Chapter 979: All Acquaintances

Hua Xiao looked at Unseen Light with a complicated expression. The reputation of the Ten Arbiters was something that had even spread to the Neoverse, but many had never given any real consideration to the ten youths. They did not believe that the Innerverse could produce experts who could rival the Neoverse’s elites, which was the same as how the Innerverse looked down upon the Outerverse. As the Sixth Mainland’s invasion progressed, the Neoverse’s youths had eventually entered the battlefield, and they were gradually coming to understand just how powerful the Ten Arbiters truly were. 

Those ten were true freaks, and no one could comprehend how the Innerverse had given birth to such monsters. In terms of resources, inheritances, and cultivation environments, everything that the Neoverse had surpassed the Innerverse. The Neoverse also had unrivaled powerhouses, but those who Hua Xiao was aware of might not actually be able to defeat the Ten Arbiters. This was just too strange and was completely illogical. 

Starsibyl moved over next to Unseen Light. “I never thought that we would bump into you in this thunder region.” 

Unseen Light replied, “The thunder region is one of the most important regions in the Cosmic Sea that we are fighting over, so of course I had to come. I also didn’t suffer any losses even though the Daosource Three Skies came.” 

“It’s not just one of the Daosource Three Skies—the Realmlings Shang Rong and Nan Yanfei are also here in the thunder region,” Starsibyl said.

Unseen Light nodded. “It’s too bad that I didn’t meet them.”

Hua Xiao moved closer. “The thunder region has five poles, and we currently have one. You should have also taken one. Thus, we just need to grab one more to win this battle.”

Unseen Light calmly answered, “White Knight will take care of that.”

“But he bumped into a Realmling,” Hua Xiao could not help himself from saying.

Unseen Light chuckled. “So what?”

Hua Xiao’s gaze trembled. Such confidence! Were all of the Ten Arbiters like this, confident in each other’s strength? 

“Even if White Knight can seize one, Zhi Yi went to the west, so won’t she move against White Knight?” Starsibyl asked. 

Unseen Light frowned. “Go, let’s move to the west as well then.”

“I thought that you were just going to say ‘so what’ again.’” Hua Xiao could not hold himself back.

Unseen Light looked at Hua Xiao. “So you people still haven’t lost your arrogance?”

Starsibyl also turned to look at Hua Xiao.

The Sixth Mainland’s invasion had routed the Innerverse, and its various forces were retreating to the Cosmic Sea. As a result, cultivators from the Neoverse had joined the war efforts, though they had been extremely arrogant in the beginning, even more so than the Sixth Mainland. 

Although Hua Xiao had a decent personality, that arrogance was ingrained deep into his bones, and it had just been bluntly called out by Unseen Light. Hua Xiao snorted and stopped talking.

Lu Yin dashed up from the sea bed with a bang.

Unseen Light looked over at Lu Yin. “You’re very powerful to have injured Zhi Yi. Even I didn’t manage to do that.”

Lu Yin smiled. “It was just luck.” 

Unseen Light was puzzled. “Who are you?”

“Lu Yin.”

Unseen Light was astonished. “So it’s you, the unequaled Limiteer from back then. I never thought that you would be able to rise to this level after just a couple of years.”

Lu Yin made some humble comments in response. He was rather wary of Unseen Light. It was not like Lu Yin had never met any of the Ten Arbiters before, as he had met White Knight Ling Gong, Scholar Wen Sansi, and Divine Fist Lan Si, and Lu Yin had even seen all of them fight. However, not a single one of them had ever given Lu Yin the same unfathomable feeling as Unseen Light. This person made Lu Yin truly nervous, and he felt that the further he probed into Unseen Light, the less he would be able to discern any details. 

It was unknown if it was because Unseen Light had cultivated his domain to the extreme or if it was because he always had his eyes closed, but he gave off a mysterious vibe. And that wasn’t even mentioning how his domain had the strange ability to predict his opponents’ attacks. If Lu Yin had to choose one of the Ten Arbiters to fight against, he would absolutely prefer to go against someone like Lan Si rather than Unseen Light. 

Thinking back, the trial on Earth had been the first time Lu Yin had heard of the Ten Arbiters, and nearly a decade had passed since that moment. Ten years later, and the Ten Arbiters were still far stronger than Lu Yin. They were basically gods in the hearts of the younger generation of cultivators. Lu Yin did not know when he would be able to directly challenge the Ten Arbiters. 

Their small group was worried that Zhi Yi would create trouble for White Knight, and although Hua Xiao did not travel with them, Starsibyl and Lu Yin followed Unseen Light to the west.

Starsibyl was capable of divination whereas Unseen Light had seen Lu Yin’s power first-hand. These two were qualified to follow him. 

