Chapter 982: Burial Garden

In yet another area of the Cosmic Sea, one known as the Whitecliff Region, everything in this region was white, no matter if it was the sky, the seawater, the seabed, or even the rocks. The strangest detail about this place was that the water could not be touched, or else one would melt away. 

There were battles taking place all across the Whitecliff Region. To the southernmost area was a tall platform, which was the Champions' Stage. Surprisingly, this place was the largest battlefield in the entire Cosmic Sea. 

The Fifth and Sixth Mainlands’ top experts had all gathered in this region. At times, someone would plummet to the sea and melt into nothingness. 

Atop the sea, there was a sheet of mysterious blue ice that had frozen over, and a veiled woman was standing atop the blue ice while holding onto a longsword. With the casual flick of her wrist, the sword flickered and radiated beams of light that cut multiple Sixth Mainland cultivators in half, causing them to fall into the sea. In the woman’s left hand, she held a mailfish. “Returned… So has the Innerverse reconnected with the Outerverse? After this battle, it might be time to return home to take a look. Earth...” 

Not too far away from the woman was a snarling group of sylvan dragons with a Fifth Mainland cultivator standing on top of each beast’s head. There was also a pretty woman attacking with a Cosmic Palm, though the number of stars far surpassed 999. In contrast, there was a burly, three-meter tall masculine figure. This was the Ten Arbiters' War King. In another area, there was an elegant man whose attacks shot through the void in a linear fashion. And finally, there was a phoenix that unleashed flames that created burning seas. This phoenix belonged to the Ten Arbiters’ Undying Bird.

Each of these people was exceptionally powerful, but all of their opponents possessed a similar level of strength. 

This was the greatest battlefield in the Cosmic Sea, and anyone who stepped onto the battlefield in the sky had earned a title of King or Queen at the very least. 

Even still, the news related to the Daosource Three Skies was even able to spread to this place, precisely because they were the Daosource Three Skies. 

The icy woman let the mailfish go as she looked in a different direction, at where the Ten Arbiters’ Undying Bird was fighting against a swordsman from the Sixth Mainland. Nobody knew the swordsman’s true name, only that he was the Sage Martial Realm’s Realmling. As a result, everyone called this young man Sword Scholar. A single longsword slashed about in all directions, and the sword emerged from books only to enter other books. This was Sword Scholar’s technique, and even the Ten Arbiters’ Undying Bird was somewhat suppressed by it, unable to contend with the Realmling. 

The Sage Martial Realm was special among the Sixth Mainland’s Nine Realms simply because too many powerhouses had come from that realm. Even the Progenitor of Combat had risen from the Sage Martial Realm, and if any of the other Realmlings moved to the Sage Martial Realm, there was no guarantee that they would be able to become the Realmling. The Sixth Mainland had nine Realmlings, and even if the Sage Martial Realm’s Realmling was not ranked first, he was absolutely within the top three. 

At this moment, there were cultivators from both the Fifth and Sixth Mainlands fighting against each other directly underneath where Sword Scholar and the Undying Bird were battling. If Lu Yin had been present, he would have definitely recognized one of the girls on the battlefield: Miss Qing. 

The two of them had met on several occasions within the Fifth Mainland's Daosource Sect's ruins, but they had not bumped into each other since Lu Yin’s first few visits.

Miss Qing’s opponent was a Cruiser who was one of Shamrock Enterprises’ seeds from the same generation as the Ten Arbiters. This person was one of the numerous top geniuses who had been suppressed by the Ten Arbiters, and within the Innerverse, he had only needed to make a few appearances to enter the Top 100 Rankings, even reaching the position of eighth. Among the Fifth Mainland’s younger generation, he could already be considered a peak expert, and he had also received the title of General. However, even a powerhouse of this level was unable to defeat Miss Qing, and the girl seemed to be playing around, never taking the fight seriously. 

A mailfish shot out of the sea. The seawater in the Whitecliff Region was supposed to be able to dissolve everything, but it could not melt this breed of fish, which was a strange mystery. 

Miss Qing’s eyes lit up when she saw the picture of Lu Yin in the message. “It’s been a long time.” 

Across from her, the Cruiser with a General title from Shamrock Enterprises grew sullen. He could feel Miss Qing’s disregard for him, but he was helpless to do anything about it. 

Various top experts constantly appeared all around this area, and even further away, there were several peak experts trading blows. There was also a cloud of white smoke wafting about and obscuring the void while the errant sound of horses neighing rang out as a black fire spread everywhere. There was even a massive construction flickering in the distance that was reminiscent of a brothel. 

This place was the greatest battlefield in the entire Cosmic Sea.

