Chapter 978: Open Eyes

Down on the seabed, Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. Zhi Yi’s Sky Dipper was simply too difficult to deal with, and Lu Yin did not think that Unseen Light could break through it. If the Sky Dipper could not be broken through, then Zhi Yi would remain untouchable. 

Specifically, her Sky Dipper was formed from Vitality Qi, and it was the purest manifestation of Vitality Qi possible. The title of Daosource Three Skies was only given to the future skies of the Sixth Mainland, and such a title was not just for show. The Daosource Three Skies were the heirs of three Progenitors, and countless cultivators coveted their statuses. Even the Realmlings were envious of the Daosource Three Skies, and all three of these youths had been challenged multiple times by Realmlings, but there had never been any news of anyone succeeding. 

This was the power of the Daosource Three Skies, and this was what had earned them the reputation of being unrivaled. 

Unseen Light’s domain was truly powerful, but it could not break through Zhi Yi’s Sky Dipper. No matter how or where he attacked, he could not make Zhi Yi even pause in her steps. As she inexorably approached the Arbiter, her Vitality Qi sword slashed out with an even more impressive sword technique than the one she had used against Lu Yin. In response, Unseen Light’s forcefield formed a phantom figure that pressed its hands together, once again attempting to stop the sword. However, the figure was cut apart by the ethereal sword as sword qi shot towards Unseen Light. 

Millions of Fifth Mainland cultivators felt their hearts skip a beat. 

Even Starsibyl was unable to divine anything about the exchanges in the battle between the Arbiter and Zhi Yi.

Only one person on the battlefield was not worried, which was Lu Yin. He had once fought against Unseen Light’s war spirit back in the space with the golden ocean, so he was aware of just how abnormal a domain that had been cultivated to the extreme was. Once one’s domain reached the pinnacle of their realm, that domain could even predict their opponents’ attacks. 

A sword sliced down, but it landed on nothing. A giant spatial tear opened up above the Cosmic Sea, splitting the void open and causing seawater to gush out. 

Zhi Yi’s strike that had been launched with absolute confidence had missed.

Unseen Light had merely moved half an inch to the side, but that half an inch had been just enough to dodge her sword.

When the light from Zhi Yi’s sword attack swept out, it had instantly enveloped the entire area before her, and normally, no one would be able to evade such an all encompassing attack. However, Unseen Light had moved like duckweed in the water; he drifted along with the radiance’s ebb and flow, not being struck even once.

Lu Yin was shocked; were the Ten Arbiters truly inferior to the Daosource Three Skies? There were stronger and weaker Realmlings, so the Ten Arbiters must have similar disparities between them. However, it was simply that no one was aware of such a matter. Unseen Light was probably the type of person who preferred to hide his true strength, as even Mister Mu had been so astounded by the youth’s true power that he was amazed by how the current generation could give rise to such a genius. 

Zhi Yi was no less surprised than Lu Yin, as she had noticed that her opponent was actually able to actually predict her attacks. She did not know about the other Arbiters, but this was definitely someone who nobody wanted to fight against. 

Left without a choice, Zhi Yi’s sword technique changed, covering the entire visible battlefield. No matter if they were cultivators from the Fifth or Sixth Mainlands, everyone was within the range of her sword. Besides, there were far more people from the Fifth Mainland’s forces than the Sixth Mainland’s. Thus even if everyone present died to her sword, she still would not suffer from a disadvantage. 

She wanted to force Unseen Light to receive her sword head on.

Everyone watched on in trepidation as the massive Vitality Qi covered the entire sky and formed an incomparably gigantic sword. 

Lu Yin’s expression changed; this woman was crazy!

Starsibyl’s expression also changed! “Everyone, RUN!”

On the battlefield, Sixteen and the others stared at the giant sword covering the sky with a stupefied expression as the Vitality Qi that formed the weapon caused them to panic. They were all aware that they would all die the moment the sword fell down, as nobody could stop an attack from one of the Daosource Three Skies.

This sword covered a massive area, but Zhi Yi was still able to accurately control it and keep her attack’s power level to below 200,000. Clearly, her ability to control her power level was in no way inferior to an Imprinter’s. 

If this sword truly fell down, then not many people on the entire battlefield would survive.

Unseen Light towered high in the sky and raised his head. The endless Vitality Qi seemed to have replaced the sky itself. With just the domain that Unseen Light had unleashed so far, he would not be able to stop this sword. Thus, at this moment, he decided to open his eyes. 