Unseen Light carried one pole while Starsibyl carried the other. The two poles attracted the lightning of the thunder region while the three youths raced to the west. 

When Crimson Servant arrived at the northeastern battlefield, he discovered that the pole had already been taken away by Unseen Light—the Sixth Mainland had been defeated on this battlefield. Crimson Servant was enraged by the results, and he dashed south, only to bump into Nan Yanfei. 

When Nan Yanfei met Crimson Servant, he turned around with pleasant surprise. He believed that if the two of them worked together, they would be able to defeat Lu Yin’s trio.

On the western battlefield, White Knight had grabbed the pole, and Shang Rong had retreated after being badly injured. However, White Knight was unwilling to forgive the Realmling, and she intended to eliminate him. 

Still, even if she was capable of defeating Shang Rong, killing him would not be that easy.

After all, he was a Realmling, and he had also fought against White Knight many times. They both knew that there was not much of a difference in strength between them. 

The entire thunder region had fallen into chaos by now. Even though the poles had been taken, many battlefields continued to be sites of massacre. 

Starsibyl had been correct; Zhi Yi had left the northeastern battlefield, but she had not given up on winning the overall battle. She was currently rushing to the western battlefield. 

She had seen the chaotic orders that Lu Yin had sent out, and she was worried that something bad might have happened on the western battlefield where Shang Rong was supposed to have cooperated with Crimson Servant. 

There were five magnetic poles in the thunder region, and Zhi Yi had already obtained one, which meant that the Sixth Mainland had to seize two more poles to achieve victory. 

She had been completely confident in the beginning, but her plan had been completely derailed by those random orders. 

As she made her way to the western battlefield, Zhi Yi passed by the southern battlefield, which gave Tai Yuanjun and the others quite a scare. However, since Zhi Yi was rushing towards the western battlefield, she completely ignored them. 

Soon after, Unseen Light’s trio streaked through the southern battlefield, also heading west.

Lu Yin saw some strange people as he passed over the southern battlefield. There was a black blade that was shaped like a humanoid shuttling across the battlefield. Was such a being also a human? 

He remembered that, back on Starlight Island, the Sixth Mainland cultivators had spoken about certain topics, one of which was the many strange cultivators from the Neoverse.

Unseen Light’s trio soon arrived at the western battlefield, and the first thing they saw was the Skycastle collapsing. White Knight was currently fighting against Zhi Yi, but White Knight had been beaten to the point of spitting out a mouthful of blood. 

She had fought against Shang Rong for a long time earlier, so it was very difficult for her to fight against Zhi Yi right now, especially when she used her Scarlet Pupils. 

Not only had White Knight’s Skycastle collapsed, but it was also burning. As the sound of a clock rang out, a powerful dignified sensation descended upon the castle and extinguished the fires. White Knight would not be defeated that quickly. 

Zhi Yi did not believe that all of the Ten Arbiters were on the same level as Unseen Light. Her Vitality Qi formed itself into a massive sword that slashed down, and at the same time, Shang Rong shot out a white sun that careened towards White Knight. 

White Knight was faced with two simultaneous attacks, and as a result, she coughed up blood while falling back.

It was at this moment that Unseen Light’s domain swept across the battlefield. At the same time, Lu Yin activated the Yu Secret Art to divert the white sun away from White Knight. With the entrance of the two men onto the battlefield, White Knight was not struck by Zhi Yi and Shang Rong’s combined attack. 

Zhi Yi was frustrated. She had expected these people to chase after her, which was why she had launched an all-out attack right from the start, even joining forces with Shang Rong to do so. Everything had been to snatch away the pole as fast as possible. However, Zhi Yi had never expected the Ten Arbiters’ White Knight to surprise her yet again. That person had actually withstood their assault despite her already miserable condition. The fact that White Knight had been able to withstand their joint attack caused Zhi Yi to arch a brow. 

At this moment, the presence of Unseen Light’s trio meant that Zhi Yi’s efforts were useless regardless of how badly she hated the situation. 

Under the suppression of the cosmic phenomenon, it would be exceptionally difficult for her to defeat Unseen Light, and that was not even considering that Lu Yin and White Knight were with the powerful Arbiter. It was not very realistic for Zhi Yi to steal this pole. 

Blood leaked out of the corner of Shang Rong’s lips as he stood beside Zhi Yi. When he saw that both Unseen Light and Starsibyl were carrying poles, his expression turned very ugly. Since White Knight had seized the pole of this western battlefield, that meant that the Fifth Mainland was currently in control of three of the five poles. 

“Sky Zhi, they have three poles.” Shang Rong was in agony. 