Further to the south, at the edge of the Cosmic Sea, the suppressive cosmic phenomenon gradually dissipated until it vanished entirely. In this place, there was a large group of older generation experts from the Innerverse, the Cosmic Sea, and even the Neoverse. The old experts of the Wen family, the Sword Sect, the Daynight clan, the Divine Grade Hall, the Blaze Realm, and other organizations had all gathered here. Even the Cosmic Sea’s Four Pirate Crews, the Neoverse’s Cosmic Sect, the Hall of Honor, and Gods’ Origin were here. The various powers gathered in this place were as numerous as the stars.

It was their presence that restricted the numerous Imprinters, World Imprinters, Cosmic Imprinters, and even Empyrean Imprinters from the Sixth Mainland’s three territories. 

These people were the force that could actually determine the outcome of this war. The younger generation were nothing but kids. Despite that, the ultimate outcome of the Cosmic Sea’s battleground would be determined by the younger generation, and the Daosource Three Skies were the top talents of the young generation. 

News regarding the Daosource Three Skies quickly reached these older powerhouses just like the rest of the people in the Cosmic Sea.

No one would have imagined that some junior from the Outerverse would actually manage to return to the Innerverse, let alone draw the attention of one of the Daosource Three Skies. More importantly, the bounty for this youth even involved the Progenitor of Bloodlines, which was completely exaggerated. 

The Blaze Realm, the Daynight clan, and other such top powers had already forgotten about Lu Yin during the last few years, but he actually appeared out of nowhere at such a time. 

Nightking Yuanjing blankly stared at the picture of Lu Yin that was included in the message, and a strange expression appeared on his face as ineffable and complex emotions bubbled within his heart. In the beginning, he had still been able to manipulate that little fellow, but as time passed, Nightking Yuanjing had gradually lost control. In fact, when he thought back, while Nightking Yuanjing had been trying to control Lu Yin, the youth had actually been the one manipulating the old powerhouse. Although they had found some traces of the Third Nightking, the information had been of no use at all. 

The old man had an extremely deep impression of Lu Yin, though the Nightking had also forgotten about the youth after several years of the war against the Sixth Mainland. In fact, Nightking Yuanjing had even assumed that the youth had died since he was fully aware of the attitude that the Daynight clan in the Outerverse held towards Lu Yin. The elder had never expected that, not only would Lu Yin return to the Innerverse alive, but that the kid would also attract the attention of one of the Daosource Three Skies. 

“So he’s returned. That’s going to cause problems.” Nightking Yuanjing frowned as Zhuo Daynight’s figure appeared in his mind. 

The bounty for Lu Yin’s capture had incited such a large commotion precisely because he was being pursued by one of the Daosource Three Skies. Additionally, the reward for his live capture was completely over the top as it even involved a Progenitor. The truth was that it was impossible for Lu Yin to warrant such attention through his own efforts, not even if he had made enough achievements to receive the title of King. There were just too many experts from the Neoverse who had joined the war and managed to earn the title of King or Queen. And that wasn’t even mentioning the Ten Arbiters; thus, there was absolutely no reason for Lu Yin to deserve such attention. 

The existence of Lu Yin’s bounty caused the various great powers to start guessing about the Daosource Three Skies and the Progenitor of Bloodlines. However, there were some who were truly happy at the news. 

A battleship swayed atop a large sea, and even the sky trembled as a loud laughter echoed into the distance. This battleship was a part of Leon’s Armada, and Highsage Leon was the person laughing. He was a terrifying powerhouse who had once charged into the Technocracy alone, and he had also fought against the Sea King once. 

The overwhelming laughter persisted for some time, and the reverberations even caused the sea to grow turbulent, eventually affecting even the water in the nearby regions. Quite a few people emerged and frowned while looking in the direction of Leon’s Armada. The Ross Empire was stationed near them, and they were badly affected, as many of their technological devices began emitting sparks.

Some wanted to protest, but they were all stopped.

“Are you crazy? That’s Highsage Leon—we can’t offend him.”

“What are we afraid of? We’ve united against those outsiders, so would he even dare to attack us?” 

“There’s no way to tell, as he’s nuts. He controls all of the pirates in the Cosmic Sea, so is there anything that he doesn’t dare to do? Are you really going to pin your hopes on a pirate being reasonable? Besides, there’s also a bunch of hoodlums following him, and offending him is no different than provoking all of them. Even those monstrous organizations from the Neoverse don’t want to deal with them.”

“Hmph, lunatic.”

“He’s indeed one of us! He’s got guts, and he even created such a huge mess as soon as he appeared, hahaha!” Highsage Leon held a knife as he pressed down on his vessel with a firm hand, causing formless ripples to spread out and cover a larger and larger area. Soon, the ripples not only covered the waters where Leon’s Armada was located, but also the region where the Ross Empire and Blaze Realm were stationed, which was some distance away.

The external flames of the Blaze Realm were all extinguished, which led to an outburst of curses. 