Countless people had spread legends that there was one person among the Ten Arbiters who always kept their eyes firmly closed. However, once those eyes opened, the sun and moon would lose their light. 

Lu Yin did not know if Unseen Light had ever opened his eyes during a fight, but when Lu Yin had fought against his war spirit in that space with the golden ocean, the moment the war spirit had opened its eyes, Lu Yin had bled from all of his orifices and nearly died. All he had been able to feel back then was an indescribable suppression.

At this moment, Lu Yin finally saw the real Unseen Light open his eyes.

Normally, the Arbiter kept his eyes closed to suppress his domain that had reached the pinnacle. When a cultivator within a given realm pushed a certain aspect of their power to the extreme, they would be forced to pay a price to suppress it. Lu Yin had once used three grains of Fatesand to suppress his physical strength that had reached the limit, and Unseen Light similarly had to pay the price by keeping his eyes closed as a means of suppressing his domain.

When Unseen Light opened his eyes, his domain instantly exploded. Everyone simply felt their hearts being stifled, and many of them were so affected that they coughed up blood. Across from the Arbiter, Zhi Yi’s pupils shrank when she sensed the storm brewing around Unseen Light as its origin. That storm was the man’s domain, and it oppressively dissipated all of the Vitality Qi in the sky. Zhi Yi’s sword could not land. 

Zhi Yi had underestimated Unseen Light, and the phantom figure that was his forcefield once again appeared in the sky. This time, he had both of his eyes open, and he was currently staring at Zhi Yi, which gave her a very bizarre feeling. Everyone looked at those two eyes, as they felt as though those eyes had replaced the sky. 

At this moment, everyone was under the gaze of those two eyes, and they all felt a terrifying pressure press down upon them.

No matter if they were from the Fifth or Sixth Mainland, when Unseen Light opened his eyes, everyone seemed to fall under his hypnosis; they all subconsciously felt that this person before them was unequaled and unstoppable. Even Zhi Yi, who was one of the Daosource Three Skies, was ignored by everyone as they could only see Unseen Light. 

Unseen Light was very powerful, indescribably so. When he opened his eyes, the sun and moon indeed lost their light, and even the ever present thunder in the sky stopped rumbling. However, he still did not become careless. That was because, up to this moment, Zhi Yi had only used her Vitality Qi so far. Her innate gift, bloodline, imprint, and even her secret techniques had never been used. As one of the Daosource Three Skies and the heir of the Progenitor of Bloodlines, it was impossible for her not to have a bloodline. Also, how could it be possible for her to not have a secret technique? 

Starsibyl and Lu Yin had both realized this crucial point, that this member of the Daosource Three Skies had only revealed a portion of her strength. It was impossible to know if she had even used half of her full power yet. 

As the phantom image formed from Unseen Light’s forcefield swatted out with a hand, the all-encompassing domain suddenly dissipated as the sky and earth were overturned. Shockingly, the entire sea seemed to sink down slightly. At that moment, Zhi Yi let out a breath and looked up. “To become one of the Daosource Three Skies, there are a total of nine challengers from three realms, as well as others from the Daosource Sect. There are the Realmlings and seniors from within the same sect. Each challenger must be someone of the same realm as you who are known to be unrivaled. However, of those nine, only one person was able to force me this far. Now you, Unseen Light of the Ten Arbiters, are the second.” Her voice echoed out and was heard by everyone. 

Upon hearing Zhi Yi’s words, the people from the Sixth Mainland who had been intimidated by Unseen Light suddenly thought about it. This woman was Zhi Yi, one of the Daosource Three Skies. She was a truly unrivaled powerhouse whom nobody had ever questioned before. How could she possibly be defeated? Was such a thing even possible?

“You deserve to be arrogant, Arbiter Unseen Light.” Zhi Yi’s voice fell as her expression changed. Her normally black eyes turned red before they suddenly seemed to catch fire as the flames grew more distinct. At the same time, the image of Unseen Light’s forcefield was burned by the flames. 

These seemingly ordinary red flames were actually burning Unseen Light’s domain away, and not only was his domain lit ablaze, but even the void could avoid being scorched. However, there was no overwhelming heat at all. 

This was Zhi Yi’s innate gift: Scarlet Pupils, and they could burn everything to dust.

The massive image created by the forcefield was burned to a crisp, but all the while, Unseen Light stared calmly at Zhi Yi. “That’s a very powerful innate gift.” 

Zhi Yi’s eyes returned to normal, and she returned Unseen Light’s stare. “Of the Ten Arbiters, you should be the strongest.”