Zhi Yi’s eyes swept across her opponents. “I know.”

Across from her two attackers, White Knight stared at Lu Yin in amazement. “Why are you here?”

“Took a wrong turn,” Lu Yin casually replied.

White Knight choked.

The two were clearly old acquaintances. 

Unseen Light glanced over at White Knight. “Can you still fight?”

She quietly replied, “That’s not a problem. That woman has to be one of the Daosource Three Skies.” 

“That’s right. It’s impossible to break through her Sky Dipper, and her Vitality Qi is also very powerful. On top of that, she hasn’t used her imprint or a secret technique yet,” Unseen Light commented calmly. 

White Knight’s eyes narrowed. “This will be a difficult fight.” 

Unseen Light smiled. “Not really. I can hold her back. That Shang Rong isn’t very difficult to deal with either since he’s injured.”

“Leave Shang Rong to me,” Lu Yin offered. He was eager to have a one-on-one battle with a Realmling. On top of that, this was a severely injured one, which was an even rarer opportunity.

White Knight frowned and glanced over at Lu Yin. “Do you really think that you can deal with a Realmling? Have you already forgotten about how miserable you were back then?”

“A day of separation can feel like three years. Do you believe me when I say that I can thrash even you now?” Lu Yin retorted. His confidence had grown tremendously. He had been nervous whenever he faced White Knight in the past, but such subservience was no longer necessary. It was no longer possible for this woman to beat Lu Yin within the suppression of the cosmic phenomenon, even if he could not beat her, he would definitely be able to escape. 

White Knight’s brows rose. “You’re challenging me.” 

“Do you guys know each other?” Unseen Light was puzzled. 

Lu Yin was about to answer, but White Knight sent a threatening glare his way, and he pictured the cute little face hidden underneath the white armor… Forget it, a real man won’t fight about such things.

 “Not really, we just met each other a few times before.”

Starsibyl was surprised to hear this. It seemed that Lu Yin had bumped into quite a few influential people. White Knight rarely showed herself, but Lu Yin had managed to meet her several times. 

Across from the small group, Shang Rong stared curiously at Lu Yin. This person felt familiar, but Shang Rong could not remember where they might have met each other before. 

“Leave,” Zhi Yi calmly ordered. 

Shang Rong was stunned. “Leave? But what about the pole?”

“I don’t want it anymore,” Zhi Yi replied.

Shang Rong could not comprehend this sudden change in attitude. “The opponents have three poles, which is one more than us. According to the unspoken rules, they’ll win the contest for the thunder region. Are we just going to abandon this place?”

“That will all depend on if they can take away the last two poles,” Zhi Yi coldly answered. She then turned and left without looking back.

Shang Rong could not accept this. According to his understanding, the Daosource Three Skies were unrivaled, and no matter how many people they were up against, they should be able to emerge victorious since they were one of the Daosource Three Skies. Shang Rong could not understand why Zhi Yi would choose to give up on this battlefield. 

In the past, Shang Rong had been one of the nine people who had challenged Zhi Yi, and he had a clear understanding of Zhi Yi’s strength: that inexplicable Sky Dipper, her terrifying Vitality Qi, and her Scarlet Pupils which could even burn the void. All of these abilities, complemented with her strength as an Enlighter, had made him feel completely helpless. 

Even though the cosmic phenomenon was suppressing her power level, there should still be no reason for them to retreat. 

White Knight heaved a sigh of relief as she watched Zhi Yi and Shang Rong leave the battlefield. However, she also felt that it was a pity, as she really wanted to trade blows with one of the Daosource Three Skies. 

“We have three poles, so logically we should have already won. Still, the Sixth Mainland isn’t guaranteed to withdraw from the thunder region unless we gather all five and make this entire place’s climate uninhabitable. At that time, we can isolate this region, cutting off the Sixth Mainland’s path through the thunder region, which will kill their ambition of invading the Neoverse,” Starsibyl explained. 

“One of the final two poles is in Zhi Yi’s hands while the other one was most likely seized by the Sixth Mainland as well. Most likely, those two poles will be stored on Starlight Island. After a few days, we’ll attack Starlight Island,” Unseen Light said. 

White Knight had no objection to this proposal. They had to seize all of the poles, as only when all five poles were gathered together could they truly change the climate of the thunder region. And only that could put an end to the Sixth Mainland’s plan of passing through the thunder region. 

Lu Yin could not hold himself back. “If the thunder region’s climate changes, then what will happen to the people living on the islands in this region?” 

White Knight indifferently replied, “It will take us a long time to completely change the climate, and during that period, those people can be evacuated.”

“If they can’t be evacuated, then their fates will be determined by the will of heaven,” Unseen Light added on.

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