Highsage Leon did not care, as he had disliked those people for a long time. If not for the fact that these people had sworn to attack the Sixth Mainland’s forces, there was no way they would have ever been able to leave the Cosmic Sea alive. After all, they had dared to use underhanded means to go against Little Seven, which meant that they were clearly tired of living. 

Leon’s Armada’s subordinates had bitter smiles, but when they looked at the picture of Lu Yin that had been pasted onto Highsage Leon’s ship, everyone felt comforted; the little kid from back then had grown up. 

They had been worried about this kid who had been left behind in the Outerverse ever since they had been cut off from the Innerverse. All of them were afraid that Lu Yin might be killed by the enormous powers of the Outerverse while the Cosmic Sea was unable to send any help. Fortunately, everything had worked out fine. 

There were seven great regiments under Leon’s Armada, and Big Sis’s regiment was ranked right below those seven. Thus, in some sense, it could almost be considered as the eighth regiment. 

As Big Sis looked at the picture of Lu Yin in the message, the emotional knot that she had silently carried within her heart for many years instantly vanished. “It’s great, as long as he’s still alive.” 

Behind her, Reuben, the Sleazy Bros, Kuma the Third, and all the others all heaved sighs of relief. To them, it did not matter what Lu Yin did—it was sufficient that he was still alive. 

“Big Sis, Little Seven has drawn the attention of the entire Sixth Mainland now. The reward offered by this member of the Daosource Three Skies is too good. He’s in danger,” Reuben mentioned. 

Big Sis’s eyes narrowed and flashed with a cold light. “I know.”

No matter what commotion erupted in the outside world, the thunder region enjoyed a few days of peace. After those days passed, Unseen Light, White Knight, Lu Yin, Starsibyl, Mu Ziying, Tai Yuanjun, and all the others gathered together in preparation to attack the Starlight Island. 

Unseen Light led all of them, and an entire group of top elites from the younger generation united, along with millions of cultivators from the Fifth Mainland. They crossed over the thunder region and slaughtered their way towards Starlight Island. 

Within the crowd, Lu Yin saw Avery, who was the strongest member of the Dire Barbarian Clan’s younger generation. He was known as the Second War King, and he was a subordinate of the Ten Arbiters’ White Knight. When Lu Yin had participated in the teleportation battles all those years ago, he had once faced Avery, though Lu Yin had been utterly crushed. 

He also saw Tai Yuanjun, who was ranked second on the Top 100 Rankings, surpassing Avery by two ranks. This person was someone who was infatuated with Starsibyl, and he had almost run over and embraced her the moment he saw her. 

The Cosmic Sect’s second true disciple, Mu Ziying, was also with them, along with a strange man from Burial Garden. 

Burial Garden was a group that Lu Yin had not heard of before, but he had recently come to learn that they were one of the Three Dark Hands, and they were one of the universe’s most mysterious forces. 

The Three Dark Hands consisted of the Neohuman Alliance, the Court of Seven Names, and Burial Garden. Of the three, the Neohuman Alliance was publicly recognized as the enemy of all of humanity. Lu Yin had formerly assumed that the Court of Seven Names and Burial Garden were similarly enemies of the Human Domain, but once he learned a bit more, he found that the truth was different. 

The Neohuman Alliance had completely betrayed humanity and did not care about any sort of factions. Even with the Sixth Mainland’s invasion, it was possible that the Neohuman Alliance would wreak havoc behind lines or even join forces with the Sixth Mainland. They were an organization that absolutely had to be thoroughly exterminated. 

The Seven Courts were also known as one of the Three Dark Hands because they had fought for control of Progenitor Chen's Mausoleum against powers like the Hall of Honor, which was something that Ku Wei had mentioned to Lu Yin in the past. Furthermore, the Seven Courts had even emerged victorious. As a result, they had been deliberately slandered, but they had never been declared to be enemies of the Human Domain. Instead, the two sides could even be considered as reluctantly hostile against each other. The Hall of Honor represented the greater good of humanity and was the strongest power within the Human Domain. Thus, the Seven Courts had clearly been forced to take on the role of the dark side. 

In the end, the Hall of Honor had lost the contest for control of Progenitor Chen's Mausoleum, which led to them also losing face, which they had had to somehow regain. 

As for Burial Garden, it was the most mysterious of the Three Dark Hands, and nobody seemed to know anything about that power, much less understand it. Essentially, nobody knew anything about Burial Garden, but just the name alone was able to cause the hair on the back of Lu Yin’s neck stand up. In the past, Xuan Jiu had said that Lu Yin had looked into the eyes of the dead, and he had even written down the word “burial,” which Lu Yin now realized represented Burial Garden. 

Xuan Jiu had basically told Lu Yin that Burial Garden would come looking for him one day.

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