Unseen Light shook his head. “Not necessarily.”

Zhi Yi’s pupils shrank. “It seems that everyone has underestimated the Ten Arbiters and that Shang Rong’s defeat was not without reason.”

She looked up at the sky with sorrow in her eyes. “It’s a pity, but with the suppression from this phenomena, we can’t have an all-out battle. Otherwise, you definitely would not be my match. I can tell you this: the Daosource Three Skies are already all Enlighters.”

Unseen Light was stunned for a moment, but then he nodded. “It is indeed a pity, as you have been suppressed too fiercely.”

The Ten Arbiters were all Hunters, and their cultivation realms were common knowledge. Everyone had previously believed that the Daosource Three Skies were at the same realm as the Ten Arbiters and Realmlings—Hunters. Nobody had imagined that the Daosource Three Skies would actually all be Enlighters. 

When Lu Yin heard this, he unconsciously heaved a sigh of relief. If not for the suppression in this region of the universe, then just how much strength would the Daosource Three Skies Enlighters be able to wield? Lu Yin would have absolutely no confidence in confronting them under such circumstances. 

However, that was not necessarily the case. Lu Yin had many powerful items, and even if the Daosource Three Skies’ power levels reached 300,000 or even 400,000, he did not need to be afraid. 

On the other hand, if Lu Yin had such powerful items, then was there any reason why the Daosource Three Skies would not have similar possessions? In the end, it was still better to rely on the suppression from the cosmic phenomenon. 

With Unseen Light on this battlefield, it would not be too realistic to expect Zhi Yi to seize the pole from this place. She had actually not forgotten about her goal, but from beginning to end, Unseen Light had only ever used his domain—he had never used his innate gift, a single battle technique, or even a secret technique. She was actually the most afraid of the possibility where Unseen Light coordinated with the person from before to fight against her. 

That person’s secret technique could be used to divert her attacks, and he was also able to inexplicably weaken her strength. Furthermore, Vitality Qi did nothing to him. If that person teamed up with this Arbiter, then Zhi Yi might not actually be able to emerge from the fight unscathed.

Of the Daosource Three Skies, she was the first to appear during this invasion, and this was even her first battle. If she was injured this quickly, then it would deal a huge blow to the Sixth Mainland’s morale. 

She muttered to herself for a moment before her eyes flashed as she looked back at Unseen Light. “Our fight will not determine a victor anytime soon. As long as you agree to not impersonate me again, I can leave.” 

Unseen Light was confused. “Impersonate?” 

In the distance, Starsibyl looked down at the seabed. Impersonate? That made her think of Lu Yin.

At the bottom of the sea, Lu Yin felt embarrassed. Impersonate? She couldn’t have come here just because of that, could she?!

“What? You dare to do the deed but not admit to it? Aside from White Knight and you, who else in this thunder region could have done such a thing?” Zhi Yi demanded in a cold, indifferent tone.

Unseen Light fell silent and did not admit or deny anything at all.

“If you dare to impersonate me again, then no matter what price I may have to pay, I will show you true hell!” Zhi Yi shouted out a cold threat before tearing through the void to leave. 

She was certain that Unseen Light had been the one to impersonate her, but her original rage had vanished during the battle with Unseen Light. She had acknowledged him as someone on the same level as her, and that acknowledgement had altered her perception of the earlier incident from a prank to a valid strategy, and there was no reason for her to be upset about a strategic failure. 

When Zhi Yi left, the hundreds of thousands of Sixth Mainland cultivators also retreated.

The two sides had already separated from each other long ago during Zhi Yi’s fight with Unseen Light. This time, the Fifth Mainland cultivators did not chase after their enemies as they retreated. 

Pursuing the retreating cultivators came with its own price, and it was possible for anyone to die on this battlefield. These people were cultivators, not soldiers, and they would not recklessly chase after their own death, and they were also afraid of luring Zhi Yi back.

Whether it was her Vitality Qi or the flames from her Scarlet Pupils, all of her techniques were completely unfathomable. 

Unseen Light closed his eyes once again, and the domain that had been suppressing everyone to the point of breathlessness instantly dissipated. 

Countless people heaved sighs of relief.

Millions of cultivators from the Fifth Mainland grew excited, as they had personally witnessed how powerful the Ten Arbiters truly were. The Ten Arbiters stood at the peak of the universe and possessed the authority to judge and supervise everyone within the younger generation, and now, people saw that they were indeed unequaled.

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