same time, they have been analyzing the situation at the scene nonstop in their minds. Qin Yu thinks that, because some seniors of the Xiumoists have appeared, then … it is very likely that the Xiuxianists’ forces will come too.

“You’re Qin Yu, right?” Huo Lan looks at Qin Yu and says smilingly.

Qin Yu says with a nod: “Nice to meet you, senior.”

Huo Lan nods and says with a sigh: “I heard from Jiao Jiu that the Stellar Tower has a very powerful loose immortal, but I’ve never had a chance to meet him. However … looks like the protective magic treasure that young lady used just now is at least an immortal-class treasure, or else someone who hasn’t even reached the Yuanying stage like her wouldn’t have been able to withstand a hit from me.”

Huo Can also sighs sincerely: “That loose immortal of the Stellar Tower is indeed very powerful. We brothers aren’t as good as him.”

That magic treasure made it possible for a girl who has not even reached the Yuanying stage to withstand an attack of a 3rd tribulation loose devil. It is such a formidable magic treasure and, moreover, is even a defensive magic treasure. An expert who has such a magic treasure or who can forge such a magic treasure is definitely not someone they can afford to be hostile towards.

Azure Dragon also says respectfully: “That Uncle Lan of Qin Yu’s already knew about the existence of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion at that time. If he wanted to take the treasures in this immortal mansion, perhaps none of us would be able to get anything. He is already so powerful that he does not care about this immortal mansion.”

“We really admire such an expert, who thinks nothing of this immortal mansion, such a mind and such a vision. We brothers also want to have a chance to meet him.” Huo Lan does not stint on praising words at all.

“Big brother, we better not waste time. Let’s open the immortal mansion quickly.” Huo Can says.

“You’re right.”

Huo Lan nods then makes a wave of his hand. That spatial ring left behind when Old Freak Three-Eyed died flies straight towards his palm.

“Hands off that spatial ring!”

A loud shout is heard. A blue beam of light shoots at the spatial ring directly.

Huo Lan’s face changes color. His eyes flash with ferocity. He makes a sweep of his large sleeve. A black silk ribbon flies out and coils around the spatial ring. At the same time, that blue light beam hits the silk ribbon. Despite its flexibility, the ribbon is exceptionally tough. It neutralizes the attack of the blue light directly.

The blue light is none other than a blue flying sword.

“Low-grade immortal weapon … immortal elemental energy, so loose immortals have arrived.” Huo Lan looks at that flying sword and says with an indifferent expression. The silk ribbon has flown back into his palm.

Only when a loose immortal has overcome the 4th tribulation does he have genuine immortal elemental energy like a real immortal. He can also forge immortal-class weapons. It is just that forging immortal-class weapons not only needs immortal-level power but also suitable forging methods and various kinds of precious materials.

“You’re a bit too arrogant already, Huo Lan, Huo Can. Even though these juniors aren’t powerful, you shouldn’t have killed them excessively like that. Xiumoists are really Xiumoists. Your evil never changes!” Following cold shouts, a black-bearded, red-faced old man appears.

This red-faced old man’s eyebrows stand upright. Obviously, he has an explosive temper.

“Oh my, so it’s the Red-faced Loose Immortal Reverend Yue Yan.” Huo Lan bursts out laughing. “Right, this time, Yan Xu seems to be the only junior of the Penglai Immortal Region who has come while there’s no one from your Ziyang School. Looks like it was because you got too few jade swords … Tut-tut, Yue Yan, your school’s members are really useless. You see, my Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon has obtained not only 2 jade swords.”

“Shut up.” Reverend Yue Yan shouts violently.

Huo Lan and Huo Can exchange a look and a smile, not caring about him.

Reverend Yue Yan is a 3rd tribulation immortal so he is only comparable to them. But … there are two of them whereas Reverend Yue Yan is alone. So, why should they fear him?

“Yue Yan you old fart, haven’t you seen the situation clearly? How dare you shout and wrangle in front of us brothers?” Huo Lan says sneeringly.

Reverend Yue Yan’s eyes immediately flash with firelight. He wants to start a fight with them.

“Reverend Yue Yan, aren’t you afraid of losing your status arguing with those 2 Xiumoists like that?” A gentle voice rises. A beautiful green-clad girl then shows up gracefully. That girl is touchingly beautiful but has an ethereal air about her.

Huo Lan and Huo Can both frown.

“So it’s Reverend Shui Rou of the Lanyang School.” Huo Lan says with a cold laugh. “Looks like quite a lot of people from your Xiuxian schools have come here. Don’t hide. Show yourselves. We brothers will take on all of you.”

Huo Lan and Huo Can know that they are the only 2 Xiumo experts here and that the others will not come to this place.

“Since fellow Xiuzhenist Huo Lan already made a request, let’s just come out.”

That loud and clear voice rises in the distance. Huo Lan’s and Huo Can’s faces change color. Just now they only said so out of anger. Who could have thought there were still experts who were yet to appear?

Qin Yu and Li’er exchange a smile.

“Li’er, looks like this business of opening the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion has become more and more interesting. One expert after another has shown up. These people have all been hiding very well. They’ve only appeared in the end, when the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion is about to be opened.” Qin Yu looks smilingly at the loose immortals and loose devils in front of him.

Li’er, however, smiles: “Immortal treasures will be granted to the people predestined to have them. Being strong doesn’t necessarily mean being able to obtain them.”

“Oh? Don’t tell me being weak means being able to get them? Even if it does, the strong can rob the others of the treasures.” Qin Yu is curious.

Li’er says with a mysterious smile: “Don’t be anxious, big brother Qin Yu. You’ll know when the time comes.”

Li’er does not answer so Qin Yu does not ask much either. At this moment, the person who spoke just now also appears.

They see 3 black-bearded old men dressed in loose-fitting blue robes flying towards them leisurely in the distance. These 3 black-bearded old men are smiling and look kind and amiable. They appear to be experts who have attained a high level of enlightenment. In terms of appearance, these 3 men are fairly good.

“I am your junior Yan Xu. It is an honor to meet you, 3 grand uncle masters.” Reverend Yan Xu says respectfully.

Qin Yu laughs in his mind: “Oh, the Qingxu Temple’s experts have finally arrived. Moreover, there are 3 of them coming at once.”

“Yan Xu, you stand on one side for the moment.” The leading old man says smilingly with a wave of his sleeve. Reverend Yan Xu immediately stands aside with respect.

Reverend Yue Yan and Reverend Shui Rou fold their hands in salute right away. The latter says smilingly: “It turns out to be fellow Xiuzhenist Gan Xu and the 2 fellow Xiuzhenists Gan Ming and Gan Shan.”

Now the tide has turned.

As soon as these 3 experts of the Qingxu Temple appeared, the overall power of the Xiuxianists greatly improved, but the Xiumoists were put at a disadvantage.

“So it’s Old Taoist Gan Xu and the 2 brats Gan Ming and Gan Shan.” Huo Lan says with an indifferent smile to Old Taoist Gan Xu. He knows that Gan Xu is a 3rd tribulation loose immortal while his 2 junior brothers are only 2nd tribulation loose immortals. If the 3 of them join forces, they will be comparable to two 3rd tribulation loose immortals.

Old Taoist Gan Xu says smilingly: “Yan Xu, get your jade sword. Everybody … we had better open the immortal mansion now.”

Reverend Yan Xu takes out a jade sword without delay.

Huo Lan also makes a jade sword appear by turning his hand over: “We won’t waste time either. Old Taoist Gan Xu, this is because we respect you.”

“It’s excellent to open it early. My dragon clan will also contribute these jade swords.” Azure Dragon turns his hand over smilingly. 2 jade swords then appear in his palm.

All of a sudden --

“Open the immortal mansion? Hold on, everybody. It won’t be late to talk things through before opening it. Otherwise … the immortal mansion will never open.” A flat voice rises. Everybody looks towards the source of the voice …

Yi Da, who has said nothing since the beginning, is now staring at the loose immortals and loose devils with a pair of strange eyes. There is a faint smile of indifference and calmness on the corners of his mouth.

End of b10c1.